Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 7

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The drive to the airport was long and quiet. The General sat in the back with Roan while the Chief sat in the front riding shotgun. She just had him for breakfast so he decided his best policy was to just sit there in silence and only answer what he was asked. However, this wouldn’t fly for Roan.

“You know you should’ve hung around long enough to see what the Doctor had to say about Sarah. I can see ignoring Casey, the man’s got a head as hard as a rock but Sarah and Chuck are different.”

“I can’t play favorites with my agents besides Chuck was insubordinate. I would’ve fired him but I was told I couldn’t and that’s why he’s suspended.”

“Which was a…. well not a well thought out move. You need him or have you forgotten how vital he is to our national interests.”

“How can one agent be more important than another? He’s suspended and that’s it. You just like him and if you keep this up you could be joining him.”

“And who’s going to keep you out of trouble? You sure you’re feeling okay. You realize you just suspended your only active intersect,” whispered Roan. “Or have you forgotten that?”

“Intersect? Yes… I mean of course I do,” said the General. She took out her phone and typed a quick message then put it away. “But I can’t let him think he’s special.”

“Well I think that’s obvious to everyone since he’s the only one now,” said Roan as they pulled into the airport and drove straight up to the plane. “We need him more than he needs us. Have you forgotten how many times the poor boy has tried to walk away and you pulled him back. Now you’ve given him walking papers.”

“So there were others?” she said then she caught Roan’s look. “Of course there were but now there’s only Chuck. I know that but he needs to be... well he just needs to be and that’s that.” Their conversation was interrupted by the Chief.

“Ma’am we’re here at the plane,” said the Chief. They pulled up and the Chief got out and opened the door for her. She got out and went straight on board.

Roan got out and watched Diane walk up the ladder. He had this sinking feeling in his stomach that he didn’t know this woman anymore. Then he brushed it off telling himself it was the accident and within a few days she’d be back the way she used to be. It would be funny watching her try to get Chuck back. Little did he know then what was in store.

“Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to come onboard? We can leave you here if you want,” she yelled back at him from the plane.

“You know I was thinking,” said Roan. “We could have that dinner this evening we were supposed to have last night. Don’t you remember you asked me to make reservations?”

“Reservations, right but we’d need to see if they have any tables available for tonight. It might be hard getting one after cancelling like you did last night.”

“Not at our special place, Chez Moi. I was thinking about starting with pasta and white truffles then I have squab with mushrooms and wild rice in the fridge I can warm up then a Mars bar for desert. You remember our Mars bar?”

“Of course I do, how could I forget something like that, something so important... our first time,” she said. She looked at Roan to see if she got it right but he looked perplexed. Crap, she thought she missed it.

“Well I guess you could call it our first. The first time we almost got caught and where you learned not to go charging in.”

“Yes that’s what I meant,” said the General. “Sure let’s meet after work. I need to contact my aide to get caught up on what I missed. You know if you let me hurry up and tie things up the more time well have together.”

“I’m all for that,” said Roan but a little voice in the back of his head told him he was in serious danger. Later he’d wished he’d listened to it. “Let me see what’s in the bar and make us a Martini.”

Sarah asked Chuck what Maurine had to say but he told her that the police commissioner had told her to leave it alone. Then Devon and Ellie showed up and they had lunch in the cafeteria. Chuck got them both cheeseburgers and fries with extra pickles on the side while Ellie and Devon went healthy with a salad. Sitting down Chuck slid the extra pickles close to Sarah.

“Thank you,” said Sarah as she helped herself to Chuck’s pickles. “Just for the record I liked pickles before I got pregnant.”

“You know research has been done in cravings during pregnancy and there seems to some correlation with mineral and vitamin deficiency and the food that’s craved.”

“Devon, don’t take me wrong. I just like pickles the same way I like to eat my salad not drink it,” said Sarah as bit into a pickle.

“Amen sister tell me more,” said Ellie as they all laughed. Devon shook his head and accused them all of being Philistines.

“Come on Bro,” said Devon. “What about the bro code Chuck? The women are ganging up on me you’re supposed to help your bro out.”

“After what you made me drink this morning I’m not only throwing you under the bus but I’m driving it too and I’m going to back up to make sure the job is done.”

“So not cool,” said Devon but everyone stopped talking when Casey and Kat walked in. Sarah put her hand over Chuck’s mouth before he could say anything.

“Some on let me have it out. I dare you. Come on Chuck I know you want to say something to piss me off,” said Casey as he sat down with what looked like a beanie on his head. “You have to ask your sister if it comes with a propeller like in Beany and Cecil.”

“No John, the reason you have to wear the helmet is to protect your head. You have a hairline fracture that cause pressure on the temporal lobe which resulted in your amnesia. The second blow you took relieved that pressure. But until the bone heals you’re at risk.”

“Way to go bro I don’t think Ellie could’ve explained it better,” said Captain Awesome. “That was impressive.”

“Besides a propeller would have Casey airborne along with Sally Field. Come to think of it you both sing,” said Chuck as John growled.

“Come on we need to run home then out to the airport. You did remember to get a booster seat with the car you had delivered?”

“Oh no I’m sorry,” said Chuck. Sarah’s look was not happy. “I kind of forgot but we can buy one in the airport.”

“Way to go genius,” said Casey as he grunted. He was enjoying his moment of revenge. “Maybe you’re the one who needs the beanie hat.”

“You don’t have to we’ve still got the one you guys used the last time you were in town. It’s in the closet next to the front door so I guess it’s good you guys planned on swing by the house first.”

“Yes, it is,” said Chuck as he looked over at Sarah. She looked at her watch then motioned they should go. “Well we’ll see everyone back home. I was thinking we could eat all go out to eat or we could order Chinese tonight.”

“Sweetie, I think we need to play it by ear. I don’t know how Emma and Sam are going to feel after their trip here.”

Roan and the General were met by her Major at Dulles. He went over the current situation of the operations as they drove back to Langley. He tried to be as detailed as possible because that was the way the General liked it. Finishing his last sitrep he handed her the folder then sat back in his chair and waited. He knew something had to have gone wrong so he was prepared for heavy seas as well as he could borrowing terminology from the Navy. But he got a question he never expected to hear asked, at least not by Beckman?

“Major you’ve worked for me for a long time now and I must seem ungrateful at all the good work you’ve done for me?”

“Well I wouldn’t go that far ma’am,” the Major started to say but Roan coughed loudly. “Oh that was a rhetorical question.”

“Yes, well I want you to pick out the job you want and I’m going to recommend you for immediate promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. It’s about time I recognize your service.”

“I don’t know what to say,” said the Major as he looked over at Roan. He was tongue tied and flabbergasted. He still had his railroad tracks in his desk waiting to be demoted now this.

“Well I think you should start by saying thank you,” said Roan. “I guess you’ll have to find a replacement but if you want I could fill in for a little while. I don’t think it’s that difficult.” The Major gave him a look. “Well I don’t but congratulations,” said Roan as he raised his Martini glass.

“You know it’s funny but I was thinking the same thing,” said the General as they pulled into the subterranean parking lot at Langley. The Major gave her a look. “Oh I don’t mean the job is easy, but that Ron could sub for a bit. Roan, you go on home and get dinner ready and I’ll finish everything up here.”

Roan agreed and grabbed his car driving to his Georgetown brownstone while the General went upstairs to her office with the Major.

“Major, you can go spread the good word while I work in my office,” said the General as she walked past her secretary. “Oh I want you to hold all my calls and under no circumstances are you to let anyone in. I’ll be busy for a while.” With that she closed her door then the impostor put her ear to it listening to the Major as he told her secretary what had just happened. The impostor went to her new desk sat down then took out her phone and made a call as she kicked off her heels propping her feet up.

In the middle of the ocean where the real Beckman was being held it was time for Breakfast. She was sitting with Dr. Dee about to enjoy poached eggs on toast with a hollandaise sauce. The General waited for her warden to start eating before she’s started just to be on the safe side. As they were beginning their meal a man came in carrying a speaker box he sat in the middle of the table then whispered into the Doctor’s ear.

“Oh this should be interesting for you,” said Dee. “This is our Beckman calling from Langley. You might like to listen in.” said the woman as she pressed a button on the top. “Diane, tell me how everything is proceeding?” said the Doctor to get Beckman’s goat.

“Everything is going as planned. Roan needs to be taken care of this evening. I neutralized the Major so he’s out of the picture...”

“You’d better not have hurt him or so help me I’ll invent ways to cause you pain,” snapped the General.

“Oh, so you’ve let her out but I thought the plan was to keep her sedated and in bed until you hit landfall,” said the impostor.

“Things changed and well this became necessary. But we’re in the middle of the ocean where can she go and we’re having the most stimulating conversation.”

“I bet you are just remember who cuts your paycheck. Well my dear twin I didn’t have to touch a hair on his head I just promoted him and sent him to another office. I’m going to have to do something with your secretary too but promoting is much easier than killing and it doesn’t raise as much suspicion. I’ve got a question for you since you’re up and about what’s an intersect?”

“That’s a title of our highest level operatives. You’re talking about Chuck I assume. I’d leave him alone if I were you. He might not look like much but he will sniff you out so I’d stay away.”

“We’ve already had a run in when I tried to fire him,” said the impostor. The real Beckman began to laugh.

“I’m sorry you tried what? How’d that go for you? I bet he told you that you couldn’t? He’s been assigned to work with us as long as he wants and he’s one of the few agents... well the only one who can pick his own missions.”

“Then I made the right move when I put out a kill order on him,” said the impostor wanting to get back at Beckman for laughing at her.

“Let’s see how that goes. I know of at least five or six times Chuck’s had kill orders put on him and he’s still alive. I probably shouldn’t say this but you know when he takes out your assassins and believe me he will. When he interrogates them will they roll on you? Oh did I say he’s also one of the best interrogators we have. He knows how to crawl up inside a person’s head so it sounds like your days there are numbered. You know suddenly my appetite came back could I get another egg.”

“You’re in Langley and he’s in Chicago right?” said the Doctor more a statement of fact than a question. There was a moment of silence. “I want you to turn off the kill order. Leave Carmichael alone for now. The only thing you can do by following through on this is to cause Chuck to look deep and that’s something we can’t afford. Do you hear me?”

“Yes I hear you,” said the impostor. “But I don’t work for you. I need to go. I’ll call you after our Roan makes contact and we know the swap has been made.” With that the line went dead.

“I see so I’m going to have company soon,” said Beckman as she finished her Breakfast. I just hope you’ve got a good supply of gin and vermouth.

The impostor hung up the phone and put it away. She had no intention of pulling the kill order on Chuck. What was done was done and she didn’t like his attitude. But she had to act quickly the Doctor would be calling Mr. Y soon then he’d call her.

Across the street in the parking building next to the hospital the three man hit team was waiting for Chuck. Their leader posted himself on the roof as a look out while the other two stayed down below close to Ellie’s car. This time they planted a tracking device on it so they’d be able to follow at a safe distance if that were necessary.

“Stand by,” radioed the Leader. “I’ve got Carmichael coming out of the hospital with that blond pregnant woman. He should be coming your way soon take them both out.”

“Roger that we’ve got activity in the elevator,” radioed back one of his men as they stood by with weapons pointed at the doors. “Crap he went past us he’s getting off on the fifth floor.”

“I’m heading down now meet me at the exit ramp. I’ve got a bad feeling about this stand by and see if you see our target leave.”

It didn’t take them long before they saw a Toyota drive by with their target and the blonde inside. Their leader slowed up and the two men jumped inside.

“Keep on going they’re right in front of you in that Sienna. If you push it you can catch up to them maybe we can run them off the road then we can take care of them.”

“I don’t think so we’re headed towards the suburbs at this time of day everyone and their brother will be out getting their kids from school. We can’t afford witnesses we still need this to look like... well not what it is. We’ll follow and see where they take us then make the hit the first chance we get.”

“I don’t really like taking out one of our own,” said one man in the back. “But I guess he must’ve done something to get the order put out on him.”

“It’s better if you don’t think about that. It’s just another contract and that’s that. You start second guessing yourself and you’ll find someone hanging a piece of paper on you. I don’t like it any better but it’s what it is.”

They eased across the street from Ellie and Devon’s to watch Chuck get out and run inside the house then come right back out with a girl in arm and a booster seat in the other. They started to pull out to tail Chuck when they heard a woman yell and they had to stop or run her over.

“You trying to kill me or something,” yelled the woman as she walked past their car. “It’s a wonder you people don’t all fall over with heart attacks like my poor late husband Ernie. Always it a hurry he was. Stress that’s what done him in and stress is what’s going to kill you too.”

“Lady, will you please move along. We’re in kind of a hurry,” said their leader. But he looked down to see her dog was marking their car. “Come on Lady.”

“You can’t hurry Mr. Edision,” said the woman and ten minutes later. “Now tell me again why are you in this neighbor?”

“I didn’t because it’s none of your business and is that mutt all bladder,” said the man as the dog’s ears raised and he started growling. “Move it or lose it,” said the man as he pulled out. The woman jumped back and picked up her dog who barked at them.

“Crap we lost them again,” said the leader as he pulled off to the side of the road. “Geez, I’m just ready to get this over with.”

“Hold up that Doctor lady’s car just arrived in the neighborhood,” said the man in the back following the tracker they’d planted. They drove back to the house they were at before. “There it is in the driveway so they must be staying together.”

“Finally a little piece of luck, let’s park down a little ways away and we’ll take turns walking by until our target shows up but be careful that woman with the dog doesn’t see you. If she gets in the way ice her and that mongrel too.”

Roan was at home preparing the evening’s delights. He had water boiling for the pasta a small linguine that he picked up at a place where they still make it by hand then air dry it. Opening the jar of truffles he fanned the smell up so he could savor the moment. He just hoped they tasted as good as they smelt. The squab he pulled out of the fridge he would warm then with a little pinot bianco to keep from drying out. Poor little pigeons but they gave their lives for a good cause. He was setting the bottle of gin next to the shaker when his doorbell rang.

“It’s open come on in Diane,” he yelled. “You’re a little early I was about to make myself a Martini care to join,” he said as he bent down under the bar to get the Vermouth.

“Actually I’m a day late,” said a familiar male voice. Roan looked up to find himself holding a Walther PPK at him from the other side of the bar.

“I thought the voice sounded familiar. You know this is just tacky I’m sorry but I don’t have enough food to sit another plate so you’ll have to leave.”

“Oh one of us is going to leave but it won’t be me. You see we were supposed to make this swap last night but you left in a hurry so you can see I’m not early but twenty-four hours late.”

“Right and I don’t suppose there’s a scenario where we both walk out of my apartment alive is there,” asked Roan. His double was silent. “I didn’t think so. Well you know this little charade you’ve got going won’t work. The first time you have to mix a Martini everyone will know.”

“What’s there to know, a little gin and some vermouth in shaker with ice then serve with olives. Although I’ve had to grow accustom to the drink.”

“Barbarian,” said Roan. “Like I said you’ll be found out the first time you make one... But well I don’t know if you’re the bargaining kind... but say I show you how to make one then let’s say you let me die the way I’ve always wanted to go.”

“Okay what’ve I got to lose,” said his twin. “But remember I’ve got the gun so no funny business or you’ll regret it.”

“Threats, threats, what has this world come to. First of all this is your most important tool,” said Roan as he held up a long spoon.

“What does a spoon have to do with anything?” asked the twin as he kept the pistol trained on Roan. “It sounds kind of stupid. Are you trying to buy time?”

“Oh, what family of wolves raised you? No my dashing companion although obvious ignorant of the art of bartending. This is a bartender’s spoon a good Martini is stirred not shaken. If you shake it you get cold water with a little gin and vermouth. The reason you use this spoon is not to chip the ice,” said Roan as he made the perfect Martini. He poured two then put one in front of his look-a-like.

“No you go first and sip from my glass first,” said the man. Roan did.

“Oh my Roan you’ve out done yourself,” he said as he took his and turned it up. “If you don’t want it I’ll drink it but you’ll never really appreciate the drink this way.”

“No, no give it to me,” said the man.

“Oh wait I almost forgot,” said Roan he reached under the counter and brought up a jar of olives and tooth picked. “I like three,” he said as he put them in the man’s drink. He caught the look of apprehension. “Oh really you’ve got to be kidding,” said Roan as he reached into the olive jar and ate one.

“Okay I’ll try now.” The man took a sip and Roan was right it was excellent. He finished his drink then ate the olives. “I’m going to hate killing you. Okay what is the way you want to go?”

“Old age,” said Roan as they both laughed.

“Well we both know that’s not happening.”

“Probably not,” said Roan as he looked over his look-a-like. “I have to say I do look dashing, don’t we?”

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