Hans is captured

Hiro and Mulan were just leaving the last botfighting ring when Wendy gave out the cry for help. Both of them were about to go and help when they heard what Yaga said. Hiro looked at Mulan then asked in the earpiece, "What do you want us to do?"

"Keep an eye out. He could still be around," Yaga's voice replied to them. Hiro nodded once and then looked at Mulan, "Lets find Jim and his group first. Ana is with them and we can only hope he doesn't know who she is with."

Thus the mission to locate Ana was started. They first noticed something was wrong when Jim didn't answer the intercom. Then when he did there was a series of shouts and an alligator roar. Hiro and Mulan exchanged a worried glance and they bolted, Hiro asking for directions from Tadashi. Tadashi was holding the tracker where he was and giving directions.

Jim had basically turned himself into a transformer. He was attacking Hans with everything he had while the electronics were constantly attaching and detaching from him. Jim put an armor on Tiana as her alligator form chased Hans. Why did Hans attack them? Well, it has something to do with a redhead in their presence. Ana was remaining evasive, staying out of Hans reach. She knew if he could touch her he could do all sorts of damage to her person.

Tiana turned into a frog, leaped above Hans head, then changed into the alligator falling on the force field. A magic bolt was fired at Ana and Jim threw a shield of tech around her while simultaneously throwing an electrically charged knife at Hans.

Hiro suddenly flew down and threw water at Hans while causing water to come to him from in the ocean. They were close enough that he could do that. Mulan hit her stick at Hans and it broke on the force field. Mulan caught the other half and almost got hit by a ball of fire, but once again, Jim was the rescuer.

They needed to subdue the man. Suddenly clouds started to form and snow started to fall. The snow fell faster and faster as the winds picked up speed. Elsa came with the wind whipping around her. She looked fearsome. Elsa said in a terrifying voice, "Do you want to know who Hans Christian Anderson wrote the Ice Queen about?" Her rhetorical question and reply were lost in the wind as she shot ice spikes out at Hans.

Everyone was having trouble seeing until Elsa controlled the snow to avoid them. She only wanted to blind Hans. Apparently it was working because Yaga let out an animal like noise as she jumped on where Hans was. Next they heard a agonized scream from Hans and then Elsa stopped the snowfall.

Yaga had Hans pinned and seemed to be using Magic to keep him still, she looked at the others and said, "He's too weak to fight back right now." She didn't know what to do with him.

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