Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 3

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Kim left Andresen AFB as quickly as possible while the search teams were out looking for the decoy he tossed off the plane. But once off the base he needed a change of clothes to blend in then he needed to contact Mr. Y for extraction. But first things first he needed a change of clothes. He made his way to a public park then hung around the bathroom trying to look nervous. It wasn't long before his fish took the bait.

“Hey man,” said a guy dressed like a rapper complete with gold chains followed by another guy. The second man was much bigger and judging from his build and looks Kim guessed Samoan. This wasn’t going to be easy the second man was built like a mountain. “I said hey man.”

“Hey,” said Kim. “I just got transferred here and well back where I was I had a guy who’d hook me up to keep me going if you know what I mean. Working on the flight line you got to keep things moving 24/7 and well sometimes a person could get tired.”

“Where’d you transfer in from Bro the DMZ? Have you ever tried Red Bull that crap is supposed to get you up and running? But you look like the type that needs high octane to keep his motor running.”

“Yeah and I just ran out then I get told we’ve got to work double shifts this weekend. I need something to help me get by if you know what I mean.”

“Something like that I’ve been told could cost you around twenty dollars a hit. But if the individual became a reliable customer the price could be cut by half.”

“Twenty is kind of high for me but what do I have to do to get in the second category,” asked Kim keeping an eye on the big guy.

“We’d have to go into my office first,” said the man as he waved for Kim to walk into the bathroom. Once inside the dealer motioned for Kim to keep quiet while the big guy checked the stalls making sure they were alone. Then the big guy frisked him nodding to the dealer that Kim was clean.

“Okay I’ll give you the boys in blue discount at ten a pop. What do you want? Name your illness and I’ve got the pill for it.”

“We’ll see about that,” said Kim as he pulled out the wallet he lifted from the man whose uniform he was wearing. He took out the man’s I.D. card. It looked like it would do.

“I don’t need to see your I.D. mister and we don’t use names here,” said the drug dealer as he looked over at his muscle both were wondering if Kim hadn’t sniffed too much jet fumes. Kim held the card between his fingers then in a flash he ran it across the Big Guys throat holding it stiff. The man went wild eyed and held his neck as blood started gushing. Kim had cut the man’s carotid artery using the I.D. card like a razor.

“Stand back,” said the dealer as he pulled a knife waving it at Kim. “I’ll cut you if you come neat me. I swear I will you don’t know who I work for.”

“And you don’t know who I work for. I need your clothes,” said Kim. “Take them off now and I’ll go in peace.”

“What? Are you some kind of pervert?” said the man as he lunged at Kim. Kim side stepped the stab blocking the arm. He then seized it and with his other hand putting pressure on the shoulder then using the man’s forward momentum he lock the arm then twisted.

“Augh! Let go,” screamed the man but that wasn’t Kim’s intention. There was a loud ‘pop’ then he dropped the knife. “You fricken crazy man you broke my arm.”

“Technically I just dislocated it but you could’ve made this so much easier,” said Kim as the grabbed the back of the man’s head with one hand then reached around with the other grabbing his chin. In one quick move making a torching motion there was a loud crack. The world had one less drug dealer in it.

Kim searched the bodies coming up with a wad of cash, a Glock 9 and a cell phone. Afterwards he flushed the pills then he pulled the Big Guy’s pants down to throw people off what really happened. When he left he looked like a Korean rapper. He took out the cell phone and dialed a number

“This is Mr. Smith from Alice Springs,” he said as he looked around. “I need to confirm my travel plans from Guam. I’ll call back in an hour to re-confirm. Thank you.” He hung up then took the SIM card out of the phone. He broke the SIM then tossed the phone.

“Taxi,” he yelled hailing down a cab. The driver seemed reluctant to pick him up but he stopped then took him to the Micronesia Mall. There he bought clothes and changed again. This time he looked like a Korean Tourist. In the Mall he bought a burner phone then grabbed a bit to eat with a group of Oriental tourists knowing that if there were cameras this would make him harder to spot. Looking at the knock off Rolex he took off the dealer it was time to call in.

“This is Mr. Smith I called before about confirming my itinerary from Guam. ... Midnight at the Marina sure no problem I just wished it could be sooner. If you need to contact me you can use this number. ... Very well I’ll be there. Do you have any word on Mr. Jones? We got separated and I was wondering if he made it out? ... I realize that you can’t comment on the movements of other employees. I was just wondering as a kind of favor. ... I know protocol. ... Okay, okay I don’t need chapter and verse. I get it. Okay Marina at Midnight,” said Kim as he hung up. She could use a little time out of her office and try on some field work he thought to himself.

“Can I get you something else?” said a waitress. He was deep in his thoughts about his phone call and what to do until midnight.

“What? Oh sorry I was just thinking. You know jetlag and everything. Yeah, I’ll have another beer, please. Do you have Hite Stout?”

“Certainly, I’ll bring it over to you,” said the girl as she wrote it down on a pad then walked off glancing back at him. He smiled at her. Suddenly he knew what he was going to do until midnight.

Chuck and Sarah were sitting in the cafeteria with Kat and Ellie when Devon and Casey came in along with the Station Chief. Chuck waved for them to come over once everyone was seated Devon offered to make a coffee and chamomile tea run. Everyone gave them their orders then he was gone.

“So Chuck I heard you couldn’t keep your mouth shut again,” said John. “Is it true you managed to get yourself suspended?”

“Actually I suspended myself but I think her meds must have her wrapped around the axel. The person I just talked to was short tempered, bossy and rude.”

“Sounds normal to me,” said Casey as Devon brought everyone their drink. He put Sarah her chamomile tea in front of her.

“I’m glad to see you switched from coffee to herbal teas. They’re much better for the baby,” said Devon. “I bet it’s been hard.”

“A little, especially when my husband sits next to me with his coffee and I have to watch him drink it when I could kill for a sip.”

“Oh so not cool bro, you need to be in this together. Chuck, you need to give up coffee for the baby,” said Devon as he reached over and took Chuck’s coffee from him.

“Here try some of my tea,” said Sarah as she passed him her cup. He took a sip and made a face of disgust. “It takes some getting used to. Devon, give Chuck back his coffee he needs it.”

“Devon did they bring the body of Beckman’s driver here to your morgue,” asked Chuck as he locked hold of the cup and wasn’t going to let it go.

“I don’t know I suppose so. But there’s no reason they’d tell me. Why? Are you thinking someone is trying to whack the General?”

“Devon keep your voice down,” said Chuck as people in the cafeteria turned to look.. “No one is whacking anyone.”

“We don’t know and accidents do happen,” said Sarah. “Chief, have one of your men discreetly check the morgue and secure the body then take it to your facility. We’ll need a complete screening done for all known toxins or anything that would’ve impaired the man’s ability to drive. Sweetie you ought to reach out to your police contacts and see if we can find the vehicle he was driving.”

“I don’t understand why she brought her own driver with her and rented a vehicle. I’ve got cars and drivers,” said the Chief. “Did she think my station has been compromised? But her being in the hospital now begs the question.”

“If I were you I’d ask her tomorrow but just be careful how you ask it. Maybe she’ll be in a better mood once her meds wear off. Oh here’s Roan he looks like he went up and saw her.”

“Charles, Sarah, Colonel Frankenstein,” said Roan as Casey growled. “I can’t believe I came all the way here from D.C. to check on Diane and she kicks me out of her room. I had a nice romantic dinner planned at my place then I get here and get the ice bucket challenge.”

“Don’t complain too much Roan I got suspended,” said Chuck. “I’m hungry. Chief you’re more than welcome to come with us if you want.”

“No I need to stay here and coordinate efforts and I want to do a little investigating too. I agree there’s something else going on here that we’re not seeing. I’ll take a rain check.”

“Sure another time no problem,” said Chuck. “Ellie, what are we doing with my niece? We should bring her along.”

“I didn’t know how late it would get so she’s at home with a sitter. Tomorrow is a school day even if the flu bug is going around.”

“The flu? What flu? This isn’t the flu season,” said Chuck as he looked at Sarah but she just shrugged her shoulders.

“I’d like to go with you guys but I’m still on duty until midnight so have fun without me and be kind, get a takeaway for a poor tired physician who’s busy saving lives.”

“I hate to bale on you too but Kat and I are bushed,” said John. “Chief can you have a vehicle dropped off at the Waldron for me tomorrow morning?” The Chief nodded as he wrote it down then disappeared to check on his men.

“John, I expect you here by nine sharp. We’ve got a whole series of tests to run and that means no eating or drinking after midnight.”

“Yes ma’am,” said John as he a Kat started to go grab a cab for the hotel.

“Hold up,” said Roan. “I’m not much in the mood to go out to eat either. I’ll ride with you and grab a room in the Waldron too. They've got a good bar piano bar and the bartender makes me doubles for free.”

“You may have trouble finding a room in the inn Roan. Chuck told me they were all booked up,” said John as he looked at Chuck but Chuck looked away. “Hum, someone told us we got the last room.”

“That’s funny because I just check their online reservation desk,” said Roan as he held up his phone. “It says they’re practically empty.”

“They must’ve had a lot of cancellations,” said Chuck as he raised his shoulders. “That convention was probably cancelled, right Love?”

“Yes, that’s probably what happened.”

“I’m sure,” said Casey as he grunted. Then he took Kat away looking back at Chuck with a look that said he wanted to kill him. But Chuck just waved as Roan disappeared with them.

“Man Roan’s liver has to look like camouflage. So it’s us,” said Chuck as he was left with just Sarah and Ellie. “What do you guys want to eat? I’m flexible I can go for anything… well almost anything.”

“I don’t want to sound like a party pooper but I could go for pizza and a hot shower at home. If we go home we can also call Sam before she and Emma board their plane.”

“Then pizza it is,” said Ellie. “We can order extra for the poor tired physician who’s saving humanity. Funny he took your coffee when I was pregnant with Clara he still drank that awful kale drink he has every morning that made me want to barf.”

“Thanks for telling me maybe I can disappear around the time Devon has his breakfast,” said Sarah as Ellie laughed.

“Sure that’s probably a good idea. I just wish I could,” said Ellie. “Let’s go take my car it's in the parking garage next to the hospital.

In the parking garage across the street two men in black were sitting in a car on the top floor of the garage across from Chicago Memorial. One was sitting with binoculars observing people coming and going from the hospital while the other was just sitting there observing everything that was taking place around them. The elevator rang then he noticed another man in black walk out and over to their car. The man opened the back door then got in.

“I just got word from the Boss and the word is Carmichael has to go. He’s become a road block for our plans and needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible.”

“He’s still inside and I haven’t seen him leave yet. What do you want to do? We can’t walk into the hospital and whack him it’s filled with security now but maybe we could get a shot off from here?”

“No it needs to look like an accident. Maybe a mugging that went wrong or a hit and run something like that.”

“Whatever it is, you need to think fast because I have him he’s leaving the hospital now with two other women and they’re headed this way.”

“Let me see,” said the man. “That’s one of the doctors from the hospital. I recognize her for the E.R. when I walked through. She’s got to have her car down on the third floor that’s where hospital staff park at. I’ll drive down to the ground floor you two go make it look like a mugger and if the women get in the way...”

“We get it, no witnesses,” said the one. They got out of the car then rode the elevator down to the third floor. The problem was they had no idea where this doctor parked. Her car could be anywhere on the floor so they had to split up. One man took one wing while the other one took the other but they stayed close enough so one could run to help out the other. Then they found places in the shadows to hide and so the trap was set or so they thought.

“You guys go on up to the car I’ll wait for you down here,” said Chuck. “I want to call my contact in Chicago’s finest and I’m not sure what kind of cell reception I can get inside the garage.”

“Okay,” said Sarah as she kissed him then she whispered, “Ellie’s already grilled me about what happened in Australia so there’s no need to come up with excuses.”

“Who me?” said Chuck. Sarah gave him a look. “Well maybe but she needs to know you flashed and this will give you some time alone.”

“I love you,” she said as she kissed him again then went with Ellie to the elevator. He waved to them as they got in and the doors closed.

“Yes, is this the Precinct Commander’s Office?” asked Chuck. “… Good my name is Charles Carmichael and I need to talk to Lieutenant Maurine Webster. … Yes, I’ll hold.” As he was on hold he took out an earbud from his pocket and put it in.”

When Ellie and Sarah got off the elevator the two men realized Chuck wasn’t with them so they regrouped and called their leader to find out what to do.

“He’s not with the women anymore,” said the one. “They got off the elevator but he wasn’t with them. He’s got to be down with you.”

“Crap you’re right, I see him he’s standing near the exit. New plan you guys make it out behind the garage on the street I’ll pick you up there. If I’m not there then you need to make it to the safe house on your own. I’m about to become involved in a hit and run.”

Stefan got off his flight long flight in Dulles from Moscow. It had been a long flight with a long layover in London. But it enabled him to start the ball rolling. His passport caused some heads to turn when it came back that he was foreign intelligence agent. But this visit had been cleared through State so after some phone calls he was on his way.

“Agent Metrohken,” said a man in a pinstriped suit and black fedora on his head. “The Embassy sent me to pick you up.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you look like a stereotype,” said Stefan as he shook the man’s hand. “Please call me Stefan.”

“My name’s Boris,” said the man as he shook his hand. Stefan bit his tongue he so wanted to say certainly or ask him how Rocky was but he didn’t.

“Did you get me a room at the Continental like I asked,” said Stefan as they walked out of the airport and into an Embassy car.

“Yes, but that isn't the hotel we usually use. Some people at the Embassy raised their eyebrows when they heard and were talking about how expensive your visit was costing us.”

“Well they can talk to the Directorate himself and one of the first people I want to see is your Cultural Attaché. Igor wanted me to personally twist his ear.”

“You mean her ear,” said Boris as he drove back into the city down the George Washington Parkway. “We’ve got a new Cultural Attaché, Natasha Romanov.” Meeting Rocky and Bullwinkle became more and more plausible thought Stefan.

“Just drop me off out front I can handle my own luggage and get myself checked in. Have the Embassy drop a car off at the hotel. They can leave the keys at the front desk. I’ll coordinate everyone I need to see in the Embassy tomorrow. You got all that?”

The man nodded his head and drove Stefan to his hotel. He got out grabbed his bag then sent the driver on. The hotel was really nice with an old world flair when traveling was a privilege. Stefan walked up to the reception desk and was immediately greeted with a smile.

“May I help you Sir,” said the woman on the other side. Stefan pulled out his passport and laid it on the desk.

“Metrohken …. I should have a reservation,” said Stefan as he slid the passport to her. She took it and checked her computer.

“Yes, you’re booked with an indefinite stay,” said the woman. “Oh I see your reservation was book by…” She started to say Russian Embassy but then she noticed the passport was marked Russian diplomat. “Sorry, your Embassy.”

“I’ll be here until my business is done. I guess I missed out on the caviar tasting. A friend of mine went and said it was sensational. You wouldn't happen to have anything like that coming up again.”

“I’m sorry no that was a one time deal and it was by invitation only so if your friend got an invitation he should consider himself lucky.”

"You wouldn't happen to have any publicity on the event. I’d like to contact them and see about the possibility of sponsoring an event in our Embassy.”

“Let me see what I can find out in the meantime here's your room card. Just one minute and let me ask my manager.” Stefan watched as the woman went to the back talked with a man in a hotel uniform. He saw the man’s face turned pale as he started shaking his head. Shortly afterwards the manager and the receptionist came back together.

“I’m sorry you were given erroneous information but we’ve never held an event like that here. If some said we did they were mistaken.”

“Are you sure about that? I’m only questioning because my friend was certain and even told me that I should see if I could attend.”

“I’m sorry but if he participated in a caviar tasting event it wasn't here.”

“Well he does like to drink. It’s probably just one big mistake I’m sorry for troubling you... Mr. Marshall,” said Stefan as he read the man’s name tag. “Would it be possible to get a bell hop to help me with my bags? I’d do it myself but I’m a bit tired. You know long flight.”

“Yes, I’ll get you one right away just one moment,” said the woman as the manager walked back to his office but Stefan was sure he was still watching them.

“I’m sorry if I got you in trouble. It probably would be better for you if you forgot about the event. Don't ask why just take my word for it,” said Stefan. He saw the manager walk out to check why he was still at reception. But just then the bell hop arrived and they left so Marshall went back into his off. Stefan knew then that he and Mr. Marshall needed to have a heart to heart in private.

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