Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 17

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Sarah got off the phone with Chuck then walked in Sam’s room she was lying there asleep looking like a little golden-haired cherub. How someone so small and little could enter her life and turned in upside down she didn’t know. Now it was about to happen again and the truth was she liked it. She turned and left going to back to her bedroom. The bed seemed so big now that Chuck was away. She had just gotten in and turned off the light when she heard the patter of little feet then a whisper from the door.

“Mommy, are you still awake?” said Sam in a low voice. Sarah turned the light back on. “I can’t sleep. Can I sleep with you?”

“Oh you can’t sleep,” said Sarah. She was going to ask her who’d been sleeping in her bed before but instead Sarah pulled the covers back.

“Come on I’m having trouble sleeping too. I talked with your father a little while ago and everything is going according to plan so he should be home soon.”

“Good you’re happier when Chuck’s here,” said Sam as she climbed into bed. Sarah pulled her close and hugged her.

“I was thinking maybe tomorrow we could run to the petting zoo so you can see the rabbits if you want to? We can even make a day out of it that is if you want?”

“No I’d just like to go to the park if that’s okay by you,” said Sam. “I just want to spend the day with you if you don’t have to go away too.”

“What’s wrong Sweetie you can tell me? You used to love going to see the rabbits. Are you still upset over Plat du Jour?”

“No he went home to be with his mommy. But while he was with me he was away from her. I was mean to keep them apart. His mommy probably doesn’t like me but I didn’t know...”

“I’m sure she understands and you kept him good company. He’s happy now I’m sure. Are you happy now you’re home?”

“With you of course I’m happy but I’d be happier if Chuck were here too,” said Sam. Sarah hugged her and kissed her on the forehead.

“I would be too but he’ll be home soon and when he comes home we’ll make a picnic basket then go to the beach just the three of us all day.”

“Don’t you mean the four of us,” said Sam putting her head on Sarah’s stomach. “Don’t worry we want you to come along too.”

“What’s going on back here,” said Emma who had been sleeping on the sofa. “I heard voices and thought there were thieves. Is there room for one more in there?”

“Always,” said Sarah as she tickled Sam who laughed. “Let’s make room for your granny. It’s a good thing this is a king size bed.”

“I hope you’re not calling me fat,” said Emma. Sam laughed and giggled. “Well I never,” said Emma which made Sam laugh even more.

“Here,” said Sam as she pulled back the covers. “You can sleep here and I’ll sleep in the middle. Just don’t snore.”

“If we all don’t keep quiet and go to sleep it will be daylight soon,” said Sarah as she turned out the light. She wondered if Chuck had been able to catch any sleep.

Chuck made the arrangements in the Situation Room with the Duty Logistics Officer. They arranged for a government Learjet be gassed up and ready to roll. Chuck double checked their flight plan making sure everything was good to go. The whole time he was planning the Watch Officer hovered over his shoulder then when he got up the man called him.

“Aren’t you forgetting one thing,” said the Watch Officer. “Aren’t you going to notify the area Station Chief that the General will be travelling through his AOR? He’ll want to meet you at the airport if nothing else out of common curtesy.”

“And that’s why I don’t want to notify him. If he brings people that will just bring attention to our arrival. If Larkin has survived this long under the radar it’s because he’s got help. Don’t you see the more people that know we’re onto him the more likely he’ll find out and run going even deeper underground? This is our one time opportunity to grab him we can’t screw this up so no one notifies the people over there we’re coming or that we suspect Larkin’s there, do you understand?”

“And does that order come from the General?” said the Watch Officer openly questioning Chuck’s authority. The room became silent as heads turned.

“If you want I can put her on the phone with you or have her come down. But right now you’re making me late to meet her in the parking garage. We can play this little turf war if you like but personally I like you so I’m going to pretend you said yes Agent Carmichael I understand. That is what you meant, right?”

“Yes Agent Carmichael that’s what I meant and have a safe flight,” said the Watch Officer just wanting Chuck to go.

“Good,” said Chuck as he started to leave but stopped then went over to the Tech operator. “Here’s a secure thumb drive download for me everything you got about that fire in Pyongyang. Did you pick up any chatter about it?”

“The audio files were sent out for interpreting and haven’t come back yet. I can give you the raw feed if you can understand Korean?”

“Give me everything I’m just a little curious,” said Chuck the Tech looked over at his Watch Officer who nodded his head.

“Here you go,” said the man as he handed Chuck back the drive. “That’s everything we’ve got plus the chatter we intercepted over their comms.”

“Thanks,” said Chuck. He looked at his watch and he was really late. He ran out of the Situation Room took the elevator to the lobby then took the service elevator to the garage to find the General already sitting in the back of her limo waiting.

“I’m sorry I’m late but things took longer than I thought with the flight plans,” said Chuck trying to justify why it had taken him so long but the General just raise her eyebrow. He wanted to tell her she looked just like the real thing but he bit his tongue.

“I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to leave without you. I have a team coming with us they’re meeting us at the airport.”

“How large of team are you talking about? I’m asking because the Learjet 85 holds eight plus a two man crew,” asked Chuck as the driver left Langley heading for the airport.

“That’s going to be tight because the team is an eight man team then with us that’s ten. But two men from the team are former Air Force pilots...”

“General if you don’t mind I’ll fly and one of your men can be my co-pilot. I’m used to making these long hauls and flying into foreign airports can by sticky at times. I’d just feel better if I’m behind the yoke.”

“Sure just as long as we hurry up and get there,” said the General. Chuck had a bad feeling about her bringing her own team and his feelings were confirmed when he met her team at the airport. He flashed on most of them, a group of unsavory cutthroats and assassins dressed in Arman suits. They gave the term dressed to kill a whole different meaning.

“So have you guys been working together long? I don’t think we’ve met before,” said Chuck as he put out his hand. “The name’s Charles Carmichael.” They looked at his hand then at him and laughed. “Right the new kid on the block. Well who’s my co-pilot?”

“That would be me,” said one of the men. “But I think you’ve got that turned around. I’m the pilot and you can sit and watch.”

“Well that depends if you can answer some questions for me? What’s the service ceiling for a Learjet 85?”

“I don’t know I guess 50,000 feet and some wiggle room,” said the man looking over at his friends who were laughing at him.

“Wiggle room, right this is a Learjet not an F-16. The service ceiling is 15,000 feet you try you go to fifty and we’re all dead. What’s the slowest speed you can fly the plane before it stalls?”

“How am I supposed to know that or why would I? I think your questions are stupid,” said the man as he started to get pissed at Chuck.

“The correct answer is aircraft don't stall due to airspeed, they stall because they exceed their critical angle of attack. The critical angle of attack for a given airfoil is the same regardless of speed, weight, altitude, power, etc. Are you sure you’ve got a pilot’s license? I’m flying! You’re sitting in the back. Let me see the next so-called pilot up here.”

“Why you,” said the man as he swung at Chuck with haymaker punch. Chuck flashed. He stepped in with a left outward block then C-stepped around him at the same time grabbing his throat with his right. He spread eagled him over this thigh.

“Don’t move or I’ll rip your throat out,” said Chuck. “I’ll take that punch as an over expression of emotion because the next time this could have a very different ending.”

“Agent Carmichael,” yelled the General. “Let my man up. Okay you’re flying and here’s the other pilot. We don’t need to be fighting amongst ourselves.” But after Chuck’s demonstration no one was laughing at him anymore.

They all boarded and everyone got their seat. Then Chuck got them in the air and soon they were crossing the Atlantic. The man Chuck had the run in with was rubbing his throat the whole time as he sat in his seat.

“That Carmichael guy got lucky,” said the man with a raspy voice now. “I’m going to get even just wait and see. He’s going to pay for this.”

“You’ll get your chance,” said the Beckman look-a-like, “but for now we need him so hands off. Once we get the Piranha Chuck’s usefulness to us is over. I just need to make sure the intel we get from the Piranha is enough then you can do whatever you want.” In that moment Chuck came walking back in the cabin.

“It’s nice to see you mixing with the troops General. You normally don’t do that,” said Chuck. “Oh and I’m sorry if we had that disagreement. I know I have a way of getting on people’s nerves or that’s what Casey’s accused me of on more than a few occasions. What I’m trying to say is no hard feelings.” Chuck held out his hand. The man looked up at the fake Beckman she nodded to go ahead.

“Sure no hard feelings,” said the guy with his coarse voice. “You just caught me off guard. Who would think someone with a scrawny chicken neck like yours had all that in him.”

“Colonel Casey has made mention of that too.”

“Agent Carmichael, if you’re back here who’s flying the plane? I thought you didn’t want anyone to fly this plane but yourself?”

“No the other guy knew all the right answers plus he knew the air-speed velocity of an unladen sparrow.”

“African or European,” asked the fake General.

“You see that’s why you’re the General because you know the right questions to ask. I’m going to get a cup of coffee then run back up front. We’ve got time before we get there so relax. Oh, and there’s ice in the minibar,” said Chuck to the man. “If you suck on an ice cube it’ll sooth your throat. Well I’ve got to go.” Chuck got his coffee then left.

“I’ll give him something to suck on,” said the man as he patted his Sig in his shoulder holster.

“Remember what I said. Not until we’re done with him.”

A Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737 touched down in Mohammed V International Airport from Moscow. Among the passengers getting off was Anatoly Mikhailovich with his own team of FSB agents he had handpicked. They proceeded through the airport and past customs. Anatoly’s luggage got the once over by an overzealous customs agent

“I need to look in your bags, please,” said the customs officer as Anatoly went through the line. He immediately knew what was going on. He looked at the agent over the top of his sunglasses.

“Go ahead I’ve got nothing to hide but if something is found in there that wasn’t there before... well can the CIA Chief that paid you to stop me protect you twenty-four hours a day. Look around you my people are already in your wonderful country Youssef. Now do your job then let me through then forget you ever saw me.”

“Is there a problem here,” asked the man’s supervisor seeing Anatoly’s inspection was taking too long. “Close this up your line is backing up.”

“Yes Sir,” said Youssef to his boss then he turned to Anatoly. “Welcome to Morocco and have a nice vacation.”

“I plan to,” said Anatoly as he looked around then spotted the CIA team that was in the airport trying to look inconspicuous. One was pretending to take photos of the other man but what he was really doing was taking photos of Anatoly and his men.

“Officer,” said Anatoly speaking French. “Could you take a photo of me? I’d like to send a picture home to my sister in France. She’s always wanted to come but couldn’t so I want to make her feel jealous.”

“I can understand I’ve got six sisters,” said the man. “My father had three wives but sisters are sisters and well I can understand. However, I’m sorry no photography is allowed inside the airport.”

“Really, I just saw those men up there taking photos,” said Anatoly. “See them up there on the balcony with the camera.”

“Yeah and I’m going to have to have a talk to them. Thanks and bienvenue au Morocco,” said the officer as he hurried off after the two men in the CIA team. Anatoly knew he had them if they ran the Moroccans would probably open fire on them thinking they were terrorists and if they didn’t run their camera would be confiscated. They could argue it was diplomatic property until they were blue in the face but it wasn’t going to fly, not this time.

“Agent Mikhailovich,” said a man in Russian who came up and shook his hand then handed him a sealed package. Our Embassy sent me over with a Mercedes and told me I was to assist you in any way you needed.”

“Very good, I hope you know how to lose a tail,” said Anatoly as they strolled past the two Americans that were being taken away by the Moroccan police.

Anatoly got his men together then they got in the Embassy vehicle. They drove around the city until they were sure they weren’t being followed then they dropped a man off by a garage then processed. Later the man met up with them in a clean vehicle.

“Okay everyone out time to switch out,” said Anatoly. “Okay you can take this back to the Embassy and tell them we’ll be in contact.”

“Wait don’t you want me to come with you? I know this city like the back of my hand I can help if you let me,” said the man a little too insistently. But Anatoly told him no. Someone had to take the vehicle back because the imbedded anti-theft device would give their position away. The man shook Anatoly’s hand hard then got in the Mercedes and left.

“Hey you forget a box in the back,” said one of his men as the vehicle pulled away. “Weren’t you supposed to get that?”

“No, I left that on purpose and I hoped I wouldn’t have to use it but it looks like I’m going to have to,” said Anatoly. He held up a tracking device he found in his pocket that the man had planted on him when they shook hands.

“Too bad I was getting to like the guy,” said one of Anatoly’s men as he opened up another box and handed Anatoly something that looked like a remote control.

[In the Mercedes]

Now out of sight the man glanced up in his mirror just to make sure then he pulled out a phone and dialed a number. The phone rang for a long time then finally it was answered. A woman’s voice came on the line at first angry he called.

“You know better than call me on this number. I thought you were lined up to be the guide for the FSB team that just arrived?”

“I was but their boss sent me away. They’ve got a storeroom or deposit around here somewhere. One of them showed up with another vehicle. Before you blame me for blowing my cover this was what happened they changed vehicles because the Embassy vehicles all have GPS antitheft alarms. Agent Mikhailovich was concerned that would give their position away.”

“Okay they have a depot near your location. You said you dropped a guy off close to a garage? Tell me where that was. Hello can you hear me? Hello, hello,” said the voice but nothing the connection was gone.

Anatoly and his men looked in the distance as they saw a black smoke cloud rise over the roofs of the houses. Anatoly put the detonator away as he received a text message. He pulled out his phone it was from Chuck the message was short and sweet. ‘On track for arrival time, I’ve got the target plus eight passengers on board.’

“Okay let’s go to the depot and gather supplies from there we setup. Half will take care of the target and entourage the other half will get our safe house ready. Just remember if we get into a firefight Chuck is a friend and try not to shoot him.”

Roan and Stefan arrived in Freetown International Airport they had no bags so they walked straight through. Once out of the airport Stefan hailed a taxi that took them to a rundown hotel in the city center. Walking in they were greet by a toothless old man behind the reception desk swatting flies with a fly-whisk. The man dropped a room key on the desk top as soon as they came up to him. Then he pointed to the stairs.

“Your room’s already been taken care of,” said the old man in creole. It wasn’t that his English was bad but without teeth he was hard to understand.

Stefan took the key then led Roan upstairs to the room. Once they got there Stefan had Roan wait then he went inside to clear the room. After he was sure it was clear he waved Roan inside.

“There’s a note for you on the bed,” said Stefan as he went to the window to look down on the street below. “It’s from Chuck he said to check the minibar.”

“Don’t tell me he remember his friend,” said Roan as he opened it. “Oh come to papa.” Inside was a bottle of vermouth and a bottle of gin but there was another note. ‘Roan, don’t use the ice. There’s a thermal pack in the shaker activate it then wrap it around the shaker to cool it down.’ “Now that’s my lad he thinks of everything. No olives but I can rough it.”

“Well it looks like you’re taken care of so I can leave you for a little while. I’m going to run down to our embassy and arrange for transportation. Stay in the room with the door locked, don’t let anyone in that isn’t me. Oh Roan by the way there’s a high rate of AIDs in the African women here not to mention this was where the last big cases of Ebola were so do as I say and stay inside.”

“I hear you and I’ll do my best,” said Roan as he began mixing before taking a shower.”

“No Roan you have to better than your best. If someone sees you and recognizes you Chuck’s plans go out the window and you risk the whole operation,” said Stefan as he was having second thoughts about leaving.

“I hear you and I understand,” said Roan as he poured his first Martini.

“Oh I forgot Chuck left another card,” said Stefan as be began to read it. ‘Oh by the way Roan there’s a jar of olives and toothpicks in the nightstand drawer.’

“I knew he’d thought of everything,” said Roan as he sat his glass down then recovered the olives and put them in his Martini. “My dear Stefan, watch and learn. First the proper way to drink a Martini, hold by stem then nod to mark. Slowly tilt back. Hum yes, a moment to learn, a lifetime to perfect,” said Roan as he dropped unconscious. Stefan helped him up and put him on the bed.

“Sorry I couldn’t take the chance,” said Stefan as he put his KGB-pen away. He left Roan the note Chuck had left. In addition to what he read there was more. ‘Stefan if Roan acts up when he goes for the olives drug his drink. It will be better for both of you in the long run. Sorry Roan.’

Stefan left locking the door behind him then he went over to the embassy where he got them a Range Rover, weapons, and some field rations all before Roan woke up.

“Where are we,” asked Roan as he looked over at Stefan driving. “We’re in a car? How’d we… Oh you drugged me,” said Roan as he tried to sit upright to fast his head hurt.

“It was for your own good. In the glove box is a thermos with your Martini and in the back is your bottle of gin and vermouth. Right now we are leaving Sierra Leone crossing into Guinea then onto Mali. We should reach Bamako by nightfall.”

“Good and maybe we can get this nightmare over with once and for all.”

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