Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 20

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The General was put in the no frills cell located in the dungeon under the fortress. The only good thing about the dungeon cell was it was cool during the day but at night it was frigid cold. She huddled in a fetal position with her blanket over her trying to stay warm as she passed the night. The positive side of the cold was that it kept all the little night creatures like snakes, scorpions, camel spiders and the likes out, but she was so very cold in one of the hottest deserts in the world.

“Chuck, what’s the plan,” she kept turning around in her head as she laid there shaking and her teeth chattering. Knowing he was coming was the only thing that kept her going or she would’ve implemented the Thanatos protocol herself.


Roan and Stefan made their way the one and quarter miles away from where they left their Range Rover to the compound where Beckman was being held. They split up once they got there one going right while the other left then they met on the other side

“I counted six SVB-54 explosion-protected security cameras with infrared surveillance on my side and what about you Roan?”

“I’ve got pretty much the same. But something is bothering me your people are sure this is the place right?”

“Yeah, why what’s the matter? Roan now’s not the time to get cold feet,” said Stefan as he took out binoculars and gave the building another look.

“I wish something was cold but no I’m just saying, where are all the guards? Shouldn’t there be patrols or men with guns walking around? I didn’t see a one on my side what about you?”

“I didn’t see any either but that doesn’t mean anything they could all be inside. Maybe they don’t want the wrong people passing by and getting curious. Look! There’s a hole in their security on the North wall. Whoever mounted the cameras left a blind spot between this camera and this other one,” said Stefan as he drew in the sand. “So this is the plan, tonight we come back and scale the wall here. Once we’re inside we get your General and get out dropping anyone who gets in our way.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, although you can’t scale the wall and open the door for me?” said Roan as Stefan gave him a look. “I’m just asking no need to get bent out of shape. It’s just I’m getting a little old to climb up walls.”

“Think of it as a climb into a bedroom window and your woman is waiting... no pining her heart out for you inside.”

“Yes that would work,” said Roan as he smiled at Stefan. Then they started heading back to their Rover to get the rope and other things they’d need.

“Just think of it like you’re Romeo climbing up Juliet’s balcony,” said Stefan as the rock formation and the Rover came in sight.

“I appreciate what you’re saying but there are a couple things wrong with your analogy. First I think Diane and I are a little past our prime to be called Romeo and Juliet. Lastly and I think more importantly Romeo and Juliet both ended up dead. So if I have to use a visual to focus I’m going with a full bar inside with ice. Speaking of ice,” said Roan. “You know this thermal pack idea of Chuck’s works wonderfully so while you get things together I’ll make us a Martini.”

“As soon as it gets dark we head out,” said Stefan as his phone rang. “I just got a text message from Anatoly is says the package has been secured.”

“Okay the clock is ticking now before the Thanatos protocol kicks in,” said Roan. Stefan looked at him. “The Thanatos protocol has to do if the director is compromised.” Roan went on to mix and explain finishing their Martinis with his explanation.

“So you eliminate your own director,” said Stefan as he took the drink from Roan. “Igor would never go for something like that because it would be too easy for someone to accuse him then shoot him. Not that in the past others haven’t been liquidated, but then they didn’t need to prove their accusations. As you American’s say here’s mud in your eye.”

“And sand in theirs,” said Roan as he drank Stefan’s toast. “So shall we get busy? Can we go over the plan one more time?”

In a dark room somewhere in Casablanca the impostor came to slowly. Her head was aching and her throat was dry. The last thing she knew she was on the plane and now she was here. Trying to move she found she was tied to a chair. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark she realized she wasn’t alone in a chair next to her was someone else. It was Chuck and he was tied too.

“Agent Carmichael,” whispered the impostor she tried to move her chair over to his but discovered it was bolted down. “Chuck,” she said louder. “Chuck wake up.”

“No don’t,” he said in his sleep as he became agitated then woke up. “Hey what’s going on? Where am I?”

“Shush, hold it down,” said the General. “We’ve been taken prisoner. What happened on the plane? The last thing I remember was putting on the oxygen mask then nothing else.”

“Someone in your group sabotaged the oxygen flow. I turned it on but I got a warning light saying there was a malfunction. I grabbed my portable oxygen tank then went to see where the problem was then nothing. I guess whoever it was waited for me outside the cockpit. But what I don’t understand is why are we still alive?”

“Good question Chuck but you were always the bright one, weren’t you?” said a voice from a darkened corner.

“Bryce is that you? Of course it is. Why am I surprised? So now you have us what do you want to do with us?”

“You and I have unsettled business,” said the voice again as bright lights came on blinding them. They could hear footsteps getting nearer.

“She chose me Bryce, Sarah chose me over you so deal with it. There’s nothing you can do about it now except maybe die for real this time.”

“Shush,” said the General. “Don’t antagonize him. Let’s hear him out and see if we can come to a mutual understanding.”

“General, what’s the matter with you? You were the first one to say no compromises? Is the gas still affecting you?”

“Oh Chuck it’s not the gas that’s affecting her, right General? She’s being practical the same way you’ll become. You’re going to write Sarah a letter and tell her you never loved her that you only wanted to make sure she didn’t go away with me. You were jealous of me but now that you see the end is near you want her to be happy, happy with me.”

“And you’re insane if you think I’m going to write that crap. You can go kiss where the sun doesn’t shine,” said Chuck. The impostor heard a loud whack as the voice punched Chuck in the face. She felt his blood and saliva on her face.

“You should’ve listened to your partner here,” said the voice. “Don’t antagonize the executioner it’s not good for your health.”

“Oh I’m just getting started but planting false evidence is kind of your thing, isn’t it Mr. Piranha. Yes I figured that one out and everyone at Langley knows too...”

“Chuck, be quiet you’re talking too much,” the look-a-like said cutting him off. “You’re giving away intel. Just shut up.”

“No he’s going to kill us anyway so there Bryce. You’ll never be able to show your face in public I’ve seen to that. There can be no more miraculous resurrection this time. You can never have her, never. I fixed your wagon good this time.”

“Why you,” said the voice. The impostor heard two more punches then saw Chuck slump over. “Take him out and throw him in the cell while I talk some reason in the other.”

That was the first time she realized there were men in the room behind her back. They came forward undid Chuck’s bonds, then dragged him out half conscious.

“Was that really necessary,” asked the impostor after she was sure Chuck was gone. “Let’s cut to the chase and you tell me what it is you want?”

“First of all I need to know what to call you?” said the voice. She heard the same footsteps get close to her then she felt his hot breath in her ear. “What is your real name?”

“Diane Beckman, General, United States Air Force...” the impostor started to spew but they voice wasn’t having it.

“Stop,” he said as he pounded on the table in front of her. “If you continue with this I’ll bring Chuck around and give him a story about how a General got substituted by a look-a-like during a faked accident in Chicago. I might not get what I want but you won’t get what you want either. Now shall we try again? What’s your real name?”

“Are names that important? You know what they say about roses,” she said. “Okay if you called me Mattie I’d probably answer. Now tell me what you want?”

“I want it all Mattie, I want it all but for now I’ll leave you to think about what you can offer me. I’ve got a letter to get signed,” said the voice as the lights went off and she heard a door close.

“Hey come back here we’re not done. Come back here,” she yelled as she fought against her bonds but she was tied in tight.

Anatoly walked out of the room then around to where Chuck had an ice pack on his face. He looked like he was in more than a little pain as he walked in.

“Sorry but I had to make it look realistic. How’s your face?” said Anatoly as he walked over and looked at him. “I don’t know why you’re toying with her. If I were you I’d either cap her or ship her off to a dark site.”

“I can’t do either without proof she’s a fraud. Besides I need to know if there are others like her around even though I don’t think so and most importantly who’s the mastermind behind the operation. She was looking at a site in Pyongyang before we left, why? No I’ve got to many questions and she’s got the answers,” said Chuck. Her phone began to ring on the table behind them.

“What do we do about that?” said Anatoly as he passed it to Chuck. Chuck looked at it the display read ‘caller I.D. blocked’.

“For now we ignore it,” he said as he sat it back down. “I need you to wrap my left hand like it’s been broken then I’ll need some stage make-up.”

“But excuse me once we have the real Beckman there shouldn’t be any need for proof? You’ll have the original and she can deal with her trash.”

“That might be true but then there will be people who will say how are we sure we rescued the real Beckman? They will accuse us of being played my friend. In the end and in the doubt Thanatos protocol will have to be activated.”

“Well then let’s get that proof,” said Anatoly as he looked back through the one way glass at the Beckman look-a-like sitting smug in her chair.

“Come on let’s get this over with,” said Chuck.

“I’m sorry Chuck,” said Anatoly. He punched Chuck knocking him out. “Take him back in and tie him to the chair next to her. Chuck, I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

Casey looked over the sat images of the fire and explosions that followed. But looking at the clip it looked like any other office fire until he ran facial recognition on the people around it. That was when he got a hit on Kim leaving the fire.

“Well, well look who we have here,” said Casey. Morgan walked over and looked at the monitor with a cup of coffee in his hand.

“Hey isn’t that the guy from Australia that tried to call Chuck out,” said Morgan. “I thought he was supposed to be going to a dark site.”

“When I said ‘look who we have here’ that was a rhetorical question Moron and if you come near my equipment with that cup you’re going to be swallowing it. Where’s the coaster that’s supposed to go under it?”

“Right but John what was our guy doing there and more importantly was he going in or out of the compound? If he was going in then he was going home if he was going out... well he might’ve been the man who brought the matches.”

“That almost made sense but we may never know Troll. He disappears afterwards into the crowd. The building was listed as belonging to a private television communications conglomerate. But private in North Korea something doesn’t smell right.

“It could be the Kimchi,” said Morgan. Casey gave him a look.

“I’m not slapping the back of your head Moron only because you’ve got coffee in your hand. But keep it up and I might forget.”

“Did you think about looking in the archives for past fly overs and see what the compound looked like before the fire to get a better idea about what was going on there.”

“Of course I did I was just waiting for an imbecile like you to come along and suggest it,” said John as he downloaded previous passes.

“Really you were then why haven’t you downloaded them already? It seems to me...” Morgan started to say.

“It seems to me you need to go back up above and leave the spy work to the professionals,” said Casey as the images started to come up.

“Oh crap,” said Casey as the images became clearer. He quickly started working the controls to bring in the images clearer.

“What’s the matter,” asked Morgan as he crowded in to get a look too. “I don’t see anything other than antennas.”

“Get away from me,” said Casey as he pushed Morgan away. He grabbed the keyboard and brought Chuck up on the monitor.

“Geez, Chuck what happened to you,” said Morgan. “I know you and Sarah have hit a rough patch but that’s no reason to go all fight club.”

“Just get out of the way,” said Casey as he grabbed Morgan up but the collar and sat him over to the side. “Chuck, I looked at those images and then I looked at images of the building before the fire...”

“I wish you hadn’t I was afraid this Beckman might have friends that would be watching but now it’s too late. Okay just go ahead.”

“Well it was the moron’s idea anyway what’s interesting is the antenna array. It’s made up of next generation NSA dishes. They’re designed to be smaller but do twice the work. However, we’re slowly phasing them in here and you’re going to love this they were designed by your friend Laszlo Mahnovski. I think your building was some sort of communications hub that someone took out.”

“Hum, which would explain some things I’ve suspected… Okay thanks John. Well I’ve got to go,” said Chuck as Anatoly walked behind him.

“Geez what is he doing there? No, I don’t want to know. Casey out.”

“John,” said Morgan. “Why was Anatoly there with Chuck and the General? Did you see Chuck’s face? I’m worried about our boy big guy.”

“So am I.”

“Hey, thanks for throwing me under the bus there John by telling Chuck it was the Moron’s idea to access the archives.”

“Well it’s good to see you have the same opinion about yourself as I do Moron. Don’t you have invoices that need to be invoiced or some other place to be that’s not here bothering me?”

The look-a-like was sitting in the dark again after they dragged Chuck out for another once over. She was kind of astounded by his reserve and she really thought he’d die before he’d write that letter. This time the lights came on and the same man walked in this time without Chuck. He strolled over undid her arms then put a glass of water in front of her.

“I thought you might be thirsty,” said the Anatoly who she thought was Bryce Larkin. “I thought we could use this time to chat. I think by now you know I’m serious and that I have a long reach. Long enough to go all the way to Korea,” he said as she was sipping. When she paused he knew he’d hit pay dirt. “Yes that was me I had to prove to you I was serious.”

“Well my boss won’t be too happy with you when he gets his array back on line,” said the look-a-like. Anatoly smiled.

“So you’re finally admitting that you’re working for someone else, good. I’d like to meet him and offer him my services.”

“Well he doesn’t meet just anyone but it can be arranged. If you do you’ll have to give me my phone back. I’ll make a few phone calls then make it happen.”

“Yes and you’ll call your friends in Mali then they’ll come and try to rescue you. Oh I know about them and I know their holding the real Beckman.”

“It seems you’ve got all the cards so what do you want to negotiate for? Immunity? I can get you that. Money? Just name your price. At seat at the table? Give me my phone and I’ll make the call. I do have to warn you if you decide to work with the Home Office Mr. Y doesn’t tolerate failure of any kind.”

“I bet he’s having a fit over you then,” said Anatoly sarcastically or are you some distant cousin or a household pet?”

“Funny, very funny but not that far away from the truth, I was and am for a lack of better words an experiment or at least this face you see. Once we get our machines on line we’ll be able to make doubles for all the world’s leaders substituting them for our people then slowly, little by little we’ll take over. This is the table I’m offering you a place at. We can make you over to be anyone you want. No need to hide no need for immunity. You want Chuck’s wife we’ll make you Chuck. Just I need my phone if you want that the clock’s ticking.”

“What do you mean the clock’s ticking?” asked Anatoly. Something in the way she said it sounded like she was telling the truth and gave a sense of urgency.

“Well when we left I didn’t know if I could trust Chuck so I wanted some way to control him if he acted up so I put a team on his family. They have orders that if I didn’t contact them every four-eight hours the Carmichaels are to be eliminated.”

Anatoly turned and ran to the door. He knew what was coming or better who was and he was just in time to push Chuck back.

“No not yet,” said Anatoly as he took Mattie’s phone from Chuck. “Let me handle this. You go back and try to call Sarah.” With that he turned and went back inside.

“That was quick,” said Mattie as she sat back in her chair. “I don’t know what kind of ability this woman has but she seems to be able to make you men hop. I just hope we haven’t run out of time.”

“I do too,” said Anatoly as he dropped the phone in front of her then put his Makarov 9 against her head and cocked the hammer. “I know I don’t need to do that but it helps me get my point across. For your health let’s hope we’re in time if not the next time you blow your nose your head will whistle.”

Everyone left the park then headed to Orange orange for ice cream and yoghurt. Sarah drove Emma and Sam while Alex followed them and on the way there Morgan called Sarah five times to talk about Chuck and her. The first three she answered and told him politely that it wasn’t any of his business but the last two she just ignored. Then as they were getting out of the car to walk in he called again.

“Geez he just never gives up,” said Sarah so she switched off her phone. “Maybe like this we can eat in peace. Come one ladies let’s go. Who want’s ice cream?” asked Sarah as she took Sam’s hand.

“I do,” said Sam as she handed Sarah her hand. “Rocky Road our favorite.”

Across the parking lot beneath the Buy More, Casey saw Sarah and the ladies drive in. He’d been on the phone with some of his unsavory friends trying to figure out how next gen technology ended up in North Korea when they pulled in.

“Troll I’m going across the street to Orange orange to talk to Sarah,” said John as he sat his phone down. You can man the fort while I’m gone just don’t touch anything or I’ll have to break an appendage, got it?”

“Okay no problem but you need to get her to talk with Chuck. I’m worried about him. You saw the way he looked he’s spiraling out of control.”

“Yeah sure,” said John as he ran out but in his hurry he forgot his phone. It wasn’t long afterwards that Casey’s phone began to ring but Morgan ignored it.

“No John told me not to touch anything and I’m going to prove to him I can follow orders,” said Morgan. He sat down and looked over at the insistent device until he couldn’t stand it anymore but when as he picked it up it stopped ringing.

“See you can follow orders that will show John,” said Morgan. Suddenly Chuck came on the monitor looking worse than before. “My God Chuck your face…”

“Morgan shut up. Why isn’t anyone answering their phones? I tried Sarah and Casey but neither are answering?

“John forgot his phone here.”

“Shut up and listen Morgan. You need to go get Sarah and Sam then bring them to Castle like right now. There’s a wet team that could be out after them. I don’t have time to explain just go.”

“Sure I got this they’re over in Orange orange right now. I’ll have Sarah call you back when I get her here,” said Morgan as he signed out.

“Good, like this he’ll have to talk to her,” he said to himself as he glanced up at the parking lot feed. “Oh no, Geez what am I going to do now,” said Morgan. He looked up to see an ice cream truck pull in with some surly looking men get out. None of them looked like someone he’d buy ice cream from.

“Think Morgan. What would Chuck do.”

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