Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 14

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Chuck knew the only way for Roan to survive was for him to go dark so he had to stage his end carefully. In the ballroom Chuck tasked Casey with making blanks. John grunted something about wasting good bullets but he set about it removing the lead from a clip’s worth of bullets then using wax from table candles to fill the ends. Sarah set about making blood packs by rounded up catsup packets from one of the food concessionaires then combining them with a box of poppers for a novelty vendor.

“Roan, I’m sorry,” said Chuck. “But you’re going to have to sacrifice your shirt to make this work. Are you sure you know what you have to do?”

“I’ve got this just make sure Colonel shoot ‘em up doesn’t leave any live ammunition in the clip,” said Roan. Chuck looked at him as he and Sarah arranged the improvised blood packed inside his shirt.

“Don’t tempt me Roan,” said Casey. “Let’s just go over this one more time. So Stefan is down below the pier with a boat. Roan just remember when you do your swan dive make sure you don’t dive into the boat or this could get real really quick.”

“Roan come on one more time with me,” said Chuck. “Just humor me. Okay I come out we make sure we’re in the camera’s angle of vision. The surveillance van is out front they’ll run facial recognition as soon as they see you we’ll have an audience for our show. You’ll look around see you’ve got nowhere to go then you’ll try to surrender.”

“I don’t understand why you have to shoot him. Why don’t you let me or Casey do it? It would look more realistic I think.”

“She’s right Chuck you wasting Roan is… well to put it politely is a little out of character. I wouldn’t mind putting a few rounds in him especially one between the eyes.”

“No it has to be me take my word for it. You’ll see why once this is over. But for right now we don’t have time. Tell Stefan we’ll keep in touch to coordinate out efforts. Well if there’s nothing else it’s show time. Sarah, go back with the others and tell Sam I’m sorry. If this works I may not be able to come home for a while.”

“I don’t like this plan,” said Sarah as she kissed him. He put his arms around her and held her close “Are you sure there’s no other way?”

“I’m sorry but we’ve got to make this look realistic if it’s to work and this is a part of it,” he said as he looked into her eyes. “I don’t like it either and I really do wish there was another way but this is the best I could come up with to keep you guys safe.”

“Yuck, geez I think I’m going to be sick. Come on we need to get this moving. The guys in the van are going to start radio checks and when their people don’t answer back they’re going to call in backup agents. Then we’ll have a fun time when real bullets begin to fly and Roan won’t be covered in just catsup.”

“I don’t think I like that scenario too much,” said Roan as he inspected the work Chuck and Sarah had done to his shirt. “Does anyone have any gin or vermouth?”

“Oh crap, if we don’t go now I’ll shoot him right now myself then go for pancakes,” said Casey as he drew his Sig. “Let’s go folks and that goes for you too Bartowski both of you.”

“You know Colonel, you’d look more threatening without the beanie,” said Roan. Casey growled then went for Roan but Chuck stepped in between.

“Come on guys it’s time to get this over with,” said Chuck as he herded everyone out. John, Sarah you know what you’ve got to do and John, please no friendly fire.”

“Now where’s the fun in that can’t I just wing him. I’m not asking for much.”

[In the surveillance van located in Gateway Park]

In the van things were going crazy. The team inside was trying to contact their agents on the pier but they weren’t getting any response. They’d tapped into the CCTV feeds on the pier and were getting video live but they couldn’t find their people anywhere. Until all of a sudden they saw paramedics run out the back of an ambulance and over to the Dock Street café there was a man lying on the pier with a small crowd standing around.

“Wait zoom in there,” said the one man as he pointed to the man down. “Crap that’s the Chief. Get the ambulance number and have someone head it off. Boy is he going to be in a foul mood when he gets back.”

“You mean if he gets back. You know what that does, you’re in charge now. Hey, look there at the end of the pier isn’t that our target. I’m pulling up facial recognition. Geez it’s him I’ve got a ninety-nine percent match. What do we do now we’ve got no one to send?”

“We need to keep an eye on him and call in the backup team that’s on standby,” said the assistant Chief. “Backup team this is home plate. First string down not responding you guys are up. Confirm orders received.”

“Roger we’re up and orders are to knock it out of the ball park. Keep an eye on the target we’ll be there in ten. What is his current location?”

“Roger that the target is currently at the end of the pier near the beer garden. You can access the pier by driving down the trolley lane,” said the new man in charge. He signalled over to his partner to shut down the trolley. The man answered back with a thumbs up. “The lane will be cleared by the time you arrive so you should have no trouble moving in quickly.”

“Hey what’s going on,” said the other man monitor what Roan was doing. “Look we’ve got another player in the field. I know him that’s Agent Carmichael what’s he doing here?”

“He must’ve gotten tapped for this mission too. Langley didn’t want to take any chances and considering our people aren’t answering it’s a good thing they did. Let’s try to see if we can get sound to go with our picture,” said the man as he called back at Langley.

“Here let me take over,” said the acting Chief doing two things at once. “Langley wants us to send them live fee. Here we can listen now,” said the man as he worked the controls. He knew his job depended on not dropping the signal so he sent Langley only visual which made the feed more stable and less likely to cut out. If that happened his career in the company was over.

“Are you hearing this? Is he really going to do what I think he’s going to do?”

“Those were our orders.”

[On the Pier]

Roan walked around the beer garden area of the pier where Chuck told him he’d be picked up on CCTV. He climbed over the railing so he’d be close to the edge then looked up and down below like he was searching for a boat. Chuck then slipped up behind him and drew a Glock 9 pointing it at him. The actors were on the stage now they had to play out the tragedy.

"It’s over Roan turn around and be prepared to meet your maker,” yelled Chuck. “I should shoot you for trying to have me killed. But the truth is that I could overlook.”

“Good because there’s something I need to tell you if you’ll give me a moment,” said Roan as he held his hands out where Chuck could see them then turned around slowly.

“Why so you can lie to me like you’ve lied all these years to the General. The lies you’ve told inside the Agency. I used to look up to you as a role model now I find out that was all a lie.”

“I can explain if you let me,” said Roan. “Look I’ll surrender to you. I’ll let you take me in but only you. I’m your prisoner.”

“You’re that whether you want to be or not. I see you don't think I’ll do my duty,” said Chuck as he raised the Glock. “There's no taking in here. This is where the lie ends.”

“Charles we both know you're no killer unlike your friend, the Colonel. Here my hands are up and I’m unarmed so what are you going to do now.”

“What I was ordered to do,” said Chuck as he fired. Roan slapped the catsup pack under his shirt and bang snap made a popping sound then the bag broke causing a red stain to appear on his shirt. Chuck fired again and again until Roan dropped into the lake. Chuck went over to the railing looked down then walked off. What no one saw away from the camera was Roan being fished out of the lake by Stefan in a boat below.

Chuck holstered the piece then walked down the pier only to be met by Sarah and Casey coming from the opposite direction. This was going to be hard for both Sarah and him but it had to be done to sell the act. Sure Sarah had been used to selling a con but that was years ago and with Jack before Chuck came into her life turning it upside down.

“Chuck what did you do? Roan was turning himself in and you just gunned him down. My God what kind of monster have you become?”

“We don't let the bad guys get away remember? We let Quinn get away and look what happened. The orders said shoot on sight and that's what I did,” he said as he tried to put his arm around her but she pushed him away.

“No get away from me... Don’t touch me I don't recognize the man I used to love in you anymore. You’ve hurt me more than Quinn ever did because if you're here now like this it's my fault.”

“It's no one’s fault. This was my destiny from the time I was born. My parents were spies and they may not have wanted this for me but it was in my DNA. I’m tired of fighting it this was what I was meant to be.”

“If I follow you line of reasoning both our children are destined for this life too. Is that what you're saying?” said Sarah as she seemed to be taking the act to heart.

“Would that be such a bad thing,” said Chuck. He didn't have to wait long for Sarah to reach. She slapped him hard, almost knocking him down.

“Ouch, okay I deserved that but I thought this was what you wanted for us to live our spy lives together.”

“I wanted to live with the man I grew to love and now I don't see him anymore,” said Sarah. Chuck turn away looking out into the lake.

“Then where do we go from here,” said Chuck as he white knuckled the railing looking into the dark waters. He realized they were only acting but it hurt just the same. Each word cut like a razor and by now he felt he was bleeding to death.

“I don't know if there's a ‘we’ in this Chuck. I’m going back to Ellie’s pack Sam up then returning to Burbank. We’ll move into the empty apartment in Echo Park I need peace and tranquility to have this baby. Chuck, can you promise me to give me that?”

“I can try,” said Chuck but as they we talking his phone rang it was the General’s office. “It's Beckman I have to take this.”

“Yes sure you do, your master is calling just don't expect me to wait,” said Sarah then she turned and walked away. His heart was breaking and he almost threw the whole act in the ditch to run after her but Casey understood what was going on in his head. He knew he had to act fast.

“You answer the call and I’ll handle her. I’ll make sure she stays safe,” said John. “Remember Semper Fi.”

“That's easy for you to say,” snapped Chuck. “I’m sorry. Yes, please go after her. Yes, General,” he said as he answered. “Oh it's you Major. … She wants me in Langley now. Okay I’ll grab a charter and be right there. You can tell her I’ve wrapped up things here. ... Oh you saw on video feeds. Well I hope she liked what she saw. ... I’ll look for them.”

Chuck walked off the pier to be greeted by a van. The side open and a man in black waved for him to get inside. Looking across the Gateway Park he saw Sarah with the rest watching him. He wanted to wave or shout but the only thing he could do was get inside.

Kim landed in Peking the transferred to a South Chinese flight that took him to a North Korean landing in Pyongyang There he tried to grabbed a taxi. But as he was about to get in when he heard over the driver’s radio to take caution the police had road blocks set up checking the papers of all arriving passengers. He excused himself saying he’d just gotten a message from a friend who was coming to pick him up and he told him to wait.

“Okay now what to do,” he said. His papers were good but he wasn’t sure they were that good. Not good enough to pass close scrutiny. There were city buses that pulled up and took off in rapid succession. He stood there watching them then he had an idea. When one of the buses was about to leave he hung around behind then when it started to move he quickly climbed up the back then on up to the roof. Lying down he rode the bus to the road block.

“Out, out,” he heard the military man yell waving a Type 56 assault rifle. “Everyone line up for identification have your papers ready for inspection.” They had military men standing at the entrance of the bus checking the papers as people filed back on one by one.

Kim slipped off the top of the bus then made his was to one of the buses that had already been cleared to leave. The guards were all concentrating on the passengers they had lined up on the one side of the bus so no one was watching the other side. Slipping underneath a departing bus this time Kim wedging himself in behind the back axel. The bus took off and soon he was past the road block. He held on underneath the bus into the outskirts of town then when the bus had to slow down for a small hill he dropped out. Quickly he got out of open view cutting through a field then he made it into town on foot.

His first night in the capital he spent sleeping in the park with other homeless vagrants then in the morning he moved out. He had one goal in mind and he knew he’d never have any peace unless he could pull this off no matter how hard it was going to be.

“I’ll take a bowl,” said Kim as he stopped at an early morning noodle stand. He took his bowl then went and sat next to a man who was sitting on one of the benches the noodle stand guy had set up for his customers. Kim sat down next to a man in a black overcoat eating a bowl with steam coming off.

“Not bad noodles wouldn’t you agree comrade,” said Kim as slurped down a mouthful. The man looked over at him for a second.

“Why are you talking to me? You must be new around here or you’d know who I am? Listen you need to take your bowl and go away,” said the man as he showed Kim his pistol under his coat.

“Comrade Leung,” said Kim as he took a chopstick shoved it between the third and fourth rib into the man’s heart. Kim patted the man on the cheek as he slumped forward wheezing.

“I know who you are, you’re the guy who’s getting me in the Home Office. Thanks for being so cooperative,” said Kim as he took the man’s gun and security badge.

Kim had a plan. It was foolhardy and reckless but it was the only way he could live without having to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Home Office was out to eliminate him so he’d just have to eliminate them first.

The poor noodle cook cowered in the stand trying to hide as Kim took care of Leung. Then Kim came back to the stand.

“Wait, wait,” begged the man. “I’ve got a family and five children that depend on me. Please… I didn't see anything really I didn’t just don't hurt me. Take whatever you want just let me live.”

“I’ll take another bowl of noodles to start with and a plastic bag,” said Kim as he reached behind the counter and took a cleaver. As the man made Kim a bowl he almost jumped through the roof when he heard a loud whack.

“Geez what was that,” said the man then he had second thought. “No I don’t want to know. When he looked up Kim was standing there waiting. “Here you go just don't hurt me,” said the man as he timidly slid Kim his bowl.

“You know I have to hand it to you these are some of the best noodles I’ve ever eaten. They almost taste like the ones my mother made by hand,” said Kim as he waved Leung’s hand around. “Oh sorry can I have that bag now.”

Chuck got off the plane in Dulles and there waiting was a black Escalade with escort. He was whisked off taken straight to Langley. On the way he noticed the other agents were giving him the cold shoulder. Before they were talkative and jocular around him now they were all business speaking only when spoken to. He figured the word was out about what he’d done. At Langley it wasn’t much better with people in the hallways turning and disappearing as he walked by but the real chill was in the General’s office.

"Good morning Connie,” said Chuck as he walked in but she pretended not to hear him. “I believe your boss called me here,” he said so she had to address him.

“I wouldn't know she doesn't talk to me much lately. Do you think that means she’s going to have you shoot me in the back?”

“You’ll have to ask her… wait are you serious,” asked Chuck but he got no answer just another cold shoulder. Before he could say anymore the door opened to her office and the Major came out.

“Agent Carmichael the General went over to State but called saying she’s on her way back now. She said that you should pull up a chair and wait.”

“Very well,” said Chuck as he started to get himself a cup of coffee but Connie got up and took the cup from his hand.

“The coffee mess here is for office staff and invited guests. None of which you qualify as so if you want coffee you’ll have to go down to the cafeteria and get it.”

“Yes ma'am,” said Chuck as he surrendered his cup. The Major and Connie were bickering back and forth over where Chuck should wait for the General when she returned.

“Oh good you’re here,” said the General as she walked in. “Follow me into my office and Connie call down to Dr. Fitzroy and have him come up to my office on the double.”

They walked into her office and when they did Chuck did a quick glance of her desk to see if anything was moved or missing. However at a glance he didn’t see anything.

“I wanted to thank you personally for taking care of my Roan problem for me. I realize that this wasn’t easy and I’m glad to see that I can count on you. Can I offer you anything? A drink maybe?”

“A Scotch would be nice,” said Chuck. “Yes well if you watched the video feed you know the rest of my team didn’t take it too well.”

“Yes I didn’t want to bring it up but it seems your wife didn’t appreciate your following orders. I understand she’s on her way back to Burbank. Do you plan on joining her?”

“I don’t know if that will do any good at this point. She was quite clear when she slapped me. So if you have something I can throw myself in I’m telling you I’m available.”

As they were talking there was a knock at her door then her Major entered bringing with him Stanley Fitzroy.

“Okay I’ve got you both here to talk about this virus that was unleashed on us by the Piranha. Dr. Fitzroy, are you any closer to eliminating it for our system?”

“I’m sorry no it has embedded itself in various machines and mutates itself in everything I try to attack it. It’s the perfect computer virus Chuck. It’s polymorphic and I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

There’s nothing you can do. I’m familiar with the Piranha’s work. I first saw it when I was a student at Stanford where he caused havoc. No there’s only one way to deal with this virus we have to find him and persuade him to give up his deactivation code.”

“How do you plan on doing that,” said Stanley. “I tried to recover his headers and footers but nothing I got zero.”

“That’s because you’re looking at his latest work, work he’s had time to prefect. What we need to do is to look at some of his old work before he had time to polish his skills that will point us to him. Let me show you,” said Chuck as he moved the impostor away from her desk and fired up her computer. He placed a thumb drive it and a warning came on that the thumb drive was infected.

“Wait, are you infecting my computer?” said the impostor as she grabbed hold of Chuck’s chair. Stanley didn’t look too convinced either.

“Don’t worry I’ll clean it afterwards but this is the bug he used on Stanford. See with a little skill I’ve learned since Stanford I’ve recovered the header and look we’ve got a student number of the man who wrote this. Here’s your Piranha.”

“Wait this can’t be,” said the Major. “General you know this can’t be true.”

“Why not it’s in black and white?”

“Because Bryce Larkin is dead. Ma’am we were all at his funeral.”

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