Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 11

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Sarah was trying to think of what she could tell everyone after she hung up with Chunk. She could’ve kicked herself for not putting Sam on to talk with him. But she didn’t know if that would’ve been good for either of them. Sam would’ve asked him to come home and he would’ve had to tell her he couldn’t. Maybe Stephen and Mary were right to raise their kids in the dark there were less awkward situations but too many people knew now.

“What are you thinking,” said Sarah looking in the bathroom mirror. “Look what secrets did to Chuck’s family. But it made Ellie and him stronger. I should call Casey and tell him to forget about calling his friend.”

“Do you really need to make that call or are you’re trying to run away from the question,” she said to herself in the mirror. Was she doing like Jack taught her if the heat gets too hot in a town it was time to move along. She was a conman’s daughter but was she conning herself now.

“Crap it’s busy,” she said as she heard a knock on the bathroom door. “One second I’ll be right out, she said then she heard Emma’s voice.

“It’s your mother,” said Emma as she came in. “I just wanted to check up on my little girl and make sure you’re okay. Everyone in the kitchen is concerned.”

“How is Sam holding up? I bet she has questions I’m sorry I should be out there with them but I just got off the phone with Chuck.”

“That’s good. Sam is probably doing the best I heard her talking to Clara about Chuck being some sort of prince and you being like Fiona but the pretty version. What’s with that?” Sarah laughed.

“It was something I told her to try to explain what Chuck and I do. I didn’t want her growing up hating us or us having to invent lies to explain why we were gone. I guess I just didn’t want what happened to Chuck and his parents to happen to us.”

“The way you raise your children is your business but I wouldn’t look at Jack or myself as role models to choose from. But I have to point out that you might not want to tell Sam and Baby Walnut a lie but you already have with that story.”

“Did I? If you look at what we do I don’t think it’s that far from the truth. Maybe before I was... let’s say reckless without saying what I really was but Chuck has shown me a new path. Mom, I never knew I could love someone so much and well this life we have together for me is like living a fairy tale.”

“Just be careful,” said Emma as she kissed Sarah on the forehead. “In every fairy tale there’s usually a wicked witch or an evil stepmother. Come on you need to eat something,” said Emma as she put her hand on Sarah’s stomach. “Baby Walnut is hungry.”

They walked out to find everyone sitting around the table eating. They all stopped and turned when they came in.

“I’m sorry we all started eating because we didn’t know how long you’d be,” said Ellie. She was obviously worried Sarah could tell by tone but she didn’t want to say anything.

“I’m glad you started I’d hate to think I was keeping you guys waiting. Well let’s just get this out of the way. I talked with Chuck and he’s trying to get everything sorted out. However, the misunderstanding he took care of but he still has to talk to people tomorrow and that’s that. Are there any Spring Rolls left?”

“You can eat Spring Rolls,” said Ellie trying to help Sarah change the topic to the mundane. “When I was pregnant with Clara she wouldn’t let me go near anything with cabbage in it without dancing inside.”

“Yuck, mom do you have to be so gross while we’re trying to eat,” said Clara as she made a face. “Please Mom you’re embarrassing me.” Clara buried her head in her plate.

“Sweetie when I was pregnant with Sarah,” said Emma. “I couldn’t look at an olive without feeling nauseous but pickles I used to eat them by the jar.”

“I guess I knew what I liked from the very beginning,” said Sarah as she took a bite of an egg roll. “Sam sweetie you’re being awfully quiet.” Sarah looked over to find Sam had fallen asleep in the chair with her head tilted back.

“Oh my poor baby,” said Sarah as she kissed her on the forehead. Sam woke up in a start and looked around.

“Chuck’s not home yet,” she said looking around still half asleep. Sarah hugged her hard then kissed her as her little arms tried to break free.

“No Daddy’s not home yet let’s go put you to bed. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day in the amusement park,” said Sarah.

“Let me do this so you can finish eating,” said Emma. But Sarah refused so in the end they both took and put Sam to bed.

“Goodnight princess,” said Sarah as she kissed Sam on the forehead, pulled up the covers, and then tucked her in. “Pleasant dreams,” said Sarah as she stood near the door waiting for Sam to nod off.

“Chuck was right,” said Sam as she started to drift off back to sleep. “Somethings mommies do better...” Sarah went back over and kissed her but this time she was too tired to wake up.

“Come on,” said Emma as she pulled Sarah away. “You need to finish eating then I need to tuck my little girl in for the night.”

“Chuck was right,” said Sarah as she let Emma lead her back to the kitchen.

Casey and Kat pulled up outside Ellie and Devon’s. John’s plans for a romantic dinner in an exclusive restaurant went up in smoke like the rest of his evening. He didn't like what he was about to do but it needed to be handled with the maximum amount discretion and he couldn’t put Kat in harm’s way.

“Kat, I’m sorry this evening was a bust. I had other plans it just seems every time we try to do something together something comes up.”

“Don't worry about it,” said Kat. “John, you should know me by now. I don't need fancy places or any other thing to make me love you.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek before she got out. “There's no such thing as a perfect moment or perfect spot. So forget about the restaurant, John. All you need is the right guy. You be careful.”

“She said love, she said she loves me,” John repeated in his head as he drove off. He watched her in the mirror walk up to the front door then went inside.

“Oh Bartowski I could strangle you right now. Wait until I get a hold of you,” said John as he turned his attention to tracking down Chuck. He activated Chuck’s emergency beacon remotely then followed the signal.

Inside Sarah and Emma were sitting around the table while Devon went to put Clara in bed. Devon was slowly getting over his shock but wasn’t there yet. Emma and Sarah offered to help but Ellie refused. However as Ellie was washing what few dishes they’d used the doorbell rang.

“That's probably Gladys wanting to borrow a cup full of my husband,” said Ellie as she dried her hands. Sarah instinctively got up grabbed her purse then covered her. Ellie opened the door and there stood Kat.

“Kathleen what are you doing here come on in and get out of the rain. Where's John at,” asked Ellie as she looked out the door but there wasn't a car in sight. Did John just drop you off and leave?”

“Yes, but it's not what it sounds like. John said he needed to get some answers and that I should stay her with you until he comes for me.”

[In a dark alley down a side street on the wrong side of the tracks]

John pulled up looking at the motel. Certainly no one would ever think of finding Chuck here he thought but this is where his tracker brought him. John walked inside and went up to the cage with a man sitting behind it. Dancing with the Stars was blaring.

“Read the sign above and leave your money on the counter. No checks and no credit cards. In God we trust everyone else pays in cash,” said the Clerk as he watched the couple on TV do the quick step. “Come on my grandmother can dance better than that before she had her hip replacement.”

“Listen buddy I’m looking for a friend…,” said John as he pulled out a picture of Chuck but the man behind the counter cut him off after giving Casey a quick glance.

“Aren't we all? But this isn't a synagogue and I ain't your Rabbi. However, if you want a good deal on mad dog there’s a liquor store down on the corner. Rooms go by the hour or the night cash up front no credit like the sign says. Now you’re interrupting my entertainment.”

"I hope your job comes with a dental plan,” said Casey as reach inside the cage grabbed the unsuspecting clerk by the collar and yanked him into the bars. His head made a metallic ping when he hit.

“Augh, let go of me,” yelled the man as he tried to break free but John held him fast banging his head a second time.

“Now let's try this again or do I have to fit a round head in a square hole,” said John as he let go of the man. He placed Chuck’s picture on the counter then slid it towards him with his Glock.

“Come to think of it he looks like a guy who checked in earlier for the night. Listen we don't want any trouble in here it's bad for our regular customers to have cops snooping around.”

“How about I make a call to Public Health and Safety and have them do an inspection on you,” said John as he flashed the clerk a badge. “If anyone comes asking I was never here.” John dropped a C-note and picked up Chuck’s photo.

“Room number,” said John. The man grabbed the hundred dollar bill but was hesitant to answer. “Don't make me kick in every door to find him because I will if I have to.”

“Okay, okay 219 off on the left of the second floor landing. Please don’t bother the working girls they pay me good money to keep things quiet.”

“I bet they do,” said John. He headed to the elevator but had to take the steps up. The elevator had a faded sign hanging on it that could barely be read anymore that said ‘out of order’.

John made his way up the stairs then down the dimly lit hall. It wasn’t dimly lit on purpose but half of the lightbulbs had burnt out and management hadn't gotten around to replacing them. The musty smell of sandalwood didn't quite mask all the odors. But as a hideout for Charles Carmichael… well no one would ever think to look for Chuck in this dive.

“Easy as one, two, three,” said John as he took out his lock picking tools. However, when he tried the door he found the lock was broken and the door unlocked.

“Geez, Chuck you could've made this a little more difficult,” grunted Casey as he held his Glock down then entered quietly into a darkened room.

“I don’t think it's that easy,” said Chuck as John felt a cold barrel rest against the back of his neck. “So John, are you here to pick up some quick cash or do you want to talk.”

“At least you’ve finally gotten up the nerve to threaten me with a real gun but if you don’t move it soon you'll be in a world of hurt.”

“Oh this I got it off one of the three guys who tried to kill me earlier. Their I.D.s are on the night stand,” said Chuck as he turned on the light. Casey went over and opened them up looking at the names. “I sorry if you knew them…”

“I knew their reputations and if I wasn't sure you took them out by pure luck I’d be impressed. Why are walking around in your underwear?”

“My clothes are wet and I need them dry by tomorrow when I meet Stefan and Roan,” said Chuck testing Casey's reaction or the lack thereof. “I take it you know he's in town.”

“Beckman told me Stefan was in town. I hate to tell you but there's a kill order out on Roan. Seems he's been working for your commie friends for years. He's the one who but the hit on you. I take it you straightened that out mess with Langley I was told the hit’s been lifted.”

“Yeah the General told me about the kill order but I’m having a hard time figuring out what Roan would've hoped to gain by it. It just doesn't make sense, none of it does. Stefan hinted that there was more going on and I hope to find out what when I meet them tomorrow... alone.”

“Well you need to rethink that because I’m going to be there. I understand you cutting Sarah out in her condition but you aren't going anywhere without me.”

“Well if you come let me make the initial contact then we can go from there. Everyone is going to be nervous tomorrow and I need answers before guns start blazing.”

“How about this, when Beckman gave me the task of taking out Roan she talked about your commie friend like she don't know him.”

“We can talk later about your orders but she acted like she didn't know him, are you sure? You know she was just in a car accident. Do you think that could be affecting her still?”

“I know and that's what I told myself but the more I think about it the more I don't know and now she's cowboying kill orders shooting them out from the hip. I’d think she’d want Roan taken alive to find out what intel he passed on. If nothing else so she could get some satisfaction with a little extreme rendition.”

“I think you’ve just given me the piece of the puzzle I was missing. Do you have your tablet with you in your car?” John nodded his head. “Good let's go get it,” said Chuck as he headed for the door.

“Hold up a second there Tarzan, I’ll give you that in a place like this they wouldn't give you a second look walking around like that but if you go outside you might catch a cold.”

“Or the flu,” said Chuck as Casey gave him a look. “Nothing Beanie if you go down and get it I’ll tell you about a graphic novel I got in the mail.”

“I’ll get the tablet but I don't know if I want to hear about a comic book.”

“They’re called graphic novels and this one believe me you'll want to hear about. If I’m right someone sent me a warning about what’s happened.”

Casey went down to his car then came back upstairs. The clerk watched Casey leave then watched as he went back up stairs. John could almost hear him breathe a sigh of relief when he didn’t ask him anything.

“Here you go now tell me a bedtime story,” said John as he stretched out on Chuck’s bed. “Reminds me of the stinking slimy hell holes of Central and South America... I almost feel at home.” Suddenly the next door neighbors started getting a little rambunctious and they heard the sounds in Chuck’s room. “Yep just like what I used to call home. So tell me about this comic book you received in the mail to start out who sent it to you?”

“It came without a name but I think it was Colin Davis. I’ve run into him from time to time on the dark net and he’s provided me good intel...” said Chuck as Casey interrupted.

“The man’s a criminal with a Ph.D. in nerd. We can’t allow people like him to range freely there’s no telling what kind of trouble he could cause.”

“Well with him I’d take a step back because as I said he’s given me some good leads and it’s good to have someone like him scouring the dark net for us. The man just wants to help and to make amends so I say let him have at it.”

“We’re getting off the topic here. Let’s get back to what he sent. What is it that you read that has your panties all in a bunch?”

“You may have a hard time believing this. I did at first,” said Chuck as he explained Casey the story plot and how it centered around a machine called a DNA re-sequencer. Then he told him what the machine did and how it worked. All the time he was explaining he was working on the tablet typing in code and cutting through fire walls.

“So you think some egghead out there has perfected this device and is what using it to mass produce Beckmans? But why substitute Beckman? Why not the President or a Senator someone like that?”

“Mass producing I don’t think so but to answer your other question because they are too public and if they start to act funny... well it wouldn’t take long for someone to notice and start looking into it. Besides they’re elected officials. They screw up and the next election they’re gone. Whereas Beckman is in for the long haul plus she has the unique position as being the keeper of our national secrets all locked away in the deep database or the one stop spy shop.”

“My God if you’re right then all our secrets including you are at risk. What do we do? I could walk in and cap her that would end that.”

“And you along with the real Beckman too. John, I think they might be holding Beckman alive. I don’t know where but I think they might. As far as being able to get into the deep database... well I think I’ve taken care of that. We should try to get some rest tomorrow is going to be long day.”

“Okay, good night,” said John as he turned out the light. “If you start snoring I’m going to kick you out of bed.”

“John, what are you doing? This would be your cue to leave and go to your hotel room. Isn’t Kat waiting for you some place?”

“Yeah like I can trust you and tomorrow you go to the meet without me. Who do you take me for the little fat kid who always gets picked last? Dream again.”

“Okay but I usually sleep on the other side.”

“If you don’t shut up you’ll be sleeping in the bathtub with the other roaches.”

“Good night John boy,” said Chuck. There was a loud thud as Chuck got pushed out of bed.

Stefan and Roan stepped off the ferry and were met by two men in a dark alley. Stefan apologized to Roan as he put a hood over his head. Then they got in a car and drove around the city. Roan could hear the sounds outside the car and when they came to a stop he was sure they were in the heart of little Russia. He felt the car drive down a ramp and suddenly everything was silent. They were off the street.

“Watch your head,” said Stefan as he helped Roan out. “Put your arm on my shoulder and follow me.” Roan walked like he was blind through a series of turns. Then they got on the elevator. Roan counted in his head so he knew they were on the fifth floor when they got out. Stefan took him down the hall into an apartment.

“Okay you can take the hood off,” said Stefan. “Welcome to a SVR safe house. I used to run my assets under the S directorate out of here not too long ago.”

“Nice place,” said Roan as he walked around the living room. The only lighting in the apartment was from the ceiling because all the windows were bricked up.

“This is our home for the next eighteen hours so you’re going to have to make the best of it. There’s food in the refrigerator and I’m afraid the guys were able to get you Vermouth but instead of gin they...”

“Got Vodka,” said Roan as he found the bottle in the freezer when he went looking for ice. “I guess a Vodka Martini will have to do. Please don’t tell me this is a ploy to get me to defect. The climate in Moscow just doesn’t agree with me.”

“We’ve had an exceptionally warm summer this year,” said Stefan as he started looking at the changes in the apartment since the time he worked out of there.

“I wasn’t taking about temperature when I talked about climate. I was talking about it still being too Red for me. I think on this Colonel shoot’em up and I can agree. It’s nothing personal but I’ve vested too much of my live in fighting... well I don’t want to sound like I’m biting the hand that’s feeding me but you or better Igor.”

“I think he feels the same way and to tell you the truth. It’s been hard straddling the old and new ways. The old ways were quick but sometimes well not very nice. You were either in or out and you could wake up in the morning on the fast track to a good career but by evening on your way to Siberia. However, the new system has added a whole new level of oversights and bureaucracy.”

“We’ve got our bureaucracy too,” said Roan as he mixed two Vodka Martinis and handed Stefan one. He looked at it. “Don’t worry there’s no poison in this other than the vodka. They could’ve gotten a better brand. We were talking about bean counters,” he said as he took a sip. “Hum not bad here’s to mud in your eye.”

“Thanks,” said Stefan as he raised his glass. “I’ve never understood that toast but what were you saying about bean counters?”

“Oh that’s right,” said Roan as he took another sip. “Well you know how to keep a bean counter happy? You open a box of paper clips and dump it in front of him and tell him to count them.”

“I think you Americans say happier than a pig in...” Stefan said but Roan cut him off before he could finish.

“Yes well enough with the idioms so what are we going to do if Charles doesn’t believe you... us. There ought to be a plan B.”

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