Lapis takes over

Suddenly Hiro's gem activated. Hiro hadn't asked it to and the younger man panicked, trying to figure out what was going on. Water came out and pooled around Hans head. The man threw his head around as he tried to dislodge the water.

Yaga released Hans immediately from the magic but he was too weak to get up. He was holding his breath still. Yaga jumped up and ran over to Hiro, "What's going on?"

Hiro shook his head, "I don't know!" He could hear Lapis's voice in his head. She was apologizing and that made Hiro scared, "Lapis, No!" Since no one else could hear the voice everyone looked disturbed.

Yaga turned suddenly and put both her hands on Hans ears, "I'm sorry man, but this is better then drowning." She closed her eyes and Hans head jerked before he died. The water went away and blood pooled out of Hans.

Tadashi looked shell shocked, "Yaga! What did you do?!" He looked at Hiro then at Yaga, "I mean, it was probably more merciful, but what happened?!"

"I basically released a sonic boom in his body. It liquified his insides...probably," Yaga replied then she shook his head, looking at Hiro. But she spoke to Lapis, "I didn't want to do that."

Tadashi rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked at Yaga then at Hiro. He had no idea what to say about this. He couldn't scold Hiro because it was Lapis. And he couldn't scold Yaga because she was being merciful.

Hiro seemed at war with whatever was inside him. Tadashi looked at Hiro as realization dawned on him. Lapis had taken over for a second, "Lapis..." He shook his head then walked away to control his anger.

Elsa patted Hiro on the head then followed Tadashi. She caught up with the man and stopped in one spot when she realized he was going to start pacing. Tadashi ran his hands through his hair and glanced at Elsa, "I don't know who to scold! Yaga for blasting his insides or Lapis for taking over Hiro. I think Hiro could have talked her down, but Yaga destroyed Hans!"

Elsa remained silent and poised as Tadashi paced. No one knew what to do, even Hiro. Hiro had sat down and felt exhausted. Jim heard the police sirens and they all took off. They couldn't be found near the dead body. Well, all of them left but Yaga.

When the police made it to the scene Yaga laughed maniacally and rubbed her hands together. She pushed her hands towards the ground and she disappeared. Yaga was known to do this sort of thing. No one would question it.

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