Chuck vs The Evil Twin

Chuck vs The Evil Twin Chapter 9

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Roan waited in the van with Stefan sipping on his Martini. The two men with Stefan looked back at Roan in his white dinner jacket and black bow tie then at Stefan. He just shrugged his shoulders then they turned back around operating their stations. It didn’t take long before they got called from their look out in the apartment across the way.

“Okay we’ve got activity on the street,” said Stefan as he took up position behind his men. “Roan come over here and watch,” he said. “I think this will help you understand what kind of trouble you’re in.”

“Trouble yes; I just finished the last of my gin. What am I looking at anyway?” said Roan as he watched men in black go up the elevator to his floor. “Those are probably the men... wait why are they picking my lock and drawing weapons? Who are these people?”

“Just watch and see,” said Stefan. They watched as the men went in hot sweeping the apartment but not finding anyone. “Turn up the gain on the bugs,” said Stefan. “I want to hear what they’re saying.” One man on camera in Roan’s apartment pulled out a phone and called.

“We’ve got the body here but our target has flown the coop. ... Okay we’re proceeding with the plan,” said the man as he hung up. “The Boss said to start seeding the place.”

“Hey what are they doing in my apartment,” said Road as he watched them start planning evidence. One went into the bathroom opened the back of the toilet dropping what looked like a plastic bag inside.

“My guess Roan they just planted evidence that proves you’re a traitor. Probably enough to get you arrested and sent to a dark site somewhere. But my other guess is you’ll never make it there before you try to escape and get shot in the back.”

“Whose laptop is that? It’s not mine,” said Roan as he watched one of the men in his apartment open it up with gloves on.

“Shush that guy with the phone is getting a call,” said Stefan as he put on a pair of headsets to hear better then reach up to adjust the volume.

“You want me to login and do what? ... Okay, I can do that,” said the man. He hung up then got behind the computer and started typing with gloves on.

“I need to see that screen,” said Stefan. “Isolate the camera in the bookcase and zoom in on the mirror there,” he said as he pointed to the mirror he was talking about on the monitor.

“I got it,” said the operator as he zoomed in tight. “I’ve got to be careful or it will go out of focus but here... I think you can see it now.”

“Good job, yes there we go. Roan do you see what he’s doing? He’s pulling up a kill order that was issued on Chuck. He’s changing the issuing officer to you.”

“But that’s ridiculous how can they get away with this? It takes two senior agents to issue a kill order. Who’s the second one?” said Roan as he put on reading glasses then got up close to read the monitor better. “He’s putting Diane down as the second officer.”

“No Roan, he switched out the names. Beckman was the original issuing officer with you being her second. Now it looks like you issued the kill order and falsified her signature. That added to the evidence they’ve planted in your apartment you’re being served up like the Christmas goose.”

“But why? I don’t understand what’s going on and what game everyone is playing but I know I don’t like it. Stefan, why are you helping me?”

“Roan, I don’t want our countries to go to war. Don’t you see? The same as the man on the floor in your apartment, that tried to take your place. The woman in charge at Langley isn’t Diane Beckman but an impostor. I can only guess the real Beckman was taken in Chicago and this one took her place after the accident.”

“Crap, and what do we do now? Do you think the real Diane is still alive?”

“I don’t know but we, my friend, need to go to Chicago then get you out of country,” said Stefan. “I want a copy of all this and a copy sent to the Directorate. He’s waiting for this then forget what you just saw. Take my word for it; it’s for your own good.”

Soon Stefan was whisking Roan out of Washington before the manhunt for him began in earnest. They drove to Dulles then grabbed an Embassy plane for Milwaukee. There they chartered a plane to fly to Toronto with both their names on the manifest. Then they grabbed a cab and drove to the Lake Express terminal were they booked a charter boat for Chicago.

“This will give us enough time to get to Chicago meet Chuck then leave before anyone is the wiser. Or at least I hope. The area Station Chief will be tracking the plane we sent to Toronto and you can be sure he’ll make sure he and his men intercepts it in the airport. But the surprise will be on him when Canadian Intelligence shows up at the same time.”

“I get it,” said Roan. “They’ll both stand around outside the plane arguing jurisdiction without letting the other board and by the time they do we’ll already have had our meet with Charles. There’s only one small problem with your plan. Do you think Charles will believe us when we tell him what’s going on?”

“I hope so because a lot hinges on that but I hate to do this to him,” said Stefan as he went on to explain. “If the impostor knows we talked with him she’ll figure out we told him which puts him with an even bigger bull’s eye on his back and anyone else around him.”

“Then do we have to bring him into our circle? Can’t we deal with this on our own without getting him involved?”

“No, not with you being compromised and no one in your country is going to take the word of a SVR agent not even with all the proof we have. They’ll just think I created it. I know if I were them I’d think the same thing. No, the only person who’ll listen to us is Chuck. I think I need to call him though and make the appointment,” said Stefan as he took out his phone.

[In the parking lot outside Sizzling Shrimp Chicago......]

A gentle rain started falling lightly as Chuck tried to talk down his attackers but he could tell he was only partially successful. They faced off like in one of those Shaw Brother films. Chuck’s senses were heightened he could hear the heart beats of his aggressors around him while his seemed to slow down. He knew talking to people like this was useless but he did it to make them pause; pause long enough to give the window needed. Holding the chopsticks between his fingers he flashed then in in one a blur he threw them behind him like darts.

“Oh my God,” said Devon but Chuck didn’t need to look to know he’d hit his targets the sounds of their hearts stopped beating in his ears.

“Augh,” he heard then the sound of the two men dropping on the wet asphalt. That left only scar face. He reached for his gun but Chuck was on him knocking it from his hand with an inward crescent kick then sending him to the asphalt with an outward.

“Give it up and tell me who put the contract out on me,” said Chuck but Scar face pulled a knife from his ankle sheath and slashed out at Chuck. Chuck jumped back out of reach then stepped in blocking the arm and delivered a palm strike to the chin making Scar face bite his own tongue. He staggered back wiping his blood on his sleeve.

“You’re going to pay for that,” said the man but he sounded like he had a mouth full of cotton as he hurled threats and curses.

“I’m sorry but can you speak a little clearer you’re kind of hard to understand,” said Chuck. The man lunged at him with the knife trying the stab him but Chuck sidestepped grabbed the wrist then delivered a forearm blow to the outstretched arm dislocating it at the elbow. There was a loud crack as the arm bent backwards.

“Augh,” screamed the man as he dropped the knife and he fell to his knees. Chuck walked up and picked it up.

“Devon get in the van and get out of here,” said Chuck. Devon had stood off to the side frozen not knowing what to do. But even now he wasn’t sure what he ought to do.”

“Oh Dude I should... I should look at these guys. I’m a Doctor maybe there’s something I can do? Bro this is so not cool,” said Devon still holding the takeaway in his hand.

“The two behind you can’t be helped anymore and this one... well he and I are going to have a chat which given his tongue might be a problem.”

“Go to hell,” said the man then he reached for his other ankle and pulled a stub nose .38 but he had to fumble around with his left hand. Chuck had no choice but throw the knife. Scar face dropped over going still as his blood mixed with the rain running off down a drain in the middle of the lot. “Devon, you need to go.”

“You’re going to stay? Why don’t you come with me? What am I supposed to tell Sarah and the others? Sam and Sarah are waiting for you.”

“And that’s why I can’t go home. I’ll call Sarah but I can’t come with you as long as there’s a kill order hanging over my head. Don’t you see it’s the only way I can keep you guys safe. There will be others like Mr. Scar face coming for now tell everyone I got called away on a sudden mission. Don’t worry I’ll call Langley and sort this out, just go now”

[Back at Ellie’s.........]

The women were sitting around the table talking. Clara and Sam went into her bedroom. Clara wanted time alone with her cousin to hear about Montenegro and to get caught up on the latest news with what was going on with Molly and Razhib without parental discretion.

“Emma, why didn’t you bring Molly with you,” asked Sarah. “You realize by the time you get home Jack will have her dealing at one of the tables.”

“He knows if he does he’d better be digging himself a grave too. No Molly and Razhib have tests to take. It’s a part of homeschooling to verify their grade levels and since the tester rides a circuit if she misses taking it now she risks the school year.”

“I thought the idea of homeschooling was supposed to be flexible? To me it sounds awfully rigid,” said Ellie as she looked up at the clock on the wall. “Is it just me or have the guys been gone for a long time.”

“Maybe the orders weren’t ready,” said Emma as she yawned. “Jack wanted to come but we decided it would be best if he stayed with Molly and I brought Sam.”

“I remember him helping me with my math homework. He used a deck of cards as a calculator that was how I learned to card count,” said Sarah. Emma reached over and took her hand but as they were talking Devon walked in through the front door.

“Hun, what took so long,” asked Ellie she looked him over. “Where’s the food and why are you all wet?”

“Wet, food, right” was all Devon could say as he looked at the three women staring at him. They wanted answers but he didn’t know what to say. He just stood there looking at them.

“Devon, where’s Chuck,” said Sarah. She went to the door and looked out but he wasn’t in the van. “I think you need to tell me what happened.”

“He hasn’t called you? No of course not or you wouldn’t be asking… right where’s Chuck,” he said and they all looked at him.

“I think that’s what Sarah asked. You left with me Little Brother to go get takeaway. He was in the Toyota with you and now you’re back but he’s not here. What happened?”

“Toyota Sienna, right the safest car in its class. Chuck well... Chuck got called away on a sudden mission. That’s right three guys showed up for him and he had to go.”

“But he’s on suspension or supposed to be,” said Sarah. “I’m going to kill him this time if he went off on a mission on his own.”

Said by anyone else what she said would’ve been over looked but said by Sarah Ellie had to give her a look. But Sarah was too busy trying to call Chuck to notice. She pulled out her phone and called but his number was busy.

“Emma, go get Devon a glass of water. Ellie you should grab some towels before he catches something like the flu,” said Sarah. She waited until they were gone then she push Devon against the door. His head made a loud bang as it hit then she planted her finger in his chest. “I want to know everything and now.”

“Geez for a pregnant woman you can be scary. It was terrible I saw Chuck waste three guys. They came at us in the parking lot outside of Sizzling Shrimp. They said something about having a kill order for Chuck.”

“That’s why he didn’t come back with you,” said Sarah. Devon nodded his head. “He didn’t want to drag trouble home. But trouble will find him when I get a hold of him. I need to call John.”

Chuck searched the bodies and gathered their I.D.s, weapons and phones. He threw them in their car then drove off heading downtown to the first back alley he could find to stop in. The rain was coming down harder now making loud pinging noises off the roof. He needed to ditch it because it had to have a tracking device so soon people would come knocking and he needed to be ready.

“How the heck did you get here,” he said as he looked at himself in the mirror. He pulled out his phone and was about to call Sarah.

“If you call her she’ll want to know where you are and will come. Can you be that selfish she’s pregnant with your little girl and Sam needs her mother. No call Langley first... talk to the General Chuck then if you have to put a bullet in her head.” There were only so many people who could put out a kill order and she was one.

“Call Langley first,” he repeated to himself. “At least you’ll have more to tell Sarah than three guys tried to kill you. Geez what have I done I killed them,” he said. He didn’t like what he had to do but he repeated to himself he had no choice. What scared him the most was the ease he had in doing it. He shook it off then called the General.

“Connie, are you screening the General’s calls now?” said Chuck as he put the call on speaker so he could try and calm down. “I need to talk to her right now it’s important.”

“I’m sorry but she’s behind closed doors in her office and left word she’s not to be bothered under any circumstances whatsoever.”

“You put me through right now or I swear I’ll come down there and kick down that door. I just had three of our own try to kill me. One of them told me there was a kill order out on me and that can only come from a handful of people she being one of them. You can tell her this is courtesy call the next one will be up close and personal.”

“Chuck, we don’t know of any kill order,” said the Major as he broke into the conversation. Connie had her phone on speaker too. “Are you sure they are our people?”

“Major, who are you asking? Of course I know they are ours and I have their I.D.s. I’m sorry but it was either them or me and they jumped me when I had my brother-in-law with me. What if Sarah or Sam had been with me? Do I need to come down there? Because I will and believe me no one will like it.”

“One minute I’m going in,” said the Major. He knocked on the General’s door then went in. The impostor was on the phone with the team that was looking for Roan but he was nowhere to be found.

“Major, I left word I wasn’t to be disturbed under any conditions. I guess I need a new secretary and why are you barging in or are you trying to get me to rethink your promotion?”

“General it’s urgent, Agent Carmichael is on the phone and he was just attacked by three of our own. He says they said there’s a kill order out on him. I told him we didn’t know anything about it... well you need to hear it from him.” The Major put Chuck on the horn.

“What’s going on down there in Langley,” yelled Chuck. “You people need your meds adjusted because they aren’t working or do I need to come there and straighten you guys out?”

“Calm down the Major briefed me. One second and let me check the computer,” said the impostor as she played it up making sure the Major saw the message board first.

“Oh no,” he said falling for her ploy. “There it is,” he said as he pointed it out. “Agent Carmichael you’re right there’s a kill order out and if we page down. Oh my General, Agent Montgomery issued it but look it says you signed off on it.”

“That’s preposterous,” said the impostor playing it up even more. “I never signed that. Here the order is rescinded just give it a few hours to get out. Major send a team over to Agent Montgomery’s place and have him brought in. I want to get to the bottom of this... Wait on second thought I want you to head up the team. You go and bring him in.”

“Yes ma’am I’ll get right on it,” said the Major as he left her office. He was happy he was finally out in the field maybe that was where he wanted to be assigned next somewhere where he’d be doing field work. She motion for him to close the door as he left.

“I’ll be in touch Agent Carmichael and if Agent Montgomery should contact you, you should contact me immediately. I need to know where Roan stands and we need to get some answers but remember he could be dangerous.” With that she hung up then she called her other team she had to be sure everything was in place.

“The CIA team is heading out now. Is everything out in the open where they can find it? The Major that’s heading the team is a little slow. … Good now we just have to find Roan and everything will fall back into place. As soon as the Langley team answers back I’ll be able to but a kill order out on him to have Roan shot on sight then we’ll have to find another way to deal with Carmichael. He seems attached to his family we could try to get at his wife. Too bad Roan can’t take care of him for us we’d kill two Agents with one stone.”

Chuck sat in the car looking at the phone. He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard the General say. Roan dangerous... well he was or is a good agent but he’d always been his friend. He wished he could talk to Roan to find out what was going on. Something didn’t add up and if this were Hamlet he’d be saying something was rotten in Denmark.

“Well you might as well call home,” said Chuck as he tried to call Sarah but her phone was busy. “Crap Devon’s made it back by now and she knows. She’s probably on the phone with Langley or Casey either way she’s going to be pissed with you.”

He sat the phone down and took a deep breath the windows were fogging up like his brain. Then his phone rang. Grabbing it he answered without looking to see who it was.

“Sarah, I can explain everything if you give me the chance,” said Chuck. He heard the pause on the other side then he heard Stefan speaking Russian to him. He flashed.

“Pree-vyet, I’m not Sarah but you can talk to me if you want. However, first things first as you people like to say. Chuck, Roan is with me and before you say anything he’s being set up. Listen, I don’t want to talk about this on the phone. Let’s meet tomorrow noon on the Navy Pier.”

“Langley’s looking for Roan so you need to be careful,” said Chuck as he paused to think. “Okay I’ll be there. I need answers. You know they’re saying Roan put out a contract on me.”

“I know but like I said it isn’t what it seems. We need to meet but I have to warn you that there could be consequences. You need to come alone and when I say alone I mean without Sarah or Casey. It’s in their best interest Dasvidaniya.” Stefan hung up and Chuck was left looking at his phone as the rain danced on the roof of the car.

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