The End or is it?

The criminal had been caught. Well, technically the forensics specialists were working on how the man had died. At the moment two of the people were staring into the body, "Where are his lungs?"

"What about his heart? His brain? They are gone! Just liquidized," The other one speculated.

"This had to have been Yaga," The other one said as he poked around in the shell. He could only call it a shell as nothing was left in there, "What report do we give?"

"We'll just have to tell the truth. I mean, if he doesn't believe us he can always look," The first one commented as he started writing the report. This would be an interesting one to explain.

Hiro was having an argument with Lapis in his mind. It took some time but he finally got her to admit that she would have been wrong to kill Hans. That they probably could have found a way to subdue him without killing him. Hiro collapsed on the couch, exhausted after the argument. Hiro was alone in his lab. He knew that the security cameras would show his argument, but the only people who would see that would be Tadashi, Elsa, or Tiana.

He was relatively safe.

Tadashi started visiting Honey Lemon and Gogo's graves after this last battle. He would bring flowers and cleaning tools to clean the gravestones. He, at the moment, was cleaning off Gogo's stone when Elsa found him.

Elsa said quietly, "Hiro told me I would find you here..." She gently took a cloth from him and started cleaning the other side, "Do you often have breaks as a superhero team?"

"The police still need a job. We don't go after petty criminals. If Murder, espionage, kidnapping, or identity theft is involved, then we'll help," Tadashi replied as he started weeding around the tombstone.

They cleaned the rest of the stone in silence.

Mulan and Ana were hanging out. They were both actually cleaning the entire Arendell mansion. But they called it hanging out because that's what it seemed like to them. The calm after that storm was very nice. But both girls also knew, calm only came before another storm.

So cleaning the house was a good idea. Then if their time had to be taken again by a crazy, they would at least have the house in order.

Only Elsa didn't know they were on a cleaning spree. She wouldn't be able to find anything.

Jim, Wendy, and Tiana were at the park. The three people were having a blast. Well, Tiana and Wendy were having a blast. Jim was just sitting on the swingset looking like a pill.

Tiana poked Jim lightly with a long stick she found, "Hey party pooper. Get up."

"This calm will not last long."

"You have the gift of prophecy as well?"

"Nope. Unless you see logic as prophecy."

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