DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 12

"It doesn't matter how many jumps you make, I just need to shoot more than you can jump." Midorima said in a condescending tone against Kagami, and he smirked as if ignoring his snide remark.

"Damn, Midorima-san's pretty serious…" Shiraishi comments, she's in a seat that has a good view and she was currently feeling fired up with this match because she never have watched a real live basketball show. She actually wanted to beat that no. 10 guy, whom she has met a while ago, for swatting all of Midorima's amazing shots; seriously, his three pointers should be that powerful because it has a somewhat repelling force when Midorima releases the ball. "And his shots are not cheap, you two browed guy!" she bellows but she was glowered by the person sitting next to her, she was boisterous so she bowed and focused on the match.

"Are gays really this good in basketball?"

The match continued and so is the heat, sincerely, she never thought basketball match can rile you up like this, she was supposed to be researching, Darn it, RESEARCHING! But she was so engrossed with the game to care, she was even cheering wildly for Shutoku. Then the read haired guy, lost focus and Midorima got a chance to shoot, Shiraishi watched with awe as the ball travels in the air, however… "Eh? It didn't even hit the hoop?" she comments and then she sees Takao and Midorima grimaced as if the red haired guy did something. 'Did he touched the ball?'

Kuroko, Nigou's owner, suddenly got under the basket and snatched the ball. Shiraishi stood up, frustratingly as she watches the Seirin team get a point. "Nigou, I really like you but your team needs to lose, ugh!" she said, and somehow the audience heard a slightly audible sound of a dog's bark.

They even double teamed Midorima, that Kagami failed and a brown haired no. 7 guy, jumped in front of him. Oh Gosh! He's served! Unexpectedly, for the players, the crowd and her, knowing the shooting guard's attitude, he passed the ball and magically Takao received it and then they get a point.

Shiraishi was so happy watching especially when Midorima was being hit by their senpai's in the back, however, she felt something weird when she saw something miraculous happen…Did he just smiled? She saw that, Oh my God! She saw that and he looks good? She felt her heart thump faster than usual, Her mind wandered a bit, he rarely smiles, he's always so reserved and scary but somehow his facial expression replayed continuously in her mind.

Shiraishi clutched her arm rest a bit as the match continues, she was especially thrilled when she witnessed Takao's pass at Midorima, she was feeling a 'wow like, that's the first time I saw a pass like that' feeling, she doesn't remember a cool thing similar to that in all the NBA matches she has watched, and watching Midorima shoot was so amazing.

When the free throw failed and the two guys, (or gays?) fought for the ball… it was so intense or should I say passionate?, They were shouting while fighting, that she thought they will kiss in the air and she slapped herself for even thinking that.

At the end, they were announced as a tie, Shutoku only needs one game to qualify and she's sure they'll get it. It was really a nice match, eventhough she hadn't make out anything that can be added to her story, it's the first time she ever saw Midorima and Takao play like pros, she wants to meet them after the game but decided to make it a secret, so with one last glimpse she left the gymnasium.

"Shutoku basketball team now qualifies for the Winter Cup." Shiraishi smiled as she heard some of her classmates talk, apparently, the news travelled fast and she was so proud of those two, she personally watched them play and it was really exciting, she'll definitely watch them again in the winter cup, And this time I will have a nice research!

Only two days remain and the School fest week will commence, everyone were now panicking, gym practices are over so students can focus on their specific class activities.

"Oh, here he is!"

"Congratulations, Midorima-san." Shiraishi looked behind and saw her classmates greeting the shooting guard, he said a simple 'Thanks', but some of their classmates wanted more details, so they were pestering him, she smiled and then went to the designated 'kitchen' area of their classroom.

She decided to prepare some of the ingredients so that they will just be cooking or heating in the school fest, especially when everything turned hectic. Shiraishi was currently washing some of the vegetables, until she felt someone approaching her from behind, she glanced back and saw Midorima, who was folding his sleeves in 3/4s.

"Midorima-san? What are you doing here?"

"I was assigned here in the kitchen." Midorima flatly replied, and Shiraishi's eyes bulged. She looked sceptically at him and he gave her a look of curiosity.


"Yes, the class rep has already talked to me." Midorima then walked upto her. "Am I supposed to wash the vegetables?"

"Uhhhm – No." Shiraishi sweat dropped, she knew PERFECTLY well how Midorima does in the kitchen.

"Then, shall I cut these?" he was about to reach for the knife but Shiraishi went ahead of him, stopping him from getting the utensil, the taller guy raised an eyebrow at her.

"No…Haha." Shiraishi remembered his murderous intent on vegetables. She pulled a stool and hauled Midorima towards it, forcing him to sit down. "Congratulations! You're still probably tired from the stressful games, so let me do all the work." She beams at him, before she turned her back to him and continued what she was doing earlier.

"Just so you know…I don't need special treatment, I'll be fine in doing this things." Midorima said and Shiraishi laughed at him. "Why are you laughing?"

"You're not fine doing these things." Shiraishi said. "Remember when I taught you to cook curry? You messed up."

"It was just not a lucky day for me that time." He stood up from the seat, despite her protests.

"Still no ~ " Shiraishi glanced at him this time. " So what's your lucky item today then?"

"Something akin to a rodent." Miorima points behind him and Shiraishi's mouth went agape.

"Mickey Mouse stuffed toy?!" Shiraishi squeals and almost pushed Midorima out of her way as she went to snatch the toy. She hugged it tightly, even rubbing her face on it.

"Oi! Stop doing that, you may ruin the luck – " when Midorima tries to pull her away from the toy, she looked up to him, with her pleading and almost convincing puppy eyes.

"But its Mickey Mouse!" she rubbed her face again at the toy.

"Well then, I shall start cutting the vegetables." Midorima stated blankly and reached for the knife.

"Sure ~" She's still snuggling the fluffy toy, but when she heard chopping sounds, her eyes opened wide and she stopped fondling her face with Mickey Mouse. "Eh?" she grimly looked behind her and saw black aura emanating… She can actually hear crying vegetables. "No!" she tried but she can't stop the murder.

"I can't believe you actually ruined all the vegetables." Shiraishi giggles and Midorima glares at her, currently, they're at the grocery store buying vegetables to replace the ones he just spoiled. Midorima pushes the shopping cart, unenthusiastic and Shiraishi picks the ingredients.

"Return the lucky item to me."

"Relax, its more okay if the girl's carrying this, you know?" she turned her back to him, Mickey Mouse is actually a stuffed toy bag, so Shiraishi wears it so that he won't be separated with the lucky item. "If you just listened to me, this won't happen, another thing… we'll be tasked to pay this."

"Don't worry about that, I will pay for everything, I'm the one who devastated the ingredients anyway." Midorima said as he continues to pull the cart.

"Wow…you sure have a lot of money." Shiraishi picks some vegetables, and when she checked all of the ones in the list, "Its all in, we can pay now."

"Alright." They went on the counter and Midorima paid for everything, as he said, while Shiraishi went to the free taste section, and tasted everything offered there. When all the stuffs were packed, Midorima immediately looked for Shiraishi, because he can't be separated from his lucky item, and then he saw her in the roast beef free taste stall.

"Oh, Midorima-san!" she called happily as the guy came. "You gotta try this one!" she picked up one tooth pick with a roast beef slice pinned on it and offers it to him.

"Shiraishi, we should leave."

"Just taste this." She reached out the food to him.

"Awww, just taste it boy, your girlfriend's waiting." The merchant said.

"Oh…we're not a couple." Shiraishi answered

"What rubbish are you implying?" Midorima articulates. "Shiraishi, that food may not be thorough cleaned and may cause stomach pain."

"Midorima-san!" Shiraishi berates and the merchant glowered at him. "Just taste this and you'll know."

"Shiraishi, if you are hungry, I'll have you know that we can get more than this." Shiraishi pouts at Midorima, she was annoyed with his attitude, suddenly she had an idea and then she smirked. "What are you contemplating right now?"

"Heh." She removed Mickey Mouse bag's straps on her shoulders and then points it towards the trash can, making Midorima's eyes widen and his mouth agape. "It pains me but if you don't try one, Mickey's going to the trash."

"You will not do that."

Shiraishi's other hand gets one toothpick of meat, giving it to him but he still disagrees and she shortens the distance of Mickey to the trash can making Midorima fidgety.

Midorima snatched the food from her and ate it, to avoid further commotion. "Its good, right?" Shiraishi states as she wears Mickey again.

"Let's go…This time, you stay close to me, you know that."

"Yeah…yeah." Shiraishi answered and the two of them walked out from the free taste stall, the old lady who prepares the roast beef watched the two of them as they went away.

"Stay close to me? But they're not a couple…Kids these days." She muttered.

"Are you really hungry?" Midorima asked while they were walking out of the supermarket.

"Yeah…Are you? Do you want to stop by somewhere?" she asked, hands still clasped on the strap of Mickey Mouse bag.

"Yes I am. As a token of my gratitude for you carrying and well, sparing Mickey Mouse, It will be my treat." He adjusts his glasses.*

"Seriously? Whoa…Let's call Takao-san, so he could join us." She said but before she could pluck her phone, Midorima stopped her. "Eh?"

"Don't call him." He was serious when he said that and Shiraishi stared at him for a while, pocketing her phone again.

Oh yeah… he doesn't want Takao to know that he's with me, Is he afraid that Takao might get jealous? "Ok, are you fine, merely having me with you?" she asked that to make sure he's fine without Takao around, Midorima smiled at her (like oh my god he smiled), which he rarely does, as she have said, but somehow that rekindles something in her heart, the 'something' she felt when she saw that smile on the court.

"I wouldn't ask you if I'm not." Midorima answered before he looked forward again and continued walking, Shiraishi smiles too. "Another thing, once we go back to school, I shall carry the lucky item and slice those vegetables." He actually looked quite determined but Shiraishi's smile faltered.

"No you won't!"

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