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Chuck vs The Evil Twin


Someone sent me a a graphic novel I think it was Colin Davis. Anyway there was a machine that the novel was written around a machine called a DNA re-sequencer where people can change into any one else

Action / Adventure
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Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 1

Don’t own Chuck

Things you need to know: Chuck and Sarah are back. Sarah has most of her memory back but there still are blank spots. They have a daughter now Sam who’s four something and she’s pregnant again with their second child. Baby Walnut as they decided to call it until they can come up with a proper name.

Normally Devon woke up to the sound of birds chirping but today it was the sound of Ellie cleaning. She was in a frantic mess making sure everything was ready for Chuck and Sarah. She had Clara all dressed, fed and lunch box in hand when Devon walked into the kitchen from his shower. He looked around the kitchen and it shined so bright it hurt the eyes as clean as it was.

“Don’t you think you’re taking this cleaning a little overboard,” said Devon as he look at Clara who nodded her head. “I think when we visit them he has agency cleaners come in. I never thought about it before but those are the same people that clean up after....” Ellie cut him off and looked over at Clara who was listening intently.

“Oh maybe you’re right but I’m just a little nervous and we Bartowskis clean when we’re nervous. I told you Gwen, Sarah’s OBGyn, is coming in this morning to examine Sarah. There’s got to be something going on there but both Gwen and Sarah were vague on the phone and while that’s going on I’m examining Casey. I got his X-rays and I have to say I’m a little interested in how this last blow brought back his memory. I think he had pressure built up in his right temporal lobe but without an EEG from before I don’t know if I’m going to have enough data to support any conclusions.”

“To me it sounds like something you could turn into a paper,” said Devon as he went about making his morning power shake. “You could point to possible conclusions but note that there was insufficient data to draw anything definitive. I’m sure someone out there will publish it.”

“I guess you’re right it’s always good to publish and the editor can decide if it’s worth the journal’s time. I know you’re going to clean up after yourself. You’re making a mess on my clean counter top.”

“Don’t worry about it I’ve got this,” said Devon as he sipped his green drink that looked like something that was left in the crisper too long. “You should try kale in the morning. Take my word for it your bowels will thank you.”

“Get that thing out of my face,” said Ellie. “I’d have to get it down first and I’m not sure if it wouldn’t come right back up. The last time I saw something like that was when Clara was a baby and she did a number two. Come on Clara let’s go before your father tries to get you to try it too.”

“Phew, no way,” said Clara as she held her nose. “Is Sam going to join them here? Molly wrote me and said she was in Montenegro with her. You know she’s got a rabbit called Plat du Jour.”

“What an appropriate name I’m sure there’s a story there. My understanding is Emma is supposed to bring Sam here in a few days but that’s all I know. We can ask them more when they get here this evening.”

“Well you guys are going to have to do without me I couldn’t get out of my turn in the E.R. so I’ll be there all afternoon and late. I already know I’ll probably have to pull a double shift. The guy who’s supposed to relieve me warned me that he was going to have the flu and call in sick.”

“How can you know ahead of time you’re going to have the flu?” said Ellie as Clara smiled. Ellie saw the little wheels turning in Clara’s head. “Don’t even think about it. This won’t fly for school and it shouldn’t fly at the hospital either.”

“He’s going to come down with Cub fever. He got tickets for the game and asked me a while back to cover for him. I completely forgot then he reminded me, so if you guys want to start supper without me, go ahead just keep me something warm.”

“Sure a nice bowel of Kale,” said Clara. “Your bowels will thank us.” Ellie chuckled while Devon gave her a frown.

“We’ll see how everything works out. They’re getting in late evening and I’ve got everyone scheduled for tomorrow morning. Gwen can do whatever she wants she’s independent...”

“But I’m sure you’ll drop in,” said Devon smiling. “I can’t see you letting an opportunity to look over Gwen’s shoulder slip by.”

“You’d look more serious if you didn’t have that green moustache but yes. Anyway Chuck asked me to look over Gwen’s findings so there you go. I’m not sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong. I’m going to do a full work up on John whether he likes it or not.”

“It’d be worth the risk to get a photo of him in a hospital gown,” said Devon as he and Clara laughed. “That’d be one to post on Facebook.”

“First, I think he’d track you down and kill you then secondly the hospital administration would frown on that type of activity. It would land someone in hot water very quickly.”

“Just talking out loud,” said Devon as he finished his drink then rinsed everything out leaving the dishes in the sink to dry.

“And let’s leave it as just talk. Well, I’ll see you for lunch in the cafeteria,” said Ellie as she took Clara by the hand. “Come on Sweet Pea we don’t want you to be late.”

“You know Sam is a lot younger than I am and she’s got a rabbit. You said animals are a big responsibility and that we’d talk about one when I’m older...” Clara started to say as they went out to get in the car.

“I think I know the direction this is going but we don’t have room for a horse. I guess you could keep it in your bedroom but you’ll have to walk it and clean up after it.”

“No, I never said anything about a horse,” said Clara as Ellie continued making fun of her which aggravated Clara.

“Okay, no horse then. Oh I know what about an elephant? No, that’s not a good idea either everyone would be afraid to talk about the elephant in the room.”

“You see now you’re just being silly. I was serious. It just so happens that Betty the girl in my class her dog had puppies and they’re the cutest things.”

“Yeah it just so happened I’m sure. What kind of dog are we talking about?” asked Ellie sooner or later another Peaches was going to come into her life this she was sure of. She just hoped it wouldn’t meet the same end.

“They’re really small and cuddly. They like to lick you and their tongue tickles and makes you laugh. You really need to hold one.”

“You still haven’t told me what kind of dog they are,” Ellie reminded her as she got near to Clara’s school.

“I think she said they were Saint Bernards.”

“Why don’t we revisit the idea of the elephant? If I say yes it has to be something smaller much smaller than a Saint Bernard,” said Ellie as Clara started laughing. That was when she realized she’d been played. “Miss, we’ll talk more about this later after our guests leave. I love you,” said Ellie as she pulled up in front of Clara’s school then reached over and hugged her. “Have a nice day and maybe if we cut a hole in the ceiling you could get a giraffe?”

“I love you too Mom,” said Clara as she got out. “Maybe I could get a turtle that way he’d eat up all of Dad’s kale but his bowels would hate us.”

“Not us the turtle but that would be cruelty but I’m not sure to whom.” They waved as Ellie drove away glancing back at Clara in the mirror thinking her little girl was growing up.

Shortly before Chuck and Sarah departed Alice Springs the Antonov AN-10 departed ahead of them they were heading for Guam while Chuck and Sarah were heading off on the first leg of their journey home. Their first stop being Hawaii to refuel. They maintain radar contact with Antonov until they both were close to their destinations. There was a big difference in their respective passenger manifest; the Lear was full of paxs while the Antonov had only one.

“Can I get a glass of water,” asked Kim sitting chained to a chair. “I’m thirsty or do we start the torture already?”

“When we get to Guam you’ll get all the water you want and then some,” said the Guard sitting across from him.

“It's the air conditioning you know… It dries the air out and you feel it in your throat,” said Kim. The guard went over got a bottle then opened it putting the bottle in front of him. “Drink up prisoner.”

“Could I get a straw or can you unchain a hand,” said Kim as he tried to raise his hands but couldn’t get at the bottle.

“Wrap your lips around it because the irons aren’t coming off. Don't worry we'll be down soon and then the fun really begins.”

“I hear Guam is a lovely island with pristine waters. Someone told me it was a scuba diver’s paradise,” said Kim sitting in chains. “I guess I won't get to see much of that.”

“You’ll get to see all the water you want when you're waterboarded and it’ll be like scuba diving gone wrong.”

“Funny,” said Kim as he lean forward and grabbed the bottle with his mouth locking his teeth around the top then turning it up. The water gushed in and he began to cough and gag.”

“Oh crap, what have you done? Slow down there,” said the guard. He could see himself being prosecuted for criminal negligence in the services of his duty. “Come on breathe buddy.”

Kim was immobile with his head tilted backwards and his mouth full of water. What do I do thought the guard, then he thought about his first aid training so he unchained Kim laid him out on the deck. Kim’s heart was still beating so it wasn't too late for mouth to mouth. He checked his airways turned his head to make sure the water was out then tilted his head back.

“Here goes nothing,” said the guard but what the man didn’t see was Kim reaching over for the chain. As the guard knelt over him to try to revive him Kim pushed the guard off then wrapped the chain around the man’s neck and held it tight until the guard went limp. Kim quickly swapped out clothes with the man then left him chained to the seat with his head down so no one looking in could tell it wasn’t him.

Over Guam a warn light came on in the cabin telling the pilot that the tailgate had been lowered. He immediately raised it back up from the cockpit then sent the co-pilot back to investigate it. The co-pilot grabbed a man to follow with him to their prisoner.

“Crap our man’s gone,” radioed up the co-pilot. “I’m going to go count parachutes.” As he thought he discovered one was missing. The pilot radioed the incident into the base giving them the coordinates where the hatch opened up. Then the base sent out a search team but as they were doing this the Antonov landed. The aircrew and personnel on board were taken off for questioning to see if this had been an inside job but what no one saw was Kim. He emerged from his hiding place then walked off the plane and on to freedom.

Chuck and Sarah flew on to Hawaii oblivious to what was happening on the Antonov. Chuck and Sarah were flying the Lear even though Casey had been begging a turn at the yoke since they left Alice Springs. He needed relief and if nothing else time in the pilot’s seat would get him away from his female problem. Kat and Gertrude confined in a tight space with him.

However, at the moment he just wanted to strangle Chuck. Because Chuck realized what was going on but he was trying to force John to deal with his situation.

“I’m sorry but no you can’t fly not until you’ve been given a clean bill of health. What would happen if you passed out up here at the controls? I know you’ve got lady problems but I can't help you by keeping you up here.”

“What about her, she was down for the count too so she shouldn't be flying either,” said John as he pointed to Sarah. Sounding more like the little fat kid with every breath but Chuck couldn’t tell him that.

“John, I can see you're having troubles with your ladies but Sarah’s just keeping me company. When and if I need relief I’ll call Alex but for now we’re okay. Take the bull by the horns and go back there and talk to them they won’t bite.”

“Sweetie you’re forgetting Gertrude is back there. I wouldn’t put it past her she just might take a hunk out,” said Sarah as she smiled at John.

“Funny you two, a regular couple of comedians I’ve got to work with. Well then if there’s nothing up here to do I’ll go back to the lion’s den but if anything happens it will be your fault.”

Chuck got permission from Tower Control Honolulu to land. But they were in Hawaii just long enough to refuel take on a few supplies then up again. After Honolulu they were on the second leg of their adventure heading this time for Travis AFB. When they got to Travis Gertrude had to deplane for a new gig that just came in.

“Johnny, I’m sorry if I’ve got to jump ship but business calls. Do me a favor for now on and try not to fall out of any more planes. I expect to hear what Ward’s sister says and if we don't like it we can get a second opinion and even a third one if necessary.”

"I’ll be in touch,” he said as she got off. But with her, Morgan and Alex deplaned too. “What’s this? Is everyone abandoning me?”

“Never Dad you know better but you’ve got Mom to look out for you and Morgan needs to go back to work at the Buy More. I think Big Mike said something about landing a big fish so Morgan wants to see what kind of sell he made.”

“Idiot knows as well as I do when Big Mike talks about landing a big fish he’s talking about a big fish literally. He took time off again and went fishing... so Grimes is right he needs to rein in his workers.”

“Did I hear John Casey agree to something I said... It almost sounded like a compliment,” said Morgan as he came up behind John.

“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day so it figures sooner or later you’d do something right now we just have to wait another half a lifetime for the next time.”

“Call me,” said Alex as she kissed him on the cheek. “I want to know what Ellie says too and watch out for Mom.”

“I always do,” said John. They bid their farewells then they were off again.

When the Lear left Travis it was now heading over the Rockies towards their final destination, Chicago. The weather was perfect for flying there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Chuck turn to Sarah smiling she looked back at him with a look that wondered what he was smiling about then finally she had to say something.

“Okay you’ve got that look. Spit it out, you want to tell me or ask me something,” said Sarah as she let out a yawn. “Listen I don’t know what you’ve got in mind but I just want to go to sleep.”

“No that’s not it… Well maybe but I’m beat to so no... Oh, no not that but why don't we have Emma and Jack bring Sam to Chicago. We can all spend some time together.”

“How did you know that was what I was thinking?” said Sarah as she leaned over and kissed him. “You’re the best.”

“Yuck,” said Casey. “Best idiot maybe. Beckman wants to see us in the field office when we land. She's not too happy with the solution you came up with so she’s flying into Chicago before we get there.”

“Considering we weren’t there officially I think it was a good plan and the town voted for it so we weren’t interfering in local affairs either which were one of her edicts.”

“You don't have to justify anything to me,” said John. “I agreed with you but that doesn't mean Beckman will see it our way. As a matter of fact I’m almost sure she won’t.”

"Whatever one problem at a time, Love call Emma tell her I’ll have Margo install a video camera over Plat du Jour’s home like Big Brother so Sam can check up on him every day.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Just like Beckman does on us, we live Big Brother or little sister as the case may be. You call Emma then I’ll call Ellie to tell her what we’re doing. John, I’ve got you and Kat a room at the Waldron.”

“That had better be rooms.”

“Sorry John, I got the last one. They said they were all booked up because of some convention that’s being held in town.”

“I’m sure there is,” said John as he growled.

Later that Evening in the ER at Chicago Memorial.

“Doctor Woodcomb, we’ve got a petit female patient,” said a paramedic as she was going over the vitals of a patient being brought it. “She was involved in a single car collision. She was riding in the back seat when her driver lost control of their vehicle and ran head on into the guard railing. We stabilize her and brought her straight to you. There was nothing that could be done for the driver and he was pronounced dead on scene.

“Well let me look at her. Is she conscious,” Devon asked as walked around the stretcher. The paramedic nodded. “Don’t worry you’re in good hands with us,” he said then his mouth dropped open when he say who it was. “Geez, I know her. General Beckman just lay still. Nurse, call my wife and tell her to get down here on the double. Paramedic, don’t go away... Paramedic, did anyone see where the Paramedic went? Oh never mind, don’t worry General we’ll do everything we can for you.”

“Do we know each other,” said the General as she looked up at him glancing at his name tag. “Oh Dr. Woodcomb of course we do. Where am I? And how did I get here?”

"Just stay calm you were involved in a traffic accident. I’ve ordered a complete work up,” said Devon as Ellie walked in.

“What’s the matter? I was about to run out to the airport to meet Chuck and Sarah,” said Ellie when she saw the General lying on the examination table. “Oh no, General Beckman what happened?”

"She was involved in a single car accident and the paramedics brought her here. I’ve ordered a complete work up.”

“I feel fine I don’t think all that is necessary. Can’t I check myself out or something? You can use this bed for someone who's really sick.”

“Add an EEG to the work up and we should also do a complete CAT scan. I’ll go get Chuck then swing by back here to look over the read outs with you.”

“Excuse me, I'm speaking English let me make it clearer I want to be released. None of this is necessary.”

“Sorry General, but you could walk out the front doors then collapse whose fault would it be? I have to run tests it’s the hospital’s policy.”

“I’ll sign a waiver or anything else you need just give me a pen and paper. I just want you to let me out of here. This is absolutely ridiculous.” As the General was ranting Devon nodded to his nurse she filled a syringe then injected it into the General’s IV.

“Sorry until the neurologist clears you I don't know if you’re mentally competent,” said Devon as the General’s eyes became heavy.

"What did you do? I’m going to have your…..” She never finished her head dropped back on the pillow and she began to snore.

“Well she certainly sounds like…. Well okay. I’d say normal but that would be stretching it on a good day.”

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