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Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 2

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Chuck and Sarah notified Casey and Kat that they had permission to land and would be making their approach soon. Chuck wondered what was going on back in the cabin but Sarah refused to let him peek. As she pointed out it was none of their business and he should be concentrating on landing instead.

“Come on aren’t you a little curious to know what’s going on back there? Just a little peek you can watch the controls while I have a look.”

“No, absolutely not remember what you told John about him not being able to fly. How do you think he’ll feel if he catches you ‘peeking’ as you call it? I know I wouldn’t be happy. Besides they deserve their privacy.”

“Privacy, what about all the times Casey spied on us... on me. I felt like I was doing a floor show every time I took a shower. You know one day I actually found a dollar bill near the sink.”

“Oh I left that,” she said as she smiled.

“I feel so violated,” said Chuck as he leaned over and kissed her but tower control at Midway International broke them up by calling to him in his head set. “Roger tower control,” replied Chuck as he confirmed their permission to land. He put on the fasten seat belt sign as Sarah made the announcement.

“I just hope this thing with Beckman doesn’t drag on I may not be as tired as I thought,” said Sarah as she looked at him. “I think I might need a shower and someone to scrub my back. I wonder if Maurice is available.”

“For you Maurice is always available,” said Chuck. She caught him reaching over turning on the intercom in the cabin so he could eavesdrop.

“What did I tell you?” said Sarah. “Or weren’t you listening? You need to land not listening into what’s none of your business.”

“I was listening and you said no peeking. Listening isn’t peeking so technically it wasn’t ruled out and besides you want to know as much as I do what’s going on.”

“As good partners we need to make sure John is... is mentally stable and not distracted before our next mission. Distractions can get you killed.”

“I’ll agree so I can listen but there are two things wrong with what you just said. The first being mentally stable and John don’t always go hand in hand. The second thing has to do with distractions... well I... we need a break. It would nice to have some home time with my family.”

“Me too,” said Sarah. “Now concentrate on landing.”

“Yuck,” said Casey. “Bartowski, you idiot when you switched on the intercom it’s two way communication so we can hear everything back here. I’m about to have a fit of mental instability come on. Don’t make me come up there.”

“We’ll be in the hangar in less than half an hour,” said Chuck. “It’s strange though Beckman hasn’t yelled at us telling us we’re keeping her waiting.”

“I know this is highly unlikely but maybe we’ve caught a break and she’s too busy screaming at someone else for a change.” Chuck glanced over at her. “I said it was highly unlikely.”

“Okay here we go setting flaps,” said Chuck as he came down lining up the runway then all of a sudden his phone started ringing. “Crap it’s in my jacket pocket. See who it is then switch it off.” Sarah reached over getting his phone.

“It’s Ellie I’m going to answer it. It could be important you worry about landing,” said Sarah. “Ellie Chuck’s busy what is it? ... When? ... Okay there are protocols that need to be followed. Is the area Station Chief there? ... No, why not? ... I know I was just thinking out loud. We’ll handle everything. I need to know how she is. ... Naturally,” said Sarah as she looked over at Chuck. She felt a jolt when they hit the runway. “Chuck, eyes and ears in front of you.”

“You realize that’s physically impossible to do. Sorry for the landing,” said Chuck as they taxied over to the hangar.

“What kind of landing do you call that,” said Casey as he walked forward into the Cockpit. “It’s a good thing no one’s eaten anything or you’d have a mess.” Sarah held up her hand to tell Casey to pipe down.

“Ellie, I’ve got to go we just landed. We’ll handle the protocols just put her in a room under Jane Doe. Leave everything else up to us,” said Sarah as she hung up handing Chuck his phone. “There’s been an accident.”

Roan was busy getting his evening plans ready for Diane’s return. He made the reservations at the most exclusive restaurant in town, Chez Roan. Although given it wasn’t that exclusive, but no customer was ever turned away unsatisfied. He got a nice floral arrangement for his dining table and picked up fresh squab he stuffed with wild rice and mushrooms. But he was going to start the meal off right and set the mood with a nice pasta dish with white truffles.

“Diane is going to love this,” said Roan to himself as he looked over the table. “Roan you need a desert,” he said then he smiled. In the refrigerator he had a Mars bar. He looked at it and remembered.

He was young and stupid... Diane wanted to make her career... they were station together in Prague out of the embassy. She talked him into coming with her to meet an asset and she wanted his opinion. Immediately he had a bad feeling about this met when they pulled up in a taxi outside a set of dilapidated row houses, the socialist’s dream. They went up to a third floor apartment in one of rundown buildings. There they entered an apartment and inside they found their asset dead tied to a chair shot twice in the head.

“A bit of over kill if you ask me,” said Roan as he went to the window that was when he spotted it for what it was... a trap.

“I’ve got secret police coming down the street in unmarked cars we need to get out of here,” said Roan as whisked Diane out before the police came busting down the door.

“Follow me,” he said as they climbed up to the roof already they heard voices below them. “Do you trust me?”

“Looks like I don’t have much of a choice,” she said as she watched him take down a section of clothes line. He made a lasso and roped a pipe on the build next to theirs.

“Do you think that will hold both of us?” said Diane as she looked up at Roan’s eyes. That was the first time he noticed they sparkled when she looked at him. He smiled.

“It doesn’t have to,” he said. He took off one of his shoes and threw it through a window across the street then tossed the line. “Come on now we hide.”

Roan didn’t have to wait long before a group of Russian speaking men busted out on the roof. They ran to the railing only to be hurled insults at in Czechoslovakian but a man in a tee-shirt across the way waving Roan’s shoe at them. They saw the line and figured he swung across into an open window but lost his shoe on the way.

“Our man’s over there,” they heard one yell in Russian. “Everyone pull out and surround that building. I don’t have to tell you Comrade Trotski will be mad if we let him escape.”

The men disappeared running back down the stairs they’d come up on. Roan sat there in the dark with Diane waiting for the coast to clear when her stomach started growling. He couldn’t help himself he laughed.

“I don’t know which is worse we getting caught because of my stomach or your laughing,” said Diane. “If you have to know I didn’t have time for breakfast or lunch arranging this fiasco.”

“I wouldn’t call it a fiasco more a crossing of swords. Igor knows I’m in town and is sending me a message. Here eat this,” said Roan as he handed her a Mars bar. “It’s pure sugar but sometimes you need the energy burst to get you through.”

“Thanks but why does the KGB station chief have it in for you?” asked Diane as she ate. Roan was right pure sugar but it was what she needed.

“He doesn’t have it out for me. I think if you ever get a chance to meet him you might even find you like him. If things were different I would even go so far to say we could be friends.”

He was still reminiscing when the sound of his phone ringing brought him out of his stroll down memory lane. He closed the refrigerator door then went hunting for the pesky device.

“I hear you,” said Roan. “I’m coming just hold your horses.” He just hoped it wasn’t Diane calling to say she was going to be late or cancel. Then when he checked caller I.D. he saw it was Charles. He answered the phone as he pulled out a bottle of gin and put it on speaker while he was mixing.

“Charles, how’s my favorite spy couple? Give my love to Sarah,” he said as he took off the top and poured it in a cocktail shaker measuring by eye. “Did Diane tell you to call me to remind me about our diner date? If she did you can tell her I’ve got everything under control.”

“Roan, I don’t know how to tell you this,” said Chuck. Roan sat the bottle down he didn’t need to be a spy to hear recognize the tone in Chuck’s voice. “Roan there’s been an accident and the General is in the hospital here in Chicago. We’re on our way there now. Ellie told me Diane was screaming that she wanted out so they sedated her but if you want to come I’ve chartered you a plane. It’s on standby at Dulles you can be here in under an hour.”

“I appreciate it... Yes, I’m on my way and I plan on having a talk with the Station Chief there when I get in. There are protocols that are supposed to go in place.”

“It seems he was unaware of her visit and didn’t know anything about her being here until Sarah called him. He’s meeting us at the hospital with a team.”

“You can’t rule out that this wasn’t an attempt on her life,” said Roan as he finished making his Martini. “Do we know the dynamics of the accident?”

“We’re thinking the same thing. Ellie said she was told by Devon that it was a single car accident and the General’s driver was killed. The weather here is clear and sunny so how does a driver lose control. I’m going to try and get accident photos and look over her vehicle. I also want to pay a visit to the morgue to look at the driver.”

“I agree you can let me know what you’ve found out when I get there,” said Roan as he hung up and took his Martini to go. No use in wasting good alcohol was his motto.

General Beckman woke up with a splitting headache her eyelids even ached. She looked up at the ceiling from her bed and felt the room oscillating side to side. Getting up slowly, things started to come in focus. She was in a white room sitting on what looked like a hospital bed. That’s when she realized she was wearing a hospital gown.

“Geez, what happened,” she said to herself as she sat back down on the bed. Her head was spinning and there was smell of salt air even with the air conditioning. That made sense since Chicago was on Lake Michigan. There was a knock on the door then a man in a white coat came in with a woman. She assumed he was a doctor and the woman his nurse.

“How did I get here and where are my clothes,” said the General. “I need to contact my office right away. People will be looking for me.”

“I’m sorry but you were in a serious automobile accident and you need to lay back down and rest. Your office has already been contacted and they are sending someone but for now just relax. Nurse,” said the woman. The General got the people backwards. The male nurse stepped forward grabbed her arm and injected her with a syringe.

“That will make it easier for you to rest,” said the woman as the man helped her back in bed but the General fought against the drug. However, she could tell it was a losing battle.

“Doc, tell my people they have to get word to Roan he was expecting me and I want to speak to Agents Carmichael. Tell them to stand....” said Diane as she drifted off to sleep.

Chuck and Sarah pulled up to the hospital with Casey and Kat they grabbed a cab at the airport. As they entered the hospital they were met by the area Station Chief and ten of his men. They had just arrived in two black escalades parking out front. The Chief walked in with the team deploying his men to secure the hospital entrances. It wasn’t long before the head of security showed up to find out what was going on.

“Excuse me, but you can’t come in here and boss my people around. They work for me not for you so can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Colonel Casey, NSA,” said John as he showed the man his credentials. “What we can tell you is you’ve got a high profile patient being treated here.”

“You’re Chuck Bartowski,” said the security officer recognizing Chuck. “We met when you were being treated here. I see congratulations are in order.” He shook everyone’s hand.

“Scott right? I’m sorry if seems we’re running over you but we are. What my friend said is true so we’re going to have to install some safeguards and beef up your security for the time being.”

"That’s all right. I’ve already been warned that this could happen and know we’ll cooperate in whatever way we can.”

“Good, well Chief I’ll going on up while you coordinate everything down here with the Colonel,” said Chuck as Ellie and Devon stepped off the elevator.

“Guys you’re already here,” said Devon. “We’re holding the General overnight but from the results we’ve gotten back so far doesn’t seem to indicate there’s anything wrong with her. The General had a close call and was miraculously unscathed.”

“Can I talk to her,” said Chuck. “She was coming here to talk with me and I’d like to get this over with. I’d also like to know a little more about this accident.”

“I’ve got her sedated but I don’t see why not. Just try not to agitate her or better try not to agitate her too much.” Devon gave Chuck her room number then Chuck went up with an agent to post outside her door.

Ellie grabbed Sarah pulling her off to the side while Devon was finishing his brief. She wanted to know what was going on. But Sarah was concerned about Kat; she looked like a fish out of water.

"I’ll tell you everything but we need to do something with Kathleen,” said Sarah. “Kat stay close to me the boys are going to be a little busy. Let’s go in the cafeteria I could use a cup of tea.”

Chuck and the agent rode the elevator up then they walked down the corridor to the General’s room. Chuck posted the man before he knocked then went in. The lighting in the room was dim to help the patient sleep.

“General, are you asleep,” said Chuck realizing his question was stupid. If she was she wouldn’t be now. “I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“What? I’m still here,” said Beckman looking around. “Geez, I told that Doctor I wanted out of here. What’s he trying to do pad his bill? Get me out of here.”

“General, you’ll be released tomorrow so for now you need to make the best of it. I called Roan and he should be here within the hour.”

“Why did you do that? I don’t want anyone seeing me here,” said Beckman as she tried to raise the bed but was fumbling with the controls.

“Here let me help you,” said Chuck as he took them from her and raised the back. “How’s that or do you want it raised higher.”

“No that’s fine. Carmichael we need to talk, what’s this about you turning that silver mine over to those farmers? That should be ours and ours alone.”

“Except for a few things such as it’s in a foreign sovereign nation that happens to be our friend and those farmers own the mineral rights under their ranches. Like this everything is public and no one can take it from them.”

"I have to question where your loyalties lie with your country or with those backward…” Chuck cut her off before she said too much.

“I’m going to let you slide on that last remark. This has to be the sedative Devon gave you talking,” said Chuck. “You were the one who told us to keep a low profile and officially we were never there.”

“It wasn’t your idea to have them form a cooperative? Let me be clear I want that silver. Talk to the farmers and have them sell directly to us.”

"Let me be equally clear, no. If you want it have State negotiate with the Australian government. I’m sure something can be arranged.”

“And what if I told you, you were fired?”

“Before I would’ve thanked you but now I’d remind you that you can’t. I have a document signed by the President that says that. Or don’t you remember you gave me that after the last time you fired me then begged me to come back. I’d remind you also the numerous times I saved your job for you and if you’re there now it’s thanks to me. However, the more I think about it the more I’m willing to take a suspension. We’ll be in Chicago for a few days you know where to find us when you need us.”

With that Chuck turned and left. He hoped it was the medicine because the woman he talked with he couldn’t and wouldn’t work with.

“I’m sorry Agent Carmichael,” said the man in black posted outside the door. “She’s just out of it. Tomorrow things will be back the way they were.”

“I hope you’re right. I’ll remind your Chief that he’ll need to send a relief for you.” With that Chuck took the elevator down to the lobby to find Sarah.

Sarah in the meantime was in the cafeteria with Ellie and Kat…..

“Okay I want to know what’s going on,” said Ellie. “Why did Chuck fly Gwen out here to examine you and don’t tell me it’s nothing.”

“But that’s it. I think the problem was to either have Gwen come here or have you come to us and seeing that Sam will be flying in with Emma this shortens her flight time. I told you about her rabbit. Well she’s really attached. So one of our ideas was that if she’s with everyone it might help her forget how much she misses him.”

“Casey seems to be his old self,” said Ellie. “Kat you’re the closest to John have you noticed any mood swings? How would you say he’s acting?”

“Mood swings no, I don’t think so and as far as acting. He’s a little different but not in a bad way. How can I explain this? John is acting more like my John or Alex. He seems to be more the man who asked me to marry him.”

“Because he is,” said Sarah. “You don’t know do you. John proposed to her.”

“Wow, congratulations,” said Ellie but then she noticed Kat wasn’t wearing an engagement ring. “Oh, I’m sorry. But you’re here together?”

“I told him I needed time. And you’re not telling Ellie everything,” said Kat. “Sarah left out the part where she passed out in a shootout.”

“It wasn’t a shootout… Well not like what you’re thinking. We were making our escape from a gunship that was shooting at us but Chuck shot it down.”

“I’m not sure I want to know the details. Why did you pass out? You never suffered from fainting spells before,” said Ellie as she started ruling out causes in her head. Then it hit her she looked at Sarah in the eyes. “You didn’t?”

“I’m afraid I did,” said Sarah. There wasn’t anything I could do and it wasn’t like I asked for it, it just happened.”

“I’m going to need an EEG and I want to be there for the ultrasound,” said Ellie adamantly. They saw the way Kat was looking at the two of them. “Oh it’s nothing just a condition that Chuck and Sarah share.”

As they were talking Chuck walked in Sarah waved to him to come over but first he went and got himself a cup of coffee. After he paid for the cup he walked over and sat down.

“Well are we about done?” asked Chuck as he took a sip. “Do we know where Casey is? If we had him here we could go?”

“We left him with Devon, the hospital security officer and the Station Chief. I think they went to talk with the hospital administrator.”

“Well we probably ought to wait for Roan. I have a feeling Beckman’s going to kick him out of her room. Ellie you might tell Devon to up her Meds. I’m afraid she got a little agitated anyway.”

“I take it things didn’t go well,” said Sarah as she took his coffee and just smelt the aroma. How she wanted to take a sip.

“You drink that and Walnut will keep you up all night. Hum, how to explain what happened… Well she started out trying to threaten me then she said she was going to fire me. But I pointed out she couldn’t so I took a suspension instead.”

“This has to do with Alice Springs, doesn’t it?” said Sarah. Chuck nodded his head. “I knew she wasn’t going to be happy but I never thought she’d go that far. What is it?”

“I don’t know maybe it was just the drugs she’s on but talking to her she seemed like... well I was talking to another person. Ellie you had a CAT scan done and an EEG right?”

“Sweetie she was just in an accident. It’s only natural that she be a little shook up.”

“We’re talking about Beckman here. The woman has ice water running through her veins. But that’s just it. I’d like to see her file,” said Chuck wondering if they missed something.

“I’d like to show you but your Doctor came by and took everything.”

“Where’d he come from? And who called him? I hope you had him sign for them.”

“If he was an impostor the signature will be false.”

“Yes but it will give me an idea about what time he came in the hospital so I can check out the CCTV footage for facial recognition. Something isn’t right here.”

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