Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs Evil Twin Chapter 10

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John was in the middle of a romantic dinner with Kat. He had to pull in some favors with some of his friends from the Corps but he got the table in one of the nicest and most exclusive restaurants in town. Normally there was a six month waiting list but he was able to get right in.

“John, this is really nice and not necessary. This has got to cost you at least a month’s pay. Remember when we could barely afford the rent to keep a roof over our head?”

“Yes, First Lieutenant pay wasn’t much back then,” said Casey as he held the chair for her to sit down. “I just wanted to do something nice for you. You’ve had to put up with a lot lately and I just wanted to say thanks for not giving up on me.”

“Good evening,” said the waiter as he came over to take their orders. “Would you like to see our Kosher menu? We also have a good selection of Kosher wines if you’d like to see the list.”

“Kosher menu? Kosher wines? Why would I want to see them? I didn’t bring my date here to drink mad dog out of a brown paper bag. Now go and get us the regular menu before you and I have a problem,” said John as Kat started laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Your hat... helmet, beanie thing that’s on your head that's what got the poor waiter confused,” said Kat as she pointed at it. He felt it with his hand.

“Oh I completely forgot about it,” said John as his phone started to ring. People sitting at tables next to theirs gave him the evil eye. He quickly refused the call then put it on vibrate only he sat it on the table without looking to see who was calling.

“You could’ve answered it I understand you’re an important man John Casey. You’ve got the weight of the world resting on your shoulders,” she said as the phone began to vibrate walking across the table.

“I might have the weight of the world on my shoulders but I’ve got these pains in the neck that keep calling. It’s Sarah,” said John as he looked at the screen then up at Kat.

“What are you waiting for the woman is pregnant? It might be important answer the call or you could regret it later on. I don’t care.”

“You are the best,” said John as he answered. “This had better be important. ... Hold up slow down how do you know there’s a kill order on him?” said John. People turned and stared. “I mean I thought as important as he is with the company they wouldn’t sack him. Generally I’m the one who gets told to sack people and no one’s called me. ... Okay tell me everything,” he said as he listened to her explain what she knew. “Okay Just stay put where you’re at and let me look into it. I know some people I can call. ... Yes I’ll let you know as soon as I know something but he’s doing the right thing staying away. He’s a big boy and I’m sure he can take care of himself.”

That's what he told her but as he hung up he wasn't sure he could. Chuck had some of the best and nastiest assassins in the world gunning for him. Chuck would need everything bit of his skills he’d learned to survive until sunrise. John found himself a little angry that he didn’t get the call about the hit.

“Excuse me Kat I need to make a quick phone call,” said John as he got up and walked to the restroom. He put the out of order sign outside the door then went in.

“Okay everyone out,” said Casey as he banged on the stall doors. “Pull it up and zip it up public health emergency everyone needs to vacate here right now. Move it people or you're going to risk having to go to the hospital for an unpleasant invasive examination. Move it,” he yelled. The men inside quickly ran out leaving John inside to make his call in private. He put an earbud in then dialed an unsavory friend he knew in black ops

"Pete, this is John Casey I need some information,” said John as he leaned against the sinks. “I need to know if there's a contract out on a guy.”

“John Casey, wow, a voice from the past... Some of my worst nightmares had you coming for me. I haven’t heard from you in ages. I thought someone finally took you out.”

“That will be the day and keep on dreaming one day it could come true. No just joking I stopped doing wet work for a while. Yeah it's been some time I was thinking about picking up a little extra cash. I heard there might be out one a guy I just met. The name is Charles Irving Bartowski, alias Charles Carmichael.”

“John just a little advice first this is what we were meant to be. Some guys are doctors and lawyers. Well this is what we do and there’s no escaping it. So you’ve got easy pickings you can't pass up. Sure why not, one second let me check on the dark net. Do you know if he’s from Burbank?”

“Yeah Burbank that's what he said so there's paper hanging on him?” said John. It seemed Chuck was in trouble after all.

“Sorry John you were a little too slow on this one. Old age must be catching up with you,” said Pete as Casey grunted. “The orders been rescinded so you're out of luck.”

“Rescinded? When was it rescinded?” asked Casey. Maybe Chuck had pulled his bacon out of the fire by himself which went to prove he taught him well.

“A little over an hour ago by Langley, the General herself,” said Pete. Casey had an idea that Chuck lit a fire back there.

“Well good for him… I mean good for him but bad for me. Thanks Pete… Wait, can you tell me who the issuing officer was?” Decker was dead so who else could be gunning for him but Chuck had pissed off quite a few.

“Sure one moment let me pull it up again. Here it is? The issuing officer was an Agent Roan Montgomery.”

“Roan Montgomery, are you sure?” Casey couldn’t believe what he was told. Roan was a functional alcoholic but not a killer. “I’m just having trouble with this. The only kill order Roan’s ever issued was on a bottle of gin.”

“I’m just reading you what the order says and if you need the cash I just got another kill order in on Roan Montgomery. What can I say I guess the people in Langley didn’t like him issuing kill orders on his own.

“Who’s the issuing officer on that?” asked Casey. John wondered if there wasn’t some sort of collective insanity taking place back at Langley. Had the inmates taken over the asylum?

“I’ve got Beckman down as the issuing officer and get this they’re not going by the two agent rule anymore on kill orders. Langley seems to have moved to Dodge City. John we all need to watch our backs.”

“I hear you and thanks for the intel,” said John. He had no soon hung up then his phone rang again. He looked at the caller I.D. and grunted before answering.

“Somehow I figured you’d be calling.”

Sarah finished talking with Casey on the phone standing outside under the front awning. She looked at everyone through the window and thought to herself what could she tell them that they’d understand? That like Chuck’s father the agency was looking for him. What was she supposed to tell Sam? She’d come home only to have her father leave? Finally she had to go back inside and as she feared all eyes were on her as soon as she walked in through the door.

“John is going to look into it. He says there must be some mistake,” said Sarah. “Let's feed the girls then get them ready for bed.”

“I’m sorry for asking but how long do these things usually take,” asked Ellie as they walked back to Clara’s room together.

“John will call as soon as he knows something and Chuck hasn't been answering his phone. I could call Langley but I want to wait on John first. Please don't say anything in front of the girls.”

"Of course not maybe our parents were right to raise us oblivious to their work at least we didn't worry,” said Ellie. Sarah wondered if she wasn't dropping parental advice but she didn't have time for hints.

“Okay deep breath and game face on,” said Sarah as she and Ellie walked in. The first thing she noticed in Clara’s room nothing had really changed since their last visit. Sarah took note that Clara had a collection of novels and a good selection of works by Agatha Christie.

“Dinner is here so you girls need to go wash your hands and get ready to eat,” said Ellie. “After we eat it's straight to bed.”

“Because Chuck’s taking us to ride the Ferris wheel tomorrow and we’re going to eat a ton of cotton candy. That's what he promised. Where is Chuck?” asked Sam noticing her father wasn’t there.

“About your father,” said Sarah. “I’m sorry but he got called away but we're going to take you guys and we’ll ride the Ferris wheel a thousand times until the wheel falls off.”

“Can the wheel fall off?” asked Sam. “Maybe we shouldn't ride it that much or bring a wrench,” said Sam. Sarah picked Sam up and hugged her. Her eyes were watering up when her phone rang. She looked at the caller I.D. she couldn’t believe it was Chuck.

“Chuck is that you? I’ve heard of husbands going out for cigarettes and not coming home. Others promise their kids pancakes… I’m sorry I shouldn't have said that.”

[Across town in a no-tell-motel Chuck had checked in a room for the night….]

“No you're angry and I understand but there was nothing I could do. I called the General and the orders been rescinded but the whole thing isn’t clear. She told me Roan had it issued.”

“Roan? That's crazy did she know why but there has to be a mistake. Roan would never put a hit out on you.”

"Stefan says there's more going on than we know and he’s asked for a sit down with him tomorrow at noon. Roan is supposed to be there too.”

“Excuse me where did Stefan sprout from and how’d he get involved in this? Did you even know he was in country?”

"No, I don't know but I’m going to find out. For tonight I need to stay where I am I need to let twenty-four hours pass before everyone gets the word the hit’s off. How's Devon doing? I’m sorry he saw what he saw but it couldn’t be helped.”

“Devon maybe in a little shock but what I want to know is how's my Chuck? You sure you got out of there unharmed you sound a little... well I don’t know?”

“Physically I’m fine... well I’m alive and they’re not... you know those guys that attacked us. I keep telling myself I did what had to be done. But isn’t that always the excuse.”

“Listen I’m happy and content with the outcome. Devon came home wet don't tell me you've been going around in wet clothes.”

“Are you afraid I’ll catch the flu? I’d say more humid that wet. Listen, Stefan wants me to meet him alone...”

“And I want my husband home. Chuck, I know you're doing what you think you have to do but don't expect me to go along with it. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Doctor Dee walked into the holding cell they had Beckman locked up in to keep her company. She brought with her the General’s breakfast a personal touch she hoped the General appreciated. Knocking first she had the guard unlock the door then she went in carrying the tray to find the General already up looking out a porthole at the rising sun.

“So you’re up that’s good I brought you your breakfast. Today is eggs and bacon I hope the eggs aren’t to overdone our Cook isn’t the greatest. I told him over easy but well you be the judge. Tell me how you like them.”

“What’s this some sort of last meal? I’m no fool I realize once you’ve gotten your mole in place I become a liability. And to answer your question the eggs are too overdone,” said Beckman as she finished her breakfast.

“That may be true but you could also prove useful to our cause. We could use someone to interpret the information we get out of your deep database.”

“If you have a kite onboard I suggest you go fly it,” said Beckman over the top of her coffee. Before Dr. Dee could answer the male nurse came in whispered something in the Doctor’s ear. The Doctor’s physical appearance changed.

“Did something go wrong I hope,” said the General. “Don’t tell me your mole got discovered? Tricky thing assets you give them too much rein and they get themselves in trouble. You pull back and you risk cutting off the information flow to the point they’re useless.”

“You’d better hope Matilda didn’t get burned because without her there’s really not need for us to hold you.”

“Veiled threat, you’re learning but my dear your boss will find a use for me. He might cut his losses and ask for a ransom. But you and your people will become assets he no longer needs and we all know in your organization what happens to them.”

“I hope you liked your fresh eggs because tomorrow you’re getting powdered,” said Dr. Dee then she left with her man. Diane heard the door lock and as soon as she knew the coast was clear she went back to the window. She took the aluminum foil off chewing gum she had with her and lined a cup. Using her invention she tried to flash Morse code for help at passing ships but so far with no success.

The Doctor went straight to the lab where the Beckman look-a-like was waiting on the monitor. The first thing Dee noticed was she was sitting behind Beckman’s desk looking more and more like she was the real Beckman then her attitude came.

“Why did you man keep me on hold for so long?” was the first thing Matilda hit her with. “I’m busy here and I have things to do not have breakfast and chat with our prisoner.”

“Listen Mattie you might have her face and are sitting in her chair but you’re not her. Now what’s this about our Roan being killed?”

“Yes he went over to take the original’s place and somehow the original got the upper hand. But I’m handling it as we speak.”

“Why did he go over without backup? Was he that cocky that he thought Roan would be a push over? Why did you let him? Mr. Y’s relying on you to handle things at your end.”

“My end is a little more complicated than deciding what’s on the menu. I dealt with both Roans. I hung the Carmichael kill order on him then I planted evidence in Roan’s apartment that linked him with Moscow. Now I’ve just issued a kill order on him.”

“Moscow? What’s going on with Moscow? Did you clear this with Mr. Y? You know how he feels about personal initiative.

“I don’t need to call him over every little detail. We lost one of our people in the Embassy. She disappeared after an Agent from SVR was sent by the Trotski himself. I’m in the middle of a manhunt for Roan he seems to have skipped town.”

“He’s onto you isn’t he? You need to silence him.”

“No one is going to believe him after I show them what compromising material we found in his apartment. I just need to set up a numbered account in the Caymans with deposits for a bank in Moscow and the deal is done. I also found out the Russian Agent that’s here knows Roan.”

“Do you think Roan could’ve called him for help? You should check Roan’s phone logs,” said the Doctor. This was serious but manageable.

“A contact reported Roan boarded a plane for Milwaukee and I checked he booked a charter plane from Milwaukee to Toronto. I have men standing by to seize the plane when it lands.”

“Hum, Milwaukee is an hour’s drive to Chicago where Carmichael and his team are. I think you might be chasing a blue herring. Roan is going to need help clearing himself and the only person who might give him the time of day is in Chicago.”

“What you think Roan made a run to the person who thinks Roan tried to have him killed? I don’t know it sounds farfetched to me.”

“No when I was talking to Beckman she said that Chuck would never believe Roan was out to kill him. Roan was the first person Chuck called when he found out Beckman; you were in the hospital so they have a relationship... a friendship.”

“We’re calling him Chuck now?” said Matilda as she started toying with one of the pens on her desk. “Something tells me you’re spending too much time with Beckman.”

“Use the turncoat team you’ve got in Chicago. They were tailing Carmichael so it should be relatively easy for them to pick up the trail.” The Doctor heard silence. “What is it? Oh don’t tell me you didn’t pull the team like I told you.”

“I don’t work for you and it was too late. They were getting ready to make the hit so they were in radio silence but they haven’t checked in. I can only assume Carmichael took them out.”

“Do they know anything that can harm us? On second thought I don’t want to know that’s your responsibility like getting down to the vault and start sending us intel.”

“I can’t for now. My aide just briefed me there will have to be an audit to see what if anything Roan might’ve compromised or taken and until it is over the deep database is down.”

“I’ll let you explain that one to Mr. Y; I think we’re done here. I’ll let you take care of you own mess. We’ll be pulling into port tomorrow then set off for the base via caravan.” With that Dr. Dee signed off.

Leaning back in Beckman’s chair there was a knock on her door. She yelled of them to come in and her Major entered carrying a stack of folders for her to read and sign off on. He put them in her in box adding to the heap that was already there then he noticed there was nothing in her out box.

“General are you okay,” said the Major. “I’ve never seen your in box get so backed up. I know Roan was a friend and... well none of us expected this from him.”

“What? Roan right,” said the General as if she’d just seen him. Major, who would you say is our most cold hearted ruthless killer?”

“I don’t know for sure now but a few years back it would’ve been a toss-up between Colonel Casey or Agent Walk, now Carmichael, Sarah not Chuck. You know her history Langston Graham’s enforcer. His go to girl when he wanted to make a statement.”

“They’re both in Chicago,” said the General and the Major nodded. “Get me the Colonel on the horn. I want to talk to him now.”

John was standing the bathroom in a restaurant he really couldn’t afford but he wanted to do something nice for Kat. However, that wasn’t working out too well for him. She was sitting at their table and he was stuck in the men’s restroom dealing with... well dealing with something that belonged in the room he was in. He’d just hung up and was about to make one last call then finally the evening he planned when his phone rang.

“Somehow I figured you’d be calling,” said the Colonel after checking caller I.D. He put the call on speaker and leaned back against the sink.

“Then you know why I’m calling. Roan has got to be stopped before he can do any more damage to the agency.”

“I’m just having a hard time getting my head around this. You’ve known Roan for years and you never suspected anything? I’m just saying he wouldn’t be the last person to set up.”

“Colonel, this is not the time for the club to wonder if it’s a part of the tree or not. Roan had us all fooled but the proof we found in his apartment was irrefutable. It looks like he was a deep mole for the KGB and now with the SVR. He’s even purportedly traveling with a SVR agent trying to get him out of country. I’m calling you because there is the possibility he might be in Chicago.”

“Chuck,” said Casey thinking out loud. “Do we know the name of the Russian that’s traveling with Roan ma’am?”

“Yes, his name is Stefan Metrohken Directorate S and Igor Trotski’s right hand man,” said the General but something was off in the way she said it. It was like she didn’t know him when they all knew Stefan. John might not like Commies but for Stefan he was willing to make an exception.

“Stefan Metrohken you say, well if he’s the guard dog then Roan might not be that easy to take.”

“I don’t care if you what to terminate the whole breed. Roan must go.”

“Roger that and for the record I said not easy--not impossible. Casey out,” said John. Something was wrong and he was going to find out what it was.

“Is everything out of order in here,” asked a guy who came in. “I need to go badly and I can’t stand to use the servicemen’s restroom... it’s so popular if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah but you’re out of luck use the Ladies you should feel at home,” said John. “Sorry Kat,” as he made one more phone call but the number was busy. “This needs to be done in person, so much for the fancy restaurant.”

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