Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 27

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Sarah asked him what happened to Dr. Dee and in that moment he was forced to put a voice to what had happened. How in an a moment of weakness or strength depending on one’s point of view the unthinkable was not only thought but done and he let it happen. Now he was going to have to relive it as he explained it to her if there was even an explanation.

“I’m not going to give you any excuses. It just happened and there’s nothing I can say or do not that will undo anything,” said Chuck as he looked up at her. He saw the concern in her eyes for him and if anything she looked even more beautiful to him than ever.

“Okay I told you we left the oasis and we started back heading east across Mali and Mauritania. I remember everything was normal I was content because I realized everything was finally over and I could go home to you and Sam. I really wasn’t paying much attention to the Doctor and that was my first mistake,” said Chuck as he paused thinking for a moment.

“No there were no signs,” he said as he continued. “We were cruising along at fifteen thousand feet. My gauges and dials were all within the norm so I was okay. The desert sand gave way to the rocky desolate mountains below as I began to hit the foot hills of the Atlas Mountain range.

“I can still hear her ask me, ‘Your General do you see her as woman of her word? Does she keep her promises?’ Dr. Dee asked as she sat across from me.”

“I thought she was talking about a deal the General offered her so I told her normally she was. I decided to start interrogating her since she was being chatty. I asked her other than the General and Roan how many other doubles had she made?”

‘None’ “she said as she went on to explain.” ‘There was a problem with the machines processors melting down. I’ve been waiting on new processor made from the Australian silver.’

“That’s what you thought all along wasn’t it Sweetie,” said Sarah. She became even more concerned for him seeing this was difficult for him to talk about. “If you want we can stop… I don’t need…”

“No I need to exercise this ghost and get it out. She started talking at this point about how her organization had people everywhere. She told me she was contacted in Russia when her funding dried up. They knew the exact moment to reach out to her and offer her a hand. But she didn’t bite at first. They came back a second time you see the technology she used wasn’t all hers. That was how they got her. She had come an obstacle in her research and she didn’t see a way around it. This Home Office, Mr. Y not only funded her but provided the missing formula she needed to make the doubles work.”

“So someone else knows how to make them,” said Sarah. “Do you have any idea who this other scientist could be?”

“She hinted that he’s the infamous Mr. Y. He used to call her from time to time to check up on her and her work giving her advice. She began to think of him as a second father. That was when I should’ve picked up on the signs but I was too busy trying to put together who this Mr. Y. could be and my own thoughts that I missed them.

“What signs are you talking about Sweetie? It seems to me that this Dr. Dee was a mentally disturb individual with a PHD in Evil.”

“Maybe you’re right but she began to mumble that she was letting this Mr. Y down by turning herself in and that she didn’t expect to live long. She knew someone from their organization would eventually get to her; it was only a question of time. Mr. Y had given her so much and she was betraying his loyalty. She was betraying her father. I should’ve listened but I didn’t. Then all of a sudden she popped her harness and walked out the side. I was flying over … well it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

“You can’t blame yourself for that it was her decision not yours. She made her choice when she decided to go to work for this Mr. Y. You know I’m getting tired of using the alphabet to talk about this guy. Chuck… Sweetie in the end she decided to take the easy way out. But considering everything she’s done and was going to do I’m not going to lose any sleep over her.”

“Part of it was my fault I backed her into a corner where she couldn’t get out… but you’re right if I hadn’t taken her down she would’ve hurt a lot of innocent people starting with the people I care the most for. And for that reason I had no choice either. Love as I’ve always said I will always chose you. Well I’ve blabbered enough about my lady feelings. I guess it’s a good thing Casey isn’t there. I need to go I have to still brief the General. How’s Kim working out? I hope you’ve got him locked up in a cell in detention and thrown away the key.”

“He’s cut a deal for immunity and before you say anything he brought us a gift. He took a hard drive from the master computer in Pyongyang. It’s supposed to have all the names and IP address of the upper tier of the Home Office on it. The only catch is that it’s encrypted.

“Why am I not surprised. There are some decryption programs in Castle you can run on it,” said Chuck. Sarah smiled at him as he talked. “Why are you looking at me like that? Because of course you know this. I love you.”

“Yes we are and I love you too. I won’t tell you what Casey would tell you if he were here right now. We’re running your decryption program on it right now. But the interesting thing is that hard drive is from a batch that was supposed to be in the Los Robles National Labs.”

“So the drive is one of ours? They also had our antennas. My Lord what else did they have that was ours? What’s going on over there? I hope we don’t have another Pasadena incident on our hands. I don’t think this can wait for me to get back someone other than you should look into it.”

“Someone is Casey took Alex to go check it out and thanks for underlining it should be someone else,” said Sarah as she heard the sound of little feet behind her. “Come on out and say hi to your over protective father,” said Sarah as she turned round in her chair and Sam came running to her.

“I love you is all and I can steal only so many drones before they start making me pay for them. I guess I should call Ellie and tell her the truth,” said Chuck as he watch Sam climbed in Sarah’s lap.

“Tell your father where you slept at last night,” said Sarah as she kissed Sam on the forehead then brushed back her blonde hair.

“Detention,” said Sam with a little voice smiling. “When are you coming home? I want to show you a game.”

“Soon, very soon,” said Chuck. “Detention hmm, I hope that was a choice, not punishment…” He had no sooner said that when the monitor went blank then the line dropped.

“Sorry but we lost the bird,” said Sarah as she caught Sam’s look. “No I don’t mean a real bird with feathers but a satellite that’s way up in the sky so high you can’t see it… Oh when you’re older I’ll explain it to you. Let’s go try to find something for breakfast.”

Sarah looked at her watch and thought to herself it was strange that they should lose the bird now. According to her calculations they still had over an hour of air time left unless there was some sort of equipment malfunction.

[A half an hour before on their way to interrogation room number one]

Roan and Diane were escorted back to the interrogation room by the Chief. She was on the phone with her Major talking to him about the incident in Burbank and General Thomas. He informed her about the deal he’d made with Kim explaining his reasons and the fact she was out of pocket at the time. This gave him a way to work in asking her about the stolen antenna array.

“Naturally, I didn’t tell you about it I don’t have to tell you everything. Besides until I got confirmation there’s nothing to report and since I was gone it gave you plausible deniability. Tell Tom I’ll send over two bottles of Scotch that should make everyone happy. Keep me informed about the hard drive that could be a game changer. I expect you to stay on top of it Major.”

“So you agree with my decision to grant Kim immunity,” asked the Major. “I couldn’t see any other way and the potential…”

“The potential is what I just said a game changer. Major if you’re going to survive in this business never second guess yourself,” said the General. “I have to go but keep me informed about developments in Burbank.” She hung up then Roan began to question her.

“Are you sure you want to do this right now,” said Roan. “This can wait if you don’t feel up to it. I think everyone would understand.”

“But no one else is the director so let’s get this over with,” said the General as she nodded to the Chief who was standing next to them. He opened the door for her with Roan following her inside. The Chief closed the door then went into the adjacent room with one-way glass so he could observe the interrogation and standby in case the General needed anything.

“Well we finally meet face to face,” said Beckman as she and Roan sat down at the table across from her. Sitting on the opposite side of the table was her twin still in an Air Force General’s uniform. It looked like there was a mirror in the middle of the table and Beckman was looking at herself in it.

“Roan, after this interrogation, make sure the Chief gets her a change of clothes. Something in orange would be a more appropriate color after all orange is the next black. So I heard the cat’s got your tongue do you want to fill us in as to who you are and who your boss this Mr. Y is? There’s an easy way or a hard way we can do this.”

“Diane Beckman, General, United States Air Force, social security number...” said the double giving name rank and social security number.

“Well we know that’s a lie,” said the General as she pounded on the table. “Now I want answers and I want them now. Like I said before there’s an easy way or a hard way and right now I’m leaning towards the hard way.”

“A lie? How do you know what I said is a lie. Roan she could be a spy for the Russians and they manipulated you... me and now they’re putting their pawn in office. Worst thing is you and Chuck are helping them. Think about how do you know she’s who she says she is. This has been her end game all along and you fell for it.”

“Well I’ve got an easy way to tell,” said Roan as he pulled out a Mars bar from his pocket and placed it on the table. “I got this from the vending machine up in the Embassy. Which one of you can tell me why it’s important for us? Just raise your hand if you know but don’t say anything.”

“I do,” said the Diane sitting next to him smiling. “I can’t believe you found one here. How could I forget that night?”

“Yeah that night... our first night together just you and me alone in that apartment,” said the impostor across the table. “I’ll never forget it.”

“You wouldn’t know about this because this isn’t in my record but it was the night we almost got caught because my stomach was growling and I didn’t know which was worse being caught because I was hungry or because Roan was laughing at my stomach that’s when he gave me the Mars bar to hold me over.”

“Good enough for me, I’d answer the General’s questions if I were you and stop screwing around trying to confuse us,” said Roan as he took the Mars bar back and unwrapped it.

“Hey wait a minute you aren’t going to eat that. I’m laying claim to half after that swill we’ve been eating for the past days.”

“Okay but after we’re done here I’m taking you out to eat. I know this lovely little place that serves the best couscous and it’s nearby,” said Roan as he pulled out a small thermos with two collapsible glasses. Both women watched him pour two Martinis then pull out a small metal box that had toothpicks on the top and olives inside. He placed three on a toothpick then handed it to Diane.

“Don’t ever change,” said Diane as she took the glass from him smiling.

“Never my love,” said Roan. “A moment to learn, a lifetime to perfect. Mattie I’d offer you one but the FDA doesn’t recommend mixing alcohol and Sodium Pentothal.”

“Are you two done boring me? You can use all the techniques you want but I’m a professional so none of them will work.”

“That’s where you’re wrong everyone talks in the end,” said the General she sipped her Martini then sat it down. She got up and walked to the mirror where she pushed the intercom button. “Chief, go get Chuck for me. I want him to take over the interrogation. We’ll see how now how you hold up when Agent Carmichael gets done with you. Oh here,” said Beckman as she showed Mattie sat images.

“What am I looking at? I don’t see anything,” She said then the General showed her a close up. Mattie took a deep breath as she recognized the image.

“Those sat images were taken from the Atlas Mountains and that… well person you recognize as being your maker. She refused to answer Chuck’s questions too. Now it’s your turn, so take a nice long look and think hard before he gets here if you still want to play hardball. Personally, I don’t know if it’s in your best interest but I hope you do.”

Chief Livingstone walked out of the viewing room to almost bump into one of his men walking back to the detention area. The man apologized saying he was going back to take over the watch from the agent that was standing it right now. The Chief noticed the man was carrying a Burger King bag with him and shook his head.

“You know you’re not supposed to eat while you’re on watch,” said the Chief. But as the man started to give him an excuse the Chief raised his hand and stopped him. “This time it’s okay and make sure our guest sees you eat it. It will be a cold day well you know where before she sees fast food.”

“I wanted to go to Subway but the line was out the door now that they’ve posted the sign that says they serve halal-only meats. I can’t believe the crowds.”

“Well we are in a Muslim country so it’s only common courtesy and good market strategy to accommodate the local traditions. Have a good watch,” said the Chief as he continued on to the comms area to get Chuck. But he was almost there something struck him he looked up at the clock on the wall and it hit him. The watches were in four hour shifts the guy in detention wasn’t due to be relieved for another hour. Anatoly’s words played back in his head he turned and ran.

“Make a hole... Get out of the way,” he yelled as he ran back. Then he saw the same man attaching what looked like a bomb to the door of the interrogation room.

“Get away from that door,” yelled the Chief as he drew his weapon. “Move back or I’ll shoot.” He came back to see the same man standing next to the interrogation room after he placed a charge on the door.

“Too late Home office is everywhere,” said the man. The Chief fired but the man pushed to button on the detonator and all hell broke loose.

The shockwave travelled down the hall knocking the Chief off his feet and onto the ground. The lights went out for a few seconds then the emergency power kicked in along with emergency lighting. After the explosion the door was missing and the corridor was filled with smoke and dust.

“What just happened,” yelled Chuck as he led a squad of men back down the corridor. “Chief, are you all right?” asked Chuck as he helped him to sit up coughing and hacking.

“Yes... yes, they’re trying to bust her out. Go, go stop her from getting away,” yelled the Chief as he pushed Chuck away. “Go and take this,” he said as he handed Chuck his Sig 9. Chuck ran through the hole that used to be the door into the interrogation room. He found the two women fighting and Roan lying unconscious on the floor.

“Ladies stop fighting or I’ll implement the Thanatos protocol right now,” said Chuck as he pointed the Sig at them. “I mean now,” he said and they immediately stopped fighting. “Good, guys take Agent Roan to the infirmary and have him tended to then I want everyone out of here until I get done. I warn you now I’ll shoot anyone coming back here and I mean it. This area is off limits until further notice. I don’t know who I can trust so I’m trusting no one.”

“Good job Chuck now no one can come back here to help her escape,” said one of the Beckman twins standing in the smoke filled room.

“I was going to say the same thing,” said the other. “Chuck, you need to be careful she’s cunning I wouldn’t trust a thing she has to say. Arrest her she’s the impostor.”

“It’s not me. You’re the impostor. Chuck, it’s up to you, you know what to do. Give me the gun and I’ll take care of her if you don’t want to. She’s too dangerous to let walk out of here.”

“You’re both giving me a headache,” said Chuck as the lights came back on and slowly the smoke and dust died down. “Let’s all have a sit at the table while I try to figure this out.”

“Chuck, you’re the intersect you should be able to tell us apart. It’s her you need to be careful of. I’m the General and she’s just a cheap imitation.”

“I want you both to shut up and let me think. I’m sorry I’m not getting anything from the intersect. As far as I can tell you’re both the General which leaves me little choice.”

“Then you have to implement the Thanatos protocol. It’s better we’re both eliminated than an evil organization like this Home Office take over my office. I’ve fought to long to just hand over the keys.”

“That’s right it would be better... well maybe,” said one of the twins. “You know what to do but then again she wins does she?”

“What are you talking about she wins,” said Chuck. He desperately was looking for some way to have this decision taken away from him. This was exactly what he didn’t want to happen but he got stuck with it. He should’ve known it would’ve come down to him.

“Don’t you see Chuck she wins because in the end they’ve removed me from office? However, we can’t let them win either I guess or do we if you eliminate us both. But you know what you’re doing because you’re a good man.”

“A good man,” thought Chuck. Yes, why didn’t he think of this before? He knew how to tell the two Beckman’s apart or at least the hoped he did.

Casey thought he was picking up only Alex to for the drive but when he got there he found both Alex and Morgan waiting. He wanted to say something but Alex gave him a look and so he agree to take Morgan along as long as he didn’t cause any problems. They drove up the I-5 north of L.A. to Los Padres National Forest there they took a side road and before long they came to a clearing located on a bluff.

“Where to now Big Guy are you lost?” asked Morgan. Casey grunted then leaned over pressed a button inside the glove box. The ground beneath them began to sink and the next thing Morgan knew they were inside the hidden parking lot for the lab.

“Lost, me, ha that’ll be the day. Grimes I thought the deal was that the human Brillo pad stayed quiet. Troll remember look but don’t touch. They also experiment with things that go boom down here. Alex, why did you make me bring him along?”

“Oh Dad you and Morgan need to learn to get along. Please if nothing else for me.”

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