Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 18

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When Casey pulled into the Buy More parking lot with his Crown Vic the sun was already up and hot as he stepped out with his Ray Ban aviators on. Getting out he looked over at the sliding doors and suddenly had second thoughts. He didn’t know if this was such a good idea after all. Someone was going to have to die was all he could think of. He took a deep breath then glanced over at Morgan and Alex as they got out the other side.

“Come on Dad,” said Alex. “No one is even going to notice the helmet. Besides it’s not like you’ve got a choice. Ellie told you that you had to wear it for another two weeks.”

“Yeah Big Guy, come on where’s the fearless John Casey that we all know and fear. Let’s go get ‘em Sugar Bear.”

“Grimes, today isn’t the day to provoke me. I’m only here because I need to get down into Castle to check what’s going on.”

“Yeah about that I think as Chuck’s best friend I ought to try and talk some sense into him. I was wondering if the intersect was melting his brain like it did mine...”

“Not a great loss there, if there was anything to melt down to begin with” said John as the sliding doors opened and they got hit by the smell of the Buy More.

“Breath that in folks, because you won’t smell anything like that anywhere else... it smells like... You know what that is?” said Morgan.

“Yeah,” said Big Mike as he walked in behind them. “Skip and Fernando are short on cash again so they’re living on bean burritos. Where are those two lamebrains? Oh nice yarmulke but don’t think it’s going to get you out of work on Fridays. I’ll talk to you guys later I got to go find me some idiots and put them to work before I can go on break.” Casey just shook his head as Big Mike disappeared heading off to the storeroom.

“Okay we split up you two go to your office. I’m going to make to the breakroom then access Castle from there. You two can do whatever you want.”

“Just a small clarification there Big Guy does whatever we want mean whatever we want or does it mean whatever you want?”

“I mean you two go to your office you talk she leaves. Any deviation from that scenario could result is your death due to asphyxiation. For clarification I’ll strangle you to death.”

“Well I think that’s pretty clear,” said Morgan as they split up. Morgan and Alex went into his office and closed the door behind them. John started to make his way towards the breakroom but heard someone call him from being a row of shelving.

“Pst, pst, is he gone,” asked Skip. He and Fernando came out from behind a row of printers. “Hey we want you to know we’re with you man.”

“What do you mean with me?” said John then he noticed they both had skullcaps on. “Geez don’t tell me.”

“Yeah we want Friday evenings and Saturdays off. It’s our constitutional rights and the man isn’t going to take it away from us. We’re converting too.”

“Really, we’ll first of all you’re going to have to give up pork so no more bacon, pork rings and the like. Then no more cheeseburgers, it has to do with the milk and the calf...”

“Hey wait a minute you never said I couldn’t have any more bacon cheeseburgers,” said Fernando. “Beside bean burritos that’s my stable food groups. I don’t know if I like this plan.”

“Shush think about it we can stay at home and do everything we want to do and the man can’t boss us around.”

“Wait a minute,” said Casey. “What do you do at home? Nothing and what do you do here practically the same thing. And don’t you live with your mother? So instead of the man bossing you around you’ve got the woman bossing you around makes sense to me. Okay so you want to covert well there’s one small detail that has to be taken care of. You need a Mohel.”

“What’s that?” asked Fernando. Casey leaned over and whispered into his ear. Fernando eyes got big as saucers. “Oh no way,” he said as he punched Skip in the stomach then when he bent over Fernando whispered in his ear.

“We changed our minds,” said Skip as they took off their yarmulkes and handed them to Casey. “But you... well you... you know you used the pencil sharpener?”

“What are you two idiots talking about? The helmet? I have to wear this because during my last off-site a refrigerator fell on my head. The doctor told me I have to wear it for two weeks but I totaled the fridge.”

“But Morgan told us...” said Skip but got cut off when Big Mike showed up. John made a mental note that today was dirty sock day and the day to kill Morgan.

[In Morgan’s office Alex and Morgan were talking....]

“We need to come up with a strategy to bring Chuck and Sarah back together. I’ll go down to castle and try to raise him on the comms. I tried to call him on his phone but he wasn’t picking up. I’m going to tell him to come to his senses and admit he was wrong then have him beg Sarah to take him back.”

“Wait a minute I thought you were Chuck’s best friend. I don’t see that he did anything to apologize for. He followed orders and she got upset over it. If anybody ought to be calling it’s Sarah. She’s taking Sam to the park today so I thought I’d drop by and have a nice heart to heart. Chuck loves her and she’s not liable to find anyone else that will love her as much as he loves her.”

“Oh so it’s all right to shoot friends in the face because the General orders you to? Roan was a friend and to waste him like that was...”

“Was humane. He didn’t suffer and it was over quickly with no pain. Headshots are the best shots because it’s like pulling the plug or throwing a switch. Besides if half of what I heard is true Roan has been selling us out for decades and with his clearance level the Russians know everything about us.”

“Now you sound like your father,” said Morgan. He noticed that she didn’t appreciate the comparison. “I’m just saying. You’re taking about headshots and commies. What I don’t understand is this is so out of character. Chuck doesn’t even like guns.”

“Morgan, I don’t want to argue with over this,” said Alex as she got near him. “You talk to Chuck and I’ll talk to Sarah and hopefully we can get them to meet in the middle. Morgan kiss me.”

“Kiss you right here, right now with the monitors on. Are you sure you want me to kiss you here with John down in Castle?”

“Yes, don’t you see if this can happen to Chuck and Sarah it could happen to us too. One of these days you could get up and tell me you don’t love me anymore. I’d kill you but you could.”

“Well I’d never do that if nothing else because I realized that and if it wasn’t you killing me it would be John. Oh what the hell you’ve got to go sooner or later I just wish it wasn’t today,” said Morgan as he put his arms around Alex and he kissed her.

Approaching the coast of Morocco the government Lear was still a few hours out. The flight had been long and tiring especially for Chuck. He let out a few yawns and placed the plane on autopilot so he could stretch a bit. His co-pilot looked over at him wondering if Chuck was alert enough to make the landing.

“Do you mind taking over for a bit while I go back get a cup of coffee and stretch my legs?” said Chuck. The man took the yoke and switch autopilot off which Chuck interpreted as go ahead. “Boy you guys act like words cost money.”

Chuck walked back in the darkened cabin feeling his way around until his eyes got used to the lack of light. He’d dimmed the lighting after they took off and had them pull the shades down so they could get some rest before they landed. He was making himself a cup of coffee when his phone rang. It was Morgan.

“Morgan this isn’t a good time to call me. I’m kind of busy right now. ... No, I don’t want to talk to you about Sarah. No, she needs to call me first and right now I’m busy,” said Chuck. He noticed the General was trying to listen in on his conversation. “Ma’am, what do you do with people who want to give you marital advice and none of them are married. Well except Ellie... Oh Morgan I know you can hear me. This isn’t the time I’m busy. Hold and let me go somewhere where I won’t bother people.”

Chuck went forward then closed the curtain. He peeked back to see the General went back to trying to go to sleep. He went inside the lavatory closing the door behind him. Outside the light came on above and the occupied sign appeared on the door.

“I hear you just hold on,” said Chuck. “Morgan, get off the phone and put Casey on. I don’t have much time just do it.”

[Back in Castle....]

“Chuck, Casey is the wrong person you should be asking love advice from take my word for it. Listen you’re making a colossal mistake here. You need to snap out of it. Sarah’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You said that not me and believe me you were right. You two splitting is like batman divorcing Robin or Superman dumping Lois Lane. Chuck you need to come back from the dark side before it’s too late. Don’t become a Sith.”

“What are you doing on my equipment?” yelled Casey as he walked in on Morgan talking to Chuck about Sarah. “Get out of there before I drop kick you into orbit. NASA will have to put you in contact with Alex.”

“I was just giving Chuck some friendly advice. Telling him he’s making the most colossal mistake of his life.”

“No his most colossal mistake was picking you as his best friend. Now move before you get him killed,” said Casey as he yanked Morgan’s chair away from the monitor sending him rolling across the room. “Chuck, can you talk?”

“For a little while, listen I sent you some sat images from Langley I’d like you to look at them. Don’t worry about the audio files I’ll translate them later but the General was interested in them.”

“Then so should we,” said Casey as he brought them up. “I got them and... Hey wait a minute this is Pyongyang, the commie capital of North Korea. Chuck I don’t like this.”

“I don’t care much for it either. Listen, I told... well I told you know who last night that I was going out of country and I’m currently flying over the Atlantic heading for Casablanca. Bryce Larkin popped up there and the General has organized a snatch and grab with her own men.”

“With her own men you said? I definitely don’t like that you need to watch your back. You’ve got no one there to watch your six you can rely on.”

“Well that’s not necessarily true but it’s better for you if you don’t know about who’s waiting for me. It gives you deniability.”

“Oh I know I’m not going to like this,” said John as Morgan butted in.

“Dude if Bryce Larkin is still around you need to get your head in the game or he’s going to come in here swoop up your woman and your family. Remember Sarah has a certain history with Bryce.”

“I’ve got to go,” said Chuck as the line dropped.

“Grimes now that we’re alone can you tell to me what you told everyone about my head gear?” said Casey as he cracked his knuckles.

Shabbat shalom?”

[On the Learjet....]

Chuck was in the lavatory talking with Casey speaking as softly as he could when there was a knock on the door. He quickly hung up then walked out to find the General standing there.

“Sorry, but everyone wants to stick their noses in something they have no right to get involved in. I don’t know why people have to be like that.”

“Let’s think about the mission at hand and leave our personal matters out of it. Your co-pilot just called back looking for you. Tower Control in Casablanca wants to give us flight instructions.”

“Thanks but he should’ve been able to take the instructions,” said Chuck then he realized why she was standing in front of the lavatory. “Oh you need... I’m sorry. Well I’ll go back into to cockpit.” Chuck disappeared quickly the look-a-like went inside and closed the door.

“Okay I’m alone now we can talk,” said the fake General as she pulled out her phone. “What do you mean the Russians are coming?”

On the southern edge of the Sahara desert under an abandoned French Foreign Legion fortress near the city of Timbuktu about twelve miles north of the Niger River Dr. Dee set up her new laboratory. She was busy making sure everything was ready for the new equipment she’d been promised. Her work had come to a standstill until this new machinery arrived. She made contact with their moles in in Embassies in Morocco when Mattie told her she was coming to let her know of any unusual activity.

It was their mole in the Russian Embassy that contacted her first. She was a little upset with him when he violated protocol by calling her outside their prescribed time on her private number. However as he was telling her about the delegation that arrived the line dropped and she couldn’t get him back after that.

“Listen I’m calling to tell you that our mole in the Russian embassy has gone dark. I’m afraid he’s been compromised. I got word from our mole in the American Embassy that a Russian Embassy vehicle was found burning in the streets of Casablanca. No word on the number of fatalities but local authorities are blaming it on terrorists.”

“I take it you’re not buying what they’re selling,” said the evil twin. “I don’t much either they might have found out Larkin was in town or he might even have contacted them.”

“That makes sense but you need to keep your eyes open if they are on the same trail. This could be a trap organized by Larkin to get you in a firefight with the Russians.”

“I don’t think so first he’d have to know I was coming secondly if anything he’s got something going on with them. But this is all conjecture we won’t know anything for certain until we have him,” said the General as the fasten seat belt sign came on. “I need to go we’re landing. I’ll call you later.”

The General left the lavatory then headed back to her seat. The head of her mercenary squad got up and sat down next to her.

“Is everything all right you were gone for a long time,” asked the man as Chuck announced they had permission to land.

“No but everything is on track. It seems we might have a little competition I was informed the Russians fielded a team in the city too. Is that a problem for you?”

“Not really they die like everyone else when you put a bullet in their head. If we knew where they were we could let them do our work for us and take the prize from them. Then we wouldn’t need our pilot friend.”

“True and we just might go with that plan but first we need to see how things pan out. Chuck seems resourceful and he just might beat the Russians to Larkin in which case they’ll be trying to take him from us but either way in the end we won’t need Chuck so for now... patience.”

“Yes Ma’am you’re the boss.” She smiled back at him then brought her seat back up thinking that she wished she were but the real boss the mysterious Mr. Y was now silent. They were doing the best they could but there was no head giving orders. They were a snake wiggling with its head chopped off. But even then the head could still bite.

Sarah, Sam and Emma got ready heading out to the park early. They had plans to spend most of the day out and stopping off at Lou’s for sandwiches for lunch then maybe going ice cream afterwards. Sam loved playing the park she could scream and run about. There were other kids she could play with her age. Sarah liked the fact that Sam seemed to be able to make friends fast.

“She reminds me of you at her age,” said Emma. Sarah and Emma sat on a park bench where they could watch Sam play. “She’s a wild little thing but she has a good heart.”

“I don’t remember you ever taking me to the park. Actually the only person I remember taking me to the park was Jack and that was so I could help him get close to a mark.”

“You don’t remember me taking you to the park and you trying to swing as high as you could. Once you even fell out and skinned up your knees but you refused to cry.”

“I kind of remember that but I remember Jack being with me and I was supposed to show my bloody knees to him. Then he told his mark that I suffered from a rare neurodegenerative disease where I didn’t feel pain. He told the man I needed an operation he couldn’t afford and before long the mark was making a contribution to the cause.... that is to Jack.”

“I’m sorry, I really am I wish I could do something,” said Emma as she took Sarah’s hand but Sarah pulled away and wiped her eyes.

“Well the past is the past as Chuck tells me all the time. What we do now is build a better future,” said Sarah. “Where’s Sam?”

“She was right over there on the slides just moments ago,” said Emma as the two women started to panic but found her with a group of new friends standing in front of a man. Sarah immediately went over to see what was going on. The man was trying to rip off the kids playing the shell game or he thought he was.

“Sam, you shouldn’t run off like that without telling me where you’re going,” said Sarah. “What are you doing here with this man?”

“He took Pete’s birthday money and won’t give it back so I’m winning it back for him,” said Sam. “Mister, turn the cup over.”

“Just some innocent fun,” said the man trying to justify himself. Sarah had heard that line a hundred times if not more. He turned the cup over and there was the pea. “Here’s your dollar now go away.”

“Not until I win Pete’s money back,” said Sam. The kids all handed Sam the money they had. It came to about a hundred dollars.

“That’s a lot of lunch money you’ve got there. Okay here we go watch the pea carefully here it goes around and around and where it stops no one knows. There tell me where it’s at,” asked the man as he wiped the sweat off his face with his handkerchief then put it in his shirt pocket. “So hurry up I don’t have all day under which cup is it.”

“Sam do you know,” asked Sarah. Sam smiled back at her.

“Shush, no suggesting this is between me and the half pint or you’ll invalidate the bet,” said the man. Sarah was about to explain to him what good manners were when Sam pointed at his shirt pocket.

“The pea is in your pocket. You palmed it then tried to hide it in your handkerchief when you pretended to wipe your face.”

“That’s ridiculous I’m leaving,” said the man. “I’ve never in my whole life been accused of cheating and now I’ve got to hear it from a munchkin.”

“A munchkin whose mother is with Homeland,” said Sarah as she pulled her badge. “Let’s have a quick look shall we.” Sarah knocked over all three cups none of them had a pea underneath. She reached in his pocket and there was the pea.

“Okay, okay here, here’s the five dollars I took from the kid,” said the huckster. “I hope you’re happy now. I’m out of here.”

“Hold up a minute I think there was a wager. They laid down a hundred I think you need to match that so start shelling out and don’t think about running my ankles are sore. I’d have to shoot you and hopefully I’d hit you in the leg.”

“Here I hope you get sick on ice cream,” said the man as he handed Sam the hundred plus the other hundred. Sam took her friends off and started giving them their money back with their winnings.

“Do I have to tell you that I’d better not see you here by the playground again,” said Sarah. “But I guess I did so don’t come back.”

Sarah started back to find Sam. She found her as she was handing out the last of the money when she heard Sam talking to the other kids.

“See once you know all the cons you’ll never be a sucker,” said Sam. Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. Sam saw her and waved then she ran back to the rides.

“What’s the matter,” asked Emma. She came over to Sarah when she saw Sarah just standing there with a face that looked like she’d seen a ghost.

“I’m going to kill Jack,” Sarah said as she looked up at Emma. “I’m going to strangle him with my own two hands.”

[Meanwhile just outside the park]

The huckster quickly left the park dumping his wares in a dumpster outside the entrance then looked around before getting into ice cream truck that was actually a surveillance van parked out front.

“Tell the General everything is normal with the target. We’ll be monitoring the target for the rest of the day via CCTV. But there’s nothing to report.”

“Nothing to report, really do you want to say that? Because from what we saw we watched a five year old burned your cover. I think the kid just handed you your butt.”

“Yeah I’d suggest we could go grab a bite to eat but I think you just lost your lunch money.”

“Just shut up, both of you and make the report like I said. How long did the General say we need to keep watching this target?”

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