Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 15

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Chuck dropped the bomb then watch stepped back to watch it explode. Chuck had built the trap, laid the bait, now he was about to snare his prey. Everyone stood behind him as he did some show and tell. He overlaid the source codes from Stanford with the one used in in the current attack and they matched perfectly meaning the same hand wrote both codes. There was little doubt that the person who wrote the Stanford code was the same person who wrote the current code.

“I can’t believe it,” said the Major. “General, Chuck we were both at his funeral. We watched them bury him.”

“Which time,” said Chuck. “I’ve been to his funeral twice. Bryce had me kicked out of Stanford on a lie. He planted evidence then said I cheated and now I know why. I was too close to his secret so he needed to get rid of me.”

“Major, I want that body exhumed and examined pronto...” Chuck cut her off before she could continue.

“It won’t do any good. Don’t you remember General both Sarah and I argued against your decision but you ordered his body cremated and had his ashes dispersed at sea. You said there would be too many questions if there was a second body interred in the same grave.”

“That’s right,” said the Major. “We flew out to the Teddy Roosevelt they had a small ceremony with his urn being dropped in the ocean. Roan was there too.”

“Well of course I remember I’m not senile yet,” said the General. “Agent Carmichael you seem to be the resident expert here what do you suggest we do?”

“If you’ll give me free reins to go down to the Situation Room to use of all our Echelon arrays I’m sure I can find one hacker. As a matter of fact I feel I’m close to him now. I just need your authority to do what has to be done.”

“Well you’ve proven to me that you can do that after Chicago. I’m willing to give you a little wiggle room but I need updates. Okay but I want to be kept informed. Whatever happened to that Russian that was running with Roan?”

“He disappeared in Chicago. I believe he was supposed to meet Roan at the Navy Pier with a boat to ferry him into Canada but he never showed. He probably cut his losses and left Roan out to dry or that’s my theory. By now he’s on a chartered flight heading back to Russia. I would guess he’s flying out of Toronto.”

“Go get this computer mess taken care of. This is ridiculous our deep database is down until we find this hacker terrorist Larkin. I want his head on a platter. Now everyone out I need to make some phone calls.”

“How’d your visit with State go,” asked Chuck. “I can only guess it had to do with the silver mine in Australia. I’m glad you decided to take my advice and go through the proper channels.”

“Agent Carmichael I just had a change of heart giving you what you asked for. Don’t make me regret it. You wouldn’t like the consequences.”

“Sorry... Oh I almost walked off with your pen. We can’t have that it would be a Federal offense to remove government property. No matter what government we’re talking about.”

“Everyone dismissed and that means get out if you’re having a hard time understanding,” said the impostor clearing the room. She needed Chuck for this mission but she found his constant questioning of her authority insufferable.

“Time to check in Diane,” she said to herself. She stopped calling herself her real name now that she was undercover she couldn’t afford to make a slip up but that thing with the funeral was almost a monumental one. She needed more intel on Larkin to keep from making the same error.

“Personnel files,” she thought. “There has to be something in the computer.” She tried to pull it up. “Okay here we are crap ‘folder archived to the deep databased by orders of Diane Beckman, General, USAF’.” At that point she had no choice but to pull out her phone and try to call Dr. Dee. Maybe she could get intel from her twin.

[In the elevator heading down to the Situation Room]

Chuck was in the elevator heading down with the Major. The thermostat on the air conditioning for the building must either have been on the fritz or a new ice age was setting in. The Major looked off in the distance without saying a word. Chuck thought he saw ice sickles hanging down from the ceiling.

“Okay Major enough is enough am I going to find this same treatment when I get to the Situation Room,” said Chuck. The Major pretended not to understand.

“I don’t know what you mean about treatment? We’re all professionals here and we do our duty the same as you even if we don’t like it sometimes.”

“Let’s cut the crap,” said Chuck as he stopped the elevator. “You’re mad at me over Chicago. Everyone is and I understand that but can you tell me what else I was supposed to do? Maybe I should’ve let him go?”

“Chuck he was surrendering and you shot him down like a dog or are you going to deny that? I never thought you’d go that far. It would’ve been better if it had been the Colonel. Everyone could accept it if he’d done what you did but not you.”

“Why? Why would it have been so different? Roan had his hands up and was trying to talk me into getting me to drop my guard. Whether I pulled the trigger or Casey the order was shoot on sight or am I wrong? The problem was with the order. What ever happened to the two agent rule?”

“The General changed it,” said the Major. Things are happening that I don’t understand and she’s acting strange. You’re acting strange and I don’t know if I can continue working like this. The General offered me a promotion and a transfer, maybe I ought to have her expedite the later.”

“Major, you’re right there is something going on here but I can’t tell you what it is. If I did it would just put you at risk and I consider you a friend. Just hang in there and in time you’ll understand but for right now we never had this conversation.”

“Agent Carmichael... Chuck you’re not making sense. What’s going on?” asked the Major as Chuck reached over and started the elevator again.

“I can’t tell you but there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on. I’ve already told you too much. Tell the people in the Situation Room I’ll be accessing their computers externally from my brownstone so not to get alarmed.”

“You know you’re not supposed to access the Langley computer system off campus,” said the Major as the doors opened up in the lobby.

“I know but the Piranha already has,” said Chuck as he stepped out then turned back around. “Oh Major one last thing keep the faith.

Chuck left the building to get a taxi to run him to his brownstone in Georgetown. While in the taxi he typed a quick text message on his phone. ‘Program set up, package delivered.’

In Chicago Roan was sitting in Stefan’s safe house with a blanket wrapped around him. His clothes were dripping wet and Stefan had his men searching for dry ones. They didn’t have anything there because they hadn’t used it for... well since Stefan was running illegals out of there.

“Here eat this,” said Stefan as he put a bowel in front of him with a piece of bread. “It’s warm and will make you feel better.”

“It’s borscht,” said Roan as he sneezed. “I don’t want to sound ungrateful but Stefan this is the same thing we ate it last night.”

“No it’s not, that was cold borscht this is hot borscht see it’s entirely different. Let me see if there’s any vodka left in the freezer.”

“Now you’re talking my language,” said Roan as he sneezed again. As they were talking Roan’s phone started to ring telling him he had a text message. He pulled out the burner phone that Chuck had given him in a plastic bag. Opening it he read the message.

“What is it,” asked Stefan as he came back with the bottle. He poured out the last glass for Roan and handed it to him.

Program set up, package delivered,” read Roan to Stefan then he downed the glass and threw it. But instead of breaking it bounced.

“Roan, the glass was plastic,” said Stefan as he went over to the Microsoft Surface tablet Chuck had given him and typed in the code that came along with the tablet.

“You know when this is all over that goes back to Langley,” said Roan as he dipped his bread in the borscht and ate it. “Hum not bad I’m not a big fan of beets but this is good. Is it working?”

“Yes it is and you’re right about the borscht. It tastes like what my grandmother used to make when I was little. We called it Friday borscht,” said Stefan as he worked through the instructions Chuck gave him in his head.

“Friday borscht? What was so special about Friday,” asked Roan as he dripped across the floor to where Stefan was working.

“She called it Friday because that was the day she clean out her ice box and threw all her vegetables into one pot. Be careful and don’t drip on the tablet. She had an ice box instead of a refrigerator electricity hadn’t reached her yet.”

“What’s the impostor doing?” asked Roan as he looked over Stefan’s shoulder. “Can you tilt the tablet a little I can't see.”

“She's trying to access a service jacket, Bryce Larkin. I wish I’d thought of this trick years ago to set up a remote terminal through her computer. We see everything she does. Okay that was a dead end. She's on the phone now,” said Stefan as an app opened automatically and a number appeared.

“We need to run a trace,” said Roan but Stefan was already on it. He called Anatoly back in Lubyanka to have him run the trace remotely. If they got caught it would look like FSB was running a covert op that the impostor could not bring to light without being discovered.

“Now we have to hope she stays on the line long enough to finish the trace. But even if she doesn't we have her phone monitored now so sooner or later as long as she uses the same phone we’ll find her base.”

“We just have to hope Diane is there,” said Roan as he sneezed on the tablet. “Sorry but how long does it take to find a white tuxedo.”

“Maybe if you’d settled for something else they’d have less trouble finding something for you to wear.”

“I’ve seen what you call haute couture over there and well there's a reason you’re exporting oil and not fashion. What you call a fashion statement I call dull, dismal and dreary,” said Roan as he sneezed again.

"Maybe but you wouldn't be risking pneumonia,” said Stefan as he wiped the screen with an alcohol solution to kill Roan’s germs. “Okay we got a time out… She’s off the phone.” Stefan’s phone rang and he answered. “Were we lucky? … Humm okay maybe next time,” said Stefan as he hung up.

“My Russian isn't all that good so I take it we’re a no go,” said Roan. Hearing what Stefan said and tone with which he spoke it.

“Not yet she bounced her call all over the globe but they were able to narrow it down in the end to West Africa. I’ll text Chuck to see what he can do. Cheer up Roan, we’re closer now that we were just a few minutes before.”

“Yes but we’re not there yet.”

The taxi dropped Chuck off in front of his brownstone apartment. He paid the man got out and was about to go in when his phone notified him he had a message. He went inside then pulled out his phone and read the text. It simply said ‘West Africa’. Well, he thought, they were on their way and the plan he had put together seemed to be working. But the fallout it would bring he had no idea how bad it would be but that was something he didn’t want to think about now.

Sarah did as she threatened to do on the pier. She went home to Ellie’s rounded up Sam and Emma’s things then headed for the airport. Ellie and Devon tried to stop her but she wouldn’t listen she just wanted to go. In the end they had no other choice but to let her go. What was supposed to be pleasant day in the park became a nightmare.

“Listen you shouldn’t go like this,” said Ellie. “I’m sure there's a logical reason for this. This isn't my little brother.”

“Ellie, what can I say he's changed. I should’ve seen it coming but I guess I didn't want to. I just need to go home and surround myself with my things. I need peace for my baby. I’m sorry this is the way it has to be.”

“Well I’m going to call Chuck and get to the bottom of this. He's at least going to know that I think he's making a colossal mistake.”

“Don't do that, Beckman has him on mission and he needs his head in it. Please just hold off for a while and let him work. He can’t afford distractions right now.”

"Is there something else going on here that you're not telling me?” asked Ellie firing point blank. Sarah was about to lie when Emma stepped in.

“We really need to go if we're going to get to Burbank at a descent hour. I called Jack and told him I might be staying a little bit longer.”

“You really didn't have to but I appreciate it if you do,” said Sarah. That left only one person to say goodbye to and the one person she really worried about how this was affecting. “Ellie, I’d like to say bye to Clara if that's all right.”

“Sure she's in her room with Sam,” said Ellie. “I’ll let you say what you have to say alone. Remember whatever happens we’re still sisters.”

“Thanks, that means a lot,” said Sarah. She kept repeating to herself this was in everyone's best interest but that didn't make the con any easier to sell.

"Sam sweetie, we have to go,” said Sarah. “Clara, I’m sorry we couldn't stay longer but we have to go home now.” Sarah didn't know what to say or what to do so she decided to avoid talking about why they had to go.

“It’s all right you don't have to pretend with me I know what's going on,” said Clara. She walked to the door and looked up and down the hallway to make sure no one was around. “We figured it out.” Sam nodded her little head with Clara’s. “Uncle Chuck needed a diversion to work himself into the organization.”

“Where do you girls come up with these ideas? Sometimes I think you watch too much television,” said Sarah. But she couldn't bring herself to lie to them by denying it.

“Don’t worry we won't tell anyone,” said Clara as she crossed her heart. “Shush, Mum’s the word, right partner.” Sam nodded her head.

“Well Agent 007 and a half tell Agent 007 and three fourths goodbye.”

A few hours later they were at the airport boarding the Lear. Getting on board Sarah found John already in the pilot’s seat with Emma standing behind him. He had there pre-flights done and permission to take off.

"John, I appreciate you being here but wouldn't you prefer to be on mission with Chuck? I can take care of everything back home.”

“I promised Chuck I’d look out for you and that's what I plan on doing. So go take a seat in the back we’ll be in the air soon. And by the way I brought Kat in the loop.”

Sarah walked in the cabin to find the girls all huddled together whispering. She shook her head as she sat down next to Sam. “Ladies the idea of being a secret agent is to keep it a secret.”

The plane took off heading west across the Rockies then descending into the L.A. basin when Sarah’s phone rang. She answered it in a hurry without checking caller I.D. she’d expected to hear Chuck’s voice but instead it was Morgan.

“Oh Morgan it’s you. … I’m sorry for the way that came out but I was expecting someone else. We should be in L.A. soon so if it isn't urgent. … What are you talking about Bryce? Bryce is dead we all know that. … The Piranha? Morgan, don't say anymore. We’ll talk when I get there.

Dr. Dee took her caravan from the port in Freetown then continued on through Sierra Leone. From there they had to cut across Guinea before entering Mali. There their train was met by a group of Tuareg guides that led the through the desert. Pitching camp for the night the Tuaregs were a little curious about the female prisoner.

“What's going on there,” said the Doctor as she watched one of her guides go up to the General and offer her a glass of gunpowder mint tea. She wasn’t sure if she liked this but as she was about to say something her phone rang.

“How is life in civilization? I take it you haven't gotten into the deep database yet,” said Dr. Dee as she put the call on speaker so she could observe what was going on better with the General and her guides.

“I need for to know what there is to know about an Agent by the name of Bryce Larkin. It seems he might be the guy who sent us the virus. I need to talk to Beckman.”

“Sure hold on she’s sitting near me. We’ve pitched camp for the night and we should be entering our compound tomorrow,” said the Doctor as she walked over to the General. “One moment I’ll put her on. General, your twin needs information,” said the Doctor as she passed the General the phone. But the General held out her handcuffed hands.

“Okay but only for a little while,” said the Doctor as she uncuffed her. “Don't make me regret this. Now talk while I make things clear with your new friends.”

“So evil me, life as the General isn't as grand as you thought it would be. Actually I’m having the first real vacation I’ve had in years. I should really thank you.”

“Well, you're welcome. To let you know I’ve got the name of the Piranha if you're interested. I’ve got a man hunt going on right now to find him and to think he operated for years under your very nose.”

"I wouldn't go so far as to say years. So you know who he is, do you? Then why do you need to talk to me? It seems to me you’ve got all the cards now.”

“I will soon when Agent Carmichael finds him for me.” Beckman thought Chuck got caught and she almost gave up his name but now she knew Chuck was playing her twin.

“Chuck is? Well the Piranha is a slippery fish to catch so it may not be that easy for him. You said he worked for me can you tell me his name?”

“Carmichael found it hidden in an old header. How does Bryce Larkin sound,” said the twin. “I know you're going to say he’s dead but… Well I was told he was already resurrected once.”

“By Fulcrum who was trying to get information from him and so Chuck thinks Bryce Larkin is still alive… Well he should know I guess. Bryce was his arch enemy and kept him from entering the agency by getting him expelled from Stanford. I understand he also stole Chuck’s girlfriend at the time, Jill Roberts. She too was recruited but later fired. Bryce was recruited out of Stanford and went on a number of missions. What we thought got him killed was his last when Fulcrum offed him. But now you're telling me that was staged, well I can't say I’m surprised.”

“I guess I should say thank you but one last bit of trivia. You should know Roan Montgomery was eliminated this afternoon in Chicago... by Agent Carmichael.”

"By Chuck? My oh my he's been a busy little boy. I’m sorry if I don't believe you but that’s so out of character for Chuck.”

“That's what everyone one is saying and he's taken a lot of heat for it. His wife walked out on him and here in the building everyone has been giving him the cold shoulder.”

“I suppose you're happy knowing you're to blame. Roan was well liked throughout the agency and no matter what you try to hang on him people will always remember that.”

“I need to run we keep these calls under two minutes to avoid being traced,” said the evil twin as she started to hang up but Dr. Dee grabbed the phone.

“Hold on one quick question, have you been able to contact Mr. Y? He missed our regular check-in time and I’ve tried him but the call never goes through.”

"No but I haven't tried to contact him today. I was waiting until later when I had more to report before calling. Do you think something’s wrong?”

“I don't know. Is there any way you can move a satellite overhead and take a look?”

“Not without raising suspicion,” said the twin. “I’ve got an idea but I won’t be able to do it until four in the morning my time. I’ll let you know something tomorrow.” With that they hung up.

Beckman heard everything and began to put pieces of the puzzle together. The Doctor and her evil twin worked for a mysterious Mr. Y. She wondered if that saved money on name plates but when she said she had to wait until four something clicked in her head because that was when a certain spy satellite passed over the capital of North Korea. So whatever's was going on it was coming from there or she thought.

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