Belle and Beast: The Couple

When the next morning rolled around Tadashi did not want to get out of bed. He wanted to stay in bed and forget that the day before ever happened. As much as he loved children, if they can create illusions, then he would rather stay away. That was just too weird. But Tadashi pulled himself out of bed and got ready to go to the meeting room again. When he did go to the meeting room he got himself some coffee and a bottle of water. Hiro would bring him lunch later. Tadashi quickly gobbled down an granola bar.

The first two people to come in were Belle and Beast. They never went somewhere without the other. Tadashi gave them a smile and stood up, shaking both their hands. Tadashi gave them each a smile, "Good morning. How did you meet my brother?"

Belle looked uneasy then looked at Adam. Adam looked embarrassed, "I turned into a furry rage monster and was chasing around a mugger. He tried to mug Belle."

Tadashi nodded and smiled, "Well, that must have been interesting." He looked at the couple then asked, "So you can turn into a beast. Belle, what can you do?"

Belle looked at the ground then said, "I'm fluent with any language, fictional or real. I can also talk to animals." She looked at Adam then at Tadashi.

Tadashi nodded then asked, "Why would you like to see Big Hero Six rebooted or why would you like to join?" He leaned back, looking totally relaxed again.

Belle gave her answer first, "When I was 14 years old I was kidnapped and held in a cellar. I was with my mother in France for diplomatic stuff. I was never hit or anything, but the terror..." Belle cut off when he voice hitched, "The terror was too much. I can't let any other kid go through that or any adult. It is something no one should go through."

Adam gave his answer next, "When I was 15 years old I was kicked out of the house. While I was out there I got involved in some gangs, I realize now how many people I hurt. How many people I killed. I should never have been involved, I was lucky to get picked up by the police. It helped me realize where I was heading in life. I want to see it rebooted or join it because I could never see that happen to another kid. It was awful for me."

Tadashi nodded then looked at the couple, "How did you two meet?"

Belle laughed and said, "Adam was in a gang in France. My mom had hired him to search me out. When he was in there was the first time they hit me. Adam heard me yell and he turned into the Beast. We hadn't talked for a couple years after that but then he moved to America. We got back in touch."

Tadashi nodded and gave them a smile, "Thank you for your time today. I appreciate it." They all stood up, shook hands, and left. At least this one was normal.

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