Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 8

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Chuck and Sarah picked up Clara then they drove to the airport to pick Sam and Emma. At the airport they parked out front showing the TSA officer their badges before they went in. They did the same thing walking ahead through the security line. There was a little head turning and murmuring with Clara tagging along behind.

“Shush,” said Chuck to the agent at the body scanner when he questioned Chuck if they were there on official business. “She’s one of our youngest agents. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for her to infiltrate. No one gives a second look at a kid would you believe it if I told you she was almost forty.”

The man scratched his head then gave Clara a second once over. She smiled back at him looked around then put her finger up to her mouth.

“Shush, that’s a secret don’t tell anyone,” Clara said as Sarah grabbed both of them and moved them along.

“I swear I don’t know which one of you is the most juvenile sometimes. Come along their flight is here and they should be coming through customs now,” said Sarah but Chuck could tell there was more to the way Sarah was acting than what she was saying.

“I know you’re worried about Sam so am I. It’ll be all right just wait and see,” said Chuck as Clara yelled. She saw them first through the crowd of tired travel worn passengers.

“There they are,” yelled Clara as she pointed to them. Sam saw them too she broke free from Emma and came running. Emma looked to see where Sam was running to as she was being interviewed by a customs officer when Chuck stepped up.

“It’s okay officer, said Chuck as he showed the man his I.D. “I’ll take responsibility for them. You can let them through.”

“Then the only thing I can say is welcome home ma’am,” said the officer as he motioned Emma through. Sarah walked over with Sam in her arms and Clara following along.

“Welcome home mom,” said Sarah then they hugged her. “I missed you two. Let's get everyone in the minivan then let's drive back to Ellie’s. I bet you two are beat.

“Your sleeping in my room,” said Clara. “Mom is letting me stay home tomorrow so we can do whatever you want.”

“That sounds like fun,” said Chuck as he glanced back at Sam who was yawning. “I’ve got an idea lets all go to the Navy pier and spend the day there.”

“Can I ride the Ferris wheel a hundred times in a row and eat a ton of cotton candy?” said Sam. The idea of the cotton candy seemed to perk her up. Chuck looked back at her in the mirror.

“Okay for the joy of your dentist but I’d just eat the cotton candy after the hundred times round the Ferris wheel or someone’s tummy will be a rumbly.” Everyone one laughed.

“Hold on a moment,” said Sarah. “I’ve got something to say about this plan. We do the first trip round the Ferris Wheel together me, you and Clara. Then we can eat cotton candy after that we’ll decide. That's tomorrow what are we going to do this evening.”

“I’m sorry if you guys made plans but we’re a little tired and the flight was long. I think we’d like to eat something at home then go to sleep.” To underline how tired they were Sam fell asleep while Emma was speaking resting her head against Sarah’s shoulder holding onto her hand.

“No problem we can always order something but where are her rabbits,” asked Chuck. That was one of the first things he noticed that she wasn't holding them. “Don’t tell me she left them?”

“No but she put them in her bag. I don’t know what she's understood but she's changed,” said Emma as she looked back at Sarah. “I’m sorry.”

They drove back to Ellie and Devon’s parking the minivan on the street. One of the men who had been tailing Chuck before saw them pull up. He started walking by to get some intel but then he saw the same lady as before come out of her house with that mutt on a leash. There was a moment of panic then he crossed the street to get away from her. The last thing he needed was a verbal conflict near his target.

“Hey you guys are already home? I thought you had work to get done,” said Chuck. Ellie and Devon were already at home and came out to greet Emma and Sam.

“Of course we’d be here Little Brother that’s what families do.” said Ellie. But Devon joined in to correct her.

“Welcome, come on in Ellie wanted to run home and make sure all the rooms were made up for you guys and the place sparkling,” said Devon as Ellie elbowed him to be quiet.

“What Captain Awesome meant was I wanted to make sure everything was hospitable for you guys. Oh the poor thing,” said Ellie as she went over to Sarah with Sam. Sam looked like a baby monkey clinging to her mother fast asleep with her face buried in Sarah’s shoulder.

“Why don’t you guys go on inside and get comfortable,” said Chuck. “There’s no reason to stand around in the front yard. I’ll bring the bags right in.”

“Let me help you with those Bro,” said Devon. “So you went with the awesome minivan. The Toyota Sienna, safest family auto in its class.”

“I liked yours so I figured why not. When I called about renting a car I asked the company if they had one and they did so I went with it.”

“You have to look out for your family bro. You don’t want to think about having a traffic accident but they happen. I bet the General didn’t expect when she got up yesterday she’d be in one yet it happened. Just goes to prove you never know.”

“I guess you’re right Devon, said Chuck as they walked in the house. “The paramedics that bring your patients to the E.R. are they always the same ones? You know do they have a certain area they cover and anything happening in that area they bring the patient automatically to you.”

“Yeah it’s pretty much like that. Working in the E.R., I’ve gotten to know most of them. We talk about our families, sports and things.”

“Did you know the paramedic that brought in Beckman? If you do, do you know where I can find him at? I’ve got a few questions I’d like answered.”

“You know that’s a funny thing first of all the paramedic was a she and secondly I’d never seen her before. I guess she could’ve been a new hire which would explain the way she acted.”

“The way she acted? Did she do something she strange or odd?”

“Well nothing major just a question of protocol,” said Devon as they sat the bags down in the living room. “The paramedic is supposed to wait around until the E.R. doctor tells them they can go. That’s in case the Doctor needs some clarification about what was done with the patient before they arrived in the hospital. Like I said protocol I asked the nurse to have the paramedic hang around in case you people wanted to talk to her but she disappeared.”

“Why didn’t you say anything about this before?” said Chuck. He was beginning to feel he had a lot of pieces to a puzzle but no idea what it was supposed to look like when it was put together.

“I didn’t think anything about it to tell you the truth. Why is it important?” But before Devon could say anything Sarah appeared with her phone in her hand.

“Am I interrupting?” asked Sarah as she looked at the two of them. They both shook their heads no. “Sweetie, can you run to the Sizzling Shrimp down the street and pick up our orders? All their delivery boys are out which means it will be over a couple of hours before we can get ours. Mom and Sam are dragging they really need to get to bed.”

“Okay no problem,” said Chuck as he kissed her. She grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him back whispering in his ear. “I want to hear about what you and Devon weren’t talking about when I interrupted.”

“Devon,” said Ellie. “Why don’t you go with Chuck and help him pick up the orders. You guys might want to take an umbrella it looks like it’s clouding up. Don’t worry about the luggage we can take care of the luggage from here.”

[Across and down the street…]

“Okay the target is getting out of the house with that other Doctor. Let’s follow them this could be with the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.”

“Hey you inside,” they heard a voice say then a pecking on the window. It was the lady with her mutt. “What are you doing back here again? Do I need to call the police?”

“Lady, we’re with Animal Control and we got a report from some of your neighbors that someone was walking their dog at all hours of the day letting it do its business everywhere. I hate to put Mr. Edison down so if I were you I’d take him inside and lock my door. This is just a friendly warning you never saw us and we never had this conversation.”

“Well I never, I always clean up…” She started to say but the man cut her off. He opened his jacket to show his Glock 9.

“Don’t make me go with plan B I like little mangy mongrel mutts but you’ve been warned now let’s go.” They pulled away and as they left Gladys ran to her house with Mr. Edison under her arm like a football. Ellie saw Gladys through her living room window run into her house with her dog tucked under her arm looking like a wide receiver going for a touchdown.

“I wonder what’s gotten her all fired up,” she said then she went back to the task at hand. She wheeled Sam’s bag back to Clara’s room.

Roan was standing with his look-a-like next to his bar. The man had a Walther PPK pointed at him and was about to shoot when his throat started to tighten breathing became hard. He felt dizzy and started seeing two of Roan then his vision went out of focus. Suddenly the gun in his hand became very heavy he could barely hold it up.

“Here let me take that from you,” said Roan as he took the pistol from the man and tucked it in his waist. “You want to know how I did it?”

“You bastard you,” hissed the man as he dropped to his knees fighting again some sort of neurotoxin that was rapidly taking hold.

“I answer to that too,” said Roan. “Well, it’s rather simple the toxin is composed of two components, one part being in the olives and the other part in the toothpick. Each by themselves is innocuous but put the two together and you’ve got a deadly toxin that will drop a raging rhino.” The man dropped down to the floor and started to groan. “I’m sorry mean me but you left me very little choice and let’s face it there can only be one me.”

Roan pulled out his phone as made himself another Martini placing the call on speaker. He was stirring the shaker when Diane picked up. She seemed somehow hesitant when she answered but he didn’t pay any attention he poured himself his drink.

“Diane, you’re still in your office? I thought you were going to try and get off early to come over to my place… well it doesn’t matter. I understand things came up but talking about coming up you’ll never guess what just happened to me? This other me showed up and tried to kill me.”

“Roan, what are you talking about? This other you I don’t understand? Roan, how many Martinis have you had?” The impostor felt sweat break out on her forehead and run down her face she had to think fast or this was it.

“Not nearly enough, I’m telling you what happened and if you don’t believe me you can come over here and see for yourself. I’ve got the body lying on the floor in front on me.”

“Are you sure he’s dead? I mean he could be faking it. Are you sure someone isn’t playing some sort of practical joke on you?”

“Well if they are the jokes on them because this guy drank enough neurotoxin that would drop a herd of elephants,” said Roan as he nudged the corpse with his foot. “No he’s gone. I’m going to need cleaners and someone down in the labs is going to have to explain to me how this guy was put together. I mean if it’s plastic surgery it’s some of the best nip and tuck work I’ve seen.”

“Just wait there and I’ll put a team together and be right over. Don’t go anywhere stay where you’re at maybe the guy has a partner so you need to lock yourself in.”

“Hurry my love I only have a half a bottle of gin. I’ll be waiting,” he said as he hung up the phone then picked up his glass. There was a knock at his door. “I’ve heard of fast service but this is ridiculous. What if it’s this guy’s partner?” said Roan as he looked down at the body. “What am I thinking if he’s me how’s this guy going to tell us apart?” The knock became more insistent.

“Okay hold your horses I’m coming,” said Roan. He opened the door and a Makarov pistol was shoved in his face as he was pushed back in the room. “Geez Stefan put that thing away. If I need my sinuses cleaned I’ll use a neti pot.”

“Roan, how do I know you are you and he’s him and not vice versa?” said Stefan as he held him against the wall.

“I dare you to try to say that fast three times,” said Roan. “Please, you’re making me spill my Martini and believe me this isn’t some cheap wall paper remover.

“What’s your favorite fruit?” asked Stefan. “Come on answer the question. What’s your favorite fruit?”

“Olives of course and I’m kind of partial to the Spanish ones but I’ve found the Italian ones good too but that’s a trick question.”

“What time is you drinking time?” asked Stefan. Roan smiled at him then took a sip of his Martini and laughed.

“From the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, although I have been known to dream I was drinking with some of the most beautiful women in the world.”

“Other than drinking what are some of your other pastimes?” asked Stefan. He was already sure he was the real Roan Montgomery but he asked anyway.

“There is only one other sport worthy of playing and that is the hunt, pursuit and capture of the female of our species. Alas I fear mine is a dying art.”

“Okay you’re the real Roan. Did you call this into Langley?” Roan hesitated before answering Stefan’s question. “Roan, quick man, did you call this in?”

“Yes of course I did. I just got off the phone with Diane and she told me to stay put. She said she was going to put a team together and be right over.”

“Then we really need to hurry,” said Stefan as he set up bugs around the apartment and hidden video cameras. “Here make yourself useful and set these up in the kitchen and bathroom.”

“Why do you want to see what goes on in my bathroom?” asked Roan as he looked at the camera. Small wireless and battery operated. “What goes on in there is nobody’s business.”

“Just do it and hurry up,” said Stefan. They got all the bugs planted then they left Roan’s apartment. They went down a dark alley where a surveillance van was parked and they got in. Inside they could see the camera feeds playing on the monitors.

“I should’ve stayed in my apartment like Diane ordered me. I should go back,” said Roan as he started for the door but Stefan blocked him.

“You go back up there and that guy on the floor will have company. Just sit and wait, I promise you soon you’ll understand everything. But for now you’ve got to be patient and please don’t spill Martini on my equipment.”

“That only happened once and it wasn’t my fault.”

Devon and Chuck drove down to Sizzling Shrimp it wasn’t that far away but just far enough that it was inconvenient to walk especially if you had to lug a number of different orders back. Chuck was quiet the trip down thinking about what Devon had told him. He couldn’t understand what was going on with Beckman.

“Dude, slow down we’re here,” said Devon. As Chuck looked up to see the sign and had to brake abruptly making a U-turn in the middle of the road.

“Sorry I was just thinking and I guess I was driving on autopilot,” said Chuck as he noticed the government car drive past. He flashed on the license plate.

“You okay? You want me to drive back? I’ve seen enough automobile accidents in the E.R. that were caused by people who were distracted. Chuck you’re about to be a Dad again. You need to concentrate on that and put that as your number one priority.”

“You’re absolutely right Devon. Beckman has other agents I’m not the only one she’s got to do her bidding. It doesn’t have to be me all the time saving the world.”

“Now you’re talking bro, you do what you can do and that’s all that you do,” said Devon as they pulled into the parking lot next to the restaurant.

“Did you get that from Popeye?” said Chuck as he looked over at Devon who smiled back. “Let’s get in and get out.” Chuck put the minivan in park then they both got out.

“The man eats spinach three meals a day and also for a snack. I bet his bowels love him.”

They had just gone inside when the black government sedan pulled into the parking lot. The Sienna was the only other vehicle in the lot. Looking around they noticed the lot had no video surveillance so what happened in the lot stayed in the lot.

“Okay this is it. This is the place I want you guys to fan out and find a spot. We’ll take him before he reaches the car. Let me go up to him and you two come up from behind. I’ll distract them then you two tap them in the back of the head. This will be fast and painless, at least for us.”

The men took up their places as they waited for Chuck and Devon to come out but it seemed to take forever. Then they heard movement inside the restaurant it sound like people were laughing. Then Chuck and Devon walked out both had chopsticks in their hands.

“Okay Chuck I’m just saying I think the joke got lost in the translation. It was amazing to hear you speak Cantonese but I still don’t understand why was the Shanghai chicken happy because he wasn’t a Peking duck. Come on you made that up.”

“Okay maybe but you’re doing a lot better with your chopsticks. You’ve almost got them mastered and with a little practise you’ll be eating like a native.”

“You really think so… I mean yeah they were hard at first but once you get use to them they’re not difficult. I think from a medical stand point they’re more hygienic than a fork.”

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to talk Ellie out of using her tableware,” said Chuck. As they were talking Chuck noticed a man in black walking up to them. He flashed. G-man assassin went through his head along with various disguises and a large scar running down one side of his face.

“Bro are you all right? I really think I ought to drive back and you just sit back on the passenger’s side and relax.”

“No I’m fine. Give me your chopsticks and go back inside the restaurant. I forgot to get fortune cookies. Sarah will want them. Just go Devon and take the bags with you.”

“No we got them. I remember him putting them in the bag right before we left so Sarah will be happy.”

“No she won’t, Devon, just go in the restaurant and stay there,” said Chuck but it was too late the man was already standing in front of them.

“My dear Doctor, Agent Carmichael was trying to get you out of harm’s way but you didn’t understand and now it’s too late.”

“Scar face; leave my brother-in-law out of this. This is between me and you let him walk then we can settle this quietly.”

“I’m glad you know me it makes me feel better…. your brother-in-law hum, well that explains things. Well I’m sorry but this is supposed to look like a mugging gone wrong so we can’t have any witnesses.”

“Why is he called scar face? He doesn’t have any scar,” said Devon as he looked at the man’s face side to side. Chuck took Devon’s chopsticks. “Oh plastic surgery, I see now. Boy work like that is expensive.”

“I have to say it was worth every dime but people still call me scar face. Now to conclude our business,” said Scar face as he turned to Chuck.

“Oh this is fine you’re supposed to make this look like a mugging. Yet I bet your boys who are coming up behind us are all carry Government Issue Glock 9s. What’s your plan tap us then break a fortune cookie? One I’ll open for you is this story won’t fly. Come on we’re both shot with the same caliber of weapon. If it was a gang or some street thugs they’d have different calibers and certainly they’d ruff us up a bit beforehand. Oh something else you should know I have friends in the police department so when they investigate this you know what their reports will read, professional hit. This will cause an avalanche of government agencies looking into this. Why do you think you were told this was supposed to look like a mugging?”

“Crap could he be right,” said one of the men behind them. “The kill order said that specifically. What do we do now?”

“We’re here and things change,” said the other guy. “Let’s get this over then dump them in the lake. Once the fish feed no one will know what happened.”

“Yes, let’s get this over with,” said Chuck. He had all he needed he got a sense of where the men were behind him when they spoke. He looked at the chopsticks and flashed. “Time to dance.”

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