Chris: Master of animals

Christopher was the last child to come in. He dressed like a British school child. That was the only different thing about Chris. Well, that would be the only different thing if he didn't have a pack of woodland animals following him into the meeting room. Other then that, he was completely normal. Well, and he had the whole British accent thing going on like Wendy.

"Hello Christopher. My name is Tadashi," Tadashi shook Chris's hand and then the child sat down. He looked about the same age as Wendy, so around 11 years old.

"Hi, Mr. Hamada," Chris said then he turned and talked to the animals, "You guys need to sit down, okay?" They all sat down at once. The owl that was with him perched on his head, "You can call me Chris. It's easier for people to say."

"Um...will that owl...defecate?" Tadashi asked, staring at the owl, "Or do they hold it when in buildings?"

"They usually hold it pretty well," Chris replied then he took the owl off of his head, setting it on his lap. Tadashi watched the child pet the owl then he looked back at him, starting his usual questioning.

"How did you meet my brother?" Tadashi asked this question and was growing tired of asking the same questions over and over again. He would have to think up of another way to ask it.

"I was talking a lion into going back to its cage. I was making roaring noises and people thought I was a basket case," Chris answered, putting the owl on the back of the chair as a rabbit jumped up into his lap.

"Okay...what do your powers include? I think I can guess," Tadashi said, lightness in his voice. It caused Chris to smile, which was a win.

"I can talk to animals. Most of the time they do what I ask. I can't really control them because they do have minds of their own. But they like me so they usually do what I ask," Chris replied with a smile, glancing at the rabbit in his lap.

Tadashi nodded then asked the last question, "Why do you want to see Big Hero Six rebooted or become a member?"

"I don't like criminals. I'm sure they have wives and children and normal lives...but I can't stand the pain they inflict on others. It makes me feel sad," Chris replied as the rabbit jumped off his lap and a doe put it's head on his.

Tadashi nodded then asked nice questions, "How old are you?"

"Eleven," Chris answered, gently pushing the deer's head off of his, "How old are you, sir?"

"Eighty," Tadashi replied, holding back a smile as Chris's eyes got big.



"That's astounding."

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