Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 24

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Chuck was going crazy trying to reach Sarah he’d called her but she wasn’t picking up. Looking out the window he watched the sun rise over Casablanca. During the night he drove back from Rabat to gather the things that were being delivered for his desert meeting. But that was the farthest thing from his mind. Right now he was worried about Sarah turning over and over the words the impostor had told him. The sunrise would’ve stupendous looking over the multi-colored souk already alive with people. In the distance he heard the Muazzin calling the faithful to Fajar, true dawn. Yes dawn was breaking and so was his whole heart.

“Why don’t you take a break you’re tired? You’ve been trying to call her since you got back. I’m sure there’s a good reason she’s not picking up,” said Anatoly. “Think of the positive at least you talked with your daughter that’s something.”

“A good reason all right Mattie played us and sent in her wet team. What’s worse is she did it right under our very noses. I usually catch these sort of things... I don’t know I can’t help feel this is partly my fault. I swear if anything’s happened to Sarah I’ll go back to the holding cell where that woman’s at and put a bullet between her eyes.”

“And what would that get you? Some satisfaction but a hallow one. No you need to savor revenge and make it last. Quick revenge like that is like bad sex.”

“Are you part Klingon? ‘BortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay’ which translates ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ an old Klingon proverb.”

“I don’t know anything about Klingons but I do know something about revenge. You don’t want it to fester too long though. A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green,’ Francis Bacon. Oh by the way that’s a quote from a real person. I’m sorry I don’t think I’m helping you any but if I had a teleporter I would send you there.”

“Yes a teletransporter,” said Chuck. “If only I had... wait yes a teleporter that’s what we need... I need. Anatoly, you’re a genius.” Chuck had an idea but if he did it he could get in all sorts of trouble but this was Sarah and for her he knew no limits. “Boy, am I going to make some people mad.”

“Chuck, you do realize teleporters are just fictional devices used in science fiction movies or on TV. They don’t really exist,” said Anatoly worried that something might have snapped in Chuck. “Would you like for me to call your Embassy and have them send a doctor to have a look at you?”

“A what? For what?” No, just you’ll have to forget what you see but it doesn’t really matter because I’ll have the codes changed afterwards anyway,” said Chuck as he pulled out his tablet and started opening apps then typing code

“Chuck, are you talking to me or to yourself?” asked Anatoly. He didn’t like the way Chuck was acting. He seemed... well crazy. “Look if you start answering we go back to the idea about calling the doctor.”

“Shush I need silence right now and a bottle of Rombauer but that’s not going to happen here. So just please be quiet while I work,” said Chuck as he started typing code and breaking through firewall after firewall.”

“And you expect me to understand what you’re doing,” said Anatoly looking over Chuck’s shoulder. “About the only thing I understood was ‘execute’.”

“Shush’, said Chuck. “I’m in now comes the fun.”

“What a video game?” Now he was really worried.

Sarah and Casey set up a defensive perimeter in the living room kitchen area while Kim went out to try to out circle around the income team. They thought about retreating into the panic room which was Sam’s bed room but then they would box themselves in with nowhere to go. The reason it was created was for one of them to take Sam to a safe place and wait for the rest to arrive. In all this Sarah’s phone kept ringing until finally she switched it to mute.

“You know you should answer that,” said John as he looked out the window. “If he keeps on calling it means he knows something is up. I’ve got movement behind the bird of paradise.”

“And what am I supposed to tell him? Hi honey I can’t talk right now there’s a wet team outside trying to break in to kill us. I’ll call you back. I love you.”

“No reason to get... well you know what I mean. I’m just saying he’s doing some hand wringing wondering what to do. You know he’s liable to hijack a plane.”

“Yes and if he finds out the impostor sent these people what do you think he’ll do? I know my husband and I don’t want him to be... well you know what I mean.”

“What? Like you and me I don’t think you have to worry about that but it’s about time Chuck put’s some big boy pants on.”

“I know you miss him too,” said Sarah. She grabbed a knife from the butcher’s block threw it across the room taking out a man in a black hood coming in through the French windows. The man made a low moan looking down at the handle protruding from his chest then dropped outside.

“I guess I ought to say thank you but I saw him coming to,” said Casey as he grunted. “I thought Kim was supposed to helping.”

[Outside in the Dark]

Kim was moving around in the foliage like a predator on the hunt. He identified his first prey a man dressed in black with a ski mask making his way around the back of the apartment complex. Hiding by the garbage dumpsters Kim waited for the man to come by then he pounced.

“What the...” was all the man could get out. Kim grabbed the man’s weapon hand as he slashed the man’s throat keeping him from calling for help.

“Thank you,” said Kim as he retrieved the man’s earpiece and radio then dumped the body in the trash. “My mother taught me to pick up after myself.”

“Charlie come in,” Kim heard in his earpiece. “Charlie, come in. Charlie nothing heard. Alpha, Bravo Charlie and Delta aren’t reporting in...”

“I hear you,” radio Kim muffling his voice. “It’s this stupid radio that isn’t working right. I can hear you but you can’t hear me.”

“You sound funny Charlie I told you to check your batteries before you left. I’ve just gotten into their CCTV feed so now I’ve got eyes. Guys listen up Delta went around back but I don’t see him. Charlie, I don’t see you either but go converge on Delta. Alpha and Bravo I got you in the courtyard when you’re in position I’ll give the word. In and out let’s get this over with.”

“Thank you,” thought Kim, now he knew where his targets where but he had to be careful to the cameras. He didn’t want to get seen too soon

“Charlie, are you in position? I don’t see you on the feed. Charlie, report in. Do you see Delta, report?” Kim made his way to the courtyard and saw the one man in the corner. However, the other one in the bird of paradise was at a bad angle to him.

“Oh Crap,” he said there was no way this could be avoided. He threw his knife catching Bravo square in the chest taking him off his feet while he dove into the middle of the courtyard opening fire on the birds of paradise. He winged Alpha but he was able to return fire. Kim made it just in time to get behind the fountain.

“What the heck is going on in there,” yelled the Boss from the van. “Who’s shooting at whom? Report in.”

“It’s time I scratched my itch,” said Casey as he opened the door and placed two rounds in the perp then finished him off with a headshot.

“Casey in the street,” yelled Kim as they both scrambled outside with Sarah sweeping behind them to make sure there wasn’t anyone trying to out flank them. “The ice cream truck,” yelled Kim. “We need to stop it.”

“Kind of late for a snack,” he said as they both opened fired but the truck was bullet proof. Their rounds just bounced off.

“The tires go for the tires,” yelled Casey as they emptied their clips. “Sarah, we’re out,” he yelled as she joined them in the middle of the street. She started firing but after the first two rounds the ice cream truck erupted in a ball of fire. It flew up in the air then came back down making a loud noise.

“Now that’s what I call a flambé. Anyone for a baked Alaska?” said Casey as they watched the truck burn. Pieces of the ice cream truck dropped back down spraying the area with debris.

“Does that beanie come with a propeller?” asked Kim as Casey growled. “What kind of rounds are you shooting in that thing?” Sarah shrugged her shoulders.

Casey’s phone began to ring in his pocket so he dug it out. Chuck’s photo was on caller I.D. he held it up for Sarah to see then answered it putting the call on speaker.

“John, can you tell Sarah to answer my calls? You know a person could get worried and imagine all sorts of things,” said Chuck as Casey rolled his eyes.

“Here you can answer him,” said Casey as he started to give the phone to Sarah but then he rethought. “No wait a minute. Chuck, you know we were kind of busy and your constant calling didn’t help. We’re not just sitting around drinking mint tea and smoking a hookah pipe here. Some of us are doing real work protecting democracy.”

“Funny John, very funny and for your information I know what you were doing. As a matter of fact I saw the whole thing,” said Chuck as the three looked at each other.

“How’d you pull that off? Oh don’t tell me you’ve got a spy sat over head? You know that’s really creepy.” Suddenly a drone came swooping down over them out of the night sky in stealth mode. They didn’t know it was coming until it was almost on top of them.

“Geez Chuck, I don’t need a haircut. Oh you didn’t, did you? You stole a drone. Oh someone is going to be very, very angry with you,” said Casey as he watched it disappear in the night sky.

“I couldn’t get an Abrams to you fast enough. I see Kim is with you, do I need to make another pass for him.”

“We don’t know yet,” said Casey as he looked over at him. “He says he’s here to talk and he did help us take out the wet team. We’ll talk then we go from there he’s not the first rattlesnake I’ve negotiated with and probably not the last.

[A few hours earlierat Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twenty-Nine Palms]

VMU-1 “The Watchdogs” launched two drones in support of Mojave viper. The month long course is to train Marine Corps units before they deploy to Afghanistan. A part of the training is the use of live fire exercises; artillery, tank, and close air support training are used for training, in addition to the sprawling "Combat Town," a 2-acre fabricated Middle Eastern village, complete with a mosque, native role-players, an "IED Alley," and other immersive touches. Today’s training was supposed to be the final CAX (Combined Arms Exercise).

“Okay Lieutenant you know the drill for today get your platoon in place. You’ve got a town full of insurgents you need to root out.”

“Well Sir following the drones strike we’ll move in pushing back…” said the young Lieutenant as he began explaining but the Lieutenant Colonel cut him off.

“Son, I don’t need for you to tell me I want you to go out and show me. Dismissed and move out. The drones should be in position by now.”

The Lieutenant went out and got his gunny to deploy his three squads. They were poised with squads coming in on the right and left and the third coming down the middle.

“Everyone’s in place we’re just waiting on the drones,” said the Gunny as they waited and waited. Until finally the Lieutenant took out his field phone and called into HQ.

“Sir, we’ve been waiting for supporting fire from the birds and we’ve been waiting for a while Sir where are they? This is supposed be our CAX. … What do you mean you lost a bird? How can you lose a bird” said the Lieutenant. His Gunny made a sign for him to tone it down a notch. “I mean with all due respect. … Yes Sir will do.”

“So what’s the word,” asked the Gunny. He already had a good idea the way things were going to go. “Are we or aren’t we getting air support.”

“VRM lost control of one of their birds so they grounded the other. We’re to soften them up with mortars them move it. It sounded like there was a lot of mayhem back in HQ.”

“You know how much one of those things cost then they go and lose one. I bet someone’s not going to be able to sit down tonight. Come on LT we’ve got a town to take.”

[Back at Echo Park]

There was something in way Chuck was talking that made Sarah think there was something else going on that he wasn’t telling her. Like if they’d rescued Beckman why weren’t they in a plane over the Atlantic by now. No, something wasn’t right, and she intended to find out what it was.

“Chuck, Sweetie,” said Sarah. “Why are you still in Morocco? Shouldn’t you and the General be on your way back by now?”

“About that... well that was the other thing I was trying to call you about. Things didn’t exactly go the way I planned so my return has to be moved another day or two out.”

“Chuck, you were able to extract the General?” asked Sarah as she looked over at Casey but Chuck was silent. “Tell me you’re not going to do anything that Casey would call stupid?”

“Okay Roan and Stefan walked into a trap. I’m going to meet with a Doctor who’s holding all three in the desert then I’m going to try to negotiate an exchange.”

“Chuck, be careful,” said Kim. “I’m probably the last person you’d expect to hear that from but our organization has people everywhere. Trust no one except yourself don’t even trust your shadow.”

“I’ve already found that out. Both Anatoly and myself have rooted out moles in both our respective embassies over here. Don’t worry I have an couple of aces up my sleeves to play and speaking of aces you need to have a talk with our daughter. I called Castle looking for you and caught her cheating Morgan and I expect an explanation about how she won two hundred dollars in the park.”

“I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” said Casey as he smiled looking over at Sarah. “Two hundred you say... hum, she should come with me on poker night. I could get her dealt in.”

“What part of not helping don’t you understand? And as far as your poker game you need to find Cecil to go with you,” said Sarah with a face that said she meant business.

“Chuck you need to hurry back your wife is becoming a real...” Casey started to say as Sarah gave him a look.

“I think I understand,” said Chuck cutting Casey off before he finished. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Love I miss and love you so very much.”

“I miss you too and hurry home we’re all waiting.”

“Yuck, no blowing kisses in my phone you’re going to make me sick,” said Casey as he hung up. “Now let us know why we shouldn’t gut you right here and leave you in the middle of the street for dogs to eat.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you have a very vivid imagination?”

“Who says it’s vivid,” said Casey as he pulled out his Ka-bar. “It might just be a case of been there, done that.”

[In the old French Foreign Legion Fortress]

Dr. Dee had the Tuareg Chieftain brought to her to discuss what she expected from him when she met Chuck in his camp. The man walked in looking like Lawrence of Arabia in his flowing robes and wearing his blue turban. Standing in the middle of the room he had a commanding presence you didn’t need to be told he was the Chief.

“Amess please have a seat,” said Dr. Dee as she invited him to sit down. “I know you’ve got to be wondering why I called you here...”

“I assumed it was to apologize for the way you sent my two sons home. They told me about your prisoner and it’s not our custom to treat women the way you people do. We are not like our other Muslim brothers. Tuareg women do not wear veils but we men do we call it Tagelmust. It’s a sign of manhood and as imúšaɣ of my Kel I must demand a certain amount of respect for myself and my family.”

“I let your sons go because at the time we didn’t need them anymore and yes it was because they showed too much interest in my prisoner. If you want I’ll give them more money... say as a bonus but I didn’t call you here to talk to you about your sons. I’m meeting an American and he’s demanded we meet at a neutral site...”

“You want me to bring him into my tent and grant him hospitality?” said Amess. “Is that what you’re asking me to do?”

“Yes, kind of but don’t worry my men will come to offer assistance. Everything should run smoothly he’ll bring in his men then mine will take him.”

“So he’ll violate this neutrality as you call it first? Is that what you’re saying after I’ve offered him hospitality? You know to be ‘modern’ you’ve lost a lot in the way of how to treat your brothers.”

“Please don’t give me a philosophy lesson right now. All I ask is that you tell me you’ll do this for me. I can assure you that you will be well compensated.”

“You know there are somethings more important than money. Freedom and honor being two of the most important things a man can have that don’t cost a cent.”

“I’m sure try giving that to the man at the counter after you order your happy meal. I think we’re done here. Amiss I’ll see you at the oasis tomorrow morning. Oh and it would be a nice touch if you could offer us tea.”

“You want me to offer tea? Do you know what.... never mind it would be useless to explain. Okay I’ll offer him hospitality and tea but he has to violate your neutrality.”

“Don’t worry my man inside tells me he’s gearing up and he plans on bringing with him a squad of Russians. That should break your precious neutrality. If there’s nothing else I’ll see you at the oasis,” she said as she got up looked out her window. She didn’t care much for the heat but she could put up with it to see Chuck’s face when she sprung her trap.

Back in Langley the Major got an ear full from General Thomas that was directed at the General because Chuck hijacked a drone in the middle of an exercise. He stalled the General as best he could by telling him he’d have the General Beckman contact him as soon as he talked with her.

“I’m sorry General; I’ll have my General contact you as soon as I hear from her. She’s out of pocket right now in Casablanca chasing down a rouge spy.”

“She has agents to do that for her. Does she know what micromanaging is? Why doesn’t she send Chuck? If he was there he might not go around stealing other people’s drones.”

“General, I hate to tell you but he’s with her. I’m sure there’s a good reason and like I said as soon as I talk with her I’ll tell her you called.”

“He launched a drone attack from across the globe? What’s he trying to do? Declare war on Burbank. There are some pasty looking people out there I’d like to blow up. Starting with the executives who pulled the plug on programs I like. But you don’t see me declaring war on them.”

“Burbank you say... let me call out there and see what the situation is. Maybe I can shed some light on what’s going on and get back to you.”

“Do that and tell your boss she owes me a bottle of Scotch and not the cheap stuff. I used it to pay off the Marine Commandant when he came storming my office. You’d think he thought he was landing on the beaches of Iwo Jima or something the way he came in here.”

“Yes Sir, I’ll let her know,” assured the Major trying to get himself out of the crosshairs but he didn’t feel like he was having much success.

“Oh and tell her I was sorry to hear about Roan. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the accusations. I’m sorry I just can’t believe them. You know I pride myself on being able to size people up and well what they’re trying to hang on him just isn’t the cloth I thought he was cut out of.”

“We’re all having a hard time with it Sir but I’ll relay what you said. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your kind words,” said the Major but actually she didn’t seem to act like she cared.

“No don’t tell her that last bit about Roan I want to tell her that in person. Oh never mind me I’m just ranting now. Yes look into Burbank and when you know something you can give me a call. You know how to reach me,” said the General then he hung up.

“Phew,” said the Major as he came walking out of the General’s office. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to get him off the line.”

“The Station Chief still hasn’t gotten back to you about the General,” said Connie. “How long do you wait before you call in the Calvary?”

“I’m just looking for a little beau geste.”

“I hope you weren’t trying to be funny because that wasn’t.”

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