Once Upon a Summer

Meredith II

I was a little disappointed that Anita didn’t take her shirt off but was delighted to see her white panties with little pink hearts. Her panties were soaked through after her first pass over the sprinkler and clung, practically see-through, to her lovely bottom.

We played in the sprinklers for a while, which was fun, but I’d vowed to get a spanking and the easiest way to do that I could think of, was to start it. So I slapped Anita right on her tight, wet, white panties with the little pink hearts. Soon, she was wrestling me to the ground, but I made her fight for it; I wriggled and squirmed and twisted.

Finally, with her muscular legs trapping mine, and her strong hands pinning my wrists, she spanked me.

“What the hell is this?”

I’d lost myself in the brief moment, trapped between Anita’s legs, her hand stinging my wet bottom through wet, clinging panties, and in the next moment, I was back in reality, fear flooding my being.

Seeing my mom stole my breath, and I scrambled to my feet, slipping against Anita and the grass. Mom helped me by grabbing hold of my arm and pulling me to my feet. She smacked my butt then, hard and mean.

“And you,” she said to Anita and smacked her butt too.

Anita yelped.

Then she marched me through the house, past Anita’s aunt, cousin, and brother in the front yard, to the street, past neighbors and into our house, all without letting me get my dress first—practically naked.

By the time we were in my room, I was sobbing with fear, humiliation, and pain.

“What were you doing?” My mother demanded and encouraged an answer by smacking my thigh.

“We were playing,” I explained.

“Girls your age don’t “play” that way.” She smacked my thigh again.

“Ouch, that hurts!”

“Did it hurt when that girl did it?” She smacked me again and I cried and danced futilely. Mom still held my arm and I couldn’t escape.

“Please, no more. I’ll be good.”

But she smacked me twice more before pushing me to the corner.

“If you think that hurt, wait ‘till your daddy gets home.”

And she left me there, crying and dripping, to stand in the corner in nothing but sodden panties.

When dad got home, I was still in the corner, though I was no longer standing. I was curled in the corner, sleeping. My peaceful oblivion was disrupted by the sound of dad’s truck, and I came awake all at once. I loved my daddy as I loved my mommy, but daddy’s spanking were something to be feared. Even mommy feared them.

There was murmuring as my parents spoke downstairs. I realized that I was still only dressed in panties, now dry, and I quickly changed into clean underwear, cotton shorts, and a t-shirt. By the time daddy came in, I was standing in the corner, like I was supposed to.

“Well, Merry, you’ve been a naughty girl. I hate to have to do this at your age, but…”

I turned to face him. “But daddy…”

“Don’t argue, girl. Your mom told me all about it. I’m going to spank your butt and that’s all there is to it.”

And spank me he did, bare bottomed and hard. When he was done, he told me to go to bed. My stomach growled. I had to pee. I sobbed into my pillow until I could sob no longer.

And then I realized that my bedroom window was open to the world. I looked to the house next door and saw Anita in one of the windows of her aunt’s house, looking at me. I don’t know how long she’d been there.

Ashamed, I closed the window and drew the curtain.

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