Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 13

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Chuck was dreaming that Sarah was standing in front of him. Her golden hair shimmered in the sunlight. He gently moved her hair back caressing her soft face with his hand and was about to take her in his arms to kiss her when he had a rude awakening by Casey kicking him out of bed. He landed on the floor making a thud and low groan after he hit. There was a loud bang on the wall from the room next door and a voice yelled telling them to hold down the noise.

“Will you hold it down over there,” yelled a muffled male voice through the wall. “People are trying to sleep. Don’t make me come over there.”

“I’d like to see you try,” yelled Casey back as Chuck got up off the floor. “If you expect me to dye my hair blond and wear high heels you’ve got another thing coming.”

“You never know what the mission may require John,” said Chuck as he dusted himself off. “Geez John no telling how many bacteria and germs are floating around on the floor in here. I’m going to have to get a battery of shots for the battery of shots I’m going to have to take not to mention a flea dusting and that’s just to start with.”

“And if you followed through you’d have to add dentures to your list. It’s time we go anyway and get into place. One of the cardinal rules for a met is you always show up early to get yourself setup.”

“John, don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit I mean it’s Roan and Stefan we’re meeting not Alexei Volkoff or the Director of the Ring.”

“No this is worse than that. Every gun for hire, cowboy type will be looking to make some quick cash and a name for himself. They won’t bat an eye at any collateral and judging from your past you make a pretty good bullet magnet. I think only the bearded wonder does a better job.”

“I’d like to say you’re wrong but I’m afraid you’re right,” said Chuck as he went to the bathroom to get ready. “I can’t help but keep thinking I’m forgetting something but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.”

“Well I’ve got vests in the Escalade down below. I suggest you wear one just in case. You realize after your little trick at Langley the General will be up in arms.”

“First of all that woman isn’t the General and secondly I thought about that my dear Casey the angrier she gets with the Piranha the more she’ll think she needs me. Something makes me think my suspension will be lifted soon.”

“You’ve got something else planned don’t you? Well, all I have to say is don’t break too many of Beckman’s toys before she gets back. That is the goal isn’t it to find and bring her back? That is if she’s still alive.”

“Certainly, and I think we’ll figure out soon if she is. I’ve sent her a covert message to tell her we know what’s going on so she should know we’ll be looking for her. It might give her a little hope and something to hold on to.”

“I don’t want to bust your bubble there Chuck but by now she could be anywhere in the world. For all we know she could be in at the North Pole or Timbuktu. I hope you’ve thought up a way to find her.”

“Maybe but there are only so many means to get a person out of Chicago but I think our impostor might help us out with finding Beckman. We just have to be cunning. Combine that with a little patience and deceit and we’ll find her soon enough. You can take my word on that to the bank.”

“What’s taking you so long? Are you done in there? I’d like to take a shower too before we go,” said John as Chuck came out.

“Go ahead John but I think we just ran out of hot water,” said Chuck. Casey grunted and growled at the same time.

“Maybe I’ll shoot you before I give you the vest. I mean why get it soiled with your blood.”

Stanley worked through most of the night with Ginger his assistant trying to repair the damage done by the Piranha. They made little headway because every time they thought the virus was beat it metamorphosed. Finally they thought they had it beat when they got called up the General’s office.

“That was Beckman’s secretary she wants an update in person and for you to take her DNA to replace what's in the database.”

“We won’t have to replace the database if this works. Let’s see if what we’ve done so far has worked,” said Stanley. He handed Ginger the swab and opened his mouth. She wiped the inside of both cheeks then put the swab in the receptacle. A yellow light came on and a wheel started to turn on the screen. His image came on the screen as the light turned green.

“Welcome back Dr. Fitzroy, full access granted what is your pleasure Doctor?” said a sultry female voice. Ginger just shook her head.

“Okay so I haven't had a chance to do anything about the voice yet but I’ll get around to it eventually.”

“I’m sure Stanley. You might work on what she says as well as the way she says it. Okay your sample worked do you want to check mine too before you venture into the lion’s den?”

“One more can’t hurt and you're right calling it the lion’s den. Okay, let's do this. Open wide,” said Stanley. He pulled out a swab and took her DNA sample. The test worked perfectly with Ginger’s sample and like his she was given access for her security level.

“We’ve done it,” said Ginger excited at what they accomplished together and in her exuberance she hugged Stanley then kissed him. “Oh I’m sorry I got carried away in the moment.”

“No… No please get carried away more often,” said Stanley with his steamed up glasses and a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

“Just shut up and go see the General, but first let's remove this,” she said as she wiped her lipstick off his cheek. “Now go knock them dead tiger.”

Stanley rode the elevator up to General Beckman's office carrying with him a small case. He walked in to find the General’s secretary busy making coffee and the General’s door closed.

“I hope you’ve got good news Doctor because she's been impossible to deal with since she got back from Chicago. I don’t know what’s gotten into her but she’s like a different person. God only knows what she does all day in there with the door closed. Sorry for my ranting I just hope what you’ve got works.”

“We were up all night working on this. I don't mind telling you this was one hard nut to crack but at the same time it was some of the finest programming code I’ve had to the pleasure to work with. It was a work of art. I think if we ever catch this Piranha we should offer him a job…” said Stanley as Beckman came out of her office.

“Maybe we ought to offer him yours. I hope you brought the solution in that box,” said the General. “Otherwise I’m going to have to start looking elsewhere.”

“I can tell you Ma’am that this worked on my assistant and me so it should work on you,” said Stanley as he walked in her office and began to set up his equipment. He connected the DNA recognition device to her computer then he took out a swab. “Now just lean back and open wide.”

“Excuse me Dr. Fitzroy, what exactly do you want?” asked the General as Stanley stood in front of her armed with cotton q-tip pushing her back in her chair.

“Open your mouth General I need a DNA sample for the machine. It will make a comparison with the one on file then correct the database. So open wide this won’t hurt,” said Stanley. As he had the swab in her mouth her Major came in.

“Oh I’m sorry for interrupting,” said the Major as he turned quickly then headed for the door beet red and embarrassed.

“Where are you going? Come back here I want to know what’s going on in Chicago,” said the General as Stanley took the sample placing it in the receptacle. The light turn yellow and the wheel began to turn.

“How long is this supposed to take,” said the General as she held up her hand for the Major to wait a moment. “I thought this was supposed to be a quick progress?”

“Normally it is,” said Stanley scratching his head. “I don't understand what's taking so long,” he said as the wheel of death continued to turn and turn and turn.

“Major, I hope you’ve got some good news for me because I’m beginning to think I’m surrounded by incompetency. So much for the word intelligence in the company title.”

“It's Roan, General. He’s been sighted in Chicago. I’ve notified the team and the Colonel. They're converging on the target as we speak. Ma’am if you're going to have a change of heart now would be the time because you’re not going to get a second chance.”

“And why would I have that? My orders stand I want you to make sure our people in Chicago carry through with their duty. Failure will not be tolerated, am I clear?”

"Yes Ma'am crystal clear,” said the Major as he stood behind Stanley to see what was taking so long. The wheel just kept on turning without any signs of it stopping.

“Dr. Fitzroy, your machine seems defective and Major, don’t you have some place to be,” said the General as the wheel finally stopped but the light turned to red instead of green. The screen went black then two pictures of Beckman came on the screen side by side with text below that read. ‘What's wrong with this picture?’

“No, no, crap where did he hide that,” said Stanley as he realized he was back to square one. A hidden polymorphic virus came active crashing the system again.

“I don't know that's your job to figure out. Dr. Fitzroy I’m not impressed is there someone else you can call in to help fix this… well mess so I won’t say what I really think. This has bound to have happened before.”

"Well yes it has but don't you remember ma’am,” said Stanley as he looked back at the Major. He just shrugged his shoulders.

“Humor me and remind me what did we do?” said the General as this Piranha person kept putting her in a mine field. She knew sooner or later she’d blow up.

“We called Chuck. I mean Agent Carmichael but you should really remember that was when the twins came trying to kill you. They almost killed me but Chuck saved you and me. And to think the whole thing originated over a misunderstanding.”

“Yes of course I remember how could I forget? I was... well I was testing you. That's it I was testing you to see if you would admit you needed help.”

“But General what did he mean with the two pictures and why did he say what's wrong with this picture not these pictures?”

“Major, why are you still here? I thought I told you that you were dismissed. If those clowns in Chicago screw this up I’m holding you responsible. Am I clear? I suggest you leave now.”

“Yes ma'am,” said the Major but he couldn’t help but feel that this Piranha person was playing a game of cat and mouse with the General but he couldn’t understand why.”

Chuck and Casey got into his Escalade and started heading down for the met. The sun was out and true to its name the windy city had blown away the clouds and rain from the night before. Only the streets remained a little wet as they drove down to the Navy Pier. As they got up close Chuck saw the Ferris wheel and he remembered what he forgot.

“Oh crap John, I promised the girls to bring them here to ride on that,” said Chuck as he pointed at the Ferris wheel. “And we were supposed to eat cotton candy.”

“Well unless you can be in two places at once you're not going to be able to keep that promise. You can take them this evening. Sarah wouldn't bring them here knowing that the meet is going down anyway. She’s got better sense than you,” said John as he glanced over at Chuck. “Geez you did tell her the meet was going down here, right Einstein.”

“Well actually no, I know what you're going to say and you're right,” said Chuck. “But I didn't want her to show up on her own so I left that detail out.”

“And that’s exactly what she’s going to do. So Mr. Genius let’s recap you didn’t tell her because you didn’t want her to show up on her own which is exactly what she's going to do now but with the whole Partridge family. Oh you're so lucky I’m driving or I’d have to strangle you. I left Kat at Ellie’s last night I bet your wife brings her along thinking she’ll cheer her up. This day just keeps getting better and better.”

“Let's just go meet Stefan and Roan get this over with them then find them the guys. That way we can move this along and we can get Sarah and company out of harm’s way.”

They were walking onto the pier cutting through the family pavilion when Chuck heard his name called. He turned around in time to catch Sam on the fly as she jumped on him with cotton candy in in hand.

“Way to go Moron,” said John as he broke off. “Put in your earbud and try to get rid of everyone before things go down. I don't think you want your family caught in the middle.”

"You came,” yelled Sam. “I knew you would. You want a bite,” she said as she shoved the cotton candy in his face. “It tastes great you have to try it.”

“Thanks, but not right now maybe later,” said Chuck as he sat her down. He looked up to see running after her was the rest of the family. He reached in his pocket quickly taking out an earbud and was putting it in right before Sarah showed up with Kat and Clara.

“Sam you shouldn't run off like that,” said Sarah then she realized Sam was with Chuck. “Why are you doing here?” she said as she started looking around. “Oh sorry for the way that sounded, but wait, where's Casey? Please don't tell me he’s gone to the nest.”

"Not yet,” said Chuck as John started talking to him he touched his ear to hear better. “John, what is it?”

“Moron, you need to hold everyone on station I just got word Roan’s been sighted here and the Chicago team is pulling up outside right now looking for both of them.”

“Chuck, don't tell me it's going down now,” said Sarah as she grabbed up Sam. “Kat grab Clara we’ve got to go. Chuck, get us out of here.”

“Sure,” said Chuck. “Okay girls we need to run to the car I forgot something. John,” said Chuck, “I’m pulling the plug, the mission is scrubbed. Let's regroup back at the Escalade. I’m sending Stefan a warning to stay away if he’s not already here.”

Chuck got everyone back to the Escalade leading them through the family pavilion and the Children’s museum. However as they made their way out Chuck noticed agents had already set up net trapping Roan at the end of the pier. Once Chuck was sure everyone was safely back at their Escalade he turned and kissed Sarah then looked her in the eye. He didn’t have to say anything she knew.

“You're going back aren't you,” said Sarah as she kissed him back. “I understand leave no man behind. But remember that goes for family too. Be safe and make sure you know what you're doing. I love you please don’t take any unnecessary chances and come back to me that’s an order.”

Chuck made it back on the pier as quickly as he could. Once on the pier he slowly made his way up to where the agents were posted. They weren’t expecting to be taken from the rear that was why his plan was so simple and successful. He grabbed a newspaper from the trash folding it over using it to hide his dart pistol from public view. Systematically he went about taking one man in black after another clearing a path for Roan and Stefan to retreat.

“You know Beckman will have your head if you get caught doing what you're doing on CCTV,” radioed Casey in Chuck’s ear.

“First of all she isn't Beckman and if I didn’t care what the real Beckman would do I care even less about this one. Secondly I thought I told you to abort the mission.”

“Semper Fi,” radioed Casey. “I see you didn’t follow your own order Chuck. I’m moving forward on the starboard of the pier that would be your right.

“I think I know that let's find our people and get out of here. I don’t like this. Wait I think I see them near the Dock Street café but crap so does the Station Chief. Why is he here and not in the van?”

“He’s probably trying to put a feather in his cap. I’m out of position and I don’t think I’m going to be able to reach you in time. Chuck this is up to you.”

“Like I didn’t know that,” mumbled Chuck. He saw the Station Chief ahead of him moving in for the kill and he knew he had to do something.

“There you go Chuck,” he said to himself. Next to the Chief was an old gumball machine with gumballs. Chuck took out a JFK fifty cent piece then looked at it and flashed. He threw the coin like a shuriken death star shattering the globe causing the gumballs to roll out everywhere. Kids scrambled to pick up the gumballs around the Chief’s feet. The next thing he knew his feet were up in the air and he was on his back moaning in pain. Chuck ran over to help him but looking around tranq’d he as he was getting up. The man dropped back down out cold.

“I think this guy is having a heart attack. We need a medic,” yelled Chuck as people started crowding around. “Can someone check to see if there’s a doctor on the pier?” said Chuck as he slipped out quietly through the crowd that gathered.

“Chuck, I got your message,” said Stefan. “But we were already here. Did anyone ever teach you that you always show up early to a meet? So we were already here when you sent your message. Geez, I told you to come alone,” he said as he saw Sarah appeared then Casey.

“Let’s make it down to the ballroom at the end and talk. I think I already know what you want to tell me and Roan, I think I know a scenario where you get to walk away from this. But there’s just one catch I’m going to have to shoot you.”

[Back in the General’s Office in Langley]

The impostor was sitting at Beckman’s desk feeling nervous. Nothing had gone the way it was supposed to. She was to have the aid of the false Roan to help her but he was now in a landfill somewhere while the real Roan was out and by now knew the truth. She needed urgently to get into the deep database to start stealing nation’s secrets but that wasn’t possible. This Piranha person somehow knew what was going on and cut her off. She had to do something Mr. Y was not noted for patience or for his understanding when things went sideways.

“General, I’m sorry for barging in like this,” said the Major as he broke into her office. “But you’ve got to see this.”

“Major have you forgotten how to knock before you come in a room. I could’ve been in a meeting with someone or on the phone. This had better be good.”

“Here we go,” said the Major as he pull up live camera feed from the CCTV on the Navy Pier in Chicago. “There he is, there’s Roan.”

“I can see that but where are our men from Chicago? I don’t see anyone moving in to take him and where’s the Russian?”

“Stefan I don’t know I’ve looked over the pier and can’t find him. Roan seems to have taken down our Chicago people but before you yell look in the bottom corner.”

“Is that Agent Carmichael? What’s he doing there? I thought I told him he was suspended,” said the General as she watched events play out.

“Well Chuck isn’t one who follows orders too well.”

“Let’s hope for his sake he does this time,” she said as she watched Chuck herd Roan over to the railing where there was no escape.

“He’s got him,” said the Major as he acted like a sports caster at a boxing match give a blow for blow account. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Roan throw up his hands.

“Good, he can take him alive... no Chuck,” said the Major as they watched him empty a clip into Roan then he fell off the pier into the lake. Chuck walked over to the railing looked down then walked away in a hurry. “There was no need for that.”

“He followed orders, which is more than I can say for the rest of you. I want to thank Chuck in person send for him. I have another job I want to give him. I’ll be gone for the rest of the morning I have a meeting with the Secretary of State about a silver mine. I want Chuck here waiting by the time I get back.”

“And his suspension.”

“What suspension? Make it happen.”

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