Bar Hopping for investigation sake

Hiro did good on his word and made Ana a protective suit. Hers was a green flowy skirt that came a little past her knees with leggings. Her top was a longsleeved green shirt. Her mask was green with flowers all around it. Ana's first trip out she was placed under the care of Jim and Tiana. Which caused great amusement for the readhead.

The next time they went out Yaga was with them. She had come up with a plan, "We need to interview the scum of this place. I need Mulan and Hiro to go to the botfighting rings and interview them. It is likely that the guy is picking them up in obscure places. Tadashi and Elsa are going to the gambling places. Elsa, I need you to dress up very fancy. The place I'm sending you and Tadashi to is high end. I also need you to dress provocatively. Like the loose women on the street. But high end..." Yaga gestured to Ana, "Ana, Jim, and Tiana are going to the bar district. Wendy is staying with me. Wendy and I will enlist my mirrors help."

Everyone was okay with this plan, even Elsa, who had the least attractive role. Tadashi was basically supposed to act as her bodyguard. Elsa muttered as she rifled through her clothes. Tadashi was very amused, seeing that much of Elsa's clothing was for every day and definitely not what Yaga described. Elsa finally found a outfit to wear. She was wearing a very short skirt, hooker shoe, and a halter top. She pointed one finger at Tadashi, "Don't say a word."

"Am I allowed to think stuff?"

Elsa promptly flipped him the bird then walked out the door with Tadashi following. The guy was failing at holding back his laughter which just ignited Elsa's irritation. They went to the first gambling place and Tadashi said quietly to Elsa, "We should split up and cover more ground. Try that gentlemen first." Tadashi pointed out one guy then walked away.

Elsa flirted with the gentlemen before finding out he was a very loyal family man. Which she was grateful for and made sure to tell him that. She told him the real reason why she was there.

The big man shook his head, "I haven't seen a man like that around...or a redhead for that matter. You might want to ask the bar tender, they know everything. I used to be one." He chortled and walked away as Elsa approached the counter.

Elsa greeted the man as she sat on her chair, "I was wondering if you have seen this man lately?" She pushed a color photo of Hans over to the man.

The guy looked at the picture and squinted, "He only came in here once. He flirted with a red-head then left with her. Why?" He looked back at Elsa with a worried expression, "The girl was a regular, she hasn't been back. Has anything happened?"

Elsa was surprised at how easily he picked up on her investigation, "I'm afraid she is probably dead. This man is a murderer."

"Oh man..." The guy looked torn up, "I wish I had known that. I wouldn't have let her leave with him," He looked at the ground, "That's terrible. Mary Anne was very sweet."

Tadashi came wandering back over and he patted Elsa's shoulder, "It's time to go." Elsa waved at the nice bar man and followed Tadashi out. Once they were outside she told him what she found out.

They both hoped that the others had better luck.

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