Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 21

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Morgan froze in Castle as he saw the men climbing out of an ice cream truck but none of them looked like the good humour man. He knew he had to do something but what. He looked at another monitor that had the feed from Orange orange playing he saw everyone sitting there talking and chatting while sitting around a table. Then Casey walked in Sarah and he went off together to the side to talk.

“Think Morgan think,” he said to himself. “What would Chuck do? He’d flash but that’s not going to happen to me. Morgan think Casey’s right I am an idiot. Oh crap, I know,” he said as an idea hit him. “I know what to do. Morgan you’re a genius,” he said as he ran.

“Orange orange of course,” he said to himself as he ran. His voice started to echo in the passageway. “Move it Morgan,” he told himself. He just hoped he wasn’t too late.

[Meanwhile in Orange orange]

Sarah placed everyone’s orders with the new girl behind the counter Caroline. She told her boss to have a seat and that she’d bring their order to them. Sam’s eyes got big and round as Caroline put her order of Rocky Road in front of her. She armed herself with a spoon and dug in

“Here you go,” said Caroline as she placed the last order in front of Alex. “Will there be anything else,” she asked as Sarah handed her a fifty.

“No I thank you we’re fine,” said Sarah after checking around the table. Sarah noticed Sam was diving into hers like she was afraid global warming was going to cause it to melt.

“Slow up honey or you’ll get a brain freeze,” said Sarah as Sam was shovelling ice cream in like her spoon like she was stoking a boiler. But looking at Sam’s face she knew it was too late. “Just wait a minute and it will pass,” said Sarah as she leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. Just then she looked up to see Casey walk in.

“Dad,” said Alex as Casey came through the doors. “Over here,” said Alex as she waved. He smiled and waved back then came over.

“John, if you want anything just get it and I’ll cover it later,” said Sarah as she cleaned off Sam’s ice cream moustache. “Ice cream goes in the stomach not all over your face.”

Sam giggled and laughed then she looked up at John smiling. “Here for you,” she said as she offered him a spoon full of her ice cream.

"No thanks, can we talk for a moment,” said Casey as he looked over at Sarah. “Thank you but no I need to talk to your Mommy for a second. Can we talk in private?”

“Sure one second,” as she wiped her mouth then got up. They walked over to a corner where they could talk without being overheard. John instinctively looked around to make sure everything was clear.

“Go ahead John we can talk now. What’s the matter? Has something happened that I need to know about? Tell me Chuck’s okay.”

“Okay is a big word right now. I’ll explain in a bit but first Chuck sent me some sat imagines to examine and I need for you to break away from mommy duty for a little while to come look at them. I know you guys are trying to sell this break up act but your boy has gone a little overboard with the cover. Geez I told him to stay in Castle what’s he doing here,” said Casey as Morgan came running from the back straight up to them.

“Morgan, I told you before and I told Alex I don't want to talk about Chuck with you guys,” said Sarah as Morgan ran up winded. He grabbed her hand pulling her and waving for everyone to follow.

“Everyone come with me. ...” He said as he tried to catch his breath wheezing. “Oh could I use some oxygen right about now,” he said as he looked out the window and saw the men heading towards the front door.

“Morgan, what’s going on? Catch your breath then speak slowly?” said Alex concerned. “Are you having a stroke or something? Morgan look at my hand how many fingers am I holding up?”

“No time just follow me we have to go to Castle Chuck’s orders… Not safe here… Men coming,” said Morgan between gasps for air.

“Follow him,” said Casey. “Sarah, take the lead I’ll bring up the rear no questions just go we’ll sort this out in Castle. If Chuck said it wasn’t safe then it isn’t safe.” They all went into the back where they pulled their disappearing act.

“Don't worry you’ll get used to it. They also appear from back there like that guy with the beard did. Like I said you’ll get used to it,” said one of the other girls to Caroline as a group of men came in. They watched the men walk around the place like they were looking for someone. A couple of men even went to the restrooms then they came up and ordered before leaving.

“And what about that. Is that something you’re used to?” said Caroline as they watched the men take their takeaway orders to the awaiting ice cream truck before leaving.

“No, that’s a new one. Maybe they don’t sell frozen yoghurt?”

“I guess that kind of makes sense.”

[Shortly before in the truck]

“Keep up with them and don’t lose them,” said their boss as they proceeded down Burbank Boulevard. Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do so let’s gear up and get ready. Don't get too close or they’ll see you. Listen up when we get there everyone out except you Tom. Tom you need to stay with the van because you’ve been made and we need to make sure they don’t see this coming. Do we have any word from our General?”

“None Boss not a peep,” said a man sitting at a console with headsets on. “I don’t want to seem like I’m tell you your business but her forty-eight hour clock is up so what do you want to do?”

“We follow orders of course. This is what we’re going to do we’re going to walk in make the hit then walk out. Down dead done, the key is speed we can’t afford to get caught up in a firefight in downtown Burbank. This isn’t the barrio so they won’t expect it. Okay here we go,” said their leader as they pulled into the Buy More parking lot. “Let’s go on me.”

The side door opened and a group of unsavory looking characters got out dressed in white shirts and pants with black bow ties. They looked around saw their targets’ vehicle then crossed the lot entering Orange orange with weapons hidden out of sight.

“What the…” said the Boss as he looked around but there was no sign of their targets anywhere. They were gone.

“How did they pull this off,” asked the one as they stood in the middle of the place looking around like idiots.

“You two go check the restrooms. They have to be somewhere,” said their Boss but they came back shaking their head.

"Would you like to order," asked Caroline as the other girl was busy bussing the table removing the ice cream and yogurts that were left behind on the table.

“Yes, can I get a medium frozen yoghurt with blueberry topping to go,” said one of the men. The boss growled at him. “What I skipped breakfast and now you're making me miss lunch. I don’t know about you guys but I’m a little hungry.”

“I’ll have the same thing,” said another one speaking up. “But put strawberry topping on mine with a sprinkle of nuts. We should get one for Tom since he’s stuck in the van what do you think wants?

“Tutti-frutti, how the heck am I supposed to know? Geez, will you guys hurry up,” said the Boss. “I can’t believe you people.”

The wet team returned to the van confused over what just happened. They had followed their targets from the park to the yoghurt shop yet going in they were gone when they got in and it was a good thing they were.

“Here you go Tom the boss said you wanted tutti-frutti,” said the one guy as they got in the surveillance van disguised as an ice cream truck. The irony did not go unnoticed.

“Oh it’s good you didn’t finish the job the General just called in and said to make sure you stood down. She’d been out of pocket and couldn’t make the call.”

“You mean we almost wasted these people for nothing,” said one guy as he looked around at the rest.

“Just shut up and eat your yogurt. Let’s get out of here”

Sarah placed her hand on the scanner in the back freezer afterwards she looked at the screen as a light passed over her eye. The door clicked and they were in. She led them down the metal stairs then through the passageway to the heart of Castle.

“Okay we’re here,” said Casey. “Grimes this had better be on the up and up not just your stupid attempt at getting Sarah in here to talk to Chuck.”

“John, can’t the two things be the same,” said Morgan. “Besides look at those guys in the parking lot do they look like ice cream men?”

“Okay Morgan you said Chuck wanted me down here because I was in danger so where is he? I don’t see Chuck on the monitor?” said Sarah wondering if Casey wasn’t right and this was just some ploy by Morgan to get her down here.

“Oh no I cut off the connection when I came to get you. How do I get him back?” said Morgan but as Casey was about to pull Morgan away from the console and have a nice talk with the boy who cried wolf the monitor flickered remaining blank but they all heard Chuck’s voice.

“Good job Morgan,” said Chuck. “You got everyone inside Castle like I asked. I know you’ve all got questions but for now you’re safe for the next forty-eight hours and hopefully by then this will be all over. We took the impostor, she’s confessed and I’ve got that on recording.”

“She? What did Bryce have done in Casablanca?” said Morgan. “Ouch,” he said as Casey slapped him in the back of the head.

“Keep quiet Troll I can’t hear,” said Casey as he grunted. “Chuck, continue you said you took the impostor and she confessed?”

“Yes, I’m just waiting now to hear from Stefan and Roan. They called in earlier saying they’d located the General’s location and were going to rescue her after dark.”

“Roan did what? How’d he do that if he’s dead? Wait so you’re saying Roan’s not dead... he’s alive,” said Morgan as he looked at Sarah. She nodded her head.

“That’s generally the way it works,” said Casey. “If you’re no alive you’re dead and Grimes, not a word about zombies or brains. With you around a zombie would starve to death.” Morgan started to raise his hand. “I said not a word and I mean it.”

“It was the only way to call off the kill order without him getting killed. I’m sorry but we had to there was no choice...”

“Wait so this big fight you two had was just what an act?” said Alex as everything started to fall into place. “Why couldn’t you tell us? Who knew about it?”

“I did,” said Sam smiling as she spun around in a chair playing. “I did, I did,” she kept repeating as she spun around and around.

“You’re going to make yourself sick if you don’t stop,” said Morgan as he reached over to stop her chair. But Sam had already spun too much. She turned a shade of ash green and before Sarah could do anything Sam sprayed Morgan with Rocky Road.

“Oh Morgan I’m so sorry,” said Sarah as she picked up Sam. “How do you feel now? Morgan told you that you were going to make yourself sick.”

“I’m sorry,” said Sam with a little voice. “Mommy my tummy doesn’t feel so good.”

“Give her to me,” said Emma as she took Sam from her. Alex took Morgan and Emma with Sam back to the restrooms where Morgan and Sam could get cleaned up.

“There are cots back in the detention area where Sam can lay down until we get ready to go,” said Sarah. She let Emma take Sam only because she had something she wanted to do but not with Sam around.

“I wish I were there with you guys,” said Chuck. “I’m sorry I really am but hopefully this will be over soon. Like I said the impostor has a failsafe in place. There’s a team around you watching your movements. The way she explained it she’s supposed to contact them every forty-eight hours and if she doesn’t they have orders to kill every one of you.”

“Not before I kill them,” said John. “Finally I get to scratch my itch. You know Chuck that’s about the best piece of news I’ve had today. I’ve got some news for you too. I did some checking on those NSA dishes with some guys I know and they told me they’re supposed to be in a warehouse in Fort Meade. I had a buddy there go over to the warehouse where he did an inventory guess what he found out?”

“He discovered that some of them were missing,” said Chuck. Casey smiled because he had set him up.

“No, actually the opposite they were all accounted for. However, get this a number of them were recalled to Los Robles National labs for so-called modification and disappeared from there. They just dropped off the inventory lists.”

“So next generation NSA antennas just disappeared and no one thought anything about it? What did they think they were for to get free satellite TV?”

“I know I wondered the same thing but I’m still looking into it. When you get back we can take a drive to the lab. Your old buddy Laszlo Mahnovski, who happens to be their creator, is working there.”

“Chuck, Sweetie you can see us,” asked Sarah. “If you can why won’t you let us see you? And don’t tell me it has to do with the connection. Remember our pact. Let me see you,” she said. He was keeping something from them she knew it.

“Before I turn on the camera I want you to know I look worse than I actually am. I still have stage make-up on but it was the only way to get Mattie to confess.

“Mattie, so you know... oh my God Chuck what have you done?” said Sarah as she saw his bruised face appear on the monitor.

“Far be it for me to make any comments but Chuck you look like someone used you as a punching bag. One of your Russian pals I bet,” said John. “Why do they get all the fun? You get back and want some more I’ll be happy to oblige just say the word.”

“Funny John but this was necessary or I wouldn’t have let Anatoly do it. And for the record I had to make him because he didn’t want to.”

“I should hope not,” said Sarah. “This has gone on long enough I’m not going to let you kill yourself for Beckman. You have the confession send it to the Major then be done with it. Let Roan and Stefan handle the rest.”

“I can’t until I know the real Beckman is free. You know as well as I do what will happen. The Major will be forced to implement the Thanatos protocol then all of this is for nothing. No, my plan is to eliminate the impostor here then come back with the real General like nothing happened. No one will ever know Beckman was captured or that there was an impostor on the throne.”

“And what happens to the woman in the iron mask,” said Casey. “You realize there is only one solution to this don’t you?”

“I know but this time I won’t be pulling the trigger that will be up to the real Beckman. I don’t even want to be present. Roan can have that honor and I realize we need verification but there’s nothing written that says it has to be me.”

“How are you going to explain Roan’s sudden resurrection and vindication? A secret mission, maybe someplace dangerous, someplace where he needed to be off the grid?”

“Something like that I have to go Anatoly is telling me they need me. Sarah please be careful and give Sam a kiss from me. You can also tell her the reason Morgan knows what spinning in a chair does is because he did it in the breakroom and spewed all over Harry Tang. We ran around hanging signs Tang isn’t just a breakfast drink,” said Chuck as Sarah laughed. “I miss hearing you laugh. I miss your... well everything. I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Sarah as the screen went off.

“Yuck, I think I’m going to be sick,” said Casey. “Come on let’s go check on everyone in the back. Then figure what we’re going to do with Mattie’s team.”

“That’s easy we’re going to kill them.”

[Back in the safe house in Casablanca]

“Okay I’m off what’s so important,” asked Chuck. Anatoly waved for him to come over and look at a monitor they had set up with live external feeds.

“Look that’s your CIA team and that’s the local Station Chief. They’re about to try to breach our perimeter. Do we play nice or do I tell my men to take them out? The choice is yours Chuck but whatever you’re going to decide it needs to be done quickly because they’re already planting charges.”

Roan and Stefan slipped back to the compound carrying rope to scale the wall with along with a grappling hook and a compressed air gun to fire it over the wall. The sun had set a while but the moon and the stars were out on a crystal clear night. But with all the light they had to be careful as they approached the wall. Making their way to the blind spot they set up the gun. Stefan took aim then fired launching the grappling hook up and over. Once they were sure the rope was secure they pulled themselves up and inside.

“Pst, pst” said Roan to get Stefan’s attention. “I don’t like this there’s no one about. You’d think they’d at least have one person at the front gate to check on anyone who might show up.”

“I don’t care much for it either but they could have electronic surveillance at the gate. Listen can you hear that? There’s a humming noise coming from over there and I thought I saw a light. Come on let’s go but keep your eyes open.”

They crossed the courtyard then went down a set of stairs. Stefan held up his fist indicating to Roan to stop.

“You hear that there’s your missing people,” said Stefan in a low voice. They definitely heard voices of men talking and joking.

“Wait here I want to check this out,” said Stefan as he stuck his head in a doorway. He saw a group of men in white coats playing cards. He turned to Roan signaling him to be extra quiet then they slipped past.

“Okay out with it, did you find our missing guards or not?” asked Roans as they continued on the stairs going down.

“Guards no or at least I don’t think they were. There was a group of lab techs in there playing cards. Something is off here,” said Stefan as they continued down to a lower level. The humming sound grew stronger and louder. Finally they reached their destination after seemingly descending into the bowels of the earth. They’d reached the source of the humming.

“There it is,” said Roan as he pointed to the consoles. “Oh for Christ’s sake that’s a DU97 Freon-cooled, reconfigurable with modules for cryptanalysis and video processing mainframe similar to what we used in our remote sites. This isn’t where they’re holding Diane this a relay site for their communications.”

“That’s right Agent Montgomery,” said a female voice from a ceiling speaker. Suddenly the doors closed behind and in front of them. “This is a trap for anyone trying to trace our communications. Have pleasant dreams.” They heard the hissing of gas being release in the space and knew what was happening.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” said Roan as he tried to pry open the door but to no avail. Stefan took out his phone to try to call Chuck but there was no line. The display on his phone was the last thing he saw as his vision became blurry then they both passed out.

“I want them packed up and brought to me here on the double. Give them an extra sedative for the road and make sure you bring their phones,” said Doctor Dee. Now she knew why Mattie wasn’t answering her calls. She walked over to the window and looked out on the desert by night. It was beautiful yet scary too but all she could think of was Agent Carmichael.

“Chuck, Chuck this is all you. Clever boy but I’m not done yet I still have the real Beckman and now two more of your friends to bargain with. Let’s see how this plays out now and who has the last laugh. Oh Mr. Y you’re so going to have to give me a promotion after this.”

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