Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 28

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The Director of the Los Robles facility started out his day going from bad to worse. Already they behind on several projects for the CIA, FBI, NSA and NASA every one of them was breathing down his neck making it hard for him to CYA - the Y standing for ‘his’ in this case. Now he found out he was getting a surprise inspection this morning which meant taking even more time away from his people who were already behind schedule. He just didn’t need this hassle.

“That inspection team is here,” said his secretary as she stuck her head in the Director’s office. “I’ve got them waiting in the conference room. Is there anything else you need?”

“A bullet to the brain would be nice along with a good antacid. Just look at all these delays... I don’t have time for this,” said the Director as he tossed his pen on his desk. “I’m sorry it’s not your fault I’m just ranting. I guess I might as well get this over with. Make sure you get a memo out to everyone’s e-mail account letting them know about the inspection.”

John and Alex sat at the conference table looking around the room while Morgan went and helped himself to a cup of coffee and a sugar glazed pastry. John gave him the evil eye as he came back and sat down.

“What’d I do?” asked Morgan as he ate the pastry and crumbs fell into his beard. “The lady told us to make ourselves at home and that’s what I’m doing. These pastries are good I think they’ve got cinnamon in them you should try one.”

“Along with nanobots and other nasty things these people experiment with here. You know these people are a weapons contractor? They put that stuff out and wait for an idiot like you to come along and try them so they have their human guinea pig.”

“Don’t pay any attention to Dad he’s just joking,” said Alex. “He’s in a foul mood because he had to come here.”

“To egghead central... you better believe I didn’t want to come here. It’s like being a lion in the middle of a herd of gazelles but suddenly the tables are turned and the gazelles are packing heat. You know I knew a guy once who was given a pastry he thought was filled with cinnamon... I said thought but they turned out to be flesh eating nanobots. They ate a hole through him but I guess morning pastries are a family tradition, right Grimes.”

“Guys, can we get back to the mission? Where is this director anyway? It sure seems like we’ve be waiting for a long time,” said Alex as she looked at her watch. As if on cue the director opened the door and walked in.

“I’m sorry if I’ve kept you waiting but I had some urgent business to take care of. I’m sorry my name is Dr. Martin Solo,” said the Director as he offered them his hand.

“Colonel John Casey and these are Agent McHugh and Grimes,” said Casey. The Director shook all their hands just that Morgan’s was sticky from the sugar glaze.

“Solo? Are you any relation to Hans Solo?” said Morgan. Casey gave him a look that said wait until I get my hands around your neck.

“Sorry I don’t know him. Nice to meet...,” said the Doctor as he held his sticky out. Alex reached into her purse and pulled out two wet-ones to save the day. She handed one to the Director and the other to Morgan.

“Thank you, can we get this over with I’ve a got a stack of reports to read and sign. I’ve also got a couple of briefings I need to sit in on.”

“Sure there are just a few things we need to see then we’ll be out of your hair,” said Casey as he growled at Morgan. “First of all we need to see your warehouse where you stockpile everything your working on.”

“We don’t have a warehouse here at the facility. All out materials are stockpiled at Nellis then shipped in as we need it. You can understand most of our projects go boom so it’s better if not too many are put together in the same facility. If that’s what you want to see you’ve come to the wrong facility.”

“Well what we’d like to know is the location of a few items starting with the Mark V NSA Satellite dishes. They were sent here for some sort of upgrade.”

“Oh those, I remember that project. They were sent here for an upgrade if I remember correctly. The upgrade was for a secondary layer of encryption to be added that made transmission impossible to detect or intercept. But that was finished months ago and the dishes were forward on to their final destination.”

“You mean sent on to North Korea,” said Casey as he dropped the bomb. He wanted to test the director’s reaction and he got it, astonished.

“What? No? What are you talking about? Is that what’s this about you guys lost the dishes and now you’re looking for a fall guy? Well we’re not it.”

“Then you’ll have no problem showing us where the dishes are,” said the John as they stopped in the middle of a hallway. “These are satellite images of an array that look very similar to ours. I checked Fort Meade and all ours are accounted for except the ones sent here which mysteriously disappear off the inventory.”

“That’s impossible the only way that can happen is if they’re destroyed. Oh no destroyed.... I think I know what happened to the missing dishes. Come with me,” said the Director. The Director took off leading them out to the labs. Alex let Morgan go ahead then held her father back.

“Dad,” asked Alex as she looked around. “Is there a reason you didn’t drop on him to fact that we have one of their hard drives too?”

“I don’t want anyone to know we have it until we’ve gotten the data off it. This Home Office may not know we have it. For all they know everything was destroyed in the fire so I don’t want to tip our hand yet. That information we’ll keep under wraps until we’re ready to come knocking down their door.”

“Guys you need to hurry up the Director is waiting,” said Morgan. “He sent me back to tell you to get a move on it. He has someone he wants us to meet.”

“Oh no not another egghead,” said Casey as they started to catch up.

The smoke cleared in the interrogation room as Chuck sat the Beckman twins at the table. For some reason the Doublemint twins came to mind but this wasn’t double your pleasure or your fun. This was exactly what he didn’t want to have to do but now it was up to him. But one of them had inadvertently given him an idea as to what to do.

“What is it you called me? A good man, some days I don’t know. If you’d asked me that before all this I would’ve probably said yes or that I tried but now. Now I’m not sure anymore and you General are to blame for that. Although you could argue that I let you do this to me.”

“Chuck, you know your duty so do it. Don’t haggle over it like you usually do just get it over with and tell Roan I’m sorry but I won’t be able to go out for dinner with him.”

“Now there you go again always pushing me into doing something in a rush. I’m not a machine like Casey that you can flip a switch and say kill.”

“Colonel Casey does what’s required of him. He knows how to follow orders even those he doesn’t like because orders are orders and Chuck we all have to follow them.”

“You and he might but taking a life isn’t like ordering coffee. If you get a bad coffee, with either too much or too little milk, you can always send it back but taking a life there are no take backs. Yet here we are,” said Chuck as he laid the pistol on the table. “Anyone want to say anything? It seems like you two ought to be making appeals.”

“Chuck, get this over with,” said the one twin. “Just pick up the gun and use it, although if I had my preferences I’d like you to start with her.”

“This is the second time I have to make this decision. Don’t you remember we were in Serbia and I had just rescued you from that castle?”

“Zenda, yes I remember and that old Serb, Ševo Djokivic, Srpsko Bratstvo, The Serbian Brotherhood,” said the one twin. “One of my nicer jailers I have to admit and much better than others.”

“He made good homemade rakija and his wife made slatko. I remember he liked to hit the bottle a little hard but he was a good man like you.”

“Chuck, none of this proves anything. This person has been studying me for a while and all this is in my personal log which I can only guess how she got at. So we’re back to square one and the pistol in the middle of the table.”

“Let’s see how detailed your log is. Okay then remember I tranq’d you and took you away to interrogate you alone.”

“Because Roan and Mary had given Sarah the task of carrying out the Thanatos protocol after she determined if I’d been compromised,” said the one

“But you didn’t want Sarah to so you took on the mission because you didn’t want her to become the person she used to be,” said the other

“The person you people made her,” snapped Chuck. “You tried to strip her humanity away to make her over in your image. I lost her once I couldn’t risk losing her again and yes I planned it all out to the last detail even the choice of weapon.”

“A Norinco type 54 Black Star M20 model with no factory markings that I believe Colonel Casey has in his collection now.”

“Yes and ballistics would’ve matched a round fired from it to a victim in Fushan killed by one of Madame Wong’s men back in her Tong days. All this is in my report Chuck, is this leading somewhere because if it is I don’t see where?”

“You know one of these days I really am going to shoot you but only because I’m going to get tired of you egging me on to shoot you. Can you please just chill out a minute and answer me this question or better the question I asked you then. Surely you remember it. I said ‘So General do you consider yourself a good person?’ and you said ‘I think so.’”

“Okay I’ll play along with this game said the one twin. Then you said, ‘and yet you’ve killed people.’ Then I said something like I think it’s all going to come down to your gut.’”

“Yes and then you told me ‘you know I never took this job for its pension plan so I guess it’s all up to you. Then I asked you ‘is that how you want to play this? Leave it up to me?’

“That’s right I asked you ‘is there another choice?’”

“Yes, then I told you, no not really, I asked you about how does a good man decide when to kill? What did you tell me next?”

“I didn’t tell you anything,” said the one twin. For Chuck it was becoming clear to him which one was the real Beckman but he needed more proof.

“That’s right; I told you ‘you want to know what I think? I think that if someone means to do me or my family harm then I will do whatever I can to stop them.’”

“Then you asked me if I’ve ever loved anyone? I think you said ‘I mean really loved them’ and you added ‘I don’t know if you ever have’ and I answered ‘I think so.’”

“I told you General ‘if you have to ask then you haven’t but for the sake of argument say you have. You love this person with all your soul then one day you look at them and find a stranger looking back at you. Do you have any idea what that can do to you?’ What did you realize in that moment?”

“I realized you were talking about Sarah. You weren’t supposed to be conducting my interrogation. They wanted Sarah to be the one... they wanted her to have that gun next to my head.”

In that moment the impostor knew her game was up but she had one card left to play. She went for the pistol in the middle of the table. Grabbing it she held it to the real Beckman’s.

“I want out of here now,” yelled Mattie. “I want a helicopter and I don’t want you as a pilot. Do you hear me I want to go now or else I’ll blow her head off and I’m not kidding.”

“Go ahead I could care less. But know this you aren’t leaving here or at least not the way you want to. You see my... well our little story isn’t over yet. You see there was another small detail she left out of her personal log. Her memoires for the archives because between us here I don’t see how the powers that are could let her publish them,” said Chuck as the real Beckman nodded her head.

“You’re wasting my time. I want that chopper now. I’m not joking here I’ve got the gun now and I swear I’ll put a bullet in her head if you don’t give me what I want I will.”

“Then let me finish my story. You see all the time I was interrogating the General I was really trying to exasperate her and prod her. I wanted to provoke a reaction.... like now I left the gun in the middle of the table for a reason. My dear Mattie I wanted her to go for it because that would’ve been the sign for me that she’d been turned.”

“And you left it loaded,” said the real Beckman. “You’re doing a good job of exasperating me today too. How long does this need to continue?”

“It can end anytime you want it to. I learned my lesson,” said Chuck as he took the clip from his pocket. “I pulled it out when I saw you two fighting in the haze. I cocked the receiver too so the round that was in the chamber is somewhere on the floor.”

“Thank you Chuck,” said Beckman as she elbowed Mattie in the stomach breaking free. “Oh people will be able to tell us apart now,” said Diane as she popped Mattie in the face with a series of jabs then she put her on the floor with a right hook.

“Thanks again. Boy, do I feel better,” said Diane as she combed her hair back then straightened up her uniform and caught her breath. “Agent Carmichael, Chuck, Roan and I are going out this evening for some wining and dining in a local...”

“Thanks for the invitation General but I’ve chartered a Learjet and it’s waiting for me at the airport. I’m sure you can understand I’m a little anxious to get home to my family.”

“Good, because I was going to tell you that Roan and I are going out to someplace he knows for North African cuisine and I didn’t want you bothering us,” said the General as the Chief and his men arrived. “Chief you can take this scum away and make sure she puts the right uniform on.”

In all the commotion Chuck ducked out. The General knew where he was going and she was the only one who mattered. He hailed a taxi outside of the Embassy for the airport and as he rode the city he pulled out his phone.

“On my way home, Love you XOXO,” he wrote then send Sarah a text message. Afterwards he put away his phone and laughed. This nightmare was finally over.

Inside Castle Sarah had to find something for them to eat and the pickings were slim. She didn’t want to take Sam out of Castle until she was sure it was safe but she couldn’t call for a delivery either so they ended up with MREs. Sarah explained to Sam this was what Casey ate when he went camping as she called it. At first she looked a little perplexed at the green pouches as Sarah put the content out on a plate.

“This is what Uncle Casey eats? Are you sure? This looks like what I saw people feed dogs and cats on television. I believe you it’s just... well are you sure?”

“Wait you’re missing something,” said Sarah. She went back in the armory and brought back a helmet putting it on Sam. “There now you look just like Uncle Casey.”

“I do,” asked Sam as she tried to look up but the helmet was about ten sizes too big and it slide down over her face. Sarah and Emma both laughed.

“Let’s fix that,” said Emma as she adjusted the straps on the inside but even still it would only adjust so much. “You know Casey’s going to have a heart attack when he sees her with his helmet.”

“Oh I don’t know but if he does he’ll get over it,” said Sarah as she watched Sam eat. Sarah reached over and caressed Sam’s face with the helmet down almost over her eyes. They were finishing up eating and Sam was devouring her brownie when Sarah’s phone rang.

“It’s a message from your father and he says he’s on his way home. Tell you what let’s send him a photo,” said Sarah as she took a quick photo of Sam with the helmet on and a chocolate face.

“Here let me take one of the two of you,” said Emma. Sarah held Sam in her lap and had Sam hold out her hands so Chuck could see they were covered with chocolate too. Then as Emma took the photo Sam gave Sarah a chocolate kiss clunking her in the head with the helmet.”

“Ouch, Chuck will like these,” said Sarah as she sent them out. “I’ll be right back,” she said as she went to check on the progress of their decryption of the hard drive. It was at ninety-eight percent completed and as she was standing there it finished.

“Wow,” was all she could say as she looked over the names of the people involved. Some of them she recognized and she would’ve never thought they’d be involved in such a sinister organization. She had it all, the names and address of the people in the Home Office. Immediately, she sent a copy to the General’s office so the Major could take action. Warrants were issued and people all over the globe began to be brought in as the letters of the alphabet gave way to the names of real people behind them.

“There you are Mr. Y, Max Zorin,” she said out loud. The name sounded familiar but she couldn’t place it. Then she got his address. “Oh my God,” she said as she grabbed her phone and called Casey.

Morgan led John and Alex back to where the Director was waiting. He didn’t like the fact that they’d fallen behind. Behind reminded him of where he was with the projects at hand and this dog and pony show wasn’t helping him to get back on schedule. He was looking at his watch when Morgan brought them.

“I wish you’d try to keep up,” said the Director looking more than a little put off. “As I was saying I might have the answer to why the dishes dropped off the inventory. Let me introduce you this is Dr. Mahnovski...”

“There’s no need for introductions Director, I know John Casey and hey Morgan so they recruited you. Were you half off? But wow who’s the female agent is she new to your team? She’s kind of cute in a short way.”

“Hey back off Lazlo she’s my fiancée and aren’t you forgetting something? I think you owe me ten big ones in that last game where I handed you your butt in your hand.”

“The bet was ten dollars and I was handing you yours for a whole week. I didn’t lose I had to run because your buddy Chuck ratted me out to the feds. If you call him your friend I’d watch my back.”

“Cut the crap Laszlo your egghead director thinks you know something about satellite dishes that ended up in Korea. Did you sell your country out?”

“Yeah like from inside here. You know the last time I had fresh air was when I was down on the Santa Monica pier...”

“Trying to blow it up and the pier with everyone on it if memory serves me correctly,” said Casey as he looked over Laszlo’s lab just about everything was marked ‘danger explosive’. “I see some things never change.”

“I was off my meds then but now I know better. Any way you asked the Director about a group of Mark Vs that dropped off inventory. That could’ve been that truck that exploded on its way to Nellis.”

“Exploded? I suppose you don’t have anything to do with it,” said Casey looking for a reaction from Lazslo. But he was playing it cool.

“Sorry the only things I had on the truck were the dishes. Someone else was shipping a highly volatile explosive and well we were told a tire blew out and in the impact the explosive took out the truck and its cargo.”

“Convenient,” said Casey. “I’ll need the inventory of what was on the truck and the incident report. Is the wreckage still in the impound lot?”

“I have no idea,” said the Director. “For that information you’ll have to ask someone else. I’ll give you the inventory but I think we’re done here.”

They got the inventory and as John thought there was a group of hard drives included to. He figured he could locate the incident report and find out the disposition of the truck by calling in some favors at Nellis. He was about to get in his Crown Vic to head back to Castle when he got Sarah’s call.

“We’re leaving here now and heading straight back,” said John. ... what do you mean here? What’s the name again? Okay I’ll go see the Director again. Is there anyone else from here on the list? ... No, good I was just thinking about Gazelles packing heat. Never mind I’m going to check,” said John.

“What’s up,” asked Alex as she got out of the car with Morgan. “What did Sarah want? Did something happen?”

“We got a name for Mr. Y finally and get this his IP traces back here. Morgan, guard the car and I don’t want to hear any lip. Alex, you’re with me.” John pulled out his Sig and ran back up to the Directors office with Alex following him.

“Dad, who are we looking for?”

“The name we got off the hard drive was Max Zorin that’s all we know right now. I just hope we didn’t tip him off by us coming here.”

Continued in Chuck vs Golden Thumb

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