Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 5

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Beckman woke up feeling groggy and with a headache that screamed for aspirin but was still in the same white room. She was lying on what still looked like a hospital bed but now she had her arms strapped down. Something wasn’t right she knew people had visited her but she couldn’t remember faces everything was a blur she only knew she had to get out of there. Then she heard noise outside her door coming closer so she pretended to be asleep.

“Let me get these vitals,” said the male nurse. “Then I’ll be with you. I wonder what they’re serving tonight. I’m getting tired of white rice and mystery meat. You ever wonder why you never see a rat around. I’m telling you that’s what you’re eating.”

“There are no rats here and he’s calling it Swiss steak tonight so stop your complaining. It’s just a hamburger with brown gravy thrown over the top. They’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got.”

“I’m really thinking about becoming a vegetarian,” said the nurse as he took her pulse then adjusted her IV. Afterwards he undid one of her arms to take her blood pressure. “I’m done here lets go eat. I’ll give the Swiss steak a go but if I get the urge for Swiss cheese afterwards we’ll know why.”

“Wait, aren’t you going to give her more sedative,” asked the man at the door. “She’s supposed to stay asleep. The doctor wants her to stay calm and relaxed”

“If I give her too much she’ll be really relaxed and resting in peace for eternity. Besides didn’t I tell you I only need three more classes before I can get my doctor’s certificate and practise medicine? I’ve been taking online classes.”

“Practising being the operative word, you keep up practising and maybe someday you’ll get it right. But until them I’ll stick with the female Doc.”

“Yeah I’m sure you will and I know what you want examined,” said the nurse as he and the other guy left. They were doing so much bantering back and forth that the nurse forgot to strap her arm back down.

Beckman waited until she was sure the two had left before she got up. She remover the IV then slowly felt the floor under her feet. The floor was icy cold but she couldn’t worry about that now this was her chance and she intended on taking it. She felt a little light headed but she fought that off.

“Okay Diane,” she said to herself now to find out what’s going on and get out of Dodge.” She snuck out of the room and was amazed at find what she found outside her door. But a little bit aways the nurse remembered he left his clipboard.

“Crap I left my clipboard back in the room,” said the nurse as he already started to line up with the rest.

“Forget it, you can go get after we’re done eating,” said his friend. “It’s not like someone is going to steal it. You can get it after dinner.”

“No I can’t the Doc will string me up and leave me out to dry if anything happens to it. You go ahead I’ll catch up with you the worst thing that can happen is they’ll run out of Swiss steak.”

“Don’t worry I’ll hook you up I’ll get double portions and save you one,” said the nurse’s friend smiling.

“Gee and I thought you were my friend,” he said as they both laughed. “Okay I should be right back why don’t you find us a seat too.”

He was still laughing when he walked into the General’s room got the clipboard and was about to leave when he almost slipped on the wet floor.

“What the…,” he said as he almost fell slipping in the saline solution. He looked over to where the water was coming from. The IV that used to be in the General’s arm was dripping on the floor but her bed was empty and she was gone.

“Oh double crap,” he said as he immediately punched a red button on the wall. Alarms started sounding and red lights flashed.

Beckman knew she’d been discovered so she had to hurry and climbed as fast as she could until she came to a steel door.

“Oh no, now what?” she said as she threw it open and saw outside.

Kim walked down a dark pier in the Marina at midnight to find his safe passage off the island. By now there had to be a bolo out on him and the island police had to have been notified to keep a look out for him. However, he managed to make it this far and with a little luck he’d be out to sea soon and on his way back home. He walked down the Marina and found the boat he was supposed to take so he quietly climbed on board.

“Hey is there anyone home,” yelled Kim in a low voice trying not to attract attention from the pier but loud enough so someone could hear him on board. “Hey is…” Kim started to yell again but a gruff voice came out from below decks.

“Will you pipe down or you’ll wake the wrong people,” said a man as he came topside. “Take those shoes off on my deck before I toss you overboard. Your man is here we can shove off now,” yelled the man back down below deck. Kim assumed he just had the pleasure of meeting the captain.

“Kim come down here and get out of sight,” said a voice he recognized but could it be. He walked past the man who was busy getting his crew up and to their stations. “Watch your head on the overhead as you come down the ladder.”

“Park is that you? You got away? But how? I was worried you got taken out when that Range Rover barrelled through the front doors.”

“Actually I have to thank you for helping me get away. I got thrown over to the side and landed under some hay but everyone was so interested in taking you that they didn’t think to look for me. I guess they just assumed I was a goner and by rights I should’ve been but I guess it just wasn’t my time. So you escaped? That was some trick I heard the chatter over the secure net they found the unopened chute.”

“I was lucky but I guess not as lucky as you. So Mr. Y sent you to bring me home is that it? I asked the operator about you but I got protocol quoted to me. So what are we doing? Are we going back to Alice Springs?”

“No all that’s on hold right now. Mr. Y has another operation in motion that could land us the mines and all the CIA’s dirty little secrets. I have to say the play is brilliant,” said Park as Kim felt the boat pull away from the pier. He got up and looked out of the porthole.

“What’s your crazy captain doing? We’re drifting is that our way out of the Marina then once we clear the mouth he’ll kick in the engines and haul butt out to international waters.”

“Something like that we don’t want to attract too much attention and risk having the Coast Guard board us first. How’s your leg doing?”

“Better it still hurts a little bit but I’ll be able to work out soon to whip it back in shape. You were lucky you didn’t get anything broken when that Rover hit you.”

“Yes I was really lucky. I could’ve ended up under it but then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Blanchard on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. He was taken out by those farmers before he could make that phone call.”

“Well you said someday he’d get what he deserved, but too bad he was starting to grow on me,” said Kim as Park reached under a table and pulled out a bottle of Suntory whiskey then a couple of glasses.

“If they hadn’t taken him out Mr. Y would’ve. We found out later that the government never approved our mining request,” said Park as he handed Kim a drink.

“I’m sorry but I’m having a hard time understanding how that’s possible,” said Kim as he took the glass from Park.

“That’s right the whole thing was illegal and if the government ever got wind of what we were doing they’d have shut us down. That is not that we had plans on hanging around for long.”

“And you’re telling me no one knew anything back in the Home Office? Or no one wanted to admit they knew that's different. Crap, is that the Coast Guard,” said Kim. Park turned and looked out the porthole. “No my bust I must’ve been mistake. But holy crap I bet some heads rolled and probably literally.”

“Yeah I heard there was a real massacre when Mr. Y was done. How do you like the whiskey? I thought this was one of your favorites?”

“Yes, it’s smooth but I guess I’m more tired than I thought,” said Kim as he started yawning and fighting to keep from closing his eyes. “You should’ve seen the girl I was with this afternoon.”

“It’s good you had one last hurray,” said Park as he gulped his drink down. “I’m sorry that it has to end like this but Mr. Y isn’t happy with us so he gave me an option. He could off both of us or I could off you so you can see I had no choice. Don’t worry; the poison won’t kick in until you’re well asleep. You can dream about the girl you were with then pass on,” Park said as he yawned. “See your yawning is contagious now you’ve got me doing it.”

“Not really,” said Kim as he reached over grabbed the bottle then drank from it. “I’m feeling a new wind coming on. Here's to you,” he said as he took a hit.

“How can… I saw you drink from the glass? I put the poison in it myself then I air dried it. You couldn’t have…” said Park then he remembered. “Oh you bastard.”

“That’s right when I said ‘is that the Coast Guard’ I switched glasses. So you should just sit back and have pleasant dreams before eternity kicks in. You were lucky once and maybe you used up all your luck then,” said Kim as Park slumped over. “You can’t be lucky all the time.”

“We’re out far enough and the currents are right,” said the Captain as he came down below to find Park out and Kim sitting with a nickel plated revolver pointed at him. “I see there’s been a change of plans.”

“Tell me and think carefully before you answer does this change things for you? And like I said think before you answer,” said Kim as he cocked the hammer back.

“Not really, I don’t care one way or the other I’ve already been paid to take a passenger to Tahiti. You, him it’s all the same to me.”

“What were you supposed to do now, throw me over board?” asked Kim. The Captain nodded his head. “Well I hate to disappoint the poor starving fishes. You can take out the trash then resume course,” said Kim then he thought. “Wait isn’t Hawaii closer?”

“Yes and I know how to get us in Pearl City without attracting attention. If you want I’ve got a coz who operates charter flights. He can get you on to the mainland without asking any questions.”

“Then lay in a new course for Oahu,” said Kim as he passed the Captain the bottle. He took the bottle looked at the label smiled then took a big swallow. Afterwards he had some of his men go down and removed Park. Kim heard a loud splash then lifted his glass to toast.

“To all the fishes in the ocean bon appetite. Now you’ve got to disappear,” said Kim looking at his reflection in the porthole. “This isn’t going to be easy but you’ve really got no other choice now.” But he had a couple of days to decide what to do as they sailed across the pacific.

While Chuck and Sarah were talking with Sam, Ellie sent her sitter home and ordered the pizzas. Once they got off the video chat they sat around and talked with Ellie and Clara until the pizzas arrived. Chuck insisted and paid the man at the door that was when he noticed Gladys outside watering her flowers near Ellie and Devon’s. He waved at her and she waved back then he went back inside.

“Who waters plants this late at night,” said Chuck as he brought the pizzas in and put them on the table. “Does your neighbor always water her flowerbeds this late at night?”

“Only when we’ve got house guests and if you wait a little bit she’ll take her dog for a walk and have to pass in front of the house a couple of times. I think she has the poor thing trained to pooh on command. She’ll have to stop and clean in up right in front of our living room window so she can look in,” said Ellie as she got out the napkins and refilled everyone’s drink.

“I wonder if she’d be interested in serving her country. She’d make a good field agent and who’d ever suspect her. If what you said before is true she’s already passed her red test.”

“Her red what?” asked Clara. “Is that a test you have to take to become a secret agent? Did you have to pass it? Is it hard? Can you tell me what you have to do?”

“Well we can't really talk about it because it's classified but we don’t do it anymore,” said Sarah as she gave Chuck a kick under the table. “Chuck was actually the last one to have to pass it but it was decided that other tests could be given to substitute it…”

“That’s right… the test results weren’t always accurate and so they moved the testing into a laboratory environment to control the results better.”

“So it was a psychological test I take it,” said Ellie as she handed Sarah a slice of her favorite vegetarian with no olives. “So you had to take it?”

“Yes and I’m glad they did away with it. That test still haunts me today,” said Sarah. Chuck reached over stole a bite of her pizza. “Hey! Get your own buster; remember I’m your poor pregnant wife who's eating for two.”

“But yours tastes better,” said Chuck as he tried to steal another bite but she pulled it away. Clara and Ellie started to laugh.

“How’d you like to wear this?” she said with an impish smile. “You know that can be arranged. Come on say something I dare you.” Clara was rolling laughing so hard her sides hurt.

As Sarah held the slice in her hand up in front of him taunting him with should I or shouldn't I Chuck’s phone rang. He held up his hand as he checked who it was.

“This is Maurine,” said Chuck. He saw the look he got from all three women at the table and before he wore all the pizza he clarified. “Lieutenant Webster, from the Chicago Police Department I need to take this. Just save me a bit,” said Chuck as he kissed Sarah.

“Sure,” said Sarah then she smeared pizza sauce on his cheek. “That’s for before.”

“Maurine, I didn’t expect you to call this late at night. We’re still on for tomorrow? … What? How? … Okay I’ll still drop by and we can have that coffee. .. Sure if you want to meet outside your office I’ll be at Chicago Memorial tomorrow morning. The coffee isn’t bad in the cafeteria. … Oh no not for me, my wife is being seen and then there’s that other patient. … Yeah it might be better if we see each other away from your office. Okay see you tomorrow and thanks for the phone call,” said Chuck as he hung up. He looked up to see Gladys looking straight at him as her dog was doing his business on the sidewalk.

“What is it Sweetie,” asked Sarah. She tried to follow the conversation at the table while listening in on his phone call. “Is something wrong?” She might not have picked up on everything but she understood something was wrong.

“I hope she cleans that mess up. What? Oh yes, I don't know if you heard,” said Chuck as he walked back to the table. “Maurine called to say Beckman’s accident report is missing. Everything is gone forms, photos and reports along with the computer backup so she doesn’t have anything.”

“Well did she find the car in the impound lot? We could learn something from it and then we could check the video from the road from the airport. There should be some traffic cam footage.”

“Maybe we can find something from CCTV but the car was ‘accidentally’ put in the lot for scrapping and it is now a metal cube. Maurine wants to meet me in the cafeteria at the hospital there is something else she wants to tell me but away from her office. Sarah, what's going?”

“What's going on here is supper,” said Ellie as she looked over at Clara who was listening with both ears to every word he said.”

“Is there any pizza left?”

“I don’t know there might be a slice left depending how you act,” said Sarah as she got up and sat on his lap then fed him. “I love you,” she whispered in his ear.

“I love you too.”

George Marshall came to tied to a chair with a hood over his head and a gag in his mouth. He tried to remember how he got there but couldn't. George tested his bonds by trying to pull free but he quickly realized he wasn't going anywhere. Someone had tied him tight even the chair seemed to be bolted to the floor. Suddenly the hood came off and he was hit by a bright light shined in his face then the gag came off.

“What’s going on?” he said as he oped and closed his mouth. The muscles in his jaws ached. George tried to turn his face from the bright light but he felt a hand grab him by the chin then he heard a mechanical voice in his ear.

“We know you talked,” said the masked voice. “We warned you there would be consequences.” Marshall broke out in a sweat and felt himself start to shake.

“Wait, wait there's been a big mistake I swear I never said a word... a word to that Russian guy. I’ll admit he came asking. He said his friend was invited to your party but I told his friend must’ve been confused. I swear he came looking but I turned him away. You’ve got to believe me. Come on you’ve got to trust me.”

"I’ve got to and why should we trust you? It seems to me we need to eradicate the problem at the root before it gets spreads,” said the same voice. The man on the other side of the light made sure Marshall could see him take out a pistol then racking the first round.

"Hold up, just wait I'll do anything to prove to you what I told you is true. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Anything please I know we can work something out. I’ve done everything you've asked so far haven't I? That should mean something.”

“I don't know why I’m doing this but if you want to live this is what you’ve got to do. You will be taken back to your hotel there you will get everything together you’ve got on us and don’t insult my intelligence by telling me you don’t have anything. You look like a smart boy who knows how cover what needs to be covered by squirreling things away for a rainy day. Well it’s pouring on you now.”

“When you say everything do you really mean everything? I mean everything, everything?” said Marshall as the bag went back over his head. Stefan turned off the light.

“Is English your first language?” said Stefan. “When you wake up you will find instructions on you that will explain how you're to deliver what we want. It would be better if you forgot this conversation took place and remember we’ve got people everywhere.”

Before Marshall could say anything he felt the prick of a needle then was out. He slumped forward out cold. Stefan took an envelope and put it inside his jacket pocket then went to the door. He waved for two men outside to come in and take Marshall away.

“Do you really think he'll be able to give you any real intel?” asked a dark headed woman who walked in wearing a black trench coat.

“You should change your last name to Fatale,” said Stefan. He saw the puzzled look on her face. “Never mind, I just have one question for you how could you let something like this happen under your nose?”

“I don't have to answer you. I don't work for you,” said the woman clamming up thinking by not answering Stefan it would save her. She was gravely mistaken.

“Wrong answer there's a gentleman waiting outside the door to escort you to the airport. There’s someone in Lubyanka Square who will ask you the same question and for him you’d better have a good answer or you're going to see how far you can see from there.”

Stefan had her removed just like that. No messing around which sent a shock wave through the Embassy. It wasn't long before the Ambassador called him in to talk with him.

“Can you tell me what's going on? You arrested my Cultural Attaché then shipped her off to Lubyanka without talking to me. This is my mission and you know….”

“Just hold up before we get into a name dropping contest. I was sent to investigate a possible black flag op against us. As Cultural Attaché, Natasha should’ve known about the event so either she was involved or incompetent. I asked her she refused to talk so she was sent home. No one else will dare question my authority. In matters of national security… well your political friends won't risk their positions for you.”

“Well I never…” The Ambassador started to protest but Stefan cut him off again.

“Ambassador you know my directorate and as much as things have changed somethings haven't. People disappear all the time and some of them on their own volition. I don't expect you to like me just don't get in my way.”

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