Once Upon a Summer

I, Meredith

I squealed and jerked and tensed for the next, as was the pattern of a spanking, but Anita freed me and by the time I was on my feet, my dress falling back to its proper place, the taller girl had backed away, eyes wide, as though afraid of what I would do next.

The sting of that one surprising, sharp, spank lingered. I was at once furious and thrilled, frightened and eager.

“I’m sorry,” Anita said and took a step toward me.

But I turned and hurried to the short hall that lead to bedrooms and bathroom. I locked myself in the bathroom, closed my eyes, and leaned against the door.

Anita was a tall girl. Even though she was a month younger than me, she’d always been taller. She kept her black hair short and neatly brushed. Everything about her was careful and neat, unlike my own ragamuffin appearance, which is why that spank was such a shock. I’d never have expected her to do something like that.

With a breath, I opened my eyes and pushed away from the door. I pulled off my dress and down my panties and immediately felt better. Summer held the kind of heat that that made me more aware of underwear than I really liked and had I the choice, I’d have gone naked.

Standing upon the lip of the tub, I was able to twist just enough to see the fading pink handprint upon my bottom, just before my thighs. With trembling fingers, I traced that pink outline of palm and fingers, reawakening the sting, driving goose bumps up and down my spine That delicious sting had a feel that was so different from when mommy or daddy spanked me. That just hurt, but this, this was something else.

I put my hand over the handprint and pressed, reliving the sting. I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly. My whole body tingled. And I knew, suddenly, that I wanted another. Not just one, but several. I knew that I wanted Anita to wrestle me to the floor, to bare my bottom as I kicked and protested, and to spank me hard on my bare bottom, raising pink, swollen handprints and breathy cries of pain.

The sting from that single spank faded and, with a sigh, I stepped down from the bathtub and redressed. To my intense dissatisfaction, pulling my panties on did nothing to revive the sting.

I wanted more. My skin tingled for it, my chest ached for it, my mind could think of nothing else.

A sharp series of raps at the door startled me, sent my heart to racing.

“Meredith, are you all right?”

No, I thought. “Yeah,” I said and I opened the door, determined to fulfill this awakened hunger.
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