DJ Yaoi Lover

Chapter 13

"It's the school fest week!" Shiraishi bellows as her alarm rang, she immediately stood up, took shower, gussied and wore her beloved Shutoku uniform, she went downstairs to have some of the breakfast her mom left for her and then rushed her way to school.

The morning shift in the coffee shop's kitchen is her duty, so she was in a hurry. She knows that many people will surely visit their school and all of the class' scheme's will be competing for the 'best one' and the 'most ventutred one' awards. She came just in time and saw different students gathering at some stalls and programs, then she saw one of her classmates, giving flyers for their coffee shop.

When she was at their classroom, or Coffee shop, rather, she immediately went to the kitchen and met Tayuya, one of her classmates (and the John Tucker girls) was already starting some of the dishes.

"You're late." She gave out an apron to her.

"I'm sorry, I got caught up with the stampede." Shiraishi scratched the back of her head and then started organizing the materials, she saw the sticky notes placed in the kitchen table and she reads them. "We have this many customers already?"

"Yeah! They really liked your burger steak."

"Wow, that's cool." Somehow that fired her up to cook a lot, when she had a free time, she checked her schedule and sees that her volleyball match is tomorrow, against…she almost dropped the tomato she was washing. "Second years?" awww….first game's deadly already.

"So you're here." She glanced back and saw Takao, again with Midorima, they were probably from practice.

"Guys!" She smiled and walked up to them. "You want something?"

"Nah…We don't want to over work you, Akira-chan…especially now that Shin-chan's skipping class duties."

"I am not neglecting duties! They told me that I'm exempted." Midorima said and Shiraishi absolutely knows why, Of course the customers will go away if you go to Kitchen duty.

"Anyway, let's try other class shows!" Takao said and then fished out his phone smiling, Midorima looks at him, mouth agape as he sees what the point guard is doing. "Akira-chan, I'll let you see a spectacular Shin-chan video." Takao pulls Shiraishi closer and then played the video, it was a video of Midorima swallowing his humongous pride and tells his teammates to work together...*

"Wow…Did hell break loose or something?" Shiraishi states as she internalizes the video.

"Yeah, Shin-chan just made an inspirational speech. Nanodayo" Takao imitating Midorima before he hugged his stomach while laughing, Midorima's temple is already throbbing with anger and embarrassment.

"I never knew you're capable of that, Midorima-san… but well, you brought home the burger!"

"Ahhh, Akira-chan…isn't that supposed to be bacon?"

"Oh yeah…I've been into burgers this whole day."

"By the way, when's your volleyball match?" Takao asked

"Tomorrow, we'll be up against the second years." Shiraishi smirked. "You'll come and watch, right?"

"Tomorrow's your game?" Takao asked, surprised. "We have a practice game against another school tomorrow."

"Ohh…I see." Shiraishi remained smiling. "I'm quite embarrassed to play anyway."

"Not true, Akira-chan…you're good." Takao encouraged. "Don't worry we'll catch up, Shin-chan's going to bust them up anyway, he'll be finishing early for sure."

"Ehh, You don't need to do such things." Shiraishi said. "But I'm sure you'll serve them right, you two are amazing."

"Awww…Akira-chan, you should see us play in Winter cup, you won't have any excuse."

"Sure, I'll watch you guys. Are you sure you don't want something? Takao-san? Midorima-san?"

"We're full Akira-chan. Don't worry about us." Takao said, before he checked his phone again. "Damn…Break time's over, let's check the horror house together some other time, Akira-chan, You'll see Shin-chan peeing his pants."

"That won't be possible, Takao. Let's go." Midorima was the first to turn his back to her then Takao, who hits Midorima in the back and laughs at his riled up appearance. Shiraishi stares at their backs and sighed, she's really happy meeting this guys, she wants to walk with them and laugh with them, that's why they can't know the truth yet, not until they have ended together.

"Don't worry, Akira-chan! We'll finish early, and catch up in your game!" She read Takao's text and smiled. "Oh! Shin-chan said you should bring a bar of soap. XD"

Bar of soap? What's a bar of soap for? She can't use that in a game...she shrugged, and decided to ask from the janitor. 'Just do your best guys, don't worry about catching up.' Unfortunately for her, there's no bar of soap, nonetheless, she went inside Shutoku gym and saw the first year team already doing some walling and warming up, she joined the fray.

Afterwards, the referee came, audience went to their respective seats and the players at their positions. The two teams lined up across each other, the net in between. "Let's have a nice game." Each team said and thumped hands with each other. The referee gets the coin. "Tails for the first years and heads for the second years." With that said, the coin was tossed and the referee caught it in his hands.

"First service goes to 1st years." The referee states, Shiraishi gets to serve, she's only capable of underhand service because of her SLT, so she made her pose and when the referee moved his hand towards the other team, that's the signal for her to serve the ball.

"Akira-chan's match will start now." Takao said as he glanced the watch. The 3rd quarter just finished and of course, Shutoku's score was higher than their opponent, they were having a two minute break as of now. "Shin-chan?" Takao called as he noticed Midorima staring at his horoscope pamphlet, "Oha-asa? Didn't you say cancers are lucky today? What are you worried for?"

"Nothing." Midorima answered placing the pamphlet back on his seat as they were called to get ready. Takao snatched it and read the horoscope.

"At least Scorpio's third place." Takao mutters as he continued reading. "Oh, I see... hehe." Takao tapped Midorima's back causing the taller guy to glare at him.


"Don't worry about Akira-chan... now I know why you told me to text could have just asked for her number, Shin-chan." Takao teased. "But seriously man, this is not the worst day for Aries... it says 'Just few misfortunes are expected' so, relax."

"I'm not worried, Takao. She should be concerned with this matters, if she wants to win."

"Whatever, man...let's just finish this game early so we could catch up."

Takao knows Midorima wants to watch the game and he's just being all 'tsundere' again, it was actually obvious because he seems to be unstoppable shooting and shooting like he wants to triple the score, but of course that's impossible. The game ended, and the score of Shutoku doubles that of his opponent. The certain hawkeye, immediately readied the cart and called Midorima.

"I'm not going." Midorima answered.

"Really? Akira-chan's there." Takao rides the bicycle. "Let's go."

"I'm going somewhere, so you can watch on your own." Midorima ignored him and walked past him, Takao sighed and started pedaling.


"Leave me be." Ok...Takao gave up and decided to hurry back to Shutoku, Akira-chan's match could have ended if he wasted his time convincing this aloof guy.

"2 games for the second years, change court." The referee said, Shiraishi and her team went to the other court, they were all tired and beat, unlike the second years, she can actually feel her SLT, so she kept on massaging her wrist.

"Damn it, that karate club member's spike is deadly."

"Yeah, no one in our team wants to block it." Shiraishi heard her teammates say. If the second year wins the next game, they'll lose instantly. She took a deep breath and slapped her face once, Darn...That hurts.

"Are you alright?" One of her teammates said. "How's your wrist?"

"Its fine, sorry..." Shiraishi scratches the back of her neck. She gets a tape and bandaged her wrist again.

Takao came right in time before the third match begins. "The first years are losing..." he said as he sees the scoreboard. He sat at the front row and spotted Shiraishi looking quite distressed as she listened to their libelo* about a game plan.


Near the gym's entrance and close to the court where the first year and second year volleyball match is being held, there stands a tall guy wearing weird sunglasses even though the sun's not that bright, that caused some students to move away from him, however that didn't faze him as he continues to watch.

"Service, First year." The referee motioned and Shiraishi's mate served the ball, a rally starting afterwards. It was quite a deadly one and Shiraishi can see that the second years are mocking at them by shabbily hitting the ball, somehow that fired her up.

"Yumi!" She called and the girl passed the ball to their libelo while the girl tossed it and another teammate spiked it against the second years, they weren't able to block it so the first year's get the first point.

"Let's not lose hope." Shiraishi said and her teammates nodded. Its a good thing I didn't join any sports club...

The second years then started going full throttle, Shiraishi catches the ball and accidentally hits her wrist due to the process, she bit her lip and gripped her aching hand. I can still do this! She said and decided to run to her position.

"Sorry first years, but this game is ours." The Karate club member from the other team said as she spikes the ball, it was a split second hit and no one would like to receive that ball, well... Shiraishi was running away from it too but she tripped, face first, her hand was stretched out and miraculously, seriously she didn't mean for it to happen...the ball landed on the back of her hand, saving it from hitting the floor, their libelo ran towards the salvaged ball, she squatted lower and passed it so that the third attacker could spike it towards the other team, and that overwhelming scenario left the second years disoriented so they weren't able to block that attack.

"Wow! That deadly spike's beaten!" An audience said.

"Yeah that girl made an amazing dig!" Another one said.

Shiraishi's team mates have jumped in joy but they looked at her. "Shiraishi-chan, are you alright?" One of her team mates asked, but there was no answer, she was still lying, face first on the floor with no sign of movement.

Oh my God! This is embarrassing, I tripped! I tripped in front of many people, Ick! How clumsy can you get, Akira?... yup, she's still not aware of the miraculous thing she did, and she was embarrassed to even stand up.

"Shiraishi-chan?" Her teammate knelt beside her while the brunette lays still on the floor. "Time out! Get the stretcher." Her team mate worriedly called for the others while the referee whistled for a time out.

Stretcher? No!No!No! And the fallen heroine stood up like nothing happened, except her upper lip's cut and her forehead's bleeding somewhere. "I'm fine." She gave a thumbs up.

"No you're're bleeding." The captain said but Shiraishi seems to be deaf at the moment as she faced back the second years, which are all glaring at all.

"Ihhh..scary! why are they glaring?" She asked, however she felt something warm on her forehead and she touched it. "Ack! I'm bleeding!"

"That's what I just said." Their captain called for a substitute and Shiraishi was told to sit.

"I'll head to the clinic." she retaliated quickly before she dashed out of the gym. However she felt lightheaded and almost tripped again but she bumped on someone.

"Sorr - " she was cut off.

"Akira-chan!" Takao was going to check on her. "Eh?" A smile tugged at his lips as he saw the person with her.

"Can you stand?" Shiraishi looked up to that familiar voice, that weird accent and green hair, though he wears shades this time.

"Mi -Mid-?" Before she can say his name, she felt an arm glide on her back and another behind her knees and then she was lifted off the ground. "What the - ?"

"You have the bar of soap?"

"Ahhh...No?" She stared at his face for a while feeling fluttery? Instead of embarrassed.

"Now that explains it." He said as he proceeded to the clinic.

"I know you wanted to be active in sports but as a girl you should take care of your skin." Nurse Saejima placed a bandage on her forehead, she also noticed her wrist so she bandanged it as well. "The bandage minimizes the swelling but you still need to consult a doctor after this." She points at her wrist. "What happened with that?"

"Long story, haha." Shiraishi smiled. The nurse glanced behind her and saw Midorima waiting outside the room.

"So are you still going to deny that he's your boyfriend?" Saejima kids and Shiraishi's face probably outdone the redness of a tomato.

"No...he's not." Shiraishi was looking at Midorima too, she can't deny the fact that she felt like a princess a while ago when he was carrying her, and that her heart's still racing wildly. "Though...that's probably good."

"If you think that way...Why don't you tell him?"

"Ehhh?" Of course she can't tell nurse Saejima that Midorima's a gay. "He likes someone else...and besides he treats me as his friend somehow."

"Reasons..." Saejima grinned. "I don't think he's the type to do something like that to anybody." Shiraishi glides off the bed when she felt better, she thanked and bowed to the nurse before she went out.

Shiraishi stared at Midorima before she decided to join him out of the clinic. His face was harboring the usual bored and annoyed expression, she poked him in the back and he glared at her.

"Thanks." Shiraishi smiled, Midorima noticed that she's slightly dragging her foot. "You came!"

"I bought something from my usual store and its close so I decided to stop by." Midorima said. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah!" She grinned.

"Akira-chan!" Takao ran towards them. "Have I interrupted something~?"

"Takao-san!" Shiraishi let out another bright smile. "You watched too."

"Of coure I will, Akira-chan." Takao tapped her shoulder. "You've got it bad..." he glanced at her injuries.

"Really?" She scratched the back of her neck, sheepishly.

"And because of that, Shin-chan decided to let you ride in the carriage again!" Takao exclaimed earning a glare from Midorima.

"I haven't said that."

"I'm fine, really." Shiraishi said. Midorima started to walk and Takao slightly pushed Shiraishi at the back so she can stumble to the taller guy, making him stop walking. "Ah sorry." She said.

"Shin-chan, you need to walk slowly, we have someone injured here." Takao said.

"Tch." He grumbled, but he did walk slowly.

"I'm so happy you two came to watch." Shiraishi said that after suddenly stopping her tracks as she remembered why she was at the clinic in the first place. "I'm not that good though, and I did something, embarrassing actually."

"Ehhh? Not true Akira-chan, you returned that powerful spike!"

"Returned? I returned a spike?"

"Yeah...with that dig* of yours?"

"Dig? What dig? The only thing I remember is tripping." Shiraishi states.

"Tripping? You tripped?" Takao then pieced everything together, even Midorima, however the former started to laugh mercilessly, hugging his stomach tightly. "So you mean, you're not sacrificing yourself to receive that ball..." Takao said between laughs.

"Sacrifice? No I'm not, I was running away from it." She answered, now feeling bashful by Takao's cackling. "What dig are you talking about, by the way?"

"We all thought you glided on the floor and tried to prevent the ball from landing on your court. Man, Akira-chan that was awesome." He wiped a tear from his laughter.

"Well...that's probably beginner's luck." She grinned. "But really...thanks."

Takao suddenly had an idea. "Why don't we celebrate and grab something to eat?"

"Yeah! That's a good idea, you'll come too, neh Midorima-san?" Shiraishi looked at Midorima.

"This is getting ridiculous." Midorima said.

"Really Shin-chan? By the way, you said you won't watch Akira-chan's game..." Takao grinned. "I knew you'll come."

"I was nearby, that is all." Midorima got irritated.

Shiraishi watched as the two did their daily bickering with Takao teasing him and Midorima being all antagonistic with him, they really looked amazing together, they have chemistry in and out of the court. However, her smile falters as she watches them, she doesn't want to feel this way, she wants to support them but...

"Akira-chan?" Takao called seeing her spaced out, even Midorima glanced back at her.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes...I'm fine." Shiraishi gave them a thumbs up. "Let's go have some fun!"

Their eyes met and somehow the world stopped around the two of them *erase* They looked at each other accidentally *erase* His eyes met hers and somehow sparks flew *erase*

"I never knew writing's hard." Shiraishi mutters as she tries to continue her story, she was in the bathroom, writing. "Blah...I've never had a problem up to now...I need to think deep and describe this scene well..." She closed her eyes.

She was writing a scene for Chocolo and Shuumai, however, when she was rummaging her mind for something, all she remembers is Midorima's cool composure, amazing shots, handsome smile and the time he carried her like a princess, she inwardly squeals, but she opened her eyes and pinched her cheeks.

"You can't like Midorima. That's a No-no!" She shakes her head, and stares at the paper again. "I'm not going to be a third party."

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