Surprise! Guess who it is?

Telling Tadashi that may not have been the brightest idea ever had. The older man was very irritated now, they couldn't go around tackling people. (A point made by Hiro). But the man knew who they were and was placing notes on the victims now. 2 notes. When would the next one show up? The answer came the next night. This time it was Elsa and Tadashi that found the women. It was in the nice neighborhood. They found the body on her backyard, they heard a women scream. This women had red hair as well and looked startled.

Tadashi gently took the note off and they read this next one, Does this girl seem familiar to you?

Suddenly Tadashi's phone buzzed and he got a picture of Ana's front door. Tadashi paled a couple shades and then looked at Elsa. He showed her the phone and they took off down the road, going straight for Elsa's house.

Both people were terrified, but they didn't know the others had received different texts. Hiro had received one of Ana's window to her room. Tiana received a picture of herself and Jim. Mulan had received one of Wendy. Wendy was currently with Ana, and this picture was taken through the kitchen window. Everyone was fleeing towards the house.

None of them knew what they would find when they got there.

What they found astonished them all. The door was knocked in but no one was in the house. At all. This really freaked Elsa out and she started yelling for Ana, running around the room. You could tell that she was panicked. The ice was starting to come with every step she took, leaving an icy trail.

Ana finally came out with Wendy following her and Baymax. Ana looked shaken up and she looked at the group, "He was here. I thought he was dead. He tried to grab me, but Wendy chased him off with Peter Pan."

"Who, Ana? Please tell me it isn't him. Tell me it's the Duke of Weselton..." Elsa was terrified and not thinking straight. Obviously it wasn't the Duke, she had been at his funeral when he died.

The rest of the group could not make sense of what the two were speaking of. Jim was the first to ask for clarification, "What are you talking about? Who are you so afraid of?"

"Hans. Hans of the Southern Isles," Ana said in a quiet voice, "He was here. He is alive..." The girl broke down into tears and everyone else stood around awkwardly. Obviously they wouldn't be any help. The entire room grew 10 degrees colder and a stormcloud was on Elsa's face. She was furious.

"Who's Hans?" Tadashi asked, this was one person never mentioned in history. Who on earth could they be talking about?

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