Once Upon a Summer

Anita IV

I jerked back and wished I hadn't. After all it's not as though it was unpleasant. But Meredith didn't look upset, she looked mischievous. I rocked a bit on my heels, unbalanced, and she leapt forward, throwing me on my back onto our makeshift mat.

“Onetwothree!” she quickly counted.

“Hey!” I squirmed out from underneath her and gave her a hard look, my hands on my hips. “You cheated.”

“I didn't either,” she protested.

“You did. You can't count that fast.”

Meredith shrugged, her mischievous grin turning sly. “That's not in the rules.”

I narrowed my eyes at her but couldn't help grinning in return. She was just too cute. “You're a sneaky little girl, aren't ya?”

“Well,” she demanded, “What are you going to do about it?”

“I'm gonna spank your little butt.” The words were out before I could filter them and though I'd said exactly what I wanted, I was again afraid; afraid that I would scare her off, that I wanted something different than she did, that I would remind her of her mother.

But she held up her hands quickly and said, “First, we each have to take off a piece of clothing. We agreed, remember?”

I was so relieved that she didn’t seem to be scared off, that I slipped off my shirt with little embarrassment. But when I looked up at Meredith, she had slipped off her shorts leaving her in a sleeveless shirt and bright pink panties covered in white and yellow flowers. I swallowed hard, my fingers began to tingle. I really wanted to get that girl over my lap.

Thus disrobed, we were at it again. I grabbed her arms and she began to squirm. I pulled her down to the floor, but rather than pin her, I pushed her down onto her tummy. She landed with a whump and a grunt. I put my hand on her back and slapped her bottom. Meredith yelped and squirmed, but I pushed down so she couldn't escape and slapped her again. Her yelp was louder this time and her squirming became more energetic, but I slapped her again, covering both butt cheeks.

I don't know if she yelped again because at the moment of impact, bright light filled the house and was almost immediately followed by a roar that rattled the windows.

I jumped, my heart in my throat, my vision fuzzy, my whole body tingling with panic. A moment later I realized that Meredith and I were clinging to each other like scared little kids.


“Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded, looking at me with wide eyes. “It just startled me.”

“I mean, I spanked you kinda hard.”

She shrugged and rubbed her bottom. “It stings.”

I swallowed hard, wondering if I should say what I was thinking. And with the rain pounding down, the wind howling and lighting continuing to flicker in the distance, I figured that there was no harm in it just now. No one else would ever know.

“I want to do it again,” I whispered. “I want it so bad, Meredith.”

“You want what?” she asked.

“I want to spank you. I want to pull you over my lap and pull down your panties and spank your bottom 'till it's red and hot and you're crying like a little baby.”

There. It was out in the open. No more hints. Now I just had to wait for Meredith's reaction.

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