Yaga and Wendy are attacked

Wendy and Yaga were walking down the road, minding their own business. Yaga basically dubbed herself the babysitter. Hiro hadn't found out anything at the botfights, so it seemed that Yaga and Wendy were doing the last investigating. Which was talking to everyday people on the street. Yaga figured it was safer for Wendy until she felt an evil presence. Yaga stiffened and then looked over her shoulder just as a bolt of fire was thrown at her. She gently pushed Wendy into an alleyway and launched a counter defense. Yaga threw up a shield of ice and ran after Wendy, "Go, go, go!" She stayed behind the girl, keeping her moving in the other direction.

Wendy hovered over the ground, moving just a little faster then Yaga. Both of them were barely dodging the fireballs and ice spikes. A bolt of magic hit Yaga from behind and she was thrown into the side of a building. Yaga rolled in front of Wendy and jumped up, throwing the next bolt back at Hans. She cursed in Russian as she attempted to keep the onslaught down. "Wendy, call For Tadashi please." The girl did as she was told as they fled. They hit a dead end and turned to face their attacker.

Hans was surrounded by a force field as he approached them, "You cannot kill me. I have used magic for longer than Silver, longer than you, and have mastered the art. I have preserved my life and I'll have my revenge! Nothing you do can stop me. Nothing you puny big hero six team does can stop me!"

He let down his force field and was about to shoot another magic bolt at them when a Totoro picked him up in it's mouth and chewed on him. Yaga blinked owlishly and looked at Wendy, "I don't believe I've ever seen one do that before."

"Is it eating him?" Wendy asked with a horrified and curious voice inflection. Her eyes had grown to the size of saucers as she watched the giant owl creature chew on him.

"I don't think so," Yaga tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at the herbivore, "They don't eat people...Usually." She and Wendy looked at each other and started laughing. Hans was being chewed on.

By a Totoro. An Herbivore. The hilarity was too much for them. Totoro spit Hans out and glared down at the stunned magic user. As suddenly as the creature had come it was gone.

Hans coughed a couple times before jumping back up and shooting a plasma bolt. That was enough to snap Yaga out of her mirth. She turned it back at Hans then put a forcefield around them both, "Is there any other hallucination you can use?"

Wendy looked thoughtful then said seriously, "I could use the Lost Boys and Tinkerbelle."

Yaga slowly looked at Wendy, "You mean like the horror movie? Will I be able to sleep at night after this?" She jumped when 10 or 11 boys between the ages of 5 and 13 came charging off the building and landing on Hans. A little fairy flew around Hans and beat him with fairy magic... Yaga came to the conclusion that this must be the Lost Boys and Tinkerbelle that Wendy was speaking of.

Suddenly a fire bolt flew from a window and hit Hans on the side of the forcefield, causing him to stumble sideways. Tadashi jumped out of the window and broke his fall with the fire. Elsa walked regally out of the doorway underneath the window, refusing the be crazy and jump from high places.

Hans suddenly disappeared. Everyone stopped and looked around. He was missing.

"He's really deep into this dark magic..." Yaga commented with a disturbed expression, "It takes quite a bit to disappear."

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