Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 25

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It had been a day and half since anyone came to visit the General in their cell. The only visits they got were at meal time when bowels of swill were thrown in with no spoon. They were expected to rough it. They were beginning to wonder if they hadn’t been forgotten when the door grate opened with the good Doctor standing on the other side.

“Well I see you’re making the best of it. I just came by to say I’m leaving but don’t worry I’ll be back soon. Is something wrong with the Russian? Why is he still in bed?”

“We take turns fighting off the rats at night. You should really do something about them? Maybe call in an exterminator.”

“Diane, what are you talking about she’d have to kill off her own kind. You might tell the chef to go easy on the spices in the swill it masks the putrid taste of... well I’ve yet to identify what he puts in it. Maybe you could be a doll and ask him for the recipe.”

“Funny look what you’ve become two standup comedians. Well we’ll see how much you’re laughing when I get back. I’ve got new orders my Boss wants me to take Chuck bring him here and have him watch me execute you three, and then kill him. Now isn’t that a gas.”

“Well we’ll have to see about that won’t we,” said Beckman. “Are you going to have the guts to pull the trigger or are you going to have one of your goons do it for you?”

“Dead is dead no matter who does it so why should you care? Well I guess you should but I don’t. What’s the matter I don’t hear any joking or laughing now.”

“Enjoy this moment, savor it for what it is because it won’t last long and when our roles reverse... well you may wish you’d never been born.”

“Idle threats, my General, again with the idle threats, haven’t you realized yet you’re defeated. This is over for you and when I say over I mean over permanently when I get back I’m going to line you three up against the wall of this fort... well you’ve seen the black and white version.”

“You know if you’re done with talking,” said Roan. “Could you be a love and get me a nice Martini? I find all this talk quite boring. You know if you’re going to kill someone you should just do it and get it over with. This haggling and bantering is just boorish. I’ll have three olives in that. Diane you want one too?”

“I wouldn’t mind joining you but something tells me the service here isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Really next time we need to go somewhere else on vacation.”

“I’m sorry my dear I should’ve paid more attention. My dear Doctor I’m sorry but don’t expect a large tip or a tip at all for that matter. So how about the Martini and I might reconsider?”

“And there’s something about people somewhere similar to here wanting ice water but they’re not getting it.”

“Well that decision is up to you but there goes your tip. Diane, can you tell me who recommended this place to you? Tell me it wasn’t Sergeant Markoff?

“I don’t have time for this and it’s getting late. I need to go spring my trap so I’ll see you in a little while with your friend Chuck. You might want to wake up the Russian and tell him he won’t have to worry about being a rat guard tonight. But the rats will be well fed.” With that Dr. Dee slammed the grate shut then left.

“I want someone down here next to the door at all times until I get back,” she said to the guard then left for three waiting Mercedes SUV.

“Doctor are you sure you want to take this many men with you?” said the man sitting opposite her. “We’re leaving a skeleton crew here they won’t be able to hold out long if someone comes knocking.”

“Who’s going to come?” she said as they pulled out of the fort and started out across the desert. “We’re well hidden here and my latest intel tells me Chuck’s bringing a group of spetsnaz with him. You think the Tuaregs can fight an army like that? I don’t think Chuck trusts his own people but the latest from the American Embassy has them all tucked in. We proceed with the plan.”

“I’m just saying we’re spreading ourselves kind of thin. If your Tuareg Chieftain doesn’t come through we’ll be in the middle with nowhere to go,” said her Lieutenant looking out the window at the total desolation surrounding them.

“Amess will do as he’s been told. He knows what’s good for him and if for some reason we have to retreat we can always fall back to the fort. You’re starting to sound like my grandmother. If you don’t like following my orders we can stop and let you out.”

“I never said that I’m just trying to council you to use caution. There’s a reason that fort is empty and if that sounds like what your grandmother told you maybe there was a reason. Before you say anything everybody does his duty at the fort, dead or alive.”

“On that we can agree,” said the Doctor as she looked out the window. “Yes we march on or die there’s no other choice.”

[Back in the Cell]

Stefan walked out from beside the door, their attempt to get Dr. Dee angry enough to come in failed but they weren’t going to let one failure get them down. They knew if she went through with her threat sooner or later someone would have to come in then they’d have their chance. It might be the only one they’d have but they’d at least try.

“Do you think she was serious about what she said,” asked Stefan as he walked over and sat down on the cot.

“She’s not the type to joke around,” said the General as she came over and sat next to him. “But you should be able to read her better than anyone else. She’s one of your people.”

“My people! I don’t think so! She’s to me what the dinosaur is to a lizard. We might’ve been born in the same country and share some common DNA but that’s about it. The woman is a psychopath probably working for a sociopath.”

“Stefan’s right Diane and if Dr. Dreyfus were here he’d diagnose her as having a fissure in her banana or her cheese, due to icy conditions on the cracker, slid off to the side.”

“Yes Roan and you could say she’s lost her marbles but that doesn’t help our situation. She’s out there and we’re in here.”

“You’re worried about Charles? Don’t worry Charles can take care of himself. We taught him well I’m sure he’s thought of something. He’s not going to go into this meeting alone and unarmed.

“I hope you’re right because he’s our last hope of averting disaster.”

[In Casablanca at the airport]

It was time to go the sun was up and soon the Muezzin would be calling the faithful to Zuhr but that was the time he was to be at the oasis. He intentionally wanted to arrive late to give the tuaregs time to pray. It would be seen as rude for him to show up then. Anatoly stood next to Chuck trying to talk him out of his plan as he watched him take out a long strip of fabric and began to tie a tagelmust. He stood there shaking his head as he watched Chuck finish.

“You’re not going native on us are you?” asked Anatoly as he looked over Chuck’s work. “Not bad it looks perfect. Is this what they teach you in Langley?”

“Something like that,” said Chuck as he checked himself out in a mirror. “I need to meet this guy as his equal and my whole plan hinges on establishing a relationship with him.”

“Then what? Are you going to ask him out to go dancing? Chuck, I don’t like your plan, there are just too many variables. Let me send some men with you if you can’t trust your own. This can be between us no one else needs to know.”

“I appreciate the offer but no I have to go alone,” said Chuck as started putting things in his messenger bag.

“Well will you take this at least,” said Anatoly as he handed Chuck a Makarov 9. “Humor me and take this.”

“No I can’t I promised to come unarmed and I have to keep my promise. Besides you know how I feel about guns. I realize this is all difficult for you to understand but take my word for it, it’s necessary. If things go like I plan I won’t need one.”

“And if they don’t? What will you do then ask someone if they’ll kindly lend you one. Chuck your plan is reckless. I have half a mind to call Sarah and have her talk to you.”

“No don’t do that it would just worry her and in her condition it could be bad for the baby. Besides it wouldn’t change anything because it’s time to go. You know what you’ve got to do now let me do what I’ve got to,” said Chuck as he boarded his bell chopper. He waved at Anatoly as he started the rotors gyrating then lifted up turned then headed off eastward to the coordinates the doctor had given him.

“Chuck, I hope you know what you’re doing,” said Chuck to himself then he remembered the conversation between Stefan and Anatoly. “Ni púha ni perá, [neither fur or feathers]” then he answered himself “'K Chertu [to the devil].”

[Back in Castle]

Sarah and Casey brought Kim back with them hooded then when they got there they put him in a holding cell in detention until they could decide what to do with him. Kim for his part didn’t care because at least for a little while he didn’t have to worry about anyone trying to kill him. In addition the present he brought with him pretty much guaranteed his immunity.

“I can’t believe you brought that jerk in here,” said Morgan as he looked up at Kim in the monitor. “Are you guys crazy? John you don’t remember what he did to you and Sarah you’ve already forgotten why you needed to see Gwen.”

“Pipe down Troll and put a sock in it. No one’s forgotten anything so take a chill. If he can deliver us the names of the people that are behind this Home Office I’d say go for it. We’ve dealt with other scumbags in the past for information and this could blow the lid off.”

“Morgan, I don’t like it either but you’ve got to put aside your personal feelings. I would stipulate whatever deal is cut to be tied to his ability to deliver.”

“That goes without saying and I’ll be the first to put a bullet between his eyes if he tries anything. However, if he does deliver we can take out the top tier of the Home Office in one swoop. I think if Chuck were here he’d say go for it.”

“I don’t know I just don’t trust him,” said Morgan as he looked over at Alex. “You haven’t said anything what do you think?”

“I’m with you in that I don’t trust him but by the same token Dad and Sarah are right. If the information he claims to have does pan out... well Morgan can we afford to pass it up? I mean so far we’ve been passive, reacting to what they’ve thrown at us. This is our chance to go on the offensive and take the battle to them. The question isn’t if we take the risk or not but do we have an alternative?”

“Very good, I don’t think any of us could’ve laid it any clearer,” said Sarah as Casey walked behind her shinning with pride.

“Now that’s a chip off the old block,” said Casey. “Come with me Grimes we’ll go get the prisoner and bring him here.”

“So if Alex is a chip off the old block what do you see me as,” asked Morgan as they walked into detention and opened Kim’s cell.

“You’re more a crack in the pavement,” said Casey. “Okay dirt bag let’s see what wares you’re selling and they’d better be good or tomorrow night you’ll be sleeping in Super Max with a guy named Bubba and I hope you have a lifetime supply of soap on a rope.”

You’re hilarious there Casey. You weren’t that funny in Australia it must be the beanie. What’s the little guy for to yell ‘the plane, boss, the plane’ so you don’t cause a midair.”

“Get a moving and shut up or I might forget why we need you,” said Casey as Morgan nodded his head.”

“Yeah get moving scumbag. You’re the disease and I’m the cure,” said Morgan. “I never got to introduce myself before. My code name is the Cobra. You might’ve heard of me.”

“Sorry but no actually I haven’t. Have you done something I should know about? Maybe if you told me some of your exploits I might remember something.”

“John, can you believe that how quickly people forget?”

“Shut up Cobra. Do I need to remind you what ‘need to know’ and ‘top secret’ mean? Come on we want to talk to you Kim,” said Casey as he led Kim out to the conference area. In the middle of the table was his laptop waiting for him.

“Sit down Kim,” said Sarah as she motioned for him to have a seat. “I think we’re all in agreement that before we can guarantee anything we need to a sample of what you’re selling so if you’ll turn on your computer we’d like to have a look at what we’re buying.”

“What I’m offering is an all or nothing deal I’ll give you the name of every one of the jerks in charge of the Home Office in exchange for what I told you I want. Listen I’ll be honest with you this Mr. Y has it out for me. I’ve been doing nothing but fighting off assassins he’s sent since I left Australia. He even sent Park after me. You remember him my right hand man. Well he’s fish food in the middle of the Pacific so I have no reason to lie to you. If I thought I’d be safe in Super Max I’d let you arrest me but the only way I have to be safe and I think you do too judging from last night is if we take down Home Office together.”

“Major did you hear that,” said Sarah. The Major came up on the monitor from General Beckman’s office. “I believe you have the positional authority to agree to Mr. Kim’s offer.”

“I’m granting it on your advice but if what you say doesn’t pan out instead of WITSEC you’ll get the black sack over the head and off to an undisclosed location,” said the Major. “I take it when he mention last night this has to do with why Chuck hijacked a drone from Twenty-nine Palms and why the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs chewed on me this morning?”

“Yeah,” said Casey. “Chuck took out the good humor man with a hellfire.” The Major looked at him puzzled. “Sorry it was an ice cream truck that they were using as a surveillance van.”

“Oh good, I was already trying to figure out how I was going to explain that one. So Mr. Kim, turn on your computer let’s see if I’m going to be the one fired today.”

“You see the computer is just a Trojan horse,” said Kim as he turned it over on its back. “I had to have a way to smuggle out what I took so I bought the laptop then pulled the hard drive. Here’s the hard drive I pulled from the master computer terminal. This has a recording of all the calls both come in then routed out so it will lead you straight to everyone in the organization. There’s only one problem...”

“I knew there had to be a catch. Permission to go to plan B,” said Casey as he drew his Sig. “Major do you want it quick or do we want to watch him squirm a bit.”

“John put that away now,” said Sarah as she glanced over at Sam peeking around the corner with only half her face visible. “Sam, aren’t you supposed to be asleep?”

“I heard you guys talking so I came to see what you were doing. Who is he? Do you know my Chuck?” Sam asked as she walked over next to Sarah.

“Yes as a matter of fact. So does the CIA also offer child care? How so very progressive of you people I guess just you and the Swedes offer this kind of service.”

“Shut up,” said Sarah as she picked Sam up and sat her on her lap. “I need you to go back to bed and I’ll be right there. Can you do that for me?” she asked and Sam nodded her head then kissed Sarah. Sarah hugged her then she left.

“Now where were we,” said Casey. “Oh right I was about to put a bullet in your brain. But if that’s too loud I have a garrote. Morgan, break out the catcher’s mitt you might have to catch the eyeballs.”

“Funny Casey,” said Kim as he opened the bottom panel pulling out the hard drive. “If you decipher what’s on here you’ll have the whole hit list.”

“That should be easy enough; we’ve got a few programs that will do the trick. We can start with the one we used on that Fulcrum file.”

“Sorry Casey you’re not going to get to strangle me with your garrote,” said Kim as he handed the hard drive to Sarah.

“There can always be a next time. Sarah, can I have a look at that?” said John. She handed it to him and he turned it around looking at it.

“Colonel, what’s the matter?” asked the Major seeing the way John was turning it around in his hands. “Your face says you’re concerned. Is something wrong with that?”

“It’s the nomenclature tag here on the inside. This hard drive is one of our own and as a matter of fact the last digits here say that it came from Los Robles National Labs. First we had NSA dishes turning up in North Korea now this which makes me wonder about the rest of the hardware there. Major tomorrow I’m going to take a drive out to the labs to have a look.”

“What’s this about NSA dishes showing up in North Korea? The General never briefed me about it before she left.”

“She probably didn’t have time and was waiting on John to fill her in to see if it was something that needed to be followed up,” said Sarah. “John, do you want me to come with you? You might need back up.”

“To talk to a bunch of eggheads I don’t think so. I might need an interpreter if anything. No you need to stay here and watch the prisoner. Plus Sam is going to need her mother so you can sit this one out.

[In the Dungeon Cell under the ex-French Foreign Legion Fort]

The General nodded off for a bit after their hearty meal of swill. Roan shook her when he and Stefan started hearing muffled sounds of shouts outside. Something was going on but they couldn’t tell what it was. Then they heard the sound of someone coming to their cell. The noise grew louder as the person neared. Stefan immediately got into position this could be their one and only chance if the doctor was about to follow through on her promise. The General and Roan sat on the cot facing the door half hiding the blanket with straw under it behind them. From the door it looked like someone was asleep.

“Here we go,” said Beckman when they heard the key turn in the rusty lock. She took a deep breath when the door started to open. Roan reached over and took her hand then a man came in.

“Now,” yelled Stefan as he jumped on him pushing him to the ground. Then the General and Roan jumped in.

“Get him,” yelled the General as she flailed punches at the man. The man instinctively put his hands up over his head trying to protect it from the blows then they heard laughter from the door.

“What are you people trying to do get yourselves killed,” they heard a familiar voice say. “Will you kindly let my man up? I’ve got the prisoners,” radioed Anatoly. “What’s our status? ... The Fort’s ours. Good okay people follow me and I’ll take you to our helicopter.”

“How did you find us in the middle of nowhere,” asked Stefan as he stepped over the body of one of their guards lying outside their cell.

“Actually you can thank Chuck for that, after you and Roan got captured he studied the building more closely and he saw the antenna array so he wrote a search program that looked for a building with a similar array. Then the computer started searching in a circular pattern from where you were taken. This was the first structure we found with a similar array and the antennas were pointed at each other.”

“Bravo Charles, way to go. You wouldn’t happen to have any gin and vermouth on board,” asked Roan as they climbed on board.

“Chuck left you a present,” said Anatoly as he handed Roan a thermos. “He made it himself before he left to meet your Doctor Friend in the desert.”

“He still went to see her,” said the General as the bird lifted off. “But why if you knew where we were? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Well we weren’t a hundred percent sure you were here so he went to stall for time and to get her to draw out her men. We had no problem taking out the ones she left and we didn’t lose a man. I just texted him to let him know the mission was a success.”

“We should go pick him up now,” said the General. “How many more men can she have? We can take them then capture her.”

“No, it’s not that easy. I’m to take you two back to your Embassy where your Station Chief is waiting along with the Ambassador. You need to call back to Langley from there. They think you’ve been away in some sort of secret negotiations and you’re going to have to come up with a good explanation for Roan’s resurrection.”

“What about Chuck?” said Beckman. “We can’t just leave him there with that psychopath by himself. How’s he getting out?”

“Well technically he’s not by himself but you wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” said Anatoly. “I just hope you appreciate everything he’s put on the line to save you.”

Their attention was drawn out the windows after they heard a series of explosions from the Fort below. The ground opened up and the walls fell inwards. Fires erupted as the two choppers disappeared heading westward toward Casablanca.

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