Once Upon a Summer

Anita II

"Do you want to run through the sprinklers?” Meredith asked. “It’s really hot.”

It wasn’t what I expected. The house was well air conditioned and running through the sprinklers would involve going out in the heat. Besides that, I’d expected to have to apologize to Meredith for smacking her bottom, to have to beg her not to tell on me. But I shrugged amiably, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened only minutes before, and followed Meredith into the backyard, trying not to stare at her bottom, trying not to think about the feelings that looking at her bottom invoked.

My aunt’s backyard was surrounded by high wooden fencing. It was large enough to include a concrete patio with grill and table, a wooden playground for my little cousin, and extensive yard kept lush and green by an expensive sprinkler system. Set out on the lawn was a large sprinkler fed by hose and used expressly for water entertainment.

I twisted on the water before I realized that I hadn’t packed a swimsuit for the trip to my aunt’s house and said as much.

Meredith shrugged. “I was just gonna’ go in my panties.”

She pulled her dress over her head, leaving me staring at her panty clad form as she jumped over the sprinkler head and squealed with delight. On the far side of the sprinkler she turned, droplets shining on her skin, panties sodden, and said, “Well?”

Swallowing my fear, I unbuttoned and pulled down my jeans, but left my shirt on. I folded my jeans neatly and laid them next to where Meredith had dropped her dress. The cold water drew a gasp from me and was wonderful in the summer heat. Meredith grinned at me and soon we were jumping, dancing, and cavorting through the water, laughing and squealing in delight.

I was surprised at how much fun I was having; I’m more of a stay inside and read quietly kind of person. I was even more surprised when Meredith smacked me on the bottom so hard I jumped, yelped, and covered my bottom with both hands.

“Got ya’ back.”

I said nothing, only stared at her.

“Well, aren’t ya’ gonna’ do something about it?”

I needed no further invitation. I grabbed Meredith’s shoulder, but she was slippery and squirmed out of my grip. The resulting chase ended with my arms around her waist, pinning her arms. But she didn’t let me win easily, she squirmed and struggled so that I had to wrestle her to the ground and pin her, a task made more difficult by her wet, slippery skin.

I got her legs scissored in mine and her wrists pinned to the small of her back. She was on her tummy, I was on my side. I spanked her bottom once, twice, thrice while she squealed and wriggled between my legs. Her soaked panties clung to her wet skin.

“What the hell is this?”

Frozen but for our eyes, we looked up to see Meredith’s mother standing at the door to the backyard, hands on hips.

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