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Victim's of Tauriel


When her friend was murdered in a cold blood, Kite is on a task to search for the cause of the murder as the beautiful forest , Tauriel holds secrets and witnessed victims , Kite finds out that walking in a path is never the path you're leaving from , and as she discovers more about her friend, she thinks she deserve it somehow?

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Another deal is down tonight .

Kite sighed as she read the text. Another deal. Another risk . There’s no way for her to turn this down , it is certainly her only choice to survive her father’s rage . Whatever it takes to reach her purpose in life , even if it means to walk over knives and sputter blood everywhere .She knows that falling in trouble each time wont help her recover , but maybe it would help her discover

She ran a hand through her brown silk hair to separate the knots , her black screen of her phone mirrors herself as she looked tired and worn out of all the work she has done lately. Her baby blue eyes reflects sadness , her cheeks are so thin showing neglect , her dry heart-shaped lips begging to speak the peace on her mind. She was a lost kid ,no doubt , wearing ripped denim jeans, and an old hoodie with the bag slanged on her arm. She felt hopeless and homeless

She sat across the river under the huge tree and took out her knife. She began craving on the wood . She cant really afford paying for art-crafting class. It did coast more than she safes , it is her passion to crave things on wood . she always leaves her mark wherever she goes hoping whatever she’s searching for comes for her this time . She rubs off the wood of the name she craved , and she felt her heart stop.

It was the moment where she couldn’t stop thinking about her. She remembers her being the sweetest person , she was caring and thoughtful and this brought tears to Kite’s eyes.

What happened to Robin was unrealistic and unjust.

If only the birds,trees and all the animals of this forest would speak . They will tell the story of no other , the story of two best friends who were like sisters lost in the forest , trying to find their way back home until they realized that they were home all along. They came a long way , they were two warriors who would protect and live in the forest . Darkness sometimes can be lethal but as they were together, they were stronger to defeat it. They fought and survived , laughed and cried, searched and found with each other . They were there for each other . The forest would witness them and tell if she could speak.

Kite’s thumb started sliding along the edges of the knife, her brows were knit in anger and confusion. Although the forest witness the night darkness won and took over Robin’s life . Forest saw who has done it and since then birds didn’t chirp , trees become dead, the petals of flowers were falling down. The ground was dry, as it had never precipitated. The forest never been this dead before , it sadness Kite as it also angers her. She feels the hot liquid covering the white metal as she begins to slice her finger . It is her fault , if she hadn’t pushed her away none of this would have happened. If only Kite stopped speaking , she wished she was mute and couldn’t speak , because when she speaks she ruins and break .

“I hate you, you are worthless you ratchet , I would rather die than live your life because you suck!’’

She covers her ears as she recalls that horrible night , she wished she died and never said this. Kite is the reason behind Robin’s death and the realization of that hits her hard. Robin was a beautiful person in and out , she was loyal and thoughtful .Robin would never think of Kite as worthless or a monster because she believed in her.

Tears streamed down her face as she screamed, “Robin!” “I’m sor-r-y” “Im sorry Robin , I deserved death it was supposed to be me”

Her heart hurts as she imagined Robin begin alone in the forest , helpless and calling out Kite’s name , and it hurts even more when Kite couldn’t be there for her friend. She was trapped, she couldn’t defend herself as she felt Kite’s words slicing through her heart . Kite was horrible she lost her friend and her goodbyes to her were the worst and hurtful. Robin was everything to Kite , now she lost her only friend , apologizing was too late , but avenging her wasn’t.

Kite started heaving as her eyes turned red in rage and her pulse bumped with adrenaline , “I will find them and when I do, they’ll wish they were never born”

She looks at the sky to see a hawk flying with its enormous wings , the rich color of brown and gold filled it with beauty .Her phone pinged with a text

Meeting in five

Kite smirked at the text , this was just the beginning of the end.


“You are late ,again.” Kevin Morse said, smoking his cigarettes and eyeing Kite like bait.

She knew they never trusted her being around them , she was like triggering bomb between savage wolves. Kevin is untrustworthy and he seeks for Kite to leave the gang. He doesn’t want teenagers to screw his work , and kite wasn’t playing the safety role but instead she made everyone on edge.

“I had to check around the building in case there’s patrol.”

Kevin wouldn’t stop the suspicious glare as he neared Kite, she notices his clenched fist , his flaring nose , and the clicking of his jaw. “If you fuck this up , your death is on my hand.”

Unfazed by his words, Kite nods her head to ignore fighting him like every time . He can be a total wuss when it comes to the actual fighting , he doesn’t scare Kite nor does he effects her any how. She somehow fears Dickson he’s the oldest and the boss of this gang . Although he attracts her from having this confident and strong personality. He cared for Kite as she is the youngest , despite his actions and harsh commands , he protects Kite with all he’s best. But she fears betraying him , he will kill her if he ever found what her reason in this gang;Kite swallowed the lump formed in her throat. It is going to be a long night.

Dickson arrives with rest of the gang holding the package in a brown box that’s wrapped with tape. Delilah was loading the gun behind and Tom was holding more packages.

“Wassup batgirl?” Batgirl is what they call here, she’s isn’t that innocent Kite everybody knows. Instead she’s a dirty person doing this illegal job , they weren’t lying when they said ‘playing dirty means showing your darkest side’

Selling drugs weren’t her thing, she was scared girl , but she was also lost in life. She might have searched for help too long ago but never found it . Her pain made her focus on herself only and push other away, she have lost more than she could’ve gained. She pits herself to be here , to be a victim for unjust world like this. She cant end up like Robin if she wants to find the truth because it is time to move on and nothing will stop her.

“Tom” she nods

“Guess I have to get used to someone who isn’t Robin.” Kite turns around just to find the one and only Delilah , she’s the perfect seduction for men. Kite eyes her outfit from head to toe , as if questioning her her revealing red dress that’s reaches above her knee and doesn’t has strips to hold her cleavage .

She smirks as she notices Kite’s stare, “See something you like.”

Kite’s cheeks fire up as she heard those words and looked left. Kevin walks behind her and wrap his hands around her, “My baby girl will snap tonight, damn you look hot babe” Delilah giggled before kissing him which disgusted Kite. She faces Dickson as he neared her with a gun , Kite took a step back, “What are you-”

“The club is filled with Savages working for Frank, I wont be able to protect you”

Tonight is different than any other night they do their deal , it wasn’t just some drop at a specific place but it is dangerous and she might even put her life to risk by going there, but what other choice does she have? She must go through it all, she must understand what it was to be Robin , how it felt like.

Her shaky hands takes the gun slowly and tucks it in her pants. She had a firm face as she says, “I’m ready”

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