Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 4

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Chuck walked around the exit ramp waiting for Ellie to come down as he made his phone call to Lieutenant Maurine Webster. She helped him out when he was recovering his eyesight after a flash explosion blinded him. He tried to stay in touch with her but with his schedule it was difficult. However, she was good people and Chuck never forgot the help she gave him when he really needed it. He just hoped she was still in the office.

“Maurine, it’s Chuck. I know it’s been a while,” said Chuck trying to justify why he hadn’t call in such a long time.

“I know,” she said. “It’s hard to pick up the phone when you’re out saving the world. How is everything with you and your family?”

“Thanks for asking everyone is fine. We have another baby on the way. Sarah’s five months pregnant and Sam is growing like a weed. How is everything with you? I did congratulate you on your promotion to district commander?”

“Yes and I still have some scotch from the case you sent. Congratulations to you and to your wife, I hope it’s a girl.”

“I know Sarah and Sam both want it to be a girl but me I’ll take whatever comes our way. I really don’t have a preference. Speaking of preferences, you know if you ever what to make that leap I know a long list of federal agencies that would like to have someone like you.”

“I appreciate it but I love my city and I can’t me see being anywhere else so I’m sorry I’m going to have to turn you down again.”

“I figured you’d say something like that I know Chicago’s your town. I’m just saying the offers there and if ever you change your mind…”

“Get behind me Satan,” said Maurine as they both laughed. “Well I figure this isn’t just a courtesy call what do you need?”

“Well, yes I need something. There was a one car accident earlier today outside Midway International with one fatality the driver and the passenger was transported to Chicago Memorial. I’d like to find out what happened to the vehicle and get whatever copies of photos or incident reports you can provide.”

“Are you looking into it as a crime? This really is our bailiwick not yours. I assume there’s something that ties this to national security?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not sure if there was any foul play at all that’s why I need to look at whatever you have. I can tell you this but this is for you only my director was the passenger.”

“Oh, I see that makes it different,” said Maurine. “But technically if I don’t get the nod from above this is still our case. But I understand all right I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks I knew I could count on you. Oh and to let you know Deputy Marshal O’Brien is doing good work for the Marshal Service.”

“That’s another one who doesn’t know how to pick up a phone and you can tell him that for me the next time you run into him. Man puts on a star and lets it go to his head.”

“He’s got a big area to cover but I’ll relay the message. If you can please e-mail me that material or call me and I’ll swing by and pick it up tomorrow. Thanks I appreciate it.”

“Hold up, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Why don’t you drop by in the morning and we can look through the files together. That way if you get left in the copier room with an open file folder who knows what can happen.”

“I hear what you’re saying. Okay, I’ll give you a call before I come over. Until tomorrow bye,” said Chuck as he hung up.

Up in the elevator Sarah and Ellie went to get the car……...

“Okay will you tell me what really happened,” asked Ellie. “I get it that you flashed but then what happened? You passed out but what did Gwen say?”

“I don’t know I haven’t talked to her. We were in this small town in the middle of nowhere when it happened. I was driving trying to get away from some bad guys and I flashed. I evaded the bad guys Chuck showed up then I’m waking up in the Doctor’s office with everyone telling me to stay calm and relaxed. I’ll give you a hint if a bunch of people stand over the top of you and they all tell you to stay calm and relaxed you can’t.”

“So what did you do?’ asked Ellie as they got in her car. “Don’t forget your seat belt and make sure it’s snug.”

“Yes Mom,” said Sarah as Ellie gave her a look. “Okay you asked what I did, well I tranq’d Morgan then I snuck out to help Chuck and John. I did apologize to Morgan before I tranq’d him.”

“I bet he appreciated that. Did the doctor do an ultrasound on you? I assume he did some blood work too? I’d like to see the results.”

“The blood tests he did and they were sent to Gwen but the ultrasound… well he had only a portable machine but the vet borrowed to use on a couple of ewes that were expecting lambs. I had some objections about using a machine on me that was used for livestock.”

“I can understand so how did it feel when you flashed,” asked Ellie as she pulled out and started driving down the exit ramp to pick Chuck up.

“I don’t know it wasn’t like a light switch more like when you pull the pin on a hand grenade and the lever flies off. You know you’ve got ten seconds to get rid of it but you can’t.”

“Well you’ll see Gwen tomorrow and I’ll be dropping by to check on you in between the work up I’ve got planned to do on John. There’s Chuck,” said Ellie as they came down the ramp.

“Look out,” yelled Sarah as this other car came out of nowhere cutting them off heading straight for Chuck. Ellie honked her horn to get Chuck’s attention.

“What the…” said Sarah as she took a deep breath.

Right after Chuck finished his phone call…..

He was putting his phone in his pocket after his talk with Maurine when he heard a car horn honk and he looked up to see a car come around the corner driving fast with bright lights on heading straight for him. He flashed as the car about to run him over. Springing off the hood like an Olympic gymnast, he did a 360 in mid-air then as the car passed under him he sprang again off the roof landing on the ground.

“Geez, buddy watch where you’re going,” yelled Chuck as he landed feet together with his arms outstretched and the Russian give him 9.9. The car came to a screeching halt and for a second Chuck thought the man put the car in reverse with its back up lights on but then Ellie drove down the ramp so the vehicle sped off out of the parking garage. “You could’ve at least apologized.”

“What just happened? Apologize for what,” said Sarah as Chuck got in the car. “Did we miss something or did that car just try to run you down?”

“No I don’t think so it was nothing just an idiot driving without looking. People need to be more carefully inside parking garages. You know that’s how accidents happen.”

“And some of them are accidents,” added Sarah. “I don’t know maybe I’m overthinking this but it’s strange that Beckman gets into an accident then you almost ‘accidentally’ get run over. Did you get the license plate number?”

“No, I was too busy trying to get out of the way but we can get that from the CCTV feeds when we get home. They should have it on video.”

Stefan rode up to his room with the bell hop chatting on along the way about the weather and sports. He asked the boy about the Reds how they were doing this season but the kid was a White Socks fan. Then the elevator arrived at his floor and they went to Stefan’s room.

“White Socks, hum well I won’t hold it against you,” said Stefan. “If I need extra towels or a blanket what do I do?”

“You can get them yourself from the maid’s closet,” said the boy as he pointed it out. “Or you can call down to the front desk and they’ll send someone up.”

“Thanks,” said Stefan as he handed the boy his room card and they went inside. Stefan tipped the boy then sent him on his way. Going to his bags he dumped the content on the bed the removed the false bottom. From it he took out a syringe and filled it then he took a code cracking device and went down to one of the other rooms. He picked one that was unoccupied then once inside he took out his tablet and connected to the Wi-Fi

“Okay now we hack the hotel’s online reservations and backdoor us into the room reservations. He placed a Mr. Tom Jones in the room he was in then called the front desk.

“I need to see the manager right now,” he said. “This is Mr. Jones, I checked in this morning… well I just got around to getting to my room and…. Oh it’s so disgusting but it looks like someone sleep in my bed and not alone if you know what I mean. I want him here now.”

“Sir we can move you to another room or I can send housekeeping up there straight away?” said the woman. As she ran through what she was supposed to do.

“My dear you aren’t listening to me I want the manager. I want to talk to him vis-à-vis right now do you understand English?”

“Yes, Sir I’ll sent him up right away” said the woman. She went into the office and told the manager what happened. Then the manager checked the computer.

“Is that Tom Jones, the Tom Jones,” he said but he woman shrugged her shoulders. The man didn’t remember being told about any VIPs that had arrived.

“If it is he didn’t check in during my turn but he was adamant he wanted you and you alone,” she said and underlined it. Today she was happy being the lonely peon in the Continental hotel food chain. “You need to take care of it before upper management hears about it.”

“I don’t need you telling me how to run my job,” said Marshall as he grabbed the master key then took off. “When I get back we’ll have a talk about our place.”

“Great,” she mumbled. He was mad now and was going to take it out on her but she needed this job so she had to put up with him. But sometimes she wished he’d just go away.

Marshall did a lot of fidgeting as he took the elevator up to the floor. Going over in his head what to say and do.

“What do you do?” he asked himself in the mirror in the elevator. “Well, the first thing is to make sure this guy wasn’t the Tom Jones then the second was to offer him something.”

“Champagne usually works nicely,” he said to himself. “The hotel has a reserve stash for incidents like this.”

“You’re right and I could also give him a discount on the room or even give the first night free,” said Marshall talking to the mirror.

“But what if it was the real person? That will change everything and there were no protocols for a star melt down and you know it. No, there’s only one thing to do and you know what it is.”

“Fire someone like the receptionist, for instance tie this around her head. I’m certainly not going to fall on my sword over this.”

“On that we can both agree on,” said Marshall as the elevator came to a stop. The people that were waiting look at Marshall strange when only one person got off.

Marshall walked straight down to the room. He took a deep breath outside then knocked on the door before using his master key card.

“Excuse me, Mr. Jones you called for the manager? Mr. Jones,” said Marshall then he heard the sound of a toilet flush. “Mr. Jones this is Mr. Marshall I’m the manager you called for.”

“I’ll be out in a minute just go look at the bed. You’ll see what I mean just go have a look I’ll be right out,” yelled the man from the bathroom.

“We here at the Continental as extremely sorry,” said Marshall. “We’d like to offer you a complimentary bottle of champagne.”

“I appreciate that but I’d prefer caviar,” said Stefan as he crept up behind Marshall jabbing the syringe in his neck. For Marshall it was lights out as he dropped on top of the bed. Stefan wrapped him the bed covers then went to the door checked the hall after seeing it was clear he dragged him back to his room. Once inside he took out his phone and called his Embassy giving them his authorization code.

“I have a package that needs to be picked up and placed in safe keeping for me,” said Stefan then he went to the mini bar. “Mr. Marshall you’d think with what the room costs you’d stock the bar better.” He had to settle of Johnny Walker Red he mixed with soda and waited.

The man sped out of the parking garage and around the corner where he stopped taking on his two accomplishes before speeding away. They didn’t have to ask if he was successful the lack of damage to the front end told them he missed. The question was what were they going to do now?

“I suppose none of you thought to get that Doctor’s license plate number,” asked their leader but the silence from the back was answer enough. “Geez, do I have to do all the thinking.”

“It wasn’t our fault we didn’t know where she parked or which car was hers until they got in it and afterwards you know what happened.”

“That’s right then you said you’d take care of him and we were supposed to wait for you where you picked us up.”

“So you two are saying this is my fault,” said the driver as he looked back at them in the mirror. “Is that what you’re saying?”

“Why do we have to say it was anyone’s fault? It just happened and Carmichael got away. If we go back to the garage we could get her license plate number off CCTV.”

“Idiot, don’t you remember we took care of the cameras earlier so no one would see us. We screwed ourselves but if we hang around the hospital tomorrow he’ll come back then we’ll get him. But this time no more screw ups.”

The men in the back looked at each other and wondered if that order applied to the person giving it or didn’t he include himself with the rest of the team.

Later at Ellie and Devon’s………..

They pulled into the drive and as soon as they got out Clara came running up to them. Chuck picked her up and carried her in even though she was getting to heavy to carry around but neither cared. Sarah walked with Ellie but as she got out of the car she noticed the curtains move in the kitchen window next door.

“I see your sentry’s still post. How’s Gladys doing? I see her flowerbeds are still the prettiest in the neighborhood.”

“They still haven’t found her last husband if that’s what you’re hinting at,” said Ellie as they walked in. “Devon is sure Mrs. Kravitz is a black widow.”

“Well there’s a simple test for that. If he thinks there’s something buried under her flowers what he needs is a LABRADOR. LABRADOR isn’t the dog, but it’s a light-weight analyser for buried remains and decomposition odor recognition system.”

“How does it work?” asked Clara as she watched Chuck digging around in a bag. “I’ve seen things like that on television.

“It’s simple when something goes into decomposition it gives off gases like methane, ammonia and other chemical markers so there’s a device that measures it. You find a high reading and presto…”

“There’s something rotten in Denmark,” said Ellie as she looked at Chuck then at Clara. “Little brother maybe we should leave the science lesson for school.”

“Oh sorry,” said Chuck as he pulled out a stuff kangaroo. “I grabbed three one for you, Molly and Sam.”

“Gee thanks Uncle Chuck,” said Clara as she looked at it. But it was the way she said thanks that let everyone understand the way she really felt.

“Clara, come here,” said Sarah. Clara sat the kangaroo down then went over to Sarah. “Here these are for you but you’ve got to wait until your mother tells you that you can pierce your ears to wear them.” Sarah gave Clara a set of sapphire earrings she picked up in Alice Springs.

“Oh thank you,” said Clara as she hugged Sarah. Then she showed them to Ellie and as Clara was showing them to Ellie Sarah went to Chuck.

“I personally liked the kangaroos,” said Sarah as she picked Clara’s up and looked at it. “But Clara’s growing up and you can’t treat her like she’s still a little child.”

“Speaking of children I’m ready to try to get connected with Montenegro,” said Chuck as he pulled out his tablet then open an app. He typed in a string of code then connected with Margo via a spy sat that was in gyosync over her head. The screen flickered then they were connected.

“Chuck, Sarah I’m glad you called we had a small tragedy here today. Plat du Jour had to be taken to the vet and well Sam thinks he had a stomach ache and went home to be with his mother.”

“What happened?” Sarah asked. “He was fine the other day?” Chuck put his arm around her. “How’s Sam taking this?”

“As well as someone her age can I guess? It was Jack’s desk the rabbit gnawed on. It turns out the wood it was made from was treated with arsenic against termites.”

“The rabbit saved Jack’s life that type of wood has been banned in the U.S. He needs to get rid of it as soon as possible and he needs to be careful how it’s disposed.”

“I’ve got a cleanup crew lined up but I’m waiting for Sam and Emma to leave so she won’t associate the rabbit’s ‘stomach ache’ with the desk. For now Jack’s office is locked and the windows are open to air.”

“Thanks Margo we appreciate everything,” said Sarah. “Can we talk to Sam?” Margo naturally said yes then left leaving the monitor connected.

“Oh Chuck what do we do?” asked Sarah. “I don’t know what to do in a situation like this. I’ve never lost a pet. There are no protocols for this.”

“Don’t worry we’ll invent one. Just let me start,” said Chuck. Soon Emma and Sam came in the room. Sarah felt her heart in her throat when she saw Sam’s little red eyes. She’d obviously been crying.

“Margo told us about Plat du Jour,” said Chuck. They saw Sam had a bout of the sniffles but she refused to cry. Sarah recognized herself in her and all the bad memories she associated with what Sam was doing.

“The dumb rabbit went home and left me alone,” said Sam. “No more bunnies… I don’t like them anymore.”

“Hold on, let me tell you a story. When I was a little older than you I had a dog, Peaches. Well one day Peaches ran away and I never saw him again. I worried a long time if he was okay and if someone was taking care of him. But you don’t have to worry about that because Plat du Jour is with his mother the same way you’ll be with yours when you get here. Don’t you think he has a right to be with his mother now that he feels bad?”

“I guess maybe,” she said as she started oscillating in place. “But I could’ve taken care of him. I could tuck him in bed, take his temperature, and bring him juice.”

“But you’re not his mother, there are just somethings only a mother can do,” said Chuck. “Think about what your mother does for you. Can anyone else do them for you?”

Sarah looked at Chuck then took a deep breath and squeezed Chuck’s hand. She wasn’t sure what Sam would answer.

“No, I’ve got the best Mommy in the world. Okay, I like bunnies again.” They talked some more then they had to close so she and Emma could catch their flight.

“That was an impressive talk,” said Ellie as she handed Chuck a glass of wine and Sarah a sparkling water with lemon.

“Yes and thank you,” said Sarah as she kissed him. “Where did that come from?”

“Ellie, don’t you remember? That was the speech you gave me when Peaches ran away. I had to adapt it a bit but most of that were your words. What can I say we’re a family of articulate schnooks?”

At midnight a beat up Nissan pull into the Boat Marina parking lot and Kim got out with girl that was the waitress in the restaurant in the mall. They went home together and spent the afternoon and evening. She walked around the car and kissed him goodbye.

“I don’t normally do this I want you to know but there was something about you. I guess that’s what the moth says about the flame. Look me up when you’re back in town.”

“I’ll be sure to do that,” said Kim as he kissed her back then watched her get back into her car and drive away. Once she was gone he took the pistol he had and shoved it into his sock then he went to look for the fishing boat he was supposed to hitch a ride on.

He walked down the pier looking for his transport and almost at the end of the pier he found it, a charter boat that looked like the Minnow. He was waiting for Gilligan or the Skipper to answer when he yelled if he could come on board. Much to his surprise a familiar voice told him to board.

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