Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 6

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Sarah woke up to find Chuck’s side of the bed was empty. She got up and put on her house shoes then went searching for him. It didn’t take her long to find him sitting at the kitchen table in the dark with a cup of coffee. She flipped on the light switch and he squinted shielding his eyes from the sudden bright light. Making her wonder how long he’d been sitting there so she walked over and sat on his lap.

“If I’m too heavy I’ll get up,” she said. “Sometimes I think I can actually see myself getting larger and larger. I forgot how long nine months were.”

“No stay where you are,” he said as she bent down and kissed him. “I woke up early so I got up and made coffee. If you want I can make you your tea?”

“No, but thanks I don’t know if I’m supposed to starve for these tests or not and at this point I just want to get them over with. Ellie’s nice and I know we just got here but I’ll be happy to get home.”

“Me too,” said Chuck as he looked up at her putting his arms around her. Sarah looked back down at him then kissed him.

“You know you can disagree with me it’s all right. Although I do have the option to ignore you but you can disagree with me so do we want to try this again? I said I’ll be happy to get home and you say me too but.”

“Okay, you’re right and it’s part of the reason I’m up. I kept lying in bed thinking about Beckman’s accident. I can’t help wondering if maybe this wasn’t an attempt on her life.”

“I hate to point this out to you but aren’t you technically suspended. However, I agree with you too many things have happened but this is also the responsibility of the area Station Chief. You realize you’re walking all over him.”

“I know but we also know that on the totem pole at Langley he’s below us but you’re right and I’m playing nicely keeping him looped in. I hope he’s got something for us when we make it into the hospital.”

It wasn’t long after that that Ellie and Devon got up with a very sleepy Clara. She’d stayed up past her bedtime to listen to Chuck and Sarah and now she was paying the price. She dragged in the kitchen and both Sarah and Ellie caressed her and gave her kisses but it still didn’t make up for lost sleep.

“El I’m getting a car delivered today at the hospital so you won’t have to chauffer us around. We need to pick Sam and Emma up at the airport then I was thinking about us checking into a hotel. I don’t want to put you guys out.”

“Don’t be crazy we can make room here,” said Ellie as she saw Devon going for the fridge. “Sarah if you’re going to take that shower before we go in you should go now,” she said as she gestured for Sarah to look back at Devon.

“Oh... Oh right,” she said as she caught on. “I’ll be as fast as I can.” Then she started to beat feet but before she could leave Devon caught her.

“Sarah, you know with the baby coming you should try a healthier life style. Let me fix you a kale shake your bowels will thank me for it.”

“Sounds awesome, Awesome but you know I’m not sure if I like another guy messing around with my wife’s bowels. No cool dude so not cool and in front of my sister and my poor innocent niece,” said Chuck giving Sarah enough time to escape. He saw Devon’s look. “I’m just messing with you.”

“Chuck, I’m serious,” said Ellie. “Sarah and Emma can take the bed. Sam can sleep with Clara in her room and you can take the couch. It’s not like you haven’t ever slept on it before.”

“I just don’t want us to be in your way,” said Chuck as made a disgusting face watching Devon make his ungodly mixture. Then he drank half putting the other half aside for Sarah.

“Okay I’m ready,” said Sarah as she came out thinking she’d dodged the bullet but that was when Devon held out the glass.

“Here I saved you a portion. Drink up, take my word for it you’ll feel better,” said Devon as he tried to hand her the glass.

“I would but I can’t because...,” Sarah had to think fact then it hit her. “Because I’m going to have to do labs and I should go in with an empty stomach.” And she really would if she tried to drink that it was only missing eye of newt she thought.

“No, I talked with Gwen when she dropped by the hospital and she told me about what tests she wants to do and you really need to go in with a full bladder for the ultrasound. So there’s no reason not to once you start you won’t want to stop.”

“Sweetie if it’s too much I’ll drink some then you can finish the rest,” said Chuck as he took the bullet for her. “Boy does this look... yes it definitely does look. Devon, is this the consistency it’s supposed to have? It reminds me of something else.”

“I know I told him that the other day,” said Ellie. She watched Chuck fight back the gag reflect as he downed the whole glass.

“Hey Dude, you were supposed to save some for your wife. So not cool Chuck now I’m going to have to make more for her. It won’t take long.”

“Oh no you don’t,” said Ellie, “I mean you can’t there’s not enough time and we need to get to the hospital to start her testing and I’ve got John waiting for me. Everyone who’s driving with me let’s load up the car.”

“Can I go with Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sarah to the airport to meet Sam and Emma, please? I should be out of school by then and I can do my homework when we get back.”

“You have to ask them,” said Ellie. “They’re going to have to swing back by to pick you up. You’re making them go out of their way.”

“It’s no problem,” said Sarah. “Sam may be down a little because of what happened with her rabbit so it might be good for her to have you to talk with. We’ll swing by around four can you be ready?” Clara nodded her head and Sarah kissed on the forehead.

“If I survive,” said Chuck from the back of the car. They got in and as they backed out of their drive Chuck went on. “That has to be the vilest thing I’ve ever had to swallow in my live. Worse than that cod liver oil we had to take when Dad thought we had worms.”

“Now that was true love,” said Sarah as she kissed him on the cheek then made a face. “Sweetie, I hate to tell you but you need to brush your teeth before I can kiss you. I’m sorry I really am I can’t even go near you.”

“Gee thanks,” said Chuck as his bowels were doing anything but thank him and the rest of intestinal track wasn’t happy either.

“My poor, poor baby,” said Sarah as she caressed his face. After they dropped Clara off the three of them headed straight into the hospital to find Casey pacing the floor.

“It’s about time you guys show up for work,” said John as he greeted them. “It’s bad enough to have to wear a dress that exposes your lower forty to the sun but to have to stand around and wait all day to get it done is a little too much.”

“And good morning to you,” said Chuck as he looked around. “Where did you stash Kat? Don’t tell me you two had a fight or better another misunderstanding.”

“No moron, I didn’t see any reason to keep her hanging around the hospital all day so I gave her the keys to the car. She wanted to look for somethings for Alex and Morgan. I suggested a nice marble rolling pin. It makes a nice ping when swung properly and can be easily cleaned to remove all trace evidence.”

“Makes me want to run right down to Bed Bath & Beyond and get one,” said Chuck as he felt Sarah walked up and put her arm around him.

“You don’t have to I already have one,” said Sarah as Chuck gave her a look. “It comes in handy sometimes. John, what happened to all the security I don’t see any of our men around.”

“Because you got here late, the General checked herself out. She lit out of here like a bat out of hell. But not before she ripped into the Chief. She tore into him about wasting government resources looking into accidents. She threated to post him on guard duty watching the North Pole.”

“Do you know where she went?” asked Chuck. “And where was Roan when all this was taking place? He and her Major are the voices of reason that calm her down, General whispers.”

“Yeah whispers, well not this time, Roan was here and he tried to reason with her be she shut him down too. In the end Roan tagged along with her when she left but she didn’t seem to be too happy he was coming along. I assume by now they’re on a plane back to D.C. Can we get these tests over with?”

“Yes John, come along,” said Ellie. “Sarah, Chuck you two come with me. Gwen is using my office from there she’ll take you to Obstetrics.

Beckman ran away from her captures trying to make good her escape. She raced up the metal ladders climbing as fast as she could but then she heard the alarm go off and she knew she didn’t have much time. Already she heard voices behind her so she knew there was no turning back now. Finally she reached the last landing and opened a metal door to find it was a hatch. She opened the door only to find she was onboard a ship at sea with no signs of land in sight.

“Crap, now what?” she said to herself. She knew she couldn’t allow herself to be taken. “Everyone talks in the end,” played in her head. There was only one thing left to do she started to lean over the life lines.

“Go ahead,” she heard a voice behind her. She turned and standing there was the female doctor with the male nurse and a couple of other men. “Go ahead and jump I won’t stop you. One last heroic gesture for your country seems only fitting don’t you think? But it won’t change things not one bit Diane; I hope you don’t mind me calling you Diane. My name is Dee and may I say it is a pleasure to finally meet you I’ve been studying you for some time.”

“I wish it were the same,” said Beckman as she leaned farther overboard when Dee’s men advance suddenly.

“Hold up everyone just back up and take a deep breath,” said Dee. “You see I’ve substitute a look-a-like for you and she seems to be working out fine.”

“Cosmetic surgery, she might have some of the people fooled now but she won’t get past the DNA test when she reaches Langley.”

“Oh but she will my dear General. You see I’ve perfected it I made the world’s first DNA re-sequencer and you were my first test subject.”

“What you’re talking about is impossible. Even if you could re-sequence DNA and I’m not saying you can you could never re-sequence the DNA of a living organism.”

“In part you’re right if you come down off those stanchions I’ll take you down to my lab and show you. I think you’ll be impressed but if you want to jump go for it. I’ll have everything I wanted anyway.”

The General thought for a second. She’s heard about some super-secret research the Russians had done but with limited success and always ending in a fatality. But what was the name of the Russian scientist?

“Wait, your name isn’t Dee. Your name is Irene Denova. Yes, I know you and I’ve read about your research.”

“Finally someone who isn’t getting me confused with that other Irene. She spells her last name differently and people still get us confused. You go to a science lecture and have a colleague ask you to sign his video... well it gets embarrassing. I had to do something to show the world who I am.”

“A stark raving lunatic,” said Beckman as she climbed down. “Okay let’s say I’m a little curious. Take me to your lab Dr. Frankenstein.” Dee’s men immediately grabbed her hands and cuffed them then they went down below

“This way,” said Dee as she led them down the ladder. “We’re almost there just a little further and you’ll see. What you said before about doing this procedure on a living organism was correct. Here we go,” she said as she stopped in front of a door.

“Is this it?” asked Beckman as they waited for the Doctor to key in then the door opened. “You were talking about living organism,” said Beckman but as she looked the joke about Dr. Frankenstein didn’t fall too short of the mark.

“Yes well to perform the procedure the patient has to be clinically dead and well we had to do a few test runs before we perfected the process.”

“Translated you killed off a few test subjects before you finally got it right and please refrain from telling me you have to break a few eggs if you want to make an omelet.”

“Knowledge comes with a price and everyone who went into the program knew that but even still everything you see here is fried. To perfect the transition I had go over the safety levels of our processors and they melted down...” Beckman cut her off.

“You were the people in Australia after that silver. You need it to make these devices work that’s what’s going on isn’t it?”

“Yes in partial. Your twin was one of the test runs so I can prove to Mr. ‘Y’ the validity of my project. Your people put a monkey wrench in my works and ‘Y’ wants to see our test run before he’ll invest any more money.”

“And just how is your evil me doing?” asked Beckman. She noted a pause of silence. “You’re having trouble with either Chuck or Roan,” she said and again silence. “Oh, I see you’re having trouble with both.”

“Roan, we anticipated like I said I’ve been studying you for some time and you weren’t our only twin as far as this Chuck, he’ll be taken care of soon or I’ve been told by you.”

Sarah and Chuck met Gwen in Ellie’s office where she asked Sarah a series of questions then afterwards they went up to Obstetrics where Gwen had Sarah change into a hospital gown. Chuck helped her to changed and get as comfortable as she could on the examination table.

“I’ve warmed up the gel so you should feel a soothing warm sensation on your stomach,” said Gwen as she turned the monitor around so she and Chuck could see.

“I want to see too,” said Sarah as she felt Gwen start to rub the wand over her stomach. “This isn’t fair I’m the one carrying the football here.”

“Just hold on a moment and I’ll turn the monitor so you can see too. How are you doing? Remember there should be some discomfort but I need to know immediately if you feel pain.”

“No I’m fine I just want to know about my baby how is... walnut doing?” said Sarah. She still didn’t know what to call their baby. “Sweetie, we’ve got to come up with a name.”

“Wow,” said Gwen as she got up and went to the hospital phone. “I need Doctor Woodcomb, Ellie in Obstetrics right away. Just tell her that.” Both Chuck and Sarah were looking at her. Chuck thought about flashing but he didn’t want to he just took Sarah’s hand.

“Doc, that ‘wow’ was that a good ‘wow’ or a bad ‘wow’? I don’t think I’ll find ‘wow’ in the physician’s handbook under acceptable exclamations to make around prospective parents.”

“Sorry, actually it’s neither. Let’s just call it a remark of astonishment if you like. Here look at this.” she said turning the monitor but as she was about to explain the door opened. Both Ellie and Casey came in.

“Excuse me but do I need to sell tickets here,” said Gwen as she looked at John. He saw Sarah on the table with her stomach exposed.

“Oh... oh no I’ll wait outside,” John said as he started to go but Sarah squeezed Chuck’s hand.

“John wait, you’re going to stand outside in the hallway in Obstetrics and Gynecology in a hospital gown? I don’t know if they have a fertility clinic here. Just chill out here and wait or your liable to end up on the ninth floor especially with that beanie helmet on.”

“Leave him alone,” said Ellie. “It’s for his fracture. Gwen, what is it? Why did you call me down here in such a hurry?”

“I wanted to show you this. Look at the cerebral development it’s amazing, especially if you look at previous ultrasounds. Just look at all those folds. It’s like she got a sudden jump start that affected her brain.”

“You said she so that means we’re expecting another girl,” said Chuck as he kissed Sarah but he felt her cold hands. She was worried. “Okay Gwen, what does this mean?”

“I wish I could tell you I hoped Ellie could tell us more. This moves into her field of study but for mine the baby is fine just her brain seems to be more advanced than normal.”

“There’s nothing to worry about there could be a lot of reasons for this not just what you’re thinking about. Let me to a little research and we’ll talk about it tonight at dinner. Come on John I’m almost finished with you but you’re going to have to wear that helmet for a couple of weeks. Now let’s move it so we can both go for lunch.”

“So Gwen, are we done,” asked Chuck as he got towels to clean Sarah with. “You just lay there and let me take care of this.”

“Yes, I think so and can you please make your scheduled appointments. I like traveling like the next person but I have to rearrange my schedule every time I’ve got to do a fly away for you guys.”

“We’ll do our best,” said Sarah. “Give me those. Don’t you have a meeting with your police friend in the cafeteria?”

“Yes but I want to make sure you’re taken care of first,” said Chuck as Sarah took the paper towels from him. “Maurine will understand if I’m a little late.”

“No, I’m fine and I can get dressed by myself so go. I don’t want you to be late. Remember we need to run back home to pick Clara up before we go to the airport. So you need to be on time.”

“Okay I’ll have a tea waiting for you,” said Chuck then he turned to Gwen. “Thanks Gwen and so long until next time... I mean next time in L.A.” He could’ve sworn she sounded like John as she grunted.

Sarah cleaned herself then turned and got off the table. Chuck had just let and was out the door so she felt now was the time to do it.

“Okay Gwen, what’s the rest of the story. There’s something you’re not telling us what is it? I’ve been at this game too long not to notice when someone is telling me only half the story.”

“Nothing just... well when I was consulting on the phone with that Doctor in Australia he noticed that your baby was going through a lot of stress and luckily she rode it out well this time.”

“What do you mean ‘this time’?” asked Sarah thinking how could she stop something she had no control over.

“I mean we don’t want to but her through this again.”

Chuck rode the elevator down to the ground floor thinking that they had dodged a bullet on this one and he needed to think about what to do so that it wouldn’t repeat itself. But he was coming up a blank short of them both quitting the agency but that never went well when they tried doing it before. Getting off the elevator he saw Maurine standing in the lobby of the hospital in civilian attire.

“Wow you look different... let me finish in a nice way in civilian clothes. I didn’t think you owned anything but uniforms.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment but I didn’t want to attract attention if any of your people were still floating around. I heard your boss left early this morning for Dulles.”

“You know more about what’s going on with her than I do. Let’s go in the cafeteria so I can treat you to that coffee I promised you.”

“No thanks maybe another day. I’m not sure I’m not being watched. Listen yesterday we got visited by a group of you Feds then your boss’ files went missing then I did some investigating and I got called by my boss, the commissioner who told me to let it go.”

“Geez I’m sorry I had no idea. Yeah, I don’t want you to get into trouble over this so just let it go I’ll take it over.”

“Well this is a little bit of information I dug up before I got shut down,” said Maurine as she handed Chuck a thumb drive. “That’s traffic cam footage of your General in her car but the problem is she was heading from the city to the airport minutes before the accident. Chuck, she was headed in the wrong direction or was already here in the city and wanted to make it look like she’d just arrived.”

“Leave everything up to me and for your own good forget about this. I’ll take it from here.”

“Chuck, I don’t have to tell you to be careful.”

“I think you just did.”

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