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Fooled Around and Fell in Love

By Pepperlandgrl

Action / Romance

Chapter 1

She ran. She ran down the long white hallway of the large laboratory. She didn't really have a plan as to what to do after pulling the fire alarm but she only had one thing she knew had to do. She had to help the poor small animal that her horrible father had taken to use in one of his experiments. He always told her "It's for science. It's for a good cause" but she never believed him. Anger boiled inside of her, her dark purple hair becoming a bright fiery color, as she taught of him. She hated him. With all her might, she hated him.

The girl slid to a stop at the room she was looking for. OPERATION ROOM the sign on the door read in bold red letters.

Her hands pushed open the door, the alarm screeching behind her. She peaked her head inside and her bright purple eyes scanned the large grey room, looking for the small creature.

She lets out a tiny gasp as her eyes finally catch the small raccoon (she had heard her father call it that) and she ran over to the long table, the door closing behind her with a bang. The girl looked down and her features softened. The small animal was asleep or probably knocked out by her father's drugs. She felt her eyes narrow as she saw the metal plate drilled into the back of the raccoon but her heart melted at the sight of its small face, looking so peaceful asleep. She softly picked it up, wrapping one of the towels on the table next to her around the raccoon and quickly left the cold empty room.

The air outside was cool on her pale light pink skin. With her arms wrapped tightly around the small animal, she tiredly walked along the sidewalk, the sky dark and full of stars.

She had been walking for what felt like hours, her feet sore and screaming for a break. Her eyes were half closed, tired as well and her brain practically begged for sleep.

She finally caved and she stopped, sitting down on the damp grass. Her arms ached but she couldn't will herself to let go of the raccoon. As her eyes began to droop down, she felt the bundle in her arms move. Her eyes shot open and she quickly but softly laid the small animal down onto the ground. The girl unwrapped the towel from the animal, watching in wonder as it slowly stretched, yawned, and opened its eyes as the girl made eyes contact with the small brown pools. Fear flashed in them and the raccoon began to back away.

The girl reacted quickly though and whispered softly "Wait! Wait! Don't go! I'm not gonna hurt you. Trust me I won't."

The small animal seemed to look hesitant at first but slowly relaxed and sat down though still away from the girl.

They sat there in silence until the girl spoke up. "Um… my name is Azaria. Do you um, have a name?"

The raccoon looked up at her and shook its head. The girl's eyes widened and she gasped, "You can understand me?!" She looked at the raccoon as it nodded in response. "Can… can you talk?"

The animal next to her didn't answer her immediately but after a few minutes, the raccoon responded. "Yes."

The voice that came out was soft and light, like the voice of a young boy. Azaria stared at it in wonder never having seen something like this before.

"Wow. Well, then I guess you'll need a name now right?" Azaria asked it.

"I guess." The raccoon replied quietly, still looking slightly scared.

Azaria smiled. "Okay. Ummm….. your name can be…. Rocket!" she exclaimed. "Yeah. Rocket. That sounds cool."

Despite still wary of the young girl next to him, the raccoon smiled at the sound of his new name. "Rocket." He whispered to himself. He liked the sound of it. She was right. It was cool.

The two sat there, the only light on them came from the stars and moons in the dark sky. Rocket glances over to Azaria next to him and says, "That was your dad, wasn't he? The one who helped make me, I mean."

Azaria stiffens and looked rather uncomfortable. "Yes. Yes he was."

"Was?" Rocket asks

"Yeah. Was. I hate him." Azaria's face contorted in anger and her hair once again began to glow slightly. "I hate him so much. He never wanted me. He wanted a boy. He's one of those people who think men are smarter than women so he never really loved or even cared about me. The only one I had was my mom. She was everything to me." Azaria's face then went from anger to one of a saddened expression, her hair going back to its original color. "Then when I was 5, my mom began to get really sick. I didn't know why or of what but, me being so little, I did my best to just be there with her. She died on my 6th birthday. It turned out my dad had been using her in his experiments. He knew he was slowly killing her but… but he didn't even think of stopping." Tears were running down her face now while the only thing Rocket could think of doing was stare in sympathy. "I'm 9 now and I still hate him as much as I did then." She finished.

Rocket looked down at the grass at his feet. "How come you saved me?"

Azaria wiped away at her eyes and looked down at him. "I could hear you scream all the way from my room. You sounded like you were in so much pain. I couldn't take it so I got you out, I came along 'cause I didn't want to live there anymore."

Rocket nods, now fully trusting the young girl. She wasn't like her father, like the other scientists. She had been through so much; he had no reason not to trust her. She risked her own life to save his. It was the least he could do. He gave Azaria one more quick glance, noticing her eyes were still a little watery, and climbed up on her lap, curling up under her arms.

Azaria stared in surprise, seeing her new friend finally warm up to her and trust her. She smiled and slowly laid back down, Rocket curling up in her arms, head buried in her chest. Azaria slowly closed her eyes, not being able to hold them open any longer; finally happy to be away from the small hell she was forced to live in, finally happy to be free.

18 years later….

"Xandarians. What a bunch of losers. All of them in a big hurry to get from somethin' stupid to nothing at all. Pathetic." Rocket said from a water fountain, his criminal scanner in hand as he looked around the large area full of people. This was how he mostly found criminals to get bounties on. He found them and Groot and Azaria would get them, he would just shoot them to knock them out and for the fun of it.

He also liked to make fun of people who caught his attention. Spotting a man with short blond hair he says, "Look at this guy! Can you believe they call us criminals, when he's assaulting us with that haircut?"

Hearing Rocket say this, Azaria burst out laughing while Rocket continued to scan other people.

Rocket continues when he sees a small child getting help to walk. "What is this thing?Look how it thinks it's so cool. It's not cool to get help! Walk by yourself, you little gargoyle!" He then turns to an old man talking to a pretty young woman as Azaria continues to laugh. "Look at Mr. Smiles over here. Where's your wife, old man? What a class-A pervert."

He loved to make to Azaria laugh. He loved the sound it made, the way her eyes would light up, the way her mouth would curve into a beautiful smile when she stopped. He laughed along with her and turned to his other partner, Groot, a tall talking tree. "Right, Groot? Groot?"

When he didn't answer, Rocket frowned and looked over to him. He found him drinking from the water fountain.

"Don't drink water fountain, you idiot. That's disgusting!"

Groot looked over to Rocket, trying to look innocent and shook his head.

"Yes, you did. I just saw you doing it. Why are you lying?" Rocket said, looking annoyed.

"Oh leave him alone. Don't worry about it. I mean he is a tree, what do expect. He's just thirsty." Azaria tells Rocket, through her giggling.

Rocket goes back to looking at his scanner and catches a man talking to a girl who looked really pissed. When he aims the screen to the man, the screen begins beeping, telling him the man was indeed a human.

"Whoop. Looks like we got one. Okay, humie, how bad does someone wanna find you?" Rocket mutters mostly to himself but his words get Azaria's attention and she stops laughing, her curiosity now captured.

Rocket looks at the screen of his scanner and his eyes widen. "Forty-thousand units?! Whoa!"

"What?! Crap, that's a lot of money!" Azaria says now excited to go get this guy, happy for some action.

Rocket grins "Yeah, it is. Groot, we're gonna be rich!" Rocket says turning to Groot who was once again not paying attention and drinking water from the fountain.

Rocket frowns and groans, shaking his head. Azaria giggles and gets up and stretches, her shirt rising up bit. She turns back to Rocket who was staring at her with a strange glint in his eyes. Her head cocks to the right in confusion.

"What's wrong?" she asks him. The question seemed to snap him out of the daze he was in and the glint in his eyes disappeared as he quickly fumbled with the scanner in his hands.

"Wha? Oh, nothing, nothing." He quickly said. Azaria stared at him; confused by the way he acted but brushed it off. She walked over to Groot and tapped his arm.

"Come on Groot. We gotta go. Rocket found someone with a huge bounty." She said. Groot nodded and stood up straight as Rocket walked over to them his gun on his shoulder while Azaria took out hers.

But as the small group walked over to their new catch, it turned out someone else wanted him too.

The human was fighting with a woman with green skin. "What do we do?" Azaria said to Rocket

"Don't worry. I got a plan." he answered. The woman seemed to be winning too and looked like she was about to stab him, knife in the air.

"Danm it, come on." Rocket quickly muttered as he ran over to her.

"Wait! What was the plan?!" Azaria screams after him. She groans in frustration. "Here Groot take this." Azaria hands him a large brown bag and takes out her blaster, running after her friend.

Rocket tackles the woman just as she was going to lower her knife and knocks her down. He looks over to Groot, who stood next to him holding the brown bag.

Referring to the human, he screams "Put him in the bag! Put him in the bag!"

Groot begins extending the roots on his hands and reaches for the green woman instead. Rocket growls angrily and looks over to him, struggling with the woman. "No! Not her, him! Learn genders, man."

While struggling to break free, the woman tries to bite Rocket in order for him to let go.

"Biting? That's not fair!" Rocket whines. "Take it easy!"

The woman began to get frustrated when she saw the human grab the grey orb that was on the ground and run off with it. She finally manages to escape, throwing Rocket aside, Rocket flying off the walkway and landing face first on a glass panel, and running after the human. She picks up a piece of metal and throws it at him, making him drop the orb.

"You alright?" Azaria asks while holding in a chuckle from seeing Rocket fall as she jumped from the walkway, landing on her feet and helping him get up, handing him his gun.

Rocket glares at her, "Don't you dare laugh. It was not funny."

"Ok, ok. Sorry. But, uh, who is this chick anyway?"

"I recognize her. She works for Ronan. Her name is Gamora." he says, wincing slightly as he straightens up.

"That must be why she's after that orb. Ronan must want it." Azaria says.

"Yeah." he looks over to see the other two still fighting. He smirks when he sees the human put a small rocket launcher onto Gamora's leg and sending her flying.

"Alright, Groot, get him!" Rocket orders to Groot who walks over to the man while he was distracted and places the bag over his head.

"What the-" the man just has enough time to say after Groot starts carrying him over his shoulder.

The trio begins walking away, Rocket looking back at Groot and noticing him smiling "Quit smiling, you idiot. You're supposed to be a professional."

Azaria giggles but there victory was short lived as she sees Gamora running over to them and nudges Rocket next to her.

"You gotta be kidding me." he groans, but gets pushed aside and attacks Groot instead. "Hey!"

Gamora ends up cutting off both of Groot's arms and Azaria lifts up her blaster, aiming at her but just as she was about to pull the trigger, Gamora opens the bag and gets electrocuted by the human's gun.

"Oh this is going nowhere." Azaria moaned and lowers her gun but notices the man running off and raises it again, now smiling.

She takes a few seconds to get her aim and muttered under her breath "I live for the simple things. Like how much this is going to hurt." and pulled the trigger to her blaster, a small ball of electricity shooting out of it, the ball hitting her target and giving him a powerful electric shock.

"Yeah. Writhe, little man." Azaria says chuckling. Rocket walks over to her, looking disappointed.

"I wanted to shoot him. No fair." he mumbles.

Azaria smiles, her hands on her hips. "What do mean 'no fair'? You got to shoot the guy on our last job. It was my turn."

"Whatever." he says with a huff. Groot walks over to the two of them whimpering, looking at his arms. Rocket looks over to him "It'll grow back, you D'ast idiot. Quit whining."

But right before they could do anything else, they hear, "Subject 89P13, drop your weapon!"

The Nova Corps.

They were all frozen by suspension beams from the Nova officers' ships and Azaria turned to Rocket as she heard him mumble "Oh crap…" and reluctantly drops his gun.

Oh well… Azaria thought letting out a huff of air. Here we go again.

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