Meet the murderer find the note

Stinking notes. Stinking fricken frack notes. That was along the lines Tadashi was thinking as he paced his house. He hated the note they got, the man knew who they were now. He would be getting more violent and 'playful'. But this man was playing with peoples lives, and that made Tadashi crazy. That night he sent everyone out in groups so they could cover more ground.

Hiro and Mulan were sent towards the rougher area of town. Hiro lowered them both down with his water wings on the top of a building and they used the fire escape to get the rest of the way down. Mulan rolled her shoulders to relax them. She looked at Hiro and asked, "Where do we start?" Hiro led the way without explanation and Mulan didn't mind the silence. It was easier to sneak up on people this way, anyways. As they walked down the road they saw a man run out of a bar with a pale expression.

The man put his hands on his knees and looked behind himself. When he saw Mulan and Hiro he walked over and pointed to the bar, "They called the police...but you should know..." The man shuddered and then continued, "A redhead was in the mens bathroom, murdered."

Hiro and Mulan looked at each other then ran into the bar, going straight to the mens bathroom. A security guard was there and let them in. Mulan had gloves on so she gently took the next note off of her.

I'm a good actor, aren't I?

Hiro gritted his teeth and looked at Mulan. He shook his head in disbelief.

"No way," Mulan said as she looked back over her shoulder. They had just talked to the murderer. But that man didn't have red hair like described...He must have altered his appearance with magic.

"Damn!" Hiro slammed his hands through his hair as he paced the bathroom. The security guard looked at him with a startled expression. Mulan had the same expression plastered on her face.

She had never heard Hiro swear before. The way he was acting right now she was afraid he would lose his mind. Mulan put the note in a plastic bag and placed it back on the body. She walked out of the bathroom and Hiro followed quietly.

"I am angry. Furious," Hiro said while they walked, "He is such an A$$ hole." Despite the circumstances, Mulan almost laughed. That was a very good description of the man. The fact that he had fooled them so well...

And it wasn't so funny to Mulan anymore. He fooled them. Tricked them and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Of course, who wouldn't? He looked nothing like the suspect. And you can't just go around tackling random people.

Hiro put his arms around Mulan's waist and brought out his wings, flying them to where they could find Tadashi. Tadashi and Elsa were in a nicer part of the neighborhood, everyone knew Elsa. Apparently they think that Elsa is a famous architect. When Tadashi joked about it Elsa just smiled.

So maybe she was? Tadashi didn't know. Hiro and Mulan landed next to the two older people and Hiro said, "We had another note. And we talked to the murderer."

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