DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 10

"Seirin's gotten strong, eh?" Takao said before yawning, they were back to school after that training camp. Midorima nods and talked about some basketball stuffs with him, they were on their way to the court again for some practice, the team's really determined to win this time.

"That's all then…for now we're still going to continue our practice." Otsubo said.

"Ahhh! The basketball team's back." Suddenly a group of students wearing PE uniforms appeared at the court entrance.

"Ehh?" Takao saw them. "Oh…I see, they have some basketball competition in the school fest too."

"Yeah… but the school's team on each club aren't allowed to participate on their own sport." Their semi-bald* senpai said. "Its cool to see them have practice anyway."

"Oh, That's Mitsuo from the judo club!" Other senpai said. "He's actually playing basketball?"

"Speaking of school fest, I wonder what Shiraishi's doing with volleyball." Takao pondered.

Shiraishi walks out of the court feeling achy all over her body, her right wrist is swelling and she have a big bruise on the side of her forehead, near the eye and she's so embarrassed to even remember what happened. She placed an ice pack on the site and sits in the bench outside.

Who knows volleyball is deadly? She thought, well she played it well now, she just got distracted…


"Shiraishi!" her team mate called and she ran to catch the ball, when she was able to receive it, it was tossed by her team mate."Nice one!"

The other team was able to sustain, so the ball came back and it was a battle of points, what a practice game!(Shiraishi is just exaggerating it, thinking they play like a pro but they actually play like elementary students with their current standard.)

"Hey! I heard Toshio's joining the pageant." Shiraishi heard the benched players talk, she doesn't care actually, she was focused on playing however…

"He is hot! He's paired with that pretty class rep! but he said he's already interested with someone."

"Yeah…It's a DJ…You know? The rising DJ YaoiLover…" Shiraishi heard and her mind went onto panic mode again, shit another person interested in finding her!?

"Oi! Shiraishi!" it was late when she heard her name called, she was looking at the two talking and continued to run, but when she was called her head whips and exactly hit the net post. Yep. The metal post. She fell down afterwards, feeling hurt and humiliated.

She puffed her cheeks in annoyance as she continues to pat the ice pack on her bruised part, truth be told she's feeling more body pain now because she's resting, she must've ran out of adrenaline.

"Here." She looked up to see the owner of the voice.

"Midorima-san? You're back?" She was surprised, but the green haired guy offered the bottle of water again, he was carrying a photo frame, probably his lucky item of the day. "What're you doing here?"

"I was nearby then I saw you." Midorima reasoned, though Shiraishi's pretty sure that the basketball court isn't that close to the gymnasium. He must've been looking for Takao?

"Thanks." She accepted the water, however she winced when she twisted the cap, she probably used more force than usual in opening the bottle and Midorima noticed that.

"What happened to your wrist?"

"This?" she elevates her bandaged wrist. "When I was in middle school I got a Scapholunate ligament tear*, it probably got strained when I started practicing, but as long as I don't use some spikes and wrist powered service, I'll be fine."

"I see." Midorima said before he adjusts his glasses.

"Oh yeah! Before I forget…" she rummages something on her pocket. "Sheesh...I forgot it in the room."

"What did you forget?" Midorima inquired.

"The tape you lent me." Shiraishi stood up from her seat and dusted her shorts. "You said that is your lucky one."

"Its alright, you can return it some other time. Cancers have the first place today, so I wouldn't need to worry. You should, by the way, since Aries had the worst luck of the day."

"Really?! Oha-asa must really be true." Shiraishi slightly rubbed her aching forehead bruise.

"Of course it is." Midorima said proudly. "Its fate's will."

"Fate's will?" Shiraishi giggled. "You're something, you know that?" Midorima raised an eyebrow at her, seeming perplexed with how people always didn't take him seriously.

"I have always believe in such things and that is why I never fail." He answered proudly.


Takao went to visit the gym when they had their break, he will tease Shiraishi, since she sounded really in despair to have volleyball as her sport. When he was there, practice had already ceased and the 1st years were already doing some walling.

"Takao-san?" he remembered the girl, she was from his class.

"Hi! Do you know where Shiraishi Akira is?"

"Oh? Shiraishi-chan? I think she went to the clinic?"


"Yeah, blahblahblah – " and the girl told Takao everything, seriously he wants to laugh, but he wants to check how injured his friend is. He excused himself and then went to the clinic, the nurse, his crush, Saejima-san told him that Shiraishi didn't go there, so he chatted a little about injuries and games before he decided to look for Shiraishi again.

He went back near the gym again and then he saw the brunette he was looking for, who is currently giggling and conversing with someone. Is that Shin-chan? Ohohoho.

"You're just unfairly awesome, that's why." Shiraishi joked. "Why aren't you with Takao-san?"

Takao again…"I'm not required to be with him all the time."

"Aww…Did you have a fight?"

"We didn't." Midorima answered. "We're on break, he went out earlier."

"Where could he have gone?" Shiraishi placed a finger on her chin, thinking. He must've started investigating the three girls already? I still need to stall him.

"Shin-chan~" Takao suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Ahhh! Speak of the devil." Shiraishi blurts out.

"Devil? Who are you calling devil?" Takao said but he saw the bruise she have on her forehead and her bandaged wrist. "You really have it bad in volleyball, do you?"

"Yeah, somehow."

"Just seeing it really looks bad." Takao said. "Shin-chan's really worried that he came here first."


"Right! I know... since you're injured, you're riding the rear car later, and Shin-chan will pedal."

"That's - " Midorima was suddenly stopped when he saw Shiraishi's reaction changed. She looked like a kid given something he had wished for a long time.

"Can I really?" Amazing another research!

"Eh? You seem quite excited." Takao said as he noticed her happy mood.

"You will ride in the rear car, but the one who'll pedal is decided through rock, paper and scissors." Midorima suggested.


"That's the deal." Midorima said. "We need to get back to practice, Takao."

"Sure...See you later, Akira-chan." And they left her in the benches.

"Wow! I never thought that this moment will come!" Shiraishi squealed, hands crept on her face and the two guys looked curiously at her. "I'm sorry...this is just...privilege, you know?"

"Privilege? Pfft..." Takao laughed.

"What? I mean its like this is your personal thing and're letting me in? Its like I'm really one of you guys...I could cry but I'm dehydrated so I can't."

"Pffft..." Takao was hugging his stomach. "Man...Akira-chan, you really amaze me sometimes." He wiped a tear from his eyes while Midorima was quite enthralled with her enthusiasm.

"No matter how you look at it, you're still pedaling." Midorima cuts the conversation, breaking Takao's happy moment.

"Right..." Takao sighed. "Come on Akira-chan." She nods eagerly and steps in the cart, her back rested on the cart, facing the bike itself. "So, your turn to ride." Takao teased Midorima, but the green haired guy stepped in also sitting beside Shiraishi but somehow maintaining a bit of a distance.

"Wow...this is comfy." Shiraishi comments as she pats the floor board of the cart. "But...its like a carriage...amazing!"

"Carriage?" Takao started pedaling. "This is Shin-chan's weird idea."

"Its not weird, its cute." Shiraishi looked around her. "I think I understand why Midorima-san likes this."

"Oh? You do? I think this is just a fine method for reward and punishment discipline." Midorima answered.

"Really?" She teased. "I think there's something more than that though..." she looked at her side and started sight seeing, it was really great, the breeze touching your skin, the house and buildings they saw, but she started feeling tired after a while, she began yawning, and the air was lulling her to close her eyes.

Midorima eyed at his co-passenger whose head was already falling outside of the cart, she was already asleep. He instantly pulled her when they were passing at a corner and she almost hit her head with a wall. Because of that, Shiraishi's head rested on Midorima's chest.

Midorima's heart suddenly thumped faster than usual, he sat up rigidly as he felt her snuggle a bit but her head was falling backwards again, so he tapped the back of her head towards his direction. He stared at her for a while until she...snored.

"Oi, why is it silent all of a sudden?" Takao asked as he continued to pedal, upon hearing his mate's voice, Midorima pushed Shiraishi away from him and she hit her head on the edge of the cart.

"Owww." Shiraishi was roughly awaken, she rubbed the hurting part and pouts at Midorima. Is he mad because I stole his thunder?

"You've had a lot of concussions for a day, you need to be a lot more careful." Midorima said while he looks at the other direction.

You caused one of them. Shiraishi thought.

"Are you two having a moment there or what?" Takao jokes. "Neh, Shin-chan lets trade places after the stop light."

"No. You lost and this is your idea." Midorima said. Takao sighed, will there be a time for Midorima to pedal? He glanced behind for a quick moment and smiled, There will be soon enough, Akira-chan's here anyway.

The preparation for the school festival is really a busy week, or in their case - busy two weeks. Not only are the student practicing for different sports and acts, they also have to prepare for every class room activity.

"Shiraishi-chan!" the brunette was currently on her way to the classroom, when one of her classmates rushed to her, by the time the caller was near her, she panted before she talked to Shiraishi. "We need your help in the taste test for the teachers."

"Oh? For the coffee shop?" Shiraishi asked.

"Yes. Mimi didn't come today, she called in sick."

"Ok…It's the end of our practice anyway." Shiraishi smiled to her classmate. "Are the ingredients on the kitchen?"

"Not yet."

"You seem in a hurry so I'll just get them." Shiraishi said.

"Thanks, the cup relay practice is starting and I'm running late, I'm really sorry for the bother."

"Sure thing. I'll ask help in the class." Shiraishi walked back in the classroom and started to look for someone to help her, lucky for her though, Midorima's inside reading a book a snow globe's beside him. "Midorima-san?" She asked and the green haired boy gazed at her.

"What do you want?"

"Can you help me in the pantry?"

"For what?" He looked back at the book and flipped the page.

"I need to get some of the ingredients and I can't carry heavy things." She answered. "Well, if you're free that is...I can go and ask - "

"We can't help it then…" Midorima spoke before he again fiddles with his glasses. "I'll help you get them."

"Thanks." Shiraishi smiled and the two of them went in the pantry.

"Are you going to meet with Takao today?" He asked abruptly.

"Y-yeah, but we'll just do some know with the Varsity Lovers' issue." She felt uneasy saying that and Midorima just stared at her. "Its still in the afternoon anyway."

"Good luck." He answered and then walked ahead of her, making her feel more uneasy.

When they have reached the pantry, Shiraishi picks a box and Midorima carried it for her, she had the list ready to make things easier, afterwards they started looking around for the listed vegetables and other food stuffs.

"We need some celery, green pepper…hmmm…" Shiraishi puts them in the box Midorima carries. "Some patties and gravy powder…"

"What are you cooking?"

"Well, they said they need to taste the hamburger steak." Shiraishi answered, her eyes still scrutinizing the ingredients. "Natto!"

"Natto? Disgusting." Midorima comments, slightly moving away from Shiraishi.

"Disgusting? No they're not…If cooked properly its good." Shiraishi got some and was placing them on the box but Midorima slightly moved away. "Ehh?"

"Those are not part of the Hamburger steak." He blabbered.

"Nope…but I'll probably have some use of them…they're good quality." She said. "Here, check them."

"No." he moved away again.

"Owww? You hate natto?!" She joked and moved the ingredient close to him.

"What're you doing?" He moved away again. She teased him by opening the pack of natto. "It has a disgusting smell."

"Haha…you really hate it." Shiraishi closed the pack again. "My friend can cook a dish that is very tasty using natto, when I see natto, I tend to ignore the smell but remember the tasty food I had using that as ingredients."

"People find inappropriate things appeasing if a good memory was incorporated with it." Midorima said as he lifts the box again. "Are this all?"

"Yes, that's – pfft..."

"Why are you laughing?"

"I just realized that you really had a funny accent. Pfft..."

"Shiraishi." She stopped, like when Takao suddenly straightens his form when Midorima calls names in that tone, in that specifically menacing tone.

"Sorry." She smiled somehow disarming Midorima's annoyed expression. "Lets get on then."

Takao was in the corridor waiting for Shiraishi, he texted her a while ago about the 'Operation: Capture that DJ' and she said she'll be late a bit because she will just do some of the cooking for their class activity. He was checking every classroom for their school fest plans and took a note of some he would like to visit on the fest day.

"Takao-san!" He glanced behind him and saw Shiraishi coming. "I saw them, the three!"

"Ohh...the John Tucker girls?" Takao asked.

"Yep." Suddenly Shiraishi pulled something from her bag. "Here a magnifying glass! Midorima-san gave it to me a while ago...maybe its a lucky item."

"Or he's probably mocking us..." Takao thought, Seriously Shin-chan has to participate in this. Takao then noticed Shiraishi wearing something. "Hahahaha!" he cackled, hugging his stomach as he sees her wearing a glass with a swirling pattern on it.

"What?" she removed it. "Its for disguise!"

" hang too much with Shin-chan, that's like his idea of being hidden." Takao continued to laugh until he hit a ladder with a paint on top of it. "Eh?"

"Takao-san!" Shiraishi grabbed his arm and pulled him away so that the paint won't fall at him.

When the paint was on the floor, Takao had calmed down and stared at the paint that almost fell down on him. "Pfft...You almost became a victim of karma." Shiraishi giggles, then Takao turns at her and saw her smiling.

Somehow, he blushed because he thinks she's cute and she was still holding his arm, for a moment he had nothing to say and he just gazed at her.

"Hey? " she called his attention. "I saw them enter the library!" she said.

"Oh? Yeah..." Takao answered. Shiraishi lets go of his arm and decided to sneak behind a wall to spy on the three girls, While Takao just stared at her back, contemplating on himself, what just happened.

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