Meet Wendy, Master Illusionist

As Alice predicted Wendy was next in the room. This girl was between the ages of 10 and 12 and walked like she was a ghost. It was unnerving and Tadashi forgot to stand up when she entered. The child sat down and rested her hands on the table.

"Hello, Mr. Hamada," The girl said, snapping Tadashi out of it, "I'm here for the interview."

Tadashi nodded and shook the child's hand, "You must be Wendy. How did you meet my brother?" He was still shaken by the odd entrance.

"I met him through Anastasia. She is a very nice godmother in training. She is my babysitter," Wendy replied in a proper voice. Tadashi was still unnerved by this child. She steepled her hands as she watched the older man.

"What are your powers? Alice told me that you can create illusions, is there anything else you can do?" Tadashi asked, starting to recover. He weaved his fingers together again and set them on the table, watching the child.

"I can create illusions, that is correct. I can also fly," She knew she didn't have wings, so she tried a different way to describe what she could do, "I can levitate." Wendy drummed her fingers on the desk and looked towards the door, "There is one other person who is coming in that's a child, yes?"

"Yeah. I believe his name is Christopher Robin. Why do you want to join Big Hero Six or see it rebooted?" Tadashi asked, hoping the child had a good answer. Her behavior was unnerving.

"I know Chris. He is an interesting fellow. There are too many criminals around. They are terrorizing people and it needs to stop," Wendy replied as an illusion of a flying boy zipped past his head. Tadashi had to remind himself not to duck. This child was highly unusual. He decided to ask her a few questions.

"How old are you?" Tadashi asked carefully, watching the boy flying in circles around his head, "You seem a little better at this then Alice."

"Alice doesn't use hers often and it's very controlled. She can only talk through her illusions," Wendy said then she answered his question, "I am 11 years old. How old are you, Mr. Hamada? You look young, but if what Anastasia told me is true, you are elderly?"

Tadashi tried not to laugh at her choice of words, "I am 80 years old. I am very elderly." He asked her another question, "Why do you talk that way?"

"I don't know. I like talking like a proper British women. It makes me feel happy. Will it be a problem, Mr. Hamada?" Wendy asked, her voice still remaining proper.

"No, it won't be a problem, I was just curious."

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