Tiana goes into shock

Tadashi took Yaga's advice the first time they went out. Tadashi paired them all off: Hiro and Mulan, Jim and Tiana, Himself, Elsa, and Wendy, then Baymax was left at Elsa's house. Ana at this point knew what was going on. They had warned her about the serial killer. When Tadashi had seen Ana he nearly had a stroke, she looked exactly like Yaga described the other victims. Leaving Baymax with her seemed like the safest thing to do.

Tiana was in a constant state of wanting to throttle Jim, but they worked well together. All differences aside, they were an excellent team. At the moment they were riding Jim's hoverboard as they looked for the magic user. Jim's head snapped around when he heard something, he stopped the board and said, "Did you hear that?"

Tiana listened carefully and then they heard it...water was running. The two looked at each other, this was an abandoned section of town. Water should not be running. Jim landed his board and then they carefully walked up to the house that it was coming from. When they looked in Jim covered Tiana's mouth, covering a gasp from her. On the floor a redhead was murdered. In a dress that she probably wasn't in before. At the sink the murderer was washing his hands. The girl looked more beat up then what Yaga had described about the other victims. The guy was getting more violent.

Jim backed up, pulling Tiana with him. Her eyes were glazed over and she had started to shake. Jim held her face in his hands and spoke quietly, "Tiana, I need you to stay with me here. Don't check out..." He could tell what was going on, she was going into shock. Jim heard the water stop and he covered her mouth again, the guy had heard them.

A blast of magic ripped through the wall and straight for them, Jim pushed Tiana down and covered her with his body while saying into his earpiece, "We found him!" Then he rattled off their location, standing up and pulling Tiana with him, "Tiana is in shock."

Tadashi's voice replied first, "Get Tiana out, the man will be gone by the time we get there. Keep her safe, Elsa, Wendy, and I are on our way."

Jim looked at the sky and could tell, Peter Pan was flying over the city. Jim got Tiana on the hoverboard, "I need you to hold unto me..." He jumped on and Tiana held on tightly. Jim shot straight up in the air as a magic bolt followed. He did a quick U turn around a building and avoided the bolt. Jim hadn't seen the guy's face, only that the man had red hair and red sideburns.

Jim's hoverboard landed by Hiro and Mulan, scaring the two half to death. They were on their way to help as well, "Hiro, what do I do with Tiana?"

"Take her back to Baymax, have him check her out," Jim started to leave but was called back by Hiro, "Oh, and Jim? Stay there with her, Baymax isn't always very emotionally supportive."

Jim blasted away with a nod, worried about his new friend.

Tadashi had been right, by the time they got their the murderer was gone. The victim was still their and it was gory/violent. Elsa gasped when she saw what the girl looked like. She stumbled backwards and covered her eyes, "Wendy, don't come in here..." Elsa's voice sounded near panic so Wendy obeyed.

"Hey, hey...Elsa..." Tadashi walked over and pulled her hands away from her eyes, "Elsa, I know you've seen worse then this. What's going on?"

Elsa shook uncontrollably, "This girl..." She trembled and made an unearthly moaning sound, "She looks exactly like my sister."

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