Render people incapable of thought

"Hans was Ana's lover. History says that she rejected him but that isn't completely true. They were together for a while but then he started to abuse my sister..." Elsa shook her head at the memory, "I chased him out. I saw him hit Ana and I lost it. I shot my magic at him and caused him to flee. The Duke tried to cause an uprising based on that, but nothing ever came of it. They all assumed he was crazy. Hans vowed to get revenge on my sister but we banished him. His family was so ashamed of Hans that they banished him as well. I assumed he died..." Elsa played with her hair and braided it nervously, "I didn't even know he could use magic."

They were all sitting in the visiting room at Elsa's house and listening to this story. Hiro was the first to speak up, "So...he is angry because you kicked him out and he's taking it out on Ana?"

"He was angry at me for kicking him out and angry at Ana because she let me," Elsa answered as she collapsed on the chair, her energy finally draining. She looked at her sister who was sitting near Baymax and braiding Wendy's hair.

"From now on we should leave someone here with her," Jim said, causing everyone to look at him in surprise, "What? It's logical. We don't want her to die, but Wendy is just a kid. Sure, Peter worked this time...but what if he doesn't work again?"

Tadashi nodded slowly, following the logic, "That would be wise...or we could just bring Ana with us," He wasn't surprised when everyone, including Ana, looked at him like he was crazy.

"No," Tiana said as she shook her head, "No, I saw what he did to that girl. Ana cannot come with us, she has to stay here. But..." She looked over at Jim, "Jim's idea was a good one. Everyone taking turns staying with Ana?"

Ana shook her head as she realized that this was too much trouble, "I could just go with you. I know basic self defense..." Then she glanced at her sister before admitting quietly, "I'm a mutant as well. I have super strength and endurance."

Mulan looked at Tadashi then Ana before piping up, "I think it's a good idea to have you with us. I mean, we would be able to watch you better. And it would make it harder for Hans to find you."

Tadashi nodded once and slowly, "Elsa, what do you think?" He looked at the older girl, recognizing that he needed help making this decision.

"Whatever Ana decides is fine with me," Elsa said quietly and then she looked at her sister. Elsa wanted Ana to make the right choice, but she also was terrified if the right choice turned out to be the wrong one.

Ana looked at them and said firmly, "I'll come with you. I don't need to do much of anything if you don't want me to. I'll just keep up."

Hiro did a weird little fist bump with Ana and said, "Good for you! I'll make a protective suit for you."

The seriousness of the situation dissipated with fist bump and they all started goofing off. Mulan gestured to her protective suit, "The only thing this really protects is my neck. The rest is normal fabric."

"They way you have to move to defeat someone it needed to be real." Hiro said with amusement.

Elsa looked amused and she teased Hiro about her outfit, "My outfit is beautiful, but I'm questioning the state of your mind." Hiro knew what she meant, her dress was form fitting.

Hiro laughed and joked, "I was hoping that just looking at you would render them incapable of rational thought."

At that everyone, even Elsa, laughed until their sides hurt.

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