DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 11

"Ahhh…Of course they'll move on easily." Takao said as he slumped on a nearby bench. "Shin-chan's not that dreamy anyway."

"Really?" Shiraishi asked as she sits next to Takao, they were spying the three 'John Tucker' girls, as they have nicknamed them, only to find out that they're over Midorima and they are now, miraculously, friends that root for a model named Kise Ryouta. Takao told Shiraishi that he's Midorima's middle school mate and he's also a basketball player.

"Well, there's still you, Akira-chan." Takao said. "Where in hell is that DJ?"

" Ouch? Why hell? Maybe she's in heaven." Shiraishi said, and Takao eyed her curiously. "Or maybe somewhere here in earth, yeah." She nods.

"Did you hear those girls talking about that Varsity Lovers?"

"Yeah…" in reality, Shiraishi was so happy they love the story, but of course she have shown him that she empathize with him.

"Just a few more… and they'll know its us, ugh!" Takao exclaimed.

"I hope we catch her sooner, then?" Shiraishi was thinking what would happen if she was ever caught…I hope they realize their feelings for each other before I'm caught…so that they'll thank me.

"It just frustrates me why that DJ thinks I'm a gay." Takao said earning Shiraishi's attention.

"Well…Aren't you?" Shiraishi knows he will deny, like most do until it's the end of their time and they regret hiding the fact that they are Shemales.

"You doubt that I'm a male, Akira-chan?" Takao points a finger at her. "That's rude."

"Ahhhh…No, I just asked." Shiraishi smiled. "So what if you knew who DJ Yaoi Lover is, what will you do?"

"Well…It depends, but I'll certainly scold that DJ and convince him, that we're male, Shin-chan and I."

Shiraishi nods, at least that won't be a heavy punishment, "brrrrgghh." Some rumbling sound came out.

"What's that?"

"Uhm…I think that's me." Shiraishi smiled awkwardly. "I forgot to eat lunch."

"You forgot?" Takao grinned.

"That's bad, skipping meals causes bad judgment and poor brain activity." Someone behind spoke and they were surprised to see Midorima standing after them.

"Shin-chan? What are you doing here?" Takao smirked. "Are you perhaps…joining our investigation?"

"Nonsense. I just passed by and saw the two of you." Midorima fiddles with the nosepiece of his glasses.

"Typical Shin-chan reason." Takao smirked at him. "Well, I just borrowed Akira-chan for a while and you're that fidgety already." Takao's phone rang and he fished it out of his pocket, however after he read the message and was about to reply, his phone battery went empty. "Damn! I need to send that message."

"Oh, here use my phone." Shiraishi offered and lent her phone to him, he gladly accepts it, as soon as he opened the phone, his eyes went big and he laughed.

"Oh my God Akira-chan! Isn't this Dwayne Johnson? Why is he your wallpaper? Hahaha." Takao wiped a tear from his eye. " Don't tell me you like him?" that was a joke on his part however Shiraishi's face turned as crimson as an apple, probably, and she stared at her feet, this made Takao stop laughing and Midorima even got interested with the picture. "Eh?"

"W-well…I do consider him as the epitome of perfect manliness…a-and…" she stutters and she was really blushing hard and the two (though Midorima will never ever admit) thinks it's cute.

"This is so unexpected." Takao said but he slings an arm at Shiraishi's shoulder. "Who else do you like then?"

"Batista." Takao's arm fell as he heard her answer. "Sometimes I adore John Cena, they're so cuddly." She answered proudly.


"Yeah. And they can do that chest thing!" she said, but they looked at her inquisitively. "You know when they do like some chest pumping, The rock did that in the movie 'Journey'! Isn't that adorable?" she kept on blabbering things but the two just stared at her, until Takao nudged Shintaro in the shoulder, the taller guy looked at him.

"You need to buy some steroids, Shin-chan." Takao joked.

"What's wrong, Shin-chan? Its creepy when you act weak." Takao was listening to Midorima about his ranting against Kagami.

"Don't get me wrong, Takao..." and Hawkeye still listened, after a while when the shooting guard stopped talking ,Takao sighed and left him, he really has a terrifying determination sometimes and in this times its better to leave him alone. When he was out, Midorima continued to shoot, never failing and never wanting to give up due to fatigue. He was there for around half an hour or so, and it was getting dark outside.

"Midorima-san?" Midorima sighed, another distraction, why is it that people never understood the word 'space' sometimes? He looked behind him and he saw Shiraishi there… she's wearing her PE uniform and she's carrying a volley ball. "Its late? Why are you still here?"

"I should ask you that." Midorima said going back to his shooting trance.

"Ahhh… we follow practice schedules and first years have the late shift today, so we decided to continue until its late." She explained. "I was looking for this ball ever since a while ago, a team mate decided to do some walling and lost this, so they told me to look for it…it probably rolled up to this area."

"I see." He replied not even checking on her, he was focused on shooting and she noticed how sweaty he is, how tired he is but he doesn't look like a person who'll stop by any minute. She just stood there watching him shoot, somehow being at awe with his amazing shots, she speculates how he would be like in a match, he'll really look like a monster there.

Midorima paused for a while as he sees her staring at him, it bothers him when people ogle at him in practices but he seems to be tolerant with the lady. "Are you going to stand there all night?" he asked, breaking her out of her reverie, then he started picking the balls on the floor, being the good hearted fellow she is, Shiraishi helped him.

"Let me help you." She offered but Midorima didn't reply, so that seemed like a permission granted for her. She puts the volley ball aside helped him pick up the orange ones until the last ball. "You're left alone again."

"I wouldn't say alone because you're here." He answered, suddenly his eyes averted somewhere and quickly he grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, her head crashing on his chest, and the gesture made her heart run outrageously, she tensed a bit however she felt a slight and abrupt impact on his left side, when she looked up she saw his left hand gripping a ball.

"Oh man! You passed to f – Midorima-san?" another first year in a PE uniform entered, they're probably the first year players, apparently they were practicing outside and the ball was thrown inside the court, Midorima saw it and caught it, single-handedly (literally).

The shooting guard didn't talk but tossed the ball back to the players, Shiraishi watched the scene transpire and somehow she found that quite attractive, she shook her head vigorously to remove the thought and Midorima lets go of her arm.

"That was cool." She comments. "You just like, save me from something."

"I was catching the ball…you were in the way."Midorima adjusts his glasses, Shiraishi smiled, of course she knew using her unbelievable woman intuition that he was aiming to save her and not the ball.

"That's sweet Midorima-san." She smiled. "I'll be leaving then."

"Are you going home?" Midorima asked. "If you are, wait for me outside I'll walk you home."

"You don't need to do that."

"Its late. I won't take long." He said before he disappeared somewhere, she noticed that he's been walking her home every time she stays up late…she felt skirmish about the idea so she just let him do it, its gentleman-ly anyway.

"Takao-san! Midorima-san!" The two basketball players who were about to ride the bus with their team, looked behind to see their friend, Shiraishi, who was approaching them. "Here." She gave them something in a tupper ware. "Its lemon soaked in honey."

"Whoa! Thanks Akira-chan!" Takao said as he peeked on the contents. "Look at this Shin-chan!"

"You're welcome." Shiraishi replies as she placed her hands behind her. "Do your best guys."

"Of course we will."

"Shiraishi." Midorima spoke, capturing the attention of both listeners, Takao watched the scene emerging in front of him, Midorima stares at Shiraishi with his daunting eyes, the degrading kind that can make anyone cower with fear or feel lesser than a human being, however Shiraishi looks up to the taller guy, gave him her normal bright smile then a thumbs up afterwards Midorima tweaked his glasses and nods. "Let's go, Takao."

"Ehhh? What's that? You had some secret language?" Takao inquired.

"What?" Shiraishi looked at him curiously. "Secret language?"

"What are you talking about, Takao? We need to leave." Midorima points their teammates who are already riding the vehicle.

"But you just made 'something'…" Takao pondered. "Anyways, if you can, Akira-chan, watch our game, neh?"

"Some other time, I have a practice too." Then she waved goodbye to the duo who rode the bus also. Takao craned his head and gazed at Shiraishi through the bus's window subsequently he sits back normally and watched as Midorima polishes his Buddha figurine.

"Shin-chan, tell me honestly."

"What?" Midorima continued wiping the buddha's bald head.

"You like Akira-chan." Takao rests his chin on the palm of his hand and eyes at Shintaro, the green haired guy looks at his seat mate and sighed.

"If you have nothing important to say, don't talk to me."

"Ok. So you like her." Takao relaxed his back on the seat and looked at the window again.

"Takao. I said don't talk – "

"I like her too, Shin-chan." Somehow that silenced Midorima, he stared at the back of Takao's head. "Ahh…let's taste those lemons, shall we?"

"Those are taken for rehydration…its best to eat them after a game, Takao."

"Shiraishi-san." It was a break time in the practice, Shiraishi was about to drink from her tumbler when one of her volleyball teammates approached her in the bench. "Have you seen the second years' play?"

"Yeah…they're awesome." Shiraishi sipped.

"I heard they're composed of some of the members of the female soccer team and also their libelo's from the karate club."

"Well…that's unrelated…She can't chop the volleyball into half."

"That's what you think but her spikes are deadly! She used the side of her hand and when the ball landed on her teammate's face, she had a major black eye."

"Oh my god! Really? That's scary."

"Yeah…some of our members are backing out and are contesting the planning committee about it."

"Can they really back out? That's not allowed, right?"

"I'm not sure but if they're allowed, I'll back out too." Her classmate answered. "How about you, Shiraishi-san?"

Shiraishi glanced at her teammates who are still engrossed in their practice game, they look happy and they enjoy the game, its not like they're really required to win the game, they can just play normally, nothing's wrong with that. "Nope."

"Shiraishi! You're in!" someone from the team called.

"Yes! I'm in. see ya later." Shiraishi taps the other girl's shoulder before she placed the tumbler on the bench and went to her volleyball team. "Ok! Let's double our effort guys!"

The practice probably took forever and if she could only, she wanted to lie down on the floor and sleep. Her team called it a day and then she went out of the gym only to be surprised by her two, (she self proclaimed), friends, Takao and Midorima who were there.

"Akira-chan!" Takao called and he rushed to the female, slinging an arm at her shoulder, Midorima watched just how close the two were then he looked away, but Shiraishi saw that.

Shit! I'm being comfortable with this! Don't forget your original goal! Those two like each other. Shiraishi slowly removed Takao's arm from her shoulder and laughed with him, he's telling how they bagged the first match and then the second match, it was torture having two games in one day, but they're that good.

"Could you be able to go tomorrow?" Takao asked.

"I'm not really sure, Why?" Shiraishi said, they have no classes and practice tomorrow, so she could go, but at the moment her body's inwardly shouting 'rest!' so she's not even sure if she could get up in the morning. Midorima noticed Shiraishi flexing the back of her neck and shoulders while talking to Takao.

"Takao, Midorima!" Their captain called them, they were probably going to have a meeting or something, Takao leaves ahead of Midorima and Shiraishi, saying he has something to talk about with their senpai.

"Here." Midorima obtained something from his bag and then proffered it to her. "Use that."

"Salonpas?" She inspected the thing he gave her. "But don't you need this too?"

"I'll be fine, besides my body's used to more stress than yours and another thing, I have my lucky item all the time to emerge victorious, no matter how many body pains I endure."

"I see." She keeps the salonpas in her pockets. "You seem more fired up than usual, Midorima-san."

"That's only natural because I want to win." Midorima placed his hands on his pockets. "Go home early if you're finished practicing."

"Sure! See you when I see you." Shiraishi said as she watched Midorima rejoin his team on the basketball court.

Another duty at Nights of Love again, she was tired and sore from all the strains, physically, she has been undergoing. It was thanks to Midorima's Salonpas that she experienced a bit of relief.

'You need to give them a detour of the story…divert them from the gayness issue, so that they can somehow forget about that DJ for a while…and when all's well, you can continue with the plot…your fans don't want the story to end quickly anyway.' She remembered the advice her friend, the ever so loyal, Satomi*, gave. She gets the headphones placed it over her ears and sighed and then went on – air.

Shuumai-chan was from the locker room, when he saw Chocolo on a bench outside the gym, looking beat. He heard from Taco-chan that she was forced to join Dodgeball, then he walked up to her.

"Here." Chocolo looked up, and saw Shuumai-chan, who was magically in front of her and is offering a salon pas.

"Shuumai-chan?" She looked surprised, but he offers the salon pas again. "Thanks..."she said when she retrieved it.

"Dodgeball?" He asked.

"Yeah...I don't actually play it well." She sighed. "You're having a match tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah...first match."

"Good luck then." Chocolo stood up and tapped his shoulder. "Oh? Before I forget again..." Chocolo rummaged something on her pocket. 'Oh shit...I forgot.'

"If its the lucky tape...Don't worry. My sign have the first place tomorrow." Shuumai-chan said before he adjusted his glasses.

"You don't need that actually, you and Taco-chan are great players." Chocolo smiled at him warmly, somehow distracting him a bit.

"Chocolo-chan!" One of her teammates called and she sighed and rose from her seat.

"Bring home the bacon." She waved goodbye at him but winced when she moved her wrist. Shuumai-chan saw that and eyed her with concern. "See you some time." She said and went back to the gym.

That ends today's chapter of the Varsity Lovers…what will happen to Taco-chan and Shuumai-chan's relationship, and what is Chocolo-chan doing, is she going to ruin the connection budding from the two lovers? Find out next week here in Nights of Love FM, before we formally end this night, let's read some friendly notes.

TsundereLover: Hello DJ-san, that's amazing! I wish Chocolo ends up with Shuumai, because if your description of Shuumai-chan is like that, what a waste he is as a man! More power to you.

WackyDude: Whoa its gonna be a Shoujo! Are you going to change your name into DJ ShoujoLover? Cool!

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"Let's see…" Shiraishi is at the venue of the winter cup preliminaries, she has to watch their game because she got up early and well, she feels quite better because of the magical Salonpas, she was thinking maybe Midorima gave it some of his lucky powers that's why it's effective.

As of now, she's reading the list of matches and she came early in time for Shutuko's second match which is against Seirin High, she was busy studying the pamphlet that she bumped into something hard, causing her to stumble down and sit on the ground, she stood up and dusted her pants then looked up, surprised that the hard thing was actually a someone.

"T-t-titan?" she stutters seeing the tall guy look down on her, like one of the titans in the show her friend was watching, Shingeki no Kyojin .

"Are you alright?" he sounded really lazy with his tone, then he's carrying chips and started picking some.

"Y-yes…" she answered, quite frightened with him.

"Murasakibara-kun?" a pretty boy came out of nowhere, he has black hair, pale skin and handsome face, he was carrying a plastic bag full of snacks. "Oh? Who is she?"

"Ahh…I think I bumped into her." Titan answered, still munching the chips.

"Sorry about that, miss…are you alright?" he asked nicely and Shiraishi nods, watching the two boys.

"Its alright."

"Ahhh….Muro-chin, did you buy the nori flavoured one?" Titan asked again…Muro-chin? What kind of nickname is that? Shiraishi wondered, the 'Muro-chin' handed the plastic full of chips to Titan.

"Here, for you." And when Shiraishi heard that, imagine how her Yaoi imagination reactivates, the 'Here for you' statement of 'Muro-chin' kept repeating on her mind and suddenly, she saw bubbles appearing out of nowhere, serving as background to the two guys in front of her.

"Thanks Muro-chin." Murasakibara looked at Shiraishi and saw her spacing out and smiling, he even waved a hand in front of her. "Oi…Are you alright?"

"Miss?" Himuro asked, and Shiraishi smiled at them.

"I'm fine… I wish the both of you, happiness." She bowed and went ahead leaving the two confused. Those two can actually express their feelings for each other publically, I hope Midorima and Takao can do that too.

She actually came at least 30 minutes earlier, so she decided to stroll around first. While she was walking though, she felt something fluffy passed on her leg, she looked below…

"Awwww! So cute ~ " Shiraishi saw a puppy, it's a Siberian husky with big and cute blue eyes, it was looking at her, his tongue out and his tail wagging, almost as if saying 'Carry me please.', another adorable thing is, its wearing a mini jersey! So she did carry the little pup. "Are you lost?" she asked and somehow the dog's imaginary brows furrowed. "I see…well, I guess your owner must have the same uniform you're wearing. I'll need to hide you in my bag, okay? Then I'll let you out when we found your team."

She placed him inside her bag, luckily it was quite big to fit him in, but she left the zipper open, when the dog peeked she gave him a 'shhh' signal and the dog hid, like it's used to hiding in bags.

She went inside then and was overwhelmed with the number of people watching, she breathes out, holds the strap of her bag tightly and then pushed forward, Imagine the number of people in the real winter cup.

She was successfully out of the crowd, however she lost her pamphlet and she forgot the court where Shutuko's going to have the match, she looked really lost and embarrassed to ask where Shutoku is.

Kasamatsu, together with his team, Kise, Moriyama and that loud rebounder *were on their way to watch Shutuko vs. Seirin, but they also came a bit earlier, Moriyama was as usual looking for cute girls and then when his eye turned to the left, he saw a girl.

She was wearing a green short sleeved shirt that is underneath a short jumpsuit and some sneakers, Wow…She has nice legs, her hair was curly and brown, tied in half, she was looking behind her, and then slowly she looked in front, revealing a pretty face, bright obsidian eyes under slightly long lashes, perfect nose and thin lips.*

"Ahhh! The girl of my dreams…" Moriyama said, surprising his teammates, this lovesick boy immediately went to help this new damsel in distress in front of him.

"Oi Moriyama!" that was their captain turning ill-tempered again.

"Can I help you miss? You look in trouble." Moriyama offered Shiraishi, she lets out a bright smile and suddenly, surprising all of the spectators, she held Moriyama's hand.

"Yes please! I'm lost I don't know what court is Shutoku's match? Can you tell me?!" she had pleading eyes but her straightforwardness, surprised Moriyama.

"Aahh?" Moriyama was lost for words.

"Are you watching Shutoko and Seirin's match?" She looked behind Moriyama and saw a blonde boy, he's the one who asked her, somehow he looks familiar and she was scrutinizing his face very well, remembering where she saw him.

"Right? Kise Ryouta!" she blurts out. Of course, the John Tucker girls carry a poster of him. When she said that, Kasamatsu suddenly kicked Kise in the shin, causing him to fall down and his captain continued to kick him at the back.

"You actually went here to meet a fan!" Kasamatsu says as he kept on kicking Kise.

"Ahhh!" Kise actually looked like he was smiling, or in Shiraishi's mind that is, she watched the scene, the guy hitting Kise and Kise smiling while being kicked. Hands crept on Shiraishi's mouth.

"B-B-BDSM?" she stutters. Oh my God!?

"BDSM?" Moriyama repeats.

"Ahhh… I'll be taking my leave." Shiraishi bowed and left immediately. Two gay couples in one day, Amazing!

"I wonder where Nigou went?" Kuroko was looking for the Seirin dog, they are going to warm up a few minutes from now, so he must find him. On his way, he saw a girl, looking around and then when their eyes met, the said girl looked at him carefully and smiled, perplexing Kuroko, then she ran upto him.

"Hello!" she greets.

"Hello." He also greets.

"Uhmmm... that uniform! Doggy belongs to you then." She said and then opened her bag and the Siberian husky he's been in search for appeared. "I saw him outside." The dog jumped at Kuroko's arms but he still looked at the girl who picked him, she smiled and pets his head.

"Thank you for helping, Nigou." Kuroko politely said and Shiraishi waves a hand at him, then she reads the uniform.


"Yes, I'm from Seirin High."

"Oh…I'm actually looking for the court where Shutuko's game will commence., if I'm right they'll be up against your team." Shiraishi smiled and then rubbed Nigou's chin. "I'm rooting for Shutoku, too bad Nigou-san, If only you could end up in a draw." she cooed at the dog.

"You're from Shutoku? It will be the second court you pass after that." Kuroko pointed a room and she nods, but something in her seems familiar to Kuroko, he remembered so he said. " Your voice sounds familiar."

"Ehhh?" Of course, to her listeners, as in avid listeners, her voice will be familiar. Is he a fan? "Impossible…Why would it be familiar…I mean we just met."

"I know I heard it somewhere."

"Really?" Shiraishi sweat dropped.

"Oi Kuroko! We've been looking for you, where – "A taller, red haired guy came into view, he instantly slings an arm to the 'Kuroko' guy. Suddenly, Shiraishi can't help but again stare at them…

Love stage, Gravitation, Piko, ETC… all the same characters; a small guy with big eyes and a taller manly guy… the two of them are the perfect YAOI couple!

"Kagami-kun." Kuroko looked up to see Kagami staring at the girl in front of them, the little guy then looked at the girl who is also staring at them. "Ahhh? Do you know each other?"

"No! haha…good luck on your game, bye Nigou!" Shiraishi scampered off happily. I think I'll have a lot of inspiration in basketball…

"Who's that girl, Kuroko? She's cute." Kagami said.

"I know her…but I forgot." Kuroko answered earning a scowl from Kagami.

"You didn't ask her name?!" Kagami sighed when Kuroko nods. " Fine, let's start warming up."

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