Being toyed with

Yaga muttered as she sent Once Ler on his mission, she sat down in front of the mirror, "This will take a little while," She gestured towards the door, "You can leave, I'll call you if he comes back with anything." Yaga had made a large lunch and had placed half of the food in the mirror. She needed to take care of Once Ler, especially since he couldn't take care of himself.

Yaga ate her lunch quietly, wondering how the Once Ler was doing with his search.

Once Ler walked through the mirrors quietly, searching one house and the next. He accidentally scared some people as he walked, but he tried to make sure to pass through the mirrors quickly. Once Ler looked through the abandoned house mirrors next, looking for a redhead, sideburned, magic using, psycho.

Once Ler heard and felt some magic being used. It was very evil, old, dark magic. He shuddered as he walked to that mirror, the magic growing stronger as he went. Once Ler heard a female begging for mercy and he stopped. Once Ler turned and fled towards Yaga's mirror, not wanting to see what was happening. He knew the location now.

In the mirror world each mirror had an address. Once Lers memory was amazing so he charged to the mirror and said to Yaga, "876 huntington road apartment #38!" He looked panicked enough that Yaga didn't question it.

Yaga jumped up and ran out of the house while calling Tadashi, "Dashi, 876 Huntington! #38! I'm on my way, call your brother and the others. Keep Jim and Tiana together, they worked well last time."

As she ran she started to feel the dark magic growing stronger. The man was angry, the angrier you got the stronger the magic became. Especially dark magic. Yaga ran up the stairs to the apartment and slammed into the door. The magic user was gone, the magic was still lingering. The girl was mutilated. Yaga swore and said, "Don't let Tiana and Jim in here..." She started to turn away from the body and suddenly saw a note. Yaga carefully used magic to remove the note.

Catch me if you can

Yaga almost screamed in anger and frustration when she saw the note. The dirtbag was toying with them now. She put the note in a plastic bag with her magic and left it for the police. She left the house and then looked at Tadashi, "He's toying with us..."

Elsa narrowed her eyes and then looked at the house. It couldn't be who she thought it was. He should be dead...

Of course, that logic is slightly flawed considering the circumstances.

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