Jim Hawkins: Technopath

Tadashi only had 2 more interviews for that day. He was relieved and he opened a bottle of water for himself. This next person's name was Jim Hawkins. He hoped this guy would be a little more normal then the children he just had to deal with. He liked the kids, but they unnerved him greatly. Jim Hawkins entered the room, greeted Tadashi with a wave, then sat down in the chair. He was slumped over and didn't look like he cared about anything.

"Hello, Jim. My name is Tadashi..." He raised an eyebrow at the younger man who seemed to be focused on the clock on the desk. Tadashi looked over and saw the numbers going up and down then forming letters. Tadashi shook his head then looked at him, "Are you a Technopath?"

Jim looked at Tadashi then nodded, "Yeah." That was all he said. One word. Yeah. Tadashi wasn't sure what to make of this guy.

"How did you meet my brother?" Tadashi asked, watching as Jim messed with the clock a little more.

"A car was about to run over a little girl and I stepped in the way. I put the car into reverse and caused it to wreak on accident. I figured that was better then risking the kid's life," Jim said as he reset the clock with his mind. So this guy had a soft spot for kids, that was good.

Tadashi nodded slowly then he asked, "Why do you want to see Big Hero Six rebooted? Why would you want to join?"

Jim looked at Tadashi, a surprised expression crossed his face, "Why? I would think it is pretty obvious. I don't like seeing harm done to anyone. I would die protecting people. I almost have in the past. My powers activated because I was hit by a car. It hit me pretty hard and somehow my brain had the ability to put a ball of electronics around me. They just reformed and went around me. It broke my fall but I was in the ICU for a long time."

Tadashi nodded and then asked another question, "What have you made, knowingly and willingly, with your abilities?"

"A hoverboard. I was really bored and wanted to make something to ride. Oh, and a gun. This man was harassing my mom. I've fixed her kitchen appliances. Which, by the way, is aggravating. If she would just buy new ones I wouldn't have to fix them all the time," Jim replied, pulling out a small device, "And this. It is a map, I made it based on a book called Treasure Island."

Tadashi took the map and opened it, a holograph covering the room with a map of the world, "That is amazing."


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