Group training with Yaga

The training had begun and it was like they were running for their lives. Yaga wasn't being merciful to them at all. She was like a wizard out of Harry Potter. Yaga muttered some words and did Jazz hands. That caused Jim to pause until a invisible force knocked him backwards. His hoverboard disassembled and turned into a chair, catching him and then he jumped up, the gun turning into a shrink ray, which he shot at Yaga.

Yaga deflected the attack with more magic, making it reverse towards Jim. Jim ducked and rolled, keeping away from the beam successfully as Yaga directed heat at Elsa's ice, making it evaporate. Elsa skidded to a stop, propelling herself backwards with her ice. Peter dive bombed Yaga's head, distracting her for a second before she sent a gentle bolt of magic at Wendy. Yaga did this because she didn't want to severely hurt the child. Wendy jumped in the air and flew straight up before dive bombing Yaga. Yaga shot a burst of air straight up, knocking Wendy off balance. Yaga fell on her rear when Tiana the Alligator swung her tail in an arch, knocking out her legs.

The only problem with Mulan having short range ability, is that she couldn't get close enough to Yaga. Mulan saw a water hand slapping down towards Yaga and she looked around for the person controlling it. That person was Hiro, he also had made a weapon out of the water and was swinging it at Yaga from the other direction. Yaga leapt into the air and shot herself straight up with the wind, cackling like a witch. She landed again and threw flames so a ring of fire was around her. Mulan looked around then ran over to Hiro, "Fly into the air, I need you to drop me on Yaga."

Hiro nodded once and flew up in the air, picking up Mulan, and flying her above Yaga. He dodged a wind blast and a fire blast that came from Yaga and dropped Mulan in the circle.

Mulan got her bo staff and went to whack Yaga with it, the older women jumped back out of it's way and muttered something. Mulan's staff went flying out of her hands and over the fire and Mulan started doing hand-to-hand combat. Which Yaga wasn't used to having someone get so close, so she had to improvise. Yaga kicked Mulan in the knee and while the girl buckled briefly Yaga pushed both hands out, using magic to throw her outside the circle.

Tadashi threw a huge fireball into the circle, catching Yaga off guard. Yaga jumped straight up again, dodging the fireball before landing again. She noticed that they were starting to have a method to their attacks. Suddenly Wendy and Peter came at her at once, Yaga hated illusions, they freaked her out. Especially when they were this real looking.

She was finally 'defeated' when Jim Hawkins and Tiana worked together. He used his tech to put an armor around her alligator self and Tiana charged Yaga while Jim made the tech that Yaga was carrying attach to each other and attack her. While this was going on Hiro called up the water out of a sprinkler nearby to put out the fire around her. Elsa threw ice at Yaga while causing a snowstorm to come. Mulan's bo staff had broken but she used both ends of it as weapons, throwing them at Yaga.

After the magical women was finally down she was laughing. The others looked at her like she was crazy.

"You people...You'll do well as a team, although I would suggest dividing into groups when you go out," She conjured up bottles of water and tossed them to the group, "Drink plenty."

Tiana and Mulan had to bolt after theirs, everyone else was able to catch their drinks. Elsa used her cold to cool down everyone's water for them and they sat down with Yaga.

"You don't think anyone saw that?"

"I'm sure they did. Be prepared for Anti-Mutant protests," Yaga answered Elsa's question with a snicker, "I love those people. They amuse me."

"They amuse you?" Tiana asked with a worried voice, sipping her water.

Yaga didn't even smile, "Sure. They are such morons, they know nothing about how it works. Or if some of the powers may not be mutant. I'm magical and a mutant. The serial killer you will be after is not. He is keeping himself alive by magic alone."

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