DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 8

"Neh, Shin-chan? Do you remember the station I told you about?" Takao was pacing left and right in the court while the person he is talking to, Midorima, was ignorant of his presence and is just focus on shooting like there's no tomorrow. "You know! It tells a gay story!"

"Then don't listen to it." Midorima finally said before shooting again.

"Its too late! I've already analyzed it, and you see, the story is based on what we do, as in the two of us, everyday!" Takao stopped his pacing. "The story tells that we're gay!"

"We're not so don't bother, the more you pay attention to those things the more you get distracted."

"But we are being spied! Shin-chan, we need to find the culprit."

"Idiot!" Midorima passed a ball to Takao, which he caught. "We don't have time for such things."

Takao sighed and tossed the ball, Typical Midorima, never caring about social matters, now he knows finding the spy will be his own matter now.

Shiraishi always knew this day will come, she was inside their classroom staring at the note she just read on air, her fingers trembled and she was thinking of a better way to get out of this mess. She threw the paper in the bin and decided to end her shift earlier than usual.

She fished something out of her pocket, the tape Midorima lent her, she was planning to give it back to him but she must avoid him and Takao because of that , lucky for her, there's no classes and the basket ball team is very busy therefore, chances are, they won't be able to meet or even pass by each other, but of course, fate sure is TRICKY at times...

"Shiraishi-chan!" She gulped as she heard that voice, in a slow motion she looked behind her and saw a panting Takao running to her. "Can I talk to you for a while?"

'No!' Shiraishi can't be obvious. "Sure..."


" see...I need to find the culprit!" Takao told Shiraishi everything she already knew, they were in the backyard drinking some canned sodas. "But, Shin-chan, doesn't care."

'Of course he won't, because its true.' Shiraishi bit her lip. "You'll find the DJ, for sure."

"Help me find the culprit, Shira - Akira-chan, can I call you Akira-chan?" Takao pleads.

"Ahhh...Of course, Takao-san...hehehe." how can I get out of this mess?, right! She did remember that if the person they were looking for is one of the searchers, it will be hard to find he/she. "Sure, I'll help!"

"Wow, I knew you'll help." Of course she won't let people berate her beloved Midorima-san.

"So what to do?"

"Akira-chan should be with us all the time!" Takao answered. "That way, that spy won't make those weird stories again."

"Ehhhh?" Isn't that a worse idea? "I- I don't think that will- "

"It will work!" Takao stood up and his face enlightened once more. "See you later, meet us in the court, bye!" With that, Takao left..

Shiraishi hurriedly rummaged her pocket for her phone and dialled her friend, she needs her guidance and advise this time.

"Satomi?" Shiraishi called

"What happened? You sound weird?" The other line said.

"They know it! Or rather he knows it!"

"What? Who knows what?"

"Taco-chan! The real Taco-chan! And he actually wants me to help me find myself!"

"I see..."

"And he's annoyed because I or rather my DJ self called him a gay!" Shiraishi exclaimed. "I know he is."

"I did tell you to gather facts."

"What to do?" Shiraishi paced back and forth. "I really want to help them realize their feelings for each other, but I think I made it worse."

"Why'd you say that?"

"Because Takao-san said Midorima-san's angry. I could have exploited things earlier."

"Well, I think its better if you play along with this find the culprit thing. It will be harder for them to find you."

"I know right, sheesh, the things I do for friendship."

"That's my line idiot."

"Thanks Satomi, I'll visit you next time, bye." Shiraishi puts the phone back in her pocket then. This'll be a hard time.

Shiraishi went to the court to check on Takao, her mind was blank and all she can think of is her current dilemma, however, when she looked up she didn't see any sign of her black haired friend rather she saw Midorima practicing his shots. Not that she didn't see them before but he's just amazing, up close and personal.

Midorima saw someone on his rear line of vision when he was about to shoot, slowly he puts down the ball and looked behind him, unconsciously he used the collar of his shirt to wipe the beads of sweat accumulating in his chin*. "You want something?"

Somehow Shiraishi was in daze of his performance that she didn't notice he was already looking at her much less his question to her.

"Shiraishi." Somehow that woke her up.

"Oh?...Yeah, Is Takao-san here?" Shiraishi asked.

"He went out." Midorima answered before getting another ball again. "What do you need him for?"

"He told me to meet here." She smiled. "You're really good."

"Of course, Shin-chan is!" Takao emerged out of nowhere again. "Now, we'll have a meeting."

"Meeting?" Shiraishi asked. "For what?"

"Heh." Takao's hands were on his waist. "Operation: Capture that DJ."

"If that's all...I'll leave you two here." Midorima placed the ball back into the container.

"But you're concerned about this too." Takao said as he watched his mate exit the room.

"Let him be, Takao-san, we'll figure this out." Shiraishi smiled but deep in her head she was rejoicing... two heads are better than one so having Midorima back out is an advantage to her, she can always fool Takao but she's not sure if she could do that to Midorima.

Wow...She's eager to know who's causing this. Takao thought. "Well, how can we start looking for the DJ?"

"Maybe its better to start searching for people who have grudges on you?" Shiraishi said, If that's the criteria I will not be considered as part of the search.

"I don't really know anyone who has a grudge against me." Takao said. "Maybe Shin-chan?"

"Well...possible people with grudges?" Shiraishi probed.

"The ones he rejected? Or beat in basketball?"

"Well...I know three girls who he rejected, they're in our class." Shiraishi remembered, and she laughed.

"Really? Three girls?" Takao was surprised. "Three? I never know Shin-chan's a hit, he seems weird all the time."

"Well, girls fall for smart but at the same time athlethic guys...and you can't deny the fact that he has looks too." Shiraishi said. Geez...Takao fell for him too, so why didn't he know that?

"Oh yeah, I forgot you're one of those." Takao said but Shiraishi didn't hear him. "So what happened? What do they look like?"

"They're pretty!" Shiraishi exclaimed. "Like you know...the girls from 'John Tucker must die'."

"John Tucker never looked like Shin-chan, you give him too much credit, Don't let your infatuation cloud your judgment and vision. Okay?" Takao berates.

"But...I don't think John Tucker's like Midorima-san."

"Never tell me how they got rejected?"

"You'll find this really funny, he was confessed to for three consecutive days. 1st day was the girl sitting on my right, her name's Tayuya. Her mode of confession was a love letter which she gave before the class starts, when she gave it to him, the two other girl's glared at her." Shiraishi puts a finger on her chin. "Midorima-san didn't read it though, he just asked what Tayuya's zodiac sign is...when she said its Virgo, he gave back the letter and said..."We won't have a future together, our signs already dictate so I don't need to read the letter." Shiraishi acted like Midorima copying his stern voice and pretending to adjust imaginary glasses on her nose line.

"Pfft..." Takao cackled. "Then the next one?"

"The next one is the girl sitting in my left, Minami, she's an ultimate fan of his since middle school. She knows he likes horoscopes so she bought a newspaper that day, her sign is cancer, I guess, she walked up to Midorima and said 'We have the same sign and my horoscope today says Cancer's have luck in finding their soulmate.' I think she specifically waited for that issue to come before she confessed, but Midorima-san said. "Good luck in finding your soulmate but Oha asa said that Cancers are 3rd place today.'" Shiraishi said 0imitating Midorima's possible reaction. "He probably thought Minami's asking advise or something...well with his words that seemed friend zoned, and Minami slumped on her seat."

"Pfft...maybe you meant 'sign-zoned' you get it?" Takao laughed again. "Shin-chan's stupid at this things."

"The last girl was sitting across him. I forgot her name but its hilarious...She subscribed Oha asa for that day, I forgot her sign but she said her lucky item is a piggy bank, she said, "Midorima-san I like you, and I have this lucky item today." Midorima saw it and he said, "Your lucky item is my worst item today, so please don't come near me.' Then he left her in the hallway. Everyone of my classmates saw that so those who liked him possibly had quit." Shiraishi said.

" about you? How will you confess?"

"Me?" He's asking me again for an advice. "I don't want to use methods which pleases him or pretend to be a horoscope addict to get his attention..I'll probably tell him I like him my own way, I'll show my true self, something like that... and if he rejects me...well that's fine."

"I don't think Shin-chan's gonna reject you." Takao said, while gazing afar and Shiraishi took this as a wrong sign, OMG...Now he thinks I have a chance with Midorima-san.

"No!No! I think he'll reject my confession!" Shiraishi said, rather vigorously.

"You don't know that for sure, Akira-chan." Takao tapped her back. "But, oh well...we should inverstigate those three girls!"

"Yeah..." she can stall him with this gimmick, Takao and Midorima will be leaving for training camp this week anyway.

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