Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 23

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A Korean air flight touched down at LAX and the passengers deplaned in the terminal. Kim followed the flow of weary travelers through passport control. He got a little nervous when he had to scan his passport. The passport was done by guy he knew but he wasn’t quite sure about what kind of work he’d done on the chip. This had been his emergency passport that had never been used before so it was absolutely clean. He let out a deep breath when it passed and the TSA officer waved him through.

“Passport please do you have anything to declaim,” asked the Customs Agent as he gave Kim the once over. “Where’s your luggage?”

“All I have is my laptop. The day before I left my hotel room was burglarized and they took everything. I was out at the time with this,” said Kim patting his laptop. “I wish I’d been there I would’ve taught them a lesson or two.”

“Or you could’ve gotten hurt. You never know how these things go so you’ve got nothing to show for your stay. What kind of work do you do?” asked the agent as he looked over Kim’s passport.

“I’m a freelance journalist and I went to write a piece about a movement to unify the two countries and their efforts to ease tension... easing tension you have no idea what mine is like right now. I had presents and gifts for family and friends all gone. What am I supposed to tell them?”

“Do you have a police report of something that documents what happened to you?”

“No, I’m on a shoestring budget as it is and if I got stuck there another day I would’ve risked missing my flight. My tickets were non-refundable so I cut my losses.”

“I’m sorry maybe if you go to the Korean consulate you could file a police report through them but I wouldn’t hold my breath. You ought to write a story about it and you experience.”

“Maybe when I write my memoires,” said Kim. They both laughed.

“Well at least you can joke about it. Welcome home,” said the Officer as he handed Kim back his passport. “Next in line please.”

Kim quickly got out of the airport and hailed a cab. He drove straight over to Union Station then went inside there he made a beeline for the long term lockers. There he shed his Mr. Loong identity and became Lawrence Chung. In the locker he took out a messenger bag with everything he needed with a new passport, driver’s license and a Glock 9 with suppressor along with his favorite twelve inch black tantō knife with ankle strap.

Kim started to make his way out of Union Station heading toward the taxi stand when he noticed he had a tail two men with earpieces that were following him. He had to think fast so he went to the ticket window.

“I need a ticket for Seattle,” said Kim loud enough for his tail to overhear then he hung around long enough to make sure they bought tickets then he went out to the platform to wait for the train.

"Okay you need wait for it,” he told himself and as the train was pulling in they made their move. He tracked them out of the corner of his eye. One walked past him trying to circle him then as the train came in they moved in on him from both side.

Kim dropped down like he was tying his shoelaces palming the tantō knife and was still down when the first man tried to grab him. But Kim stabbed the man through the shoe twisting the knife. He dropped in pain then Kim came up slashing the other one across his outstretched arms. They tried to draw weapons but Kim stabbed the one then threw his knife catching the other in the forehead.

From the time Kim pulled the knife to the end it was only a matter of a few minutes. However, chaos erupted in the wake of the violence on the platform as people tried to run away as fast as they could. In the midst of anarchy Kim calmly recovered his knife then disappeared into the hysterically crowd. Once outside he hailed down a taxi as he heard police sirens getting closer.

“9000 Burbank Boulevard, the Burbank Buy More, please” said Kim as he made himself comfortable in the back.

Back in the American Embassy there was all sorts of speculation flying about who they were holding as prisoner in detention. The Station Chief tried to keep a lid on but the strict security he put in place just fueled the fire. The rumors seemed to be confirmed when the number of people allowed in the detention area was greatly reduced.

“Chief, I hope you know what you’re doing,” said the Ambassador as they stood in his office. “I should notify my boss, the Secretary of State, before he finds out from someone else. You realize we both could be recalled for this.”

“I realize that but if this blows up in our faces they’ll just recall you while my next assignment will be at Super Max so I think I’ve got a little more riding on this. Besides I played her confession for you and I told you what I heard so there can be no mistake that she’s an impostor, a very good one, but an impostor none the less.”

“I hope you’re right because if you’re not my next job will require a hair net,” said the Ambassador as he took a deep breath looking out his office window at the city.

“Don’t worry we only have to hold out for less than thirty-six hours then you can tell the Secretary of State and the real General can tell him how important it was to maintain secrecy. I wouldn’t be surprised if all this was put under some sort of national security blanket with need to know.”

How’s the prisoner doing by the way? Going from being king or queen of the mountain to being a number has to be difficult for lack of a better word.”

“Difficult for my people who are guarding her, you should hear some of the threats and verbal abuse she’s been spewing. I’ve really thought about having her sedated her to keep her quiet.”

“Well if you think it’s necessary I’ll sign off on it. Just when you bring it by for me to sign tell me if you want that super-sized?” They both laughed then the Chief left to check on their prisoners.

[Meanwhile in Rick’s Place the CIA substation under the Embassy in Rabat]

While the Chief was up with the Ambassador the Deputy Chief stayed down in the substation to oversee how things were developing. The prisoners were put in detention and to get to them people had to pass down a long hallway with a security door at the end. There they placed two armed guards. Then through that door people passed in holding. There they placed two more men and behind them were the detention cells with Beckman’s merc team crowded in one large cell and the impostor in another.

“What happened? How’d we get here,” said one of the Mercs as they looked out through the bullet proof glass door.

“It was Chuck,” said the man who’d been the co-pilot. He’d been the last to wake up. “He drugged us all.”

“I’m going to kill him when I get out of here,” said the man with the still raspy throat as he walked up to the glass doors and started looking it over to see how it worked.

“Prisoners move back away from the door,” said the one guard as the other took out what looked like a riot baton.

“You’re going to come in here with that thing; I don’t hardly think so because you haven’t got the guts. But hey, I want you to know one thing I’m going to kill you when I get out. You and your whole...”

“Then maybe I ought to kill you first,” said the man with the baton cutting off the merc. He jabbed him through the holes in the door and shocked him. The loud mouth went into convulsions as he went down. “I don’t hear you running your mouth anymore? Now stay back away from the door or I’ll just seal your cell and fill it with gas.”

“Do as he says,” yelled the impostor from the other side. “Our employer will have us out of here soon enough. We take care of our own.” The doors to detention opened and the Deputy Chief walked in.

“What’s going on here? Why is that man down?” asked the Deputy. The two guards looked at each other. “Well I’m waiting for an explanation.”

“You see Sir he wouldn’t move away from the cell door,” said the one guard as he looked over at his partner for help.

“That’s right we told them to move away but he wouldn’t move so we moved him. It’s that plain and simple. Our orders, the ones you gave us, were to keep them away from the door.”

“Are you using my words against me? Remember I’m the Deputy Chief here. I understand you were provoked but did you ever think the prisoner might have done that on purpose to either take your baton or get you to open the cell doors, Of course you didn’t you were just pissed and you were just seeing red.”

“I guess you’re right Sir we’re sorry and don’t worry it won’t happen again,” said the one guard. But in the middle of his apology the deputy received a text message. He was lost in thoughts as the guards rambled on until he told them they were dismissed.

“Dismissed? But why? Yes we made a small error of judgement but that’s no reason to go and fire us over it. We’ve got this watch there won’t be any more problems.”

“What? No, I’m sorry I didn’t mean you’re relieved just that you should go take a break. I’ll stay here while you two go get yourselves a cup of coffee and stretch your legs. Don’t worry, I’ll watch your post for you until you get back so go and that’s an order. You guys need a break.”

The men walked out leaving the Deputy Chief there by himself. He waited until he was sure they were gone before he took action.

“Mattie is it?” said the Deputy as he got close to her cell and talked to her with his back to the camera. Mr. Y sends his regards I just receive a text message from him saying the global comms system is back on line and I need to help you escape.”

“Hey, what about us, are you two going to leave us here to rot? It’s everyone or no one and now we know you’re with us.”

“Yes you do,” said the Deputy as he went over to the control console letting Mattie out and sealing the Merc’s cell then cutting of the oxygen flow. “Don’t worry,” he said talking to them via intercom. “With as many as you are in there it won’t take long before you use up all your oxygen. Just relax and go to sleep it will be over soon. Come on Mattie I need to get you past the guards.

“Give me your pistol and I’ll take you out as a hostage. Once I’m out you can stay I fainted in my cell or you thought I was having a heart attack then came to my rescue only for me to take you hostage.”

“Sounds good that way I won’t have to blow my cover,” said the Deputy as he handed her his service weapon. “Okay let’s do this.”

They went to the security door where he punched in his code. The door made a clicking sound then opened.

“Don’t shoot or I’ll blast his head off,” said the impostor as she held onto the Deputy by the shirt collar pushing him through the door with a Beretta 9 to the man’s head. But on the other side of the door they were greeted by group of agents in full combat gear.

“Go ahead,” said Chief Livingston. “You’ll save me the trouble. Chuck, looks like I owe you that steak dinner.”

“I’ll settle for a kebab out in town when this is over,” said Chuck. “I’d move really slowly right now these men won’t respond nicely to any fast gestures of stupidity. I put in extra wireless cameras. After what happened with Anatoly I figured this Home Office as they call themselves had to have moles in our embassy too.”

“Chuck spotted you right off the bat but I didn’t want to believe him so I bet him a steak dinner that it wasn’t you. You made me lose.”

“Well that’s just too bad. The Home Office made me a very lucrative offer with a lot of benefits so I took it. What can I say I like the finer things life has to offer.”

“You’re going to get them alright in an eight by six with yard time for good behavior for the rest of your life. That is if you don’t catch a shiv by someone your boss sends because you know too much.”

“Why you...” said Mattie as she pointed the Beretta at Chuck and pulled the trigger. The Chief jumped on top of her as the round exploded knocking Chuck backwards. Half the men went to help the Chief subdue her and the other half went to help Chuck.

“You know these things might be bullet proof but it still hurts when you get shot. The bullet magnet works again.”

“Get off me,” yelled Mattie. “Get off and let me go,” she said as she tried to break free. “I should’ve gone for the head. Chuck, you talked with your family lately?”

“Take both of them back to detention. Lock her up and search him then lock him up too. Oh you might turn the air back on for those others.”

“Do we have to,” asked the one agent. “You sure we can’t forget.” He said as he smiled then he and the other men lead their prisoners away.

“Chuck that was about one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen anyone do. What kind of person wants to get shot? You’re lucky she didn’t go for the head.”

“She wouldn’t have I noticed her squinting when she was reading so I knew her eye sight wasn’t that great and you were charging her so she wanted to get the round off as quickly as she could so the ideal target would’ve been center mass. See everything was calculated.”

“You know sometimes people do crazy things like letting others shoot at them. It worked today but I wouldn’t try it again if I were you. One of these days you could be surprised. What did she mean when she asked if you’d talked with your family?”

“I don’t know but I’m going to find out,” said Chuck as he walked back out to their comm station and tried to raise Castle.

Down in Castle Morgan and Alex were keeping Emma and Sam company. John and Sarah left making a quick sortie to Echo Park to get some things to campout in Castle. After Sam’s chair incident she needed clothes to change into. Sarah made a mental note that from now on she’d keep something for Sam in Castle just in case.

“Morgan you’re not paying attention. Now watch carefully you see the pea,” said Sam as she held it up in front of him. “Okay so I put it under the cup. Did you see that?”

“Yeah, I saw that so now continue and no cheating,” said Morgan. “Something tells me there’s something going on that’s not on the up and up.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” said Sam as she began moving the cups around. “Now you see it now you don’t. The pea goes round and round and in the end no one knows where it is. So Morgan, where’s it at? Okay where’s the pea at?”

“Don’t rush me this one,” said Morgan as he touched the first cup looking at Sam smile. “No wait, this one on the end.”

“Are you sure you want to pick that one,” said Sam as she twisted in place back and forth smiling from ear to ear.”

“I hate this game. No wait, this one I’m sure of it,” he said as the tapped the middle cup. “Yes this one I’m sure.”

“Sorry,” said Sam as she turned over the cup and underneath was nothing. “See it was under your first choice,” she said as she turned it over and there was the pea.

“Sam love,” said Chuck coming on the monitor. “It’s not nice to take advantage of people who are slower that you.”

“Chuck,” said Sam as she jumped and came running. “When are you going to come home? We miss you. You know I won two hundred dollars in the park today with the pea under the cup.”

“Hold up a moment. It sounds like I need to be on the next plane but Sweet Pea I have a few more things to do here then I’ll be home.”

“Who are you calling slow anyway,” said Morgan. “I was letting her win. I knew where the pea was at all times.”

“So you knew it was in her left hand,” said Chuck. Sam held her finger up to her mouth to tell him to be quiet.

“Shush you’re not supposed to tell the secret,” said Sam as Alex and Emma started laughing then Sam joined in.

“Listen, I called to talk to Sarah,” said Chuck as he rubbed his chest. “Is she there? I don’t see her in any of the feeds from Castle.”

“Chuck is that powder burn on you shirt and is that a vest you’re wearing under your shirt,” asked Morgan. “Have you been playing bullet magnet again?”

“Morgan, I need to talk to Sarah, where is she? The Beckman look-a-like asked me something creepy she asked if I had talked with my family lately. So where is she? I told her to stay in Castle don’t tell me she went home?”

“She had to go home and get somethings for everyone to camp out here. But she went with Casey and they should be back any moment now. I can call her... that’s right I can call her and have her come back.”

“No don’t Morgan; I’ll call her from here. I’m probably just letting Mattie get to me. It’s probably nothing.”

“You’re right. You know what it is; it’s just the evil twin trying to get back at you for capturing her and unmasking her.”

“You’re probably right. Sweet Pea I have to go now and call Mommy,” said Chuck. “Please behave and try not take all of Morgan’s lunch money. I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Sam as she blew him a kiss. He pretended to catch it then he blew one back. After Chuck hung up Sam went over to Morgan.

“Okay Morgan do you have a deck of cards. I’ll let you pick a card out then I’ll find it but let’s make this game a little interesting.”

“Oh no we don’t,” said Emma as she intervened. “What did your father just tell you and you know your mother wouldn’t approve so little Jack Burton ends here right now.”

Sarah and Casey pulled up outside Echo Park. It was a beautiful night with a full moon out and all the stars shinning down from above. It made Sarah miss Chuck even more. They walked across the courtyard and by the water fountain then stopped and stood just outside Sarah’s apartment.

“John you know you didn’t have to come with me,” said Sarah. “It really wasn’t necessary I could’ve come and gotten the things I need on my own. You guys baby me and while I do appreciate it sometimes I can take care of myself.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way I’m sure you can but I made a promise to Chuck and I keep my promises no matter what. You should know that by now. But Chuck is only looking out for you and the baby.”

“I know he is but sometimes he goes overboard and it’s like he’s smothering me. I was a spy before him and I’ve been in a lot of sticky situations...”

“But not five months pregnant so cut the guy some slack. He’s only doing what a father and husband ought to do. I wish I’d been there for Kat when Alex was born... I don’t know I’d probably have been worse so just sit back and relax,” said John as Sarah unlocked the door and went in. She turned on the light to find Kim sitting in her living room.

“Wait a minute,” said Kim as they both drew on him. He put his hands up in the air. “Oh by the way you might want to talk to someone at the Buy More by the name of Big Mike. I told him I had to deliver a package to Chuck and he gave me your address. That being said might I also add I know we’ve had our little disagreements but I’m willing to say let bygones be bygones. ”

“We’ll I’m not,” said Sarah. “I’ll cover him you frisk him.”

“Hold up, you might want to forget about me and be more concerned about the wet team that was watching your place before I got here. They’re probably already on their way in.” John went the window and looked out. He saw movement in the courtyard.

“He’s telling the truth. So what is it that you want let me guess a clean slate, new identity and money?

“Something like that, but we can talk about that later. First let’s take the rubbish out then we can sit down and have a nice heart to heart. You know what they say about the enemy of my enemy.”

“You burnt down that comm relay in Pyongyang,” said Casey realizing a little bit of what Kim was after and thinking maybe they could cut a deal. They’d worked with worse.

“Guilty as charged. You two just stay in here I’ll be right back,” said Kim as he pulled out his tantō knife and disappeared out the back.

“We should hear him out,” said John as he looked out the window. “I’m not saying I trust him but we should find out what he’s selling first.”

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