Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 19

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Roan and Stefan made their way across West Africa driving across Sierra Leone then through Guinea until finally they were in Mali. The going was not easy and more than one occasion they had the park and hide their vehicle as armed insurgents passed by. However, it was a beautifully rugged country. Using the Niger River they followed it from its head waters to their destination.

“Are your people sure about the location?” asked Roan. “We’re not going to get any second chances here. We’re not the Mario brothers trying to save the Princess.”

“Well if you’re scared and want to turn around I can stop and let you out,” said Stefan as he continued to follow the river through the forest.

“Of course I’m scared and you should be too. It’s just us two against an army for all we know but someone once said the greater the effort the sweeter the prize.”

“Of all the adjectives I can think of I wouldn’t call your General sweet. I’m just saying I don’t see her as Princess Peach,” said Stefan as he looked over at Roan and laughed.

“Maybe not,” said Roan laughing back. “I wouldn’t call her Princess Peach to her face either. However, we are two knights riding off on our trusty stead to rescue the queen.”

“Good thing our trusty stead has A/C or we’d be two rusty knights. GPS has us almost there we’ll pull off a couple miles out. I want to contact Anatoly one more time to get a situation update then we proceed from there on foot. We go in get the lay of the land then get out. After sunset we’ll come back and as you said rescue the queen.”

“Sounds good to me I just wish we had better target imagery. If we could have a bird pass overhead and do an IR scan we’d have a better idea of what we’re going up against.”

“And more likely we’d tip our hand. No, this group has people everywhere. If one of them saw a spy sat get moved over Mali don’t you think they’d get a little suspicious and look into it? Then when they found out what we were looking at warn their people. Best case scenario would be they move the General. The worst case they execute her then go out for blinis.”

“I understand the reference localization but don’t you mean pancakes?” said Roan recognizing the Casey bon mot and it’s Russian adaption.

“In your country you go out for what you want in mine I’ll go out for what I want,” said Stefan as he eased over to the side of the road then headed behind a rock formation. “Okay we’re here. This formation will help us hide our vehicle. GPS put’s the compound two klicks west of here so you can get out stretch a bit and let me make my call then we head out.”

Roan opened the door and it was like he opened the door to hell. A wall of heat hit him as he stepped out pulling out his sunglasses.

“Hot enough for you,” asked Stefan as he got out from the other and walked around to the back where he retrieved his sat phone.

“Some people pay thousands of dollars to go to tanning salons while we’re getting ours for free. Make your call then let’s take that little hike. You wouldn’t happen to have any sunscreen back there would you?”

“I thought you said you wanted to tan,” said Stefan as he tossed him a tube from the back.

“I did but I don’t want to burn.”

Anatoly was getting ready for Chuck and the impostor’s arrival. He gave each of his men a task and they knew what they were supposed to do. As he was deploying his men Anatoly received an SMS from Chuck. That read, fifteen minutes out General plus eight onboard. He knew these were more than the standard security detail which made this snatch and grab problematic. To add to their problems the Station Chief was looking even more diligently through the city find them.

“Okay listen up everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. I just got word it’s show time in fifteen. There will be eight hitters guarding the package but remember we need to take the package unharmed. Oh and by the way try not to shoot Chuck.”

“Sir your sat phone,” said one of the men as he brought it to him. “It’s Agent Metrohken he wants to speak with you. He says it’s important.”

“Stefan, tell me everything is a go from your end because we’re about to grab the evil queen but you need to have her twin.”

“Funny you should use that line we were saying pretty much the same thing. Roan and I are about two clicks away from our target. We’re going to do a little recon then make our incursion under the cover of darkness. I’m calling to see if you’ve got any last minute changes.”

“No nothing from here. I sent you the last updated coordinates just be careful down there you’re alone with no backup.” Their conversation was interrupted by one of Anatoly’s men.

“Sir, we just got word the plane is coming in,” said the man. “Do you want us to move out and get ready?”

“One second Stefan,” said Anatoly. “You guys know what you need to do now get into position. Make sure everyone in the hanger is ready too. This needs to be fast if no one’s to get hurt.” The man nodded then left. “Okay Stefan I’m back. I need to go things are about to happen. Ni puha, ni pera [Neither fur nor feathers].”

“K chertu [to the devil], but you’ve got Chuck so that’s an unfair advantage.”

“And what am I chopped liver?” Anatoly heard Roan yell. “Give my regards to Charles and thank him for shooting me.”

“I’ll relay the message,” said Anatoly as he hung up. He looked up to see the bird descend on the runway then grounds crew took over directing them to the hangar. “Birds landing on the windowsill pecking to come in what did your babushka used to say Anatoly?”

[On the plane]

“Please stay in your seat until your pilot has turned off the fasten seat belt sign,” announced Chuck over the planes PA system. But the members of the Look-A-Like’s team were already up and getting ready to go. They all pulled out body armor and were checking weapons as Chuck brought the plane into the hangar powering down engines.

“Hey, you got an extra vest,” asked Chuck but was greeted with a ‘ha’. “Just thought I’d ask... Whatever, anyway General, there are two Escalades waiting just outside the hangar. You can ride in the rear vehicle while I ride in the lead. You can follow us I know Casablanca like the back of my hand.”

“No I’d prefer you riding with me in case we get split up or attacked you know the best exit strategy. What’s taking ground so long to open the hatch?”

“They said we were a little early and they were looking for ladder to put next to the door,” said Chuck as he tried the door but the handle wouldn’t budge. “That’s strange the handle seems locked from the outside.”

“Move out of the way and let someone with muscle try,” said the man Chuck took out. He made effort but the handle wouldn’t budge.

“Hey the ground crew is attaching a hose to the aft of the plane,” said one of the men. “What are they doing?”

“Where?” said Chuck as he moved the man out of the way and looked out the window. “That’s an exhaust vent. Oh crap, they’re pumping gas inside. Quick move,” yelled Chuck as he went back to the cockpit. “I’m releasing the oxygen masks use them to breath just don’t shoot or we all go up in flames. They’ll think we’re out then we’ll take them when they come in.”

“Good idea Chuck,” said the impostor. “Do as he says that gas could be toxic.” Chuck deployed the masks in the cabin while he took out a small oxygen tank from next to his seat putting the mask on himself.

“Hey what about me,” asked Chuck’s co-pilot as he looked around for one for himself. “What am I supposed to do?” Chuck pointed to a box next to his seat. The man bent down but inside he only found charts. However, when he turned his back Chuck pulled out a syringe and the last thing the co-pilot felt was a prick on the back of the neck. Chuck walked back with the oxygen mask on carrying his tank checking on everyone making sure they were all unconscious. After he finished with his inspection he went to the hatch entered the security code and opened it up.

“Don’t shoot I come in peace,” said Chuck in Russian as he walked down the ladder. Anatoly climbed out of a Range Rover and hugged him.

“Impressive and not a shot fired,” said Anatoly as he motioned for him men to board. He offered Chuck a hit from his flask as they watch his men carry everyone off and into a waiting van. “Do you want to tell me how you did that? I did as you asked with the hose but that was just for show.”

“CIA Learjets are equipped with emergency oxygen and knock out gas in case they’re boarded or hijacked. My co-pilot didn’t know that so he thought I was giving them oxygen when I was tucking them in for the night. Is there any word from Roan and Stefan?”

“Stefan just called and said they were doing recon on the site where we think Beckman’s being held then tonight they’ll make their incursion.”

“We have to find her or... well there’s a protocol that says if the director is compromised she is to be eliminated with extreme prejudice. Her aid will be calling soon I’ll stall him as long as I can but at a certain point he’ll ask the Station Chief here to verify what I’ve told him and when that happens...”

“A kill order will be released for both of both Beckman and the impostor,” said Anatoly as they watched the men carry the last person off.

“Yes and probably on me too, people will say I was compromised too and using my erratic behavior of late against me like shooting Roan as proof. The president will have no choice and in the doubt he’ll have to sign off on it.”

“You sound like you’re okay with that? I don’t know if I would be if I were in your shoes.”

“No I’m not but it makes me more determined to see this through and get back to people that really matter to me not offense that is.”

“None taken so shall we get started,” said Anatoly as he signaled everyone to round up and head out leaving the government Lear empty.

[Back in Langley]

The Major was sitting his in his office. He’d just run out of coffee and had a caffeine attack going so he walked down to see if Connie had left the pot on. She usually did when there were late nights and to his surprise she was still in the office when he walked in.

“What are you still doing here? I thought you’d be long gone by now,” said the Major as he went over and poured himself a cup.

“I’m using this time while the General’s gone to look around for other jobs. I found a couple over at State but I don’t know if I’d like a new boss every time the administration changes.”

“I won’t ask why you want out of here. I can only hope she wasn’t joking about the transfer. I really don’t care about the promotion I just want out too.”

“It’s like she’s a different person and this new one I can’t put up with. Not after what she did to poor Roan and Chuck... well I guess his wife finally rubbed off on him.”

“Come on Sarah’s not that bad. I know you’ve known her longer than I have but since I’ve been here with the General she doesn’t seem to be that bad. Actually she’s better than some of the agents around here. Remember Clyde Decker or that turncoat Shaw? I’m just saying you should give her a chance.”

“You weren’t here with Langston Graham to see all the mayhem she used to cause or the body count she used to rack up. Sometimes I think he used to give her assignments just to see what kind of damage she’d do.”

“Doesn’t seem like the same person. Speaking of not being the same person, the General should’ve touched down by now. I wonder why she hasn’t called in,” said the Major then his phone started to ring. “You know what they say speak of the devil,” he said as he held up his phone. Connie laughed.

“General, I was standing by for your call. ... Oh Agent Carmichael, why do you have the General’s phone? ... Okay so you’re going to be out of pocket for the rest of the day so I can go home. ... Okay but what does she want to do about morning briefs? ... Okay I can keep things running for a day or so but what do I do if someone calls looking of her? ... I’ll try to stall but why isn’t she telling me this? Agent Carmichael, Agent Carmichael, crap the line dropped.”

“So what are you going to do?” asked Connie as she watched him standing there looking at his phone.

“I’m going to do what I was told I’m going home. You should call it a night too. She’s going to be gone for a couple of days so that will give you a chance to look around for another job. Tell you what I’ll even give you a ride if you leave now.”

“Well only if you’re heading my way.”

Outside the Incheon International Airport a taxi pulled up and Kim got out. He paid the cab fare then walked inside. He walked like he knew his way around going straight through the initial security check. He placed his laptop in a plastic box then went through picking up everything on the other side. Once through he went straight to the check in counter.

“I need my boarding pass please Korean Air to LAX. The name is Anthony Loong,” said Kim as he slid the man his passport.

“Yes I have your name here.” said the attendant as he compared Kim’s passport information to the data in the computer. So Mr. Loong you’re returning home,” said the man as he handed Kim back his passport. “I hope you had a pleasant stay here.”

“Truthfully I’ve been so busy it’s like I just got here. But I have to admit I had a blast. Now can you tell me where I have to go next?”

“Sure just follow the line over there,” said the man as he pointed it out. “Go through the scanners then on the other side you’ll need to take the shuttle to gate 15.”

Kim thanked him then headed to get in line. There he waited his turn then he put his shoes and belt in one container and in another he put his laptop. On the other side he collected his things put on his shoes then headed for the shuttle. On the shuttle he had the feeling he was being watched so he got off and started walking around duty free looking through the shops. That’s when he picked him up a pair of sunglass that was tailing him.

“I’d like to pay for this,” said Kim as he laid cash on the counter then waited for a clerk to ring him up. He grabbed his Korean music CD then tore off the wrapping as he made his way to the restroom.

He knew he didn’t have much time so he had to act fast if he wanted to stay alive. It was to be expected that his organization would have people in the airports looking for him after what he did.

“Okay let’s see how good you are,” said Kim as he broke the CD in half then hit the hot air hand dryer with his foot. The machine started making noise and Kim hid behind a corner as the man walked in carrying a Chinese type 54 with suppressor out in front of him.

“Looking for me,” said Kim. The man turned but Kim slashed his pistol arm with the broken CD causing him to drop the weapon. The man instinctively grabbed his bleeding arm as Kim used the other half to slash his throat then propelled him head first in a sink holding his head down. It wasn’t long before the man bled out then he relieved him of his weapon and radio along with earbud.

“Wong, report in do you have confirmation? Wong, he’s heading down your way respond, over Wong report.” Kim heard as he put the earbud in. Each request for Wong to report in became more frantic.

“This is Wong,” radioed Kim in a low muffled voice. “I have the target in sight. I repeat I have the target in sight. He’s getting on the Air Canada flight for Vancouver that’s departing now.”

“Wait he had tickets for LAX? Are you sure it’s him Wong,” said the man in his ear. “Do you have visual confirmation? Speak up man, hurry.”

“I can’t he’s almost in front of me,” said Kim as he looked over at Wong sprawling out on the floor. Yes, yes it’s him and he’s boarding now what are your orders?”

“Use your credentials and board the plane. Ride it to Vancouver we’ll have someone meet you there. Just don’t let him get out of your sight.”

“Roger that I’m boarding the plane,” said Kim as he switched off the radio. “Now I’ve got to make you disappear,” he said looking at Wong.

He carefully pulled Wong’s body inside the end stall, closed and locked the door. Then he climbed over the top and afterwards he used toilet paper to wipe down the sink flushing the evidence away. He walked out of the restroom in time to hear his flight being called.

“Please have your boarding passes and passports read for inspection,” said the attendant at the gate. Then she began seating the passengers by section. Kim walked up and handed her his documents but he saw her look.

“Yuck, is that blood on your boarding pass?” she said. Crap thought Kim as careful as he’d been Wong must’ve bled on it.

“No of course not, well I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I grabbed a quick bite at Burger King and had an accident with a catsup packet. Thank goodness I didn’t get any on me.”

“Yes, that happened to me once on a flight and I had to wear a uniform the whole trip that looked like I’d been shot. Go ahead and welcome aboard.”

Kim boarded the plane and claimed his seat an aisle seat near the rear of the plane. From there he could see anyone coming the perfect vantage point. He was in his seat buckled up and just waiting to take off when one of the attendants came by.

“Sir would you like me to put your laptop in an overhead bin. You’d have more leg room so you’d be more comfortable,” she said but Kim was lost in his thoughts. “Sir would you like me to stow that above?” she repeated.

“Oh I’m sorry you’re talking to me,” said Kim realizing the woman was talking to him. “No, I may need it to get some work done once we take off.”

“Very well but you have to wait until the pilot announces that it is safe to use onboard electronic devices until then you need to keep it switched off.”

“Certainly, thank you,” said Kim as he leaned back and relaxed as the plane began to roll. “Burbank here I come.”

Sarah and Emma went back to the bench to sit down after Sam demonstrated her abilities at sleight of hand. Sarah was more than a little angry with Jack but more with herself for not being more careful. She could be mad at Jack but Jack was just being Jack. Why get mad at the lion for eating the gazelle. The lion was just being a lion.

“But life as a gazelle has got to suck,” said Sarah as Emma looked at her strange. “Oh nothing I was just thinking out loud.”

“Hey guys how’s everything going? I thought I’d come and spend some time with you guys,” said Alex as she walking up on them while they were talking.

“Not bad I didn’t hear you coming until you were almost on top of us. But just a word of warning Alex you shouldn’t sneak up on a spy. I might’ve shot you then I’d have to explain that to Morgan.”

“Speaking of explain and saying you’re sorry,” said Alex as she sat down next to them on the park bench. “Don’t you think this little spat between you and Chuck has gone on long enough and it’s time to put it to sleep?”

“Oh Alex, I really don’t want to talk about this with you and especially not in front of Sam so can we just drop it, please.”

“What if I told you Chuck was going to make the first move? Listen what happen with Roan... well Chuck was just following orders. You of all people should understand that. Right now Morgan is on the horn with him talking to him trying to get him to reason.”

“Oh no, he’s using the comms in Castle, isn’t he? I knew I should’ve had him locked out. Wait your father’s there right? Okay Alex, listen to me and I’ll tell Morgan the same thing. I appreciate what you’re trying to do for us but please don’t. Chuck’s on mission with the General and he needs his head in the game. To do that he needs not to have to worry about what’s going on back here.”

“But Sarah we’re concerned about you two. I’m concerned... I’m concerned that what happened to you could happen to Morgan and me or don’t you see that?”

“Alex, don’t worry. I tell you what as soon as Chuck gets back we’ll all have a sit down. But you have to promise me and get Morgan to promise too you guys need to leave Chuck alone. I think it’s about time for ice cream. Alex can you go and round up the Sam for me?”

“This con is harder than you thought,” said Emma after Alex was out of earshot.

“What can I say, I was trained well and a lion is always a lion even when she has friends that are gazelles.” Emma gave her a look. “Never mind me I’m just ranting I guess. Come on my little cub how about some Rocky Road.”

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